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Thursday, November 25, 2010 · 3 comments

I am sure that all of you have heard of matchmaking agencies.  I do not know how popular they are in the West, but here in Singapore, it has been quite the trend.  In fact, not too long ago I remember reading in the newspapers that even young Singaporean males are going to matchmaking agencies to find a foreign bride.  Now sometime back, it was made known to me that there was a certain matchmaking agency that specialised in the alternative lifestyle.  And to my amazement........they specialised in Asian girls.  But they were very secretive somewhat and only catered to clients who were relatively rich and could prove it.  At times their agents would make contact with prospective clients and at other times, they would only accept new clients thru existing client referrals.  Since I could neither prove that I was relatively rich and I indeed was quite the poor soul, I did not have the luxury of such access to the matchmaking agency.  For a while I had thoughts that it was but a myth or legend and such an agency surely did not exist.  But something inside me, found no reason why my dear friend would have lied to me.  Though I later found out that it was actually sort of a Freudian slip when he let me in on such information which thus explained his tight-lipness despite my persistent probing thereafter.  Nevertheless, my bonds with a few acquaintances grew stronger and I became a friend they trusted.  A friend they trusted enough to let me in on a certain secret.  The secret about the matchmaking agency.  But knowing about my plans to start my own blog someday (if you are lost, this happened waaay before I had started this blog), they made me promise that privacy and confidentiality would be ensured in my posts. 

So before I continue please note a two things:

1.  I am sure that at least some of you are gonna post some scathing remarks that I its all bull-crap and that I am dreaming.  Well, it up to you to believe.  I stand by my claims that all stories here are true but I do not claim that I can convert you or make you believe me.  So if you are one of those career-trolls, just leave me blog......this place is not for you.

2.  There will be another group who will either leave a comment here or email me asking about where and how to get in touch with this “mythical” agency.  Well, sorry to say, I am not going to be able to help you.  I will not and cannot (at their request) introduce you to the friends who have shared this with  me.  I will be breaking their trust otherwise.  Even if you are gonna tell me that you have billions and are a suitable me, they will somehow find you or go ask your billionaire friends instead.

Alright, so now that we have gotten that out of the way let me continue........

So these friends shared with me that such a matchmaking agency existed.  It catered for men who not only wanted to look for a bride/spouse, but one who was willing or also looking to be in a domestic discipline/domsub/masterslave relationship.  But there were conditions for one to be a client.  Interviews were made to ensure that the prospective clients were indeed true lifestylists (for lack of a better word) and not some perv or psycho out to torture women and eat them alive or something.  Another condition that the prospective clients had to be wealthy enough to ensure that the brides/spouses would no longer have to work.  It was a lengthy process, at least three months and five interviews before and man could be deemed eligible to be a client.

As for the agency, even my friends were not sure as to how many people ran it.  But one thing is for sure, that the agency was pretty large with different “departments” specialising in ladies from a different continent.  The girls were all engaged willingly.  They knew what they were getting themselves into and the girl herself had the choice of rejecting a prospective client.  They were not forced against they will in anyway.  How were they scouted? on to the end you will find out. 

Now the girls themselves after showing their interest are also assessed for their suitability.  At least three interviews are given before the agency agrees to take them under their wing.  Once accepted, they are put through a training program.  I do not know where the training takes place but the training program lasts about four months and is split into phases. 

The first phase, which lasts about a week, is something of an introductory phase.  Where as a group, they are introduced to what the training phases are like and observe how they are done.  Now I must add that the girls can at any point decide that they have made a mistake in agreeing to be part of the agency and leave during the training program and the agency, at any phase to leave the program.  And it is at this first phase that most of those who were not truly suitable leave.  More often than not, if they choose to remain after what they have observed then it is highly like they would remain throughout the course of their training. 

So after the week of observation and introductions, the girls move on to the next phase.  The girls would be split up and be assigned to their trainers, with a ratio of 1 girl to one trainer.  All of the trainers are female, this is likely to prevent any scandals from happening.  The only males are those of authority and have a vested in the program and thus would not do anything foolish.  In any case the males are rarely involved in the trainings and when they are, another female trainer is also present.  So in this phase the girls are introduced to punishments and the various implements.  It is also at this phase that the girls are fully nude.  The only attire they wear are a black collar, wrist and ankle cuffs.  They girls are introduced to spankings, the various implements and the variety of positions.  It is also during this phase that they would learn submission, including sexual submission.  But no sex really takes place as all the trainers are women......dildos are instead used here. 

