Reader's Submission: Sugar Daddy aka Spanking Daddy

Tuesday, September 23, 2008 ·

This was sent to me by a reader who is spanked by her sugar daddy. Not the formal domestic discipline or spanking situations though.

I am a third year polytechnic student who currently has a sugar daddy who loves to spank me. He is a widow and has no children. So most of the weekends and sometimes even on the weekdays I stay over at his apartment. He pays for my everything, gives me pocket money and takes me shopping very frequently.

He however also likes to spank me. It first started when I was telling him how I skipped the lectures because I was lazy. He casually said that such naughty students like me should be spanked. I thought he was joking so I joked back and dared him to spank me. He pulled me across his knee and gave me a spanking on my shorts. It was not very hard but I could feel it. But I still thought it was a joke. Then later that day when we were having sex and I was naked, he pulled me over his knee again and said that my bottom looked better red. And then he spanked me again but this time harder until I was almost crying. It was quite painful and when we went out for dinner I could still feel it when I sat down.

A few days later he put me across his knee and spanked me again. But this time after he spanked me, he made me sit on his lap like a little girl and said if I was willing to continue being spanked by him. I told him that the spankings were quite painful actually, but if that was what he wanted to do to me, I would let him. He asked why, and I said that because he paid everything for me and took care of me. Therefore, I would do whatever he wanted. After that, he smiled and then spanked me again but this time he made me take off all my clothes.

From then on, he has asked that I only wear my bra and panties when I am at his place. And he spanked me whenever he felt like it. He never gave me a reason and the only time I asked him why he wanted to spank me and if it was because I had done anything wrong. He said that he like to spank me and the way I cried and all was very cute. It did not make sense to me but it was what he liked. He is my sugar daddy and my body is his. Although it is painful and I cry whenever I am spanked, somehow I think that deep down inside me I may like it.

So everytime I am at his place I would take off my clothes except my bra and panties. Then everything would be like normal except that whenever he feels like it he would pull me over his knee and spank me. It is quite normal for me to be spanked several times a day.

Whenever he is spanking me, he would first spank me on my panties and then pull them off and spank me again. He has this rule that if he pulls off my panties, I cannot put it back on again until we leave the house. So actually after the first time I am spanked, the rest of the spankings are on my bare bottom.

He also likes to use two other things to spank me with. His belt and a cane which he keeps in the bedroom. Sometimes he will make me take off all my clothes and touch my toes. He will then look at me for some time and then use the belt or the cane to spank me. There is no fixed number of times that he will spank me with the belt or cane, he just keeps spanking and watching me until he is satisfied. Other times he will make me lie on the bed or stand up with my hands on my head when he spanks me. There are also a few times that he make me lie on my back and lift my legs up. A lot of times when he makes me stand in those positions he will always keep continuing spanking me and saying that he won't stop because I move out of the position. But I really cannot control it sometimes as it is too painful. So when that happens I will kneel down and beg him to just put me over his lap and spank me. Most of the time he will accept but when he does that he will spank me harder than he normally does. But as he is holding me over his knee, I cannot move out of the position even if I want to.

My friends know that I have a sugar daddy but they don't know that I get spanked by him. So they always look confused when I sit down very slowly when I am with them. But I sit down so slowly as my bottom is pain from all the spankings.

Although it is very painful and my bottom is spanked almost everyday many times, I feel that it is worth it as my sugar daddy takes care of all my money worries. All I need to make sure is that he is happy and that I do what he wants me to.


Anonymous said...
September 23, 2008 at 5:41 PM  

What a great relationship


Spank-A-Lot said...
September 23, 2008 at 7:09 PM  

Well it always depends on which side of the fence that you are looking at :)

Tz said...
September 24, 2008 at 12:45 AM  


I reply to your comment on my post. Thanks for dropping by..

Take care hor..

julian said...
October 1, 2008 at 6:36 AM  

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Spanking OTK said...
October 8, 2008 at 1:09 PM  

Great relation!!!:


Harmony said...
November 5, 2008 at 8:10 PM  

swollen butt.

Spank-A-Lot said...
November 5, 2008 at 10:25 PM  

yeah pretty swollen i assume

Anonymous said...
December 31, 2017 at 10:36 PM  

must be pretty horrible isn't it ? Can't meet your ex-bf , or any other sexy young guys for that matter. And sure , you got the money , security and a roof over your head , but don't you feel like a prison bitch ? Great relationship? Oh no please I wouldn't want to be the slave of anything for one second , even for a zillion dollars , I would never be able to live it down, being someone's bitch and being taken in the ass so many times . I can't for the life of me imagine it , thinking about ladies i like , but never being able to have them and instead having to be bent over and fucked by a old perverted woman everyday. And then getting paraded like a retard around the house for someone's viewing pleasure all day. omg... need I say more ?

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