Merry Christmas from Spankalot!

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 To all of you, Merry Christmas and have a spanking good time!!


Spanking the ITE girl who stole

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It one thing to have your girlfriend steal from you, but when she steals from your friend's wife........that crosses a whole new boundary.  This was a real life spanking story that a friend Ben told me over drinks some time back.....

Ben always had an eye for young sweet things and there was this time that he hooked up with this girl (Nadia) who was 18 or 19 (Ben was 35 at that time) and was still studying in ITE if I remember correctly. 

Now I think it was around Christmas and Ben hosted a party at his place for his friends and their families.  The party went pretty well though I guess it was not as interesting for Nadia for Ben's friends were all around his age and their wives were around that age too.  But I digress.........

So the next morning, Ben received a call from Fred asking if they had happen to see a pair of diamond earring which his wife may have dropped at his place the night before.  It was a pretty expensive pair of earrings but most importantly, it was a gift that Fred's mother had given to his wife.  Ben did not remember seeing it and checked with Nadia, who had stayed over that night and helped with the cleaning up, if she had seen it but she too said that she had not seen it.  It was disappointing for Fred but Ben promised that he would look around his place again to see if it could be lying around underneath somewhere.  Unfortunately, Ben found nothing still.

Then about a week later, Fred dropped by Ben's place and said he had something important to show him.  It turned out that by sheer luck, while his son was playing around with the videocam during the christmas party, he had recorded something interesting.  By some matter of coincidence, Fred's son had captured in the background Fred's wife getting up from the sofa and moving away, and this scene continued with Nadia, who was sitting next to Fred's wife at that time, looking at the vacated spot and looking around as if to make sure no one was looking then picking up the earrings, apparently dropped by Fred's wife, and putting it into her clutch.  Ben was infuriated and embarrassed by what he had just seen on the videocam.  Apologising to Fred, he asked him to stay so that he could get Nadia over and settle it in front of him.  It was about noon then and Nadia was about to finish school.  So he paged her, yes this was during a time when handphones were not that common in Singapore yet, with a message that he had something extremely interesting to show her and that he needed her to come over once she was done with her school.  She called about 15minutes later to let Ben know that she was on the way and tried to probe what was that “interesting” thing he wanted to show her and Ben played along saying that it was a surprise for her.  Well he wasn't entirely lying but he made it sound as if it was something positive. 

So the doorbell rang signalling Nadia's arrival and Ben brought her to the living room he thought he'd give her a final chance to own up by casually saying that Fred just happened to pop by to see if he could have any luck trying to find his wife's earring.  But not only did Nadia not bat an eyelid, she talked to him offering her “condolences” for the loss of the earrings as if she really had not taken it.  This made Ben even more angry but he bit his lip and maintained his composure as they sat on the adjacent sofa from the sofa Fred was seating on.  Nadia seemed rather excited about what surprise Ben had and asked to be shown the “interesting” thing for she could not contain her curiosity much longer.  So Ben with a slight forced smile said that he had something interesting to show her and he flicked a switch on the remote (Ben and Fred had hooked up the videocam to the television before Nadia had arrived) and, in Ben's own words, the look on her face was classic. 

There was an air of silence for a few moments as Ben and Fred turned their attention to Nadia who, caught unaware and shocked, could only give a sheepish half-smile and looked down.  Ben scolded her for a bit, re-emphasising how embarrassing and disappointing it was that his own girlfriend had done such a thing.  Then he told her that he was going to spank her infront of Fred for what she had done.  This shocked Nadia even further, she had gotten spanked by Ben before but never infront of anyone else and so she pleaded with him.  But he was firm and told her to stand up and remove her school skirt.  By then she had been spanked enough by Ben to know better than to disobey him and thus she stood up and complied, looking down embarrassed.  Seeing that she was wearing her panties, he told her to change into a bikini thong, which she had at his place, so that he could spank her bare bottom while saving Fred the embarrassment of seeing her bottomless.  When she returned wearing her thong, Ben promptly put her over his lap and spanked her bare butt cheeks for a good ten minutes, scolding her as he spanked.  She was crying and apologising by the time he stopped but he got her to fetch the hairbrush.  This time, over his lap once more, Ben pulled Nadia's hair with one hand so that her face looked up at Fred and he gave her 20 hard spanks with the hairbrush, and for each spank of the hairbrush, he made her count out and apologise to Fred.  After he was done, he made her stand in the corner with her hands behind her back, as he apologised to Fred once more.  After a while, as Ben was about to walk Fred to the door, he turned back to Nadia and told her that her punishment was not over and she was to remove her clothing and wait for him.  When he returned, Ben spanked her again for another five minutes and gave her a blistering ten strokes of the cane. 

