Reader's Submission: Cheating Lesbian Gets A Severe Spanking

Sunday, April 4, 2010 · 3 comments

Dear readers, I give you once again a real life spanking story that one of you readers submitted to me. I have not edited it but, as you know I put a strong importance on privacy and have thus altered the actual names that were in the story.

Hope you enjoy..........


I came across your blog sometime back and found it rather cool to see a fellow Singaporean blogging about spanking. Something that many don't talk about much in the open. And its really amazing how you managed to get so many real life stories on spanking. Well I have been a lurker for a while and thought of sharing my personal story with you.

I am in a long-term lesbian relationship Sher – my girlfriend and she spanks me quite a fair bit. I guess it cause I can be quite a bitch at times and yea I think I deserve it. Sher's much older than me and so she like plays the role of a mother sometimes to me. Sher spanking me began over an incident and has like continued till today.

I was 20 at that time was already with Sher for about two years and I like cheated on her with another girl. It wasn't like we were officially dating or anything just going out and flirting. But Sher and her friends kinda bumped into me and the other girl one of the times. I didn't see them actually coz me and the girl were like engaged in a kiss. But then one of Sher's friends came and pushed the girl away and gave me a tight slap on my face. I won't forget the look on Sher's face that day, she was like so upset I could see it. The whole group of them walked off after Sher's friend slapped me and I didn't dare chase after her. The other girl I was with ran off and I was left alone. I was already staying with Sher then and went I went back that day I found my stuff outside the house and she like changed the locks. Sher ignored me for quite a while after that even though I like begged and apologised to her through sms. She din pick up my phone calls and ignore my smses. So I looked up the girl who slapped me – Alice. She was Sher's best fried and like ignored me at first too. But when she finally picked up my call she told me that Sher ignore me becoz she still loved me but cannot trust me already. Then she told me that she supported Sher and would rather I don't hurt Sher anymore. But I then prolly coz I like begged her and tried my best to convince her I was sorry, Alice agreed to talk to Sher for me. It worked cause Sher like smsed me and we managed to talk on the phone abit. But it took at least while more before Sher agreed to get back together and let me meet her at her place. When I went to her place Alice was there as well. I thought it was funny she was there but I didn't care and like rushed to give Sher a hug and apologised to her. But then all of a sudden I felt Alice grab both my hands from behind and handcuffed them and Sher put this blindfold on me. I was like in shock coz I just came to Sher's house and then they did this to me. But then I heard Sher ask me how sorry I was. I like told her I really was. But then Alice said that but it didn't change the fact that I cheated on Sher. And I said but I was like really sorry and asked what they wanted me to do. And Sher ask me what could I do and I told her like I would do anything to make her trust me. Then Alice told me they going me punish me for being such a bitch to Sher. I asked what were they going to do to me. And Alice told me that all I needed to know was to do as I was told. And she also like said that if I at anytime refused to do what they told me, they would throw me out and Sher and me were over. So I was like then I don't have a choice right. But Sher said I did, I could leave. So I like said ok I would do whatever they asked.

So I was like still handcuffed and blindfolded, and they took off my skirt and panties. Then they removed the handcuffs and took off my top and bra and then handcuffed my hands again but like infront of me this time. Then they took off the blindfold and I saw things like canes, belts, hairbrushes and paddles and I knew I was like so screwed coz Sher had told me before that Alice was sort of like a mistress. In fact she joke before that she would send me to Alice to be spanked if I was too much of a bitch. Alice said that she was going to teach Sher how to punish me so that I would not be a bitch to her anymore. She pull me by the handcuff and over her knee and spanked me for a while and switched with Sher who spanked me as well. And it was like some tutorial that Alice was conducting. She would like explain to Sher that spanking over the knee was like a warm up. I was like crying already when she said warm up coz I felt like my butt was on fire. But it really was a warm up cause she like showed Sher how to spank me with the hairbrush and then Sher would take over and spank me again with the hairbrush. Then she made me stand up in front of the couch and put my hands on the couch and like stick my butt out. Then she showed Sher how to use the belt, the strap, the paddle, the ruler and the cane. Alice would explain abit about the implement then smack my butt about 2-3 times and then pass it to Sher to smack my butt another 2-3 times. It may seem very little, but they like din smack very lightly and if you like add up the smacks its quite many. Then she taught Sher the different positions she could punish me in. Alice made me lie over the edge of the couch, lie flat on the couch, touch my toes, diaper postion, on the floor on my hands and knees. She also told Sher that this was not all but there were like an endless amount of position up to her creativity. I was crying still coz like each position Alice would smack my butt a few times with the strap and would like Sher try. I tot it was like over by then but then Alice still had more to teach Sher. She told Sher that there were many ways to make the punishment different. And so she likemade me bend over the arm of the sofa and look at Sher. Then she told me that she was going to smack me ten times with the belt and each time I had to like count and say sorry for being a bitch. I lost count after a few smacks and she made me start all over again. And then she told Sher that sometimes to prolong the punishment my butt had to rest for a while. And so she used the strap and smacked the back of my thighs. And then she like said that the hands also needed to be smacked. And she made me hold out my two hand straight out and she put the belt across my arms. Then she gave the cane to Sher and asked Sher to stand behind me. Then she took a ruler and said that if my arms moved and the belt dropped from down Sher would give me one stroke of the cane. And then she smacked my hands with the ruler like very hard and my hands moved downwards coz it was like pain and she signalled to Sher and Sher like gave me a very hard stroke. After they had enough of that Alice told Sher that there was another punishment that was good for a bitch like me. So she made me like kneel on a cushion and put my hands on my head and she put a peg on each of my nipples. And then she told me to stay in the position. Of course I could not like keep still. I was crying and the pegs were painful and uncomfortable. But each time I like fidgeted, Alice would smack my butt with the ruler. It was the last punishment she had for me and after a while she like pulled me by the ear and dragged me on my knees to infront of Sher who was sitting on the couch. Then she told me that from now on every time I was a bitch Sher would punish me. And if I refused or still was a bitch Sher could call her and she would come down to help punish me and she promised that it would be more painful that today. She then told me that she was leaving and I'd like better apologise properly to Sher for cheating on her. Alice left and I was left kneeling there crying in front of Sher and the pegs were still on my nipples. I like apologise and apologised to Sher after Alice left. Sher removed the handcuffs and peg and hugged me as I cried and like thankfully told me all was forgiven. She like even rubbed my butt with cream after that. My butt was like sore for a while and I was quite not a bitch for a while. Sher however like began to like spanking me and so everytime I am like being a little bitchy she spanks me. But I am a bitch and sometimes it get out of hand and Sher get Alice back. Its not like often but it happens. I would like come home and see Alice and Sher at home with the implements out and I like know I am in for it. But it keeps me from being too much of a bitch for too long.

It really painful but like the funny thing is I like find myself getting wet during each punishment. Sher and Alice have also like noticed. Even though I cry I like find it a turn on also. They say it coz I am a slut. Maybe I am like a bitch and a slut.

Anyway hoped you enjoyed what I shared.

I will be like still lurking around your blog so please like try and post more often.


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