Justin and Marie - Confession of love but spanked in return (Part 3)

Saturday, September 13, 2008 ·

This is the third part in Justin and Marie's story. Marie's confession of love for Justin.........read on to find out more. (If you have not read the first two parts, you can read them here: Part 1 and Part 2.)

When Marie went on to JC2, Justin scaled down the punishments he had for Marie. She was showing a better attitude towards her studies but to ensure that she remained focussed on her studies, Justin made her continue with her journal. At the same time, he no longer spanked Marie three times a day. She had long learnt her lesson and never skipped another day of school. However, as a form of a reminder, he gave her a hard blistering three minute bare bottom handspanking on Sunday night in preparation of the coming school week and another on Wednesday night so as to keep her focus midweek. As Marie was no longer spanked everynight, she would take the strap and knock on Justin's door at night if she had a confession to make. Each Saturday afternoon Justin would still check Marie's journal and occasionally she would receive a caning for forgetting to log in some stuffs. Things seemed to be going on track until her mid term examinations came out. Although Marie managed to pass all her subjects, her marks were rather low below 60 for all her subjects. Justin was concerned but did not punish her for her dismal results as he attributed her low score to pre-A Level stress and felt that she would be able to do better in the final year prelim exams and subsequently, her A Levels. Justin even told her to not feel disheartened by her results as he could see that she was working hard.

However, on the last Saturday before the mid-term school holidays began, Marie approached Justin and told him if she could review her journal in her room as she had something serious to talk to him about. Concerned and puzzled, Justin agreed and told her that he would go to her room at around 1pm. When he entered her room, he saw Marie fully naked kneeling by the side of her bed with her hands behind her back. On her bed was her journal and several implements laid out neatly on the bed. Surprised at what he saw, he asked Marie what was the matter. Marie did not reply but took her journal, flipped to the last written page and handed it over to Justin. He sat down on the chair and began to read the journal. It was a full page confession by Marie. It turned out that Marie had fallen for Justin so deeply that she had begun to masturbate while fantasizing about him. She had lost abit of control and found herself going to the toilet several times a day to “relieve” herself. Thus she kept missing parts of her classes. Back home, when she was supposed to be revising her school work, she found herself masturbating and fantasizing more and more. This had been happening since the school year had begun (for almost six months) and Marie believed that this was a major contributing factor to her doing badly in her mid term examinations. At the same time, Marie had been “researching” the internet on spankings and all. Seems she wanted a domestic relationship with Justin At the end of the journal was a personal note to Justin. It said that she had really fallen for him and wished that they could be together. At the same time, she was also embarrassed and ashamed of her actions and therefore had been keeping it from her journal until now. She asked for his forgiveness and the last sentence said that she felt that she may need to be punished more severely than she had been when she had skipped school.

Now Justin had also himself developed a fondness for Marie. He was taken in by her submissiveness and at times thought if there was a future for them. However as he knew that the first and foremost priority was his promise to his Godmother over Marie's A Levels, therefore he had repressed all such feelings and kept it within himself. He knew that it was impossible to start a relationship with Marie at this crucial time of her upcoming A Levels but at the same time he knew if he were to be cold towards her, she would be crushed which would jeopardise her A Levels anyway. Therefore he decided to take a small risk. He sat down on the bed and looked at Marie's tear-stained face. He gently lift her face by her chin and told her that he had begun to developed a fondness for her. Marie's face lit up slightly. However Justin continued that it was not possible now as he had made a promise to his Godmother that he would ensure that Marie cleared her A Levels. Having a relationship now would only hinder that. However, Justin promised her that after her A Levels, it may be possible. But of course if she did badly, Justin would be too ashamed to face his Godmother let alone start a relationship with her daughter. Therefore, the most important thing for both of them was to work hand in hand in ensuring that she cleared her A Levels. Marie's face lit up significantly and she promised that she would work extremely hard on her upcoming examinations. She was about to get up when Justin put his hand on her shoulder as if to stop her. Marie suddenly remembered why she was in that position in the first place. Looking up at Justin meekly, she softly said,”Oh, I guess I in for a very severe punishment right?” Justin nodded, this time the gentle look had gone and in its place was a stern and firm demeanour. Marie placed her hands on her head, knowing it was going to be an extremely painful afternoon but yet knowing she deserved whatever was coming, as she looked towards the floor and said,”I am sorry, I am ready to be punished.”