The next day, Ben picked her up after school and went with her to Fred's house to return the earrings.  And since Fred's wife did not witness the spanking the day before, Ben spanked Nadia once more in front of Fred and his wife and gave her another 20 with the hairbrush which she had to count off and apologise to Fred's wife with each spank of the hairbrush.  Ben reckoned that she was pretty much well behaved for a bit after that. 

Domestic Discipline Matchmaking Agency

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I am sure that all of you have heard of matchmaking agencies.  I do not know how popular they are in the West, but here in Singapore, it has been quite the trend.  In fact, not too long ago I remember reading in the newspapers that even young Singaporean males are going to matchmaking agencies to find a foreign bride.  Now sometime back, it was made known to me that there was a certain matchmaking agency that specialised in the alternative lifestyle.  And to my amazement........they specialised in Asian girls.  But they were very secretive somewhat and only catered to clients who were relatively rich and could prove it.  At times their agents would make contact with prospective clients and at other times, they would only accept new clients thru existing client referrals.  Since I could neither prove that I was relatively rich and I indeed was quite the poor soul, I did not have the luxury of such access to the matchmaking agency.  For a while I had thoughts that it was but a myth or legend and such an agency surely did not exist.  But something inside me, found no reason why my dear friend would have lied to me.  Though I later found out that it was actually sort of a Freudian slip when he let me in on such information which thus explained his tight-lipness despite my persistent probing thereafter.  Nevertheless, my bonds with a few acquaintances grew stronger and I became a friend they trusted.  A friend they trusted enough to let me in on a certain secret.  The secret about the matchmaking agency.  But knowing about my plans to start my own blog someday (if you are lost, this happened waaay before I had started this blog), they made me promise that privacy and confidentiality would be ensured in my posts. 

So before I continue please note a two things:

1.  I am sure that at least some of you are gonna post some scathing remarks that I its all bull-crap and that I am dreaming.  Well, it up to you to believe.  I stand by my claims that all stories here are true but I do not claim that I can convert you or make you believe me.  So if you are one of those career-trolls, just leave me blog......this place is not for you.

2.  There will be another group who will either leave a comment here or email me asking about where and how to get in touch with this “mythical” agency.  Well, sorry to say, I am not going to be able to help you.  I will not and cannot (at their request) introduce you to the friends who have shared this with  me.  I will be breaking their trust otherwise.  Even if you are gonna tell me that you have billions and are a suitable me, they will somehow find you or go ask your billionaire friends instead.

Alright, so now that we have gotten that out of the way let me continue........

So these friends shared with me that such a matchmaking agency existed.  It catered for men who not only wanted to look for a bride/spouse, but one who was willing or also looking to be in a domestic discipline/domsub/masterslave relationship.  But there were conditions for one to be a client.  Interviews were made to ensure that the prospective clients were indeed true lifestylists (for lack of a better word) and not some perv or psycho out to torture women and eat them alive or something.  Another condition that the prospective clients had to be wealthy enough to ensure that the brides/spouses would no longer have to work.  It was a lengthy process, at least three months and five interviews before and man could be deemed eligible to be a client.

As for the agency, even my friends were not sure as to how many people ran it.  But one thing is for sure, that the agency was pretty large with different “departments” specialising in ladies from a different continent.  The girls were all engaged willingly.  They knew what they were getting themselves into and the girl herself had the choice of rejecting a prospective client.  They were not forced against they will in anyway.  How were they scouted? on to the end you will find out. 

Now the girls themselves after showing their interest are also assessed for their suitability.  At least three interviews are given before the agency agrees to take them under their wing.  Once accepted, they are put through a training program.  I do not know where the training takes place but the training program lasts about four months and is split into phases. 

The first phase, which lasts about a week, is something of an introductory phase.  Where as a group, they are introduced to what the training phases are like and observe how they are done.  Now I must add that the girls can at any point decide that they have made a mistake in agreeing to be part of the agency and leave during the training program and the agency, at any phase to leave the program.  And it is at this first phase that most of those who were not truly suitable leave.  More often than not, if they choose to remain after what they have observed then it is highly like they would remain throughout the course of their training. 