In the next phase, the girls are now allowed to wear a tank-top and a boy shorts.  But the clothing is still a privilege, and failure to follow the rules given would see them going without the boy shorts and with the tank-top removed and hanging around their necks.  As at any one time, there are about ten girls going through each of the different phases, and this attire helps to differentiate.  It is in this phase that the girls are taught etiquette, and other basic knowledge of high society to a certain extent considering that there is where the bulk of their prospective spouses would come from. 

Now I know nothing about the next few phases as I was told that the girls were instructed never to reveal them, so sorry dear readers I know nothing about them. 

To ensure the time between girls' completion of their training and their selection by the agency's clients is not too long, somewhere in between the training phases, their profiles are written and their profile photographs are taken.  Then its to the database and they await selection

The selection process is like in any other agency.  The clients list down their criteria and matches are done against the profiles of the girls that they have.  Upon selection, a profile of the client is then shown to the girls (normally the client is advised to choose five for a preview) chosen, and only if the girls agree, then a meeting is set up.  The first meeting is usually an introduction, and once the client has made his selection a second meeting is set up shortly where the client, the agent, the girl and her trainer are present.  This is where the trainer will give her assessment of the girl to the client and brief him on any certain issues to note.  The trainer also showcases a customary punishment session with the girl and invites the client to have a feel of punishing his prospective wife. 

Finally, after that, the girl is delivered to the client sometime later, I think its after paper work and sometimes necessary immigration issues are done.  The trainer is usually the one that arrives with the girl and together with the girl comes something like a starter pack of implements.  Additional implements and punishment furniture can also be ordered.  Most of the time, unless the client is known to be extremely experienced, it is agreed that a set guidelines are given.  These guidelines are rules for the girl to follow and like a guide for the client on learning to be a dom or getting used to being one. 

The rules are not the same throughout and are mostly discussed between the trainer and client.  But some of the usual ones are:

Attire: The girl is to be  in the agreed upon attire whenever alone with the client in the home.
Permission is to be sought before doing anything.
A maintenance spanking either twice or three times a week.  This includes a bare bottomed hand spanking and a small strap.  Its usually 3-5mins for the handspanking and 10 licks with the strap.
The standard pack of implements generally consisted of about 15 implements and so everyday at a fixed time, the girl would have to take an implement and ask the client to give her 10 licks/strokes with it.
Some form of sex was to take place everyday.  The reason for some form was because technically, having sex everyday could be  an impossible feat for some of the clients.
Additional punishments were at the client's discretion and the girl would be required to log them down in a logbook.
In addition, a notebook would be given to the client to note down any difficulties or problems he faced with the girl.

After a month had passed, the trainer would return for a first review.  To check on how things are and also it is at this time, that the client makes changes to the guides and rules accordingly.

There are also reviews done at the three month, sixth month and lastly at the one year mark.  After that, the client is entitled to three free reviews within a five year timeframe, where the trainer would return upon the client's request to help handle any issues.  During that five year timeframe, the girl could be sent back one time, upon the client's request for a one-week retraining.  This rarely happens and I was told that the girls were warned that anyone sent back would be in for a very painful week. 

So there you have it.  I was also hinted by a few I know that there was such an agency for males where the roles are reversed.  I have not managed to get any confirmation on this but if I do, you can rest assured that it will appear here.

Now this is not all  there should be more.  I personally know three Singaporean girls who were part of this.  And their own stories, on how they were introduced to the agency and how things went for them, will be published but with my hellish work schedule......I can't commit to a time frame for when they will be published.  But do stay tuned.   

Sometimes I can't help myself in such a situation

Thursday, November 11, 2010 · 4 comments

I just had to post this picture and pose you spankos a question.  For me as a spanko, whenever I find myself in such a "physical situation" with a member of the opposite sex, I cannot help but give the cute bottom a playful spank or two (if its a vanilla) or a harder smack if I'm in the company of a fellow "spanko".  So far I have gotten away with it even if tried with a vanilla.  How about you?

Spankable Pictures 011

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Dear readers,
     Once again I have come across these cute little bottoms in such positions that make them oh so spankable :)

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