A dungeon of spankings somewhere in Singapore?

Friday, October 10, 2008 ·

The computer has been down for a while plus the fact that I have a job does not help the situation either.....ah but I digress. Today is a short one as I take a break from the mundane corporate drain of life...............

What comes to your mind when I say dungeon? Where is the place first you'd expect to find it? Somewhere in the basement right? Well Mr Lim apparently felt otherwise and placed his in the attic of his house. Somewhat funny in my opinion. But when I went to take a look at it, I must say..........above ground or underground........a dungeon is a dungeon. He had it sound-proofed so that no one outside could hear of what was happening inside. At one end of the dungeon there are rings on the floor while at the other end there are two racks from which a person could be secured to in a multitude of positions. At another corner, three fairly wide shelves hold an assortment of whips, canes, paddles, leashes, restraints etc. You name it, he has it inside.

Well to put it simply, it is more of a “training room” for you see Mr Lim is a dom and his wife of six years is his sub. While they had dabbled in some bdsm before they had gotten married, they embarked on a dom/sub relationship only after they had gotten married. And it was because of this that Mr Lim had gotten a dungeon installed. He was considering the basement, for some reasons (which I cannot recall) he put it up in the attic instead.

As a dom/sub married couple, they engage in 24/7 power play which goes beyond mere punishments and spankings. The punishments alone are more intense and don't always center around Mrs Lim's backside alone. The nipple clamps, the anal plugs, the thin skewers and whips are all used frequently.

When in the house, Mrs Lim always wears a collar and two wrist bands which can either be secured together or to the racks or rings on the floor. The wrist bands are made of a mix of leather and metal, to be honest, it looked like any ordinary accessory so there were times she wore them out.

I shall not mention which part of Singapore they stay for I shall let you wonder. For all those who live in landed properties in Singapore............you never know it could be your neighbour.


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