So after the week of observation and introductions, the girls move on to the next phase.  The girls would be split up and be assigned to their trainers, with a ratio of 1 girl to one trainer.  All of the trainers are female, this is likely to prevent any scandals from happening.  The only males are those of authority and have a vested in the program and thus would not do anything foolish.  In any case the males are rarely involved in the trainings and when they are, another female trainer is also present.  So in this phase the girls are introduced to punishments and the various implements.  It is also at this phase that the girls are fully nude.  The only attire they wear are a black collar, wrist and ankle cuffs.  They girls are introduced to spankings, the various implements and the variety of positions.  It is also during this phase that they would learn submission, including sexual submission.  But no sex really takes place as all the trainers are women......dildos are instead used here. 

In the next phase, the girls are now allowed to wear a tank-top and a boy shorts.  But the clothing is still a privilege, and failure to follow the rules given would see them going without the boy shorts and with the tank-top removed and hanging around their necks.  As at any one time, there are about ten girls going through each of the different phases, and this attire helps to differentiate.  It is in this phase that the girls are taught etiquette, and other basic knowledge of high society to a certain extent considering that there is where the bulk of their prospective spouses would come from. 

Now I know nothing about the next few phases as I was told that the girls were instructed never to reveal them, so sorry dear readers I know nothing about them. 

To ensure the time between girls' completion of their training and their selection by the agency's clients is not too long, somewhere in between the training phases, their profiles are written and their profile photographs are taken.  Then its to the database and they await selection

The selection process is like in any other agency.  The clients list down their criteria and matches are done against the profiles of the girls that they have.  Upon selection, a profile of the client is then shown to the girls (normally the client is advised to choose five for a preview) chosen, and only if the girls agree, then a meeting is set up.  The first meeting is usually an introduction, and once the client has made his selection a second meeting is set up shortly where the client, the agent, the girl and her trainer are present.  This is where the trainer will give her assessment of the girl to the client and brief him on any certain issues to note.  The trainer also showcases a customary punishment session with the girl and invites the client to have a feel of punishing his prospective wife. 

Finally, after that, the girl is delivered to the client sometime later, I think its after paper work and sometimes necessary immigration issues are done.  The trainer is usually the one that arrives with the girl and together with the girl comes something like a starter pack of implements.  Additional implements and punishment furniture can also be ordered.  Most of the time, unless the client is known to be extremely experienced, it is agreed that a set guidelines are given.  These guidelines are rules for the girl to follow and like a guide for the client on learning to be a dom or getting used to being one. 

The rules are not the same throughout and are mostly discussed between the trainer and client.  But some of the usual ones are:

Attire: The girl is to be  in the agreed upon attire whenever alone with the client in the home.
Permission is to be sought before doing anything.
A maintenance spanking either twice or three times a week.  This includes a bare bottomed hand spanking and a small strap.  Its usually 3-5mins for the handspanking and 10 licks with the strap.
The standard pack of implements generally consisted of about 15 implements and so everyday at a fixed time, the girl would have to take an implement and ask the client to give her 10 licks/strokes with it.
Some form of sex was to take place everyday.  The reason for some form was because technically, having sex everyday could be  an impossible feat for some of the clients.
Additional punishments were at the client's discretion and the girl would be required to log them down in a logbook.
In addition, a notebook would be given to the client to note down any difficulties or problems he faced with the girl.

After a month had passed, the trainer would return for a first review.  To check on how things are and also it is at this time, that the client makes changes to the guides and rules accordingly.

There are also reviews done at the three month, sixth month and lastly at the one year mark.  After that, the client is entitled to three free reviews within a five year timeframe, where the trainer would return upon the client's request to help handle any issues.  During that five year timeframe, the girl could be sent back one time, upon the client's request for a one-week retraining.  This rarely happens and I was told that the girls were warned that anyone sent back would be in for a very painful week. 

So there you have it.  I was also hinted by a few I know that there was such an agency for males where the roles are reversed.  I have not managed to get any confirmation on this but if I do, you can rest assured that it will appear here.

Now this is not all  there should be more.  I personally know three Singaporean girls who were part of this.  And their own stories, on how they were introduced to the agency and how things went for them, will be published but with my hellish work schedule......I can't commit to a time frame for when they will be published.  But do stay tuned.   

Sometimes I can't help myself in such a situation

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I just had to post this picture and pose you spankos a question.  For me as a spanko, whenever I find myself in such a "physical situation" with a member of the opposite sex, I cannot help but give the cute bottom a playful spank or two (if its a vanilla) or a harder smack if I'm in the company of a fellow "spanko".  So far I have gotten away with it even if tried with a vanilla.  How about you?

