Reader's Submission: A spanking a day keeps the swearing away

Friday, September 19, 2008 ·

Dunno about you, but something about the flow of this seems to be lacking. *To the husband of this lady - she submitted it as requested by you........but you may want to give her a little spanking for not putting too much effort into writing this. :)* Anyway, dear readers, this is a short story sent in by a lady which talks about her husband spanking her (and more) to help her curb her swearing problem.

My husband came by your blog and he told me to post our story here. I have had this problem with swearing ever since I was in school. But it was extremely bad after I got married and had children as they began to pick it up. While my husband and I had frequent quarrels about it, it reached the lowest point when my son's playschool teacher called me one afternoon to complain about my son's use of vulgarities, and when my two children also began swearing during a family function at my husband's side. My husband had already been reminding me to stop my swearing and those two incidents made him extremely angry that he stopped talking to me for almost a month. I knew I had to put a stop to it. But my pride was too big. However, the cold war was also too much to bear and one night after the maid had put the kids to bed, I snuggled up to my husband and begged him to stop the cold war. He still remained cold towards me until I blurted out that I would do anything to just stop this cold war and stop me swearing. He looked at me and then asked me to follow him to the study room. I thought he wanted a more conducive place to talk and therefore followed him.

As we sat down he said that he had been doing some “research” with regards to my swearing and stumbled across this site, it think it was But he didn't explain at that time and merely asked again if I was serious that I was willing to do anything to stop this cold war and stop the swearing. The moment I nodded my head, he suddenly pulled me across his knee. Shocked at what he was doing, I struggled to get up, but he held me down and told me that since I was like a spoilt girl who had no self control, he was going to do what was best for naughty girls like me. In other words he was going to spank me. I struggled again to get up and called him crazy. This time he did not stop me from getting up but merely retorted,”As I guess, you weren't serious that you would do anything.” That sentence really burned into me and I stood there for a few minutes quietly and then as if an invisible force had pushed me, I went over his lap and whispered,”Ok, anything..........I'll do anything.” That night my husband gave me my first proper spanking which did not really make me cry but it really did sting. Thankfully as my husband was a musician and the study room was his own studio, he had the room sound-proofed so no one could hear from the outside. After the spanking he set me up and said that he was intending to have a discipline program to help stop my swearing. I asked him what it was but he told me that he would show it to me the next day.

The next day, my husband brought my kids and the maid over the his parents' place and left them there for the weekend. So during that weekend he showed me what plan he had for me. When I first saw the plan he had printed out, I wanted to tear it up and throw it at his face, but I remembered that I said that I would do anything and therefore agreed to it. The first week we tried it, he merely spanked me at night if I had swore in the day. Of course I did and I ended up getting spanked every single night. It wasn't that severe, though it was on my bare. However as it was not working, my husband decided to change the program which was definitely more severe. Each morning after breakfast, he brought me into his study and he gave me a good spanking on my bare bottom. He made sure that I cried before he stopped spanking me. After that, the day would go on as normal. But as I was a housewife and he worked from home, he kept a record of how many times I swore in a day. The number of times would then become the number of minutes was spanked during the night. This was really terrible. The first two weeks my husband recorded about twenty times at I had swore throughout the day and therefore I received twenty minutes of spankings on my bare bottom. He split it up into 5 minute intervals during which I had to stand in the corner with a bar of soap in my mouth for one minute in between. This did help me as by the last two weeks I was down to 15 minutes. It was extremely painful and every night I was in tears. But things between my husband and I got better, he cuddled me to sleep and lovingly rubbed cream on my bottom each night.

However, the next month he told me that he felt that i was not improving as fast as he expected. Therefore he made further changes to the program. Each morning at 9am, I was to be standing in the study room fully naked and with my hands on my head. He had the key to the study, so I just locked the door after I got in. When he came in, he would spank me far a full five minutes that left me crying after that. As I was swearing during the spankings at times, he introduced a big wooden spatula and each time I swore during the spankings. He would stop the spanking and make me go on my hands and knees with my bottom pushed up. He would ten smack my bottom ten times on each side and then he would begin my five minute spanking all over again. The first three mornings my husband had to respank me at least three times which meant I got at least thirty smack of the spatula as well. By the time he was done with me, I could hardly sit down after that. Then came the night punishments. While I managed to bring my swearing down to about ten times, my husband also began to punish me whenever my children swore. He introduced the cane and I was given ten strokes if one of my children swore and twenty if both of them swore. It really didn't matter as you know children, the other echoed the other. So every night after my spankings, my husband would tie me up to a rack that he had installed. My hands and legs would be secured with my bottom sticky out slightly and he would cane me. I think if the room wasn't sound proof, I would have woken the block with my cries. He did not believe in punishing the children which I learnt, as when I caned my children one time for swearing, my husband gave me forty strokes of the cane instead and left me at the rack for the whole night. The next morning he explained to me that it was my fault that they had this swearing problem and therefore I had to teach them properly. For the next two months during the weekends, he would put the kids at his parent's place and I would spend most of the two days in the study room being punished. He wanted to punish my mouth but did not want the children to see my reddish cheeks. So each saturday after the kids were put at his parents. He would tie my hands behind my back and make me kneel on the floor. He would then take a plastic rule and smack each of my cheek about twenty times. It was extremely painful and he did this three times a day. However as it wasn't done very hard, by Sunday night when the kids returned, there would be no more redness in my cheeks. However it was my body which suffered immense pain during the weekends. He would spank me every two hours. And after each spanking I would be tied to the rack and he would peg my nipples and make me remain there for 15 minutes. After that he would either cane or belt me about 15 times before he untied me. By then I would barely have an hour before I would have to go through that all over again. It did help me however, by the fourth month of being spanked and caned everyday, I managed to curb my swearing almost completely. My husband reduced my punishments and though I would still get caned at night if I swore or my children had sworn in the day, he only spanked me twice a week on Mondays and Fridays in the morning. However, if I was caned throughout the week, he would give me a dose of the normal saturday punishments for that week. This went on until the sixth month by which I managed to fully curb my swearing and the children's swearing.

At the same time, my husband and I have officially begun a domestic discipline relationship. I don't get punished for swearing anymore as I have stopped. But now my punishments happen because of other things. I still get a maintenance spanking every Monday and Fri. And once a month during one of the Saturday's he uses it as an obedience Saturday where I have to submit to a full day of “training” which usually mean my bottom, my breasts and my thighs would be totally sore. It is painful, but worthwhile.........I really meant that I would do anything for this marriage.

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Olive said...
September 19, 2008 at 1:42 PM  

Do visit us :D

Spank-A-Lot said...
September 22, 2008 at 1:11 PM  

Nice site :) Would love to spank a girl in such an outfit.

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