Justin told her that this was a very serious matter and it could put to waste all the hard work and time that they both had spent on her studies. Therefore, this was to be a very severe thrashing and she was to take every single bit of it. Marie nodded with her eyes still downcast. Justin then told her that from then on, in an effort to put a stop to her fantasies for the time being, she was to call him Sir and he was going to be extremely strict with her, at least until her A Levels were over.

And with that Marie's punishment day began.

First Justin took her over his knee and a gave her a good five minutes worth of handspankings at a very rapid pace. Marie was bawling by the time Justin stopped. Then it was off to the corner on her knees with her hand behind her back. It was a rule that Marie had to keep still when in the corner and not rub her bottom unless she was given permission. However Justin had not really enforced this till then. But he knew he had to be stricter with Marie, so when she started to fidget and rubbed her bottom, Justin promptly got her back over his knee and spanked her for another minute. This time when Marie was returned to the corner, she made sure that she remained perfectly still.

After about 20 minutes, Marie was made to go on her hands and knees over her bed. He then placed a strap on her back. He then told her that he was going to give her twenty strokes with his belt and if the strap dropped at anytime, she would receive another ten with the strap that had dropped. The leather belt stung terribly and as hard as Marie tried to keep still, the strap dropped on the twelve stroke of the belt. Justin shook his head but continued with the remaining 8 strokes of the belt. He paused for a minute for Marie to compose herself and then he pick up the strap that had fallen from her back. Marie's bottom felt like it was on fire at this point but she knew that it was to be an extremely harsh punishment and therefore held her position as she continued to sob. Justin picked up a large wooden rule and placed it on her back. This time he warned,”Just to let you know the strokes with the implements that dropped are considered extra on top of the severe punishment that you will be getting.” And he began a rapid delivery of the strap. On after another the strokes of the strap fell in quick succession and it stung extremely badly. However, not wanting to worsen her already harsh punishment, Marie tried as hard as she could to hold still so as to keep the ruler on her back. However on the 9th stroke, she buckled forward and the ruler slipped off her back. Justin gave her the last stroke of the strap as she buckled once again to the front. “I'm sorry Sir”, she whimpered,”I really tried to hold still.”

Well, but it still dropped...............but don't worry, I will let your bottom rest for a bit.” Jason replied quite matter-of-factly.

He did let her bottom rest alright. He smacked her thighs instead. Ten smacks to each thigh and he lined them up all the way from the point where her butt met her thighs all the way down to just above her knees. He then left her in that position for another 20 minutes.

Marie was once again made to kneel in the middle of the room as Justin told her that she still had the cane coming which would top off her punishment for lying (as in not writing in the journal) and not concentrating in her studies. However he told her that he would first punish her for her masturbation first. It was hindering her studies and concentration in class, therefore, it had to be stopped. Marie was made to stretch out both hands and to the hands she was given 30 strokes of the ruler on each palm. Then he made Marie go on her hands and knees on the floor and told her to spread her legs. With a crop, Justin whipped her pussy 20 times. And with each time the cropped landed on her pussy, Marie was made to count the stroke and promise that she would not masturbate until she had taken her A Levels. Although the strokes were not extremely hard (you can't whip the pussy as hard as you whip the bottom), the “light taps” gave enough sensation for Marie to gasp out loud as a continuous flow of tears streamed down her face. (I remembered asking Marie how it felt to be pussy whipped at such a young age, to which she replied that it was a shock but a bit of a turn on at the same time. It was a different kind of pain and yet humiliating at the same time. It was only slightly painful, but she reckoned that Justin had warned her then that he would hit her harder if she masturbated again before her A Levels, therefore she didn't dare do it again.) Justin finished off with 20 strokes of the cane. The strokes were the hardest that Justin had ever given her at that time and Marie was almost screaming as each stroke landed. But already so submissive at such a young age, Justin recounted how she still pushed out her bottom for each stroke as if she was silently telling Justin that she really deserved the punishment.

After that day, Justin resumed the three spankings a day, and even did it on the weekends, though Marie felt that he had spanked her harder compared to the first time that he had implemented the three spankings a day. He also brought back the daily quizzes that he had which included three separate thrashings. It was an extremely painful time for Marie, but she felt that it had really helped her focus. Marie did relatively well for her A Levels and when her results came out, she had managed three As and a B. Things were looking up for Marie's grades but she still pinned for Justin's love. It did work out in the end.......I'll leave that for the next part

Though it may take a while, I noticed that I have to clarify some of the information with Marie and Justin.


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