Spankable Pictures 011

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Dear readers,
     Once again I have come across these cute little bottoms in such positions that make them oh so spankable :)

Reader's Submission: Guy teaches girlfriend's mother how to spank daughter

Saturday, October 30, 2010 · 1 comments

So once again dear readers, one of you has sent me a real life spanking story.  As one of you commented recently, pardon the English in these stories, I did not edit them and just left them as they were sent to me so as to maintain its authenticity. 

So without further ado.........


I am a 18 year old girl who is spanked by my boyfriend and my mummy. 

It all began last year.  I flunked my O levels and was slacking around.  Then got together wif this guy.  Caucasian quite good looking but much older than me.  He is 32 this year working in Singapore.  He is like much better than all the guys I have dated before.  Very romantic and very take care of me.  Only thing is that he spanks me.  From the start of our relationship he already spank me.  But only occasionally at first because he busy at work so we don't meet so often and because the spanking hurts so I try my best to be good in front of him.

But then someway close to the end of last year, my mummy call him and complain about me and ask him if he could talk to me.  Although my mummy at that time dunno that he spank me but I think also partly because she notice that I only listen to him.  So she complain that I steal her money and refuse to listen to her and many other things la.  They talk on the phone that time for almost two hours.  So my boyfriend said that he will settle  it.  He also didn't tell me about it and my mummy also didn't.  Until the weekend. I thought we suppose to meet outside but then in the morning he come over and bought breakfast for me and my mummy.  Then after breakfast I ask him wait for me I go bathe change then we go out but he say no he need to talk to me and my mummy.  So I thought what was it.  Then he start saying that my mummy call him and tell him about me.  I at that time angry with my mummy but also embarrass cause I dun wan to let my boyfriend know.  Then as we talking my mummy and me get into a slight argument and my mummy say something like I only will listen to my boyfriend thats why she tell him.  Then my boyfriend tell my mummy that he will show her how to make me listen to her.  Then he ask me to get over his lap and say he is going to spank me.  Of course I refuse because my mummy is there and I thought he wun dare.  But I was sitting just next to him on the sofa and so he pull me over his lap.  I struggle of course but he give one hard slap to my bum and say dun move then I stop struggling.  I think my mummy at first also shock cause when she call my boyfriend she dun expect this but then I think after she see that I stopp struggling after the first spank she curious so wait and see.  He spank me on my shorts for some time and he pull down my shorts and continue spanking my bare bum.  After he finish he make me stand in the corner without my shorts.  Then he talk to my mummy.  He tell her that this is what he will do to me normally when I am naughty.  Then I think because that time when they talk on the phone my mummy never specify what I do wrong so this time my boyfriend ask her to tell him.  So she let go everything, everything also say.  She tell him that I smoke, come back drunk, sometimes never come home, steal money from her, wear clothes like prostitute, at home very rude to her, treat the home like hotel and on and on.  Then she brought my boyfriend to my room and they brought out my pack of cigarettes and my clothes which my mummy said made me look like a prostitute.  My boyfriend was upset when my mummy told him all this.  He make noise about my smoking and dressing before.  I told him I quit already actually it was just never smoke in front of him and I did not wear those translucent clothes after he make noise when I go out with him so he didn't know. So after scolding me.  He say he will teach my mummy how to spank me.  So he make me go over my mummy lap and he guide my mummy how to spank me.  Then he ask my mummy for a hairbrush and show my mummy how to spank me with the hairbrush also.  After that he take his belt and he belt my bum 20 times.  Then he tell me that if I ever do those things again he will make sure its worse.  Then he make me stand in the corner for one hour.  After that he tell me to go bathe and change before we go out. 

The next week of course I try to be good.  Not exactly good la but I try to be tactical. I though I was very tactical already.  I only smoke when my mummy not around.  I go out only after she sleep.  But it was a trap.  I found out that that day when I went to bathe my boyfriend told my mummy to pretend and to note down if I didn't listen to his rules and let him know.  So when I tot that I was very successful in pretending to be good infront of my mummy she actually was pretending that she dunno I was good.  I only find out the next saturdaymiuntes.  After that I bend over sofa and my boyfriend spank me with his belt ten times.  Then he pass the belt to my mummy to spank me ten times also.  Then 15 minute corner time then I must lie on the sofa and he use the cane to cane me six times and then pass to my mummy to cane me six time also.  Then after 15 minute corner time again he call me to stand in front of them and tell me his plan.  He write down on a piece of paper.  From now on monday to friday I must wake up by 8.30am.  My mummy go work at 9am so if by 8.30am I haven wake up she will spank me.  Each day I must do some household chores like sweep and mop the floor and wash the clothes.  If I never she will spank me also.  I cannot go out unless I ask permission from my mummy.  Or not she will spank me with the hairbrush.  If I am allow to go out I must come home before my mummy is home from work at 9pm or not she will spank me with hairbush also.  If I am not sleeping by 11pm she will spank me also.  If I smoke, or drink or wear the prostitute clothes out she will cane me five time.  My boyfriend also say that he will give me allowance so I dont take from mummy but if I steal from her she will cane me ten times.  Then every sat morning he will come and review.  So every Sat morning when he come usually at about 10am I remove shorts and panties and stand with my hands on my head in front of them and he will review with my mummy how I was during the week.  If I am spanked more than 8 times he will spank me with his hand then hairbrush then belt my bum 20 times and cane me ten times.  If I am spank more than five time he will not use the cane.  If I am spank at least one time he will use not use the belt also.  If I am not spank he will then spank me only with his hand to remind me.  The first three months only one time I never get the cane.  Now almost one year most of the time until the belt.  Never once only hand.  But better already especially the last two months got a few times almost did not need the hairbrush.  Hopefully next month I will be able to reach the first time without hairbrush even.  My boyfriend says he will get me a big present if that happens.

Spankalot is back on Facebook

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Dear readers,
  So it appears that after almost two years, facebook decided to disable my account.  When I emailed them asking why, they replied with a cryptic message saying that I was not representing myself "authentically" on facebook.  Oh well........

  So anyway, I am back up with a new account.  Add me if you are on and we can chat ;)

Cedric Foo

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Love Our Lurkers Day! And Spankingliners 003!

Thursday, October 21, 2010 · 9 comments

So its Love Our Lurkers Day, which was started by Bonnie over at My Bottom Smarts, to share the love and acknowledge the many silent readers in the spanking community.  This is Love Our Lurkers V but its the first time this blog is taking part.  Personally before I started my blog I was a a lurker too...........hopping from spanking blog to spanking blog but never leaving a comment.  Why was I a lurker?  I never really sat down to wonder why................

But anyways........for all my lovely silent readers who have popped by, stayed on and patiently waited for my updates (which were far between at times) is the day I thank you for sticking around.

Do stick around and hey, if you would love to break that lurking and leave me a comment.......please do, I would love that! 

Take good care and keep the spanking going!

Also I noticed ever since I brought to your attention on some of you readers who have "come out of your lurking shell" and sent me spank-liners (one-liners on your spanking activities), more of you have begun sending me your "spankliners".

So once again, here are some spankliners that I have received from you:

male: Heard my mom getting a spanking from my dad last night.

male 19: My girlfriend said she got spanked for breaking curfew.

female 21: Hubby spanks me whenever I overspend.

female 26: Mother-in-Law spanks my bottom once a week as maintenance.

male: For lying to me, I spanked my gf and caned her.

male: My wife spanks me the next day if I come home drunk.

female: My boss uses his ruler to smack my bottom whenever I make a mistake.

unknown: Got spanked hard last night on my barebottom.

female 40: Just explored spankings and I love it.

female: Fifty stroke of the belt a week keeps me in line.

Reader's Submissions: Another Spanked Wife

Friday, October 15, 2010 · 3 comments

So once of you nice readers has sent me a personal spanking story.  I thank you!

For the rest of you........enjoy ;)

I am Singaporean female in my early twenties and I just found out your blog last week.  It is interesting to know that there so many people in Singapore who still get punished by their husbands or boyfriends when they are naughty.  It is also funny to know that I am not the only one in Singapore. 

My husband and me got married two years ago but we have been together since I was 15 and ya all along he will punish me if I am bad or naughty.  He is like six years older than me and I think ya I am submissive and need someone to take care of me.  After reading ur blog I learn that what my husband and me have is domestic discipline.  We all along also don't have a formal start on domestic discipline la.  He punish me also like just started like that since I with him when I 15.  That time I know him is through my friends.  We all go out together and then he was a friend of my friend's boyfriend and came along.  We liked each other almost from that time and then after a while from that day, he asked me to be his girlfriend.  All along he will take care of me.  Not only like a boyfriend.  But maybe because I come from single-parent family, since young dunno who my father is so sometimes I treat him also like an elder bro or father figure.  I mean not only treat me like his girlfriend but he will also take care of me like that.  And also cause that time when I know him he already finish army and working so he like very mature so almost everything I will listen to him lor.  But then cause I can be quite playful and so sometime I will do things to make him angry.  But although he angry with me he wun anyhow lose temper and shout at me.  He will scold me la but in a calm way but also in a strict way la in the way his voice sounds.  Then at the start most of the time I try to act cute lor to calm him down.  Like when I know its my fault and he is scolding me then I will give a pitiful face, open my eyes big big act cute.....pull my ears and say sorry.  Actually all the time I get away with it one.  Then there was one time I was waiting for him under one of the blocks after school to go his place and so I thought he still on the way so I take a cigarette from on of my classmates to smoke.  He don't like me to smoke and get angry with me for smoking before.  Then suddenly I turn and saw him standing at the next block looking at us angrily.  I of cause shock and then throw the cigarette away immediately and walk over to find him.  He scold me as we walk back to his place.  Of course I try to act cute to calm him down.  And when at his home watching tv he sit there keeping quiet and so I know he still angry.  So I try to cheer him up by my usual act cute way of saying sorry.  Then he say everytime I do this think can get away with it so he say this time must punish me.  I still pulling my ear and giving that cute face and he ask me to continue pulling my ear and stand up.  Then he suddenly use his hand to smack my bum a few times and say that is for being naughty and smoking.  Its not very hard la and I tot its funny so I pretend to cry out that its pain and I was sorry and won't smoke again.  I think he feel my reaction like quite funny so he was not angry already but he tell me that if I smoke again he will make sure its pain.  The next week he again not working so I wait for him at the same place after school to go his place.  But this time I smarter I go with my classmates to the staircase to smoke first and then I come down wait for him.  He actually didn't know when I met him but when he kiss me when we at his place he smell the cigarette smell and then he got angry and scolded me.  I know he angry la and its my fault so I stand up and pull my ear and give that cute face and tell him I was sorry and let me smack my butt again lor.  I tot he smack play play one like the last time then ok already.  But this time he remind me that the last time he told me that if I smoke again he would make sure it was pain.  So he put me over his lap and spank my bum.  It was pain this time and I struggle and ask him to stop and swing my hand to try and block his hand.  But he hold my hand so it cannot move and then he ask me if its my fault.  I keep quiet but he ask again so I nod my head.  Then he ask me since its my fault should I be punished.  I keep quiet.  He ask again.  I still keep quiet. But he ask one more time and I know he mean it so I said sorry and nod my head.  Then ask me to pull my ear and then he lift up my skirt and spank my bum somemore. I can feel my tears dripping out already then he stop.  He ask me to stand up and continue to pull my ear and he sit there at the sofa and scold me somemore for smoking.  Actually I think he will stop there one but then he ask me one question what do I think will happen if I smoke again.  I reply that he won't.  Then he ask why and I reply that because the next time I will eat sweet after that so he wun smell.  Then he give me the serious face and say that I never learn my lesson and ask me to stand there wait for him.  He go to the room take a big plastic ruler and come back and put me over his lap again.  This time he pull down my panties also and then he use the ruler to smack my bum at least 20 times and I was crying already.  Then he stop and ask me questions like will I smoke again.  And then I answer him no he smack me bum one more time.  Then he ask me another question if I promised.  Then I say yes and he smack my bum one more time.  Then he ask me what will happen if I smoke again.  Then I say wun happen.  But he smack my bum again and ask the same question.  Again I say wun happen he smack my bum again and ask the same question.  After a few times I say then I will be punish lor.  Then he smack my bum again and ask me how I will be punished.  Then I say like this time lor.  Then he smack my bottom and ask me to say again.  Then I repeat like this time lor.  But he smack my bum again and ask same as this time or worse.  I know he sure want me to say worse, so I said worse.  Then he smacked my bum one last time and said its I say one ah.  Then he let me get off his lap.  After that its like each time I am naughty he will spank me for sure.  But he is fair la and I know its for my own good.  He wun anyhow for no reason punish me and he will explain to me why he spank me.  But when he is going to punish me I confirm cannot get out of it one.  The first few time I try to get out of it by acting cute but then I learn that it wun work and also because I know its my fault and I deserve it so I never try to avoid already. And I try not to make the same mistake because I learn that each time I am naughty for the same thing the punishment is worse.  In fact only the first few times he spank me on the clothes or panties after that all the punishment on my bare bum already.  And like when he is going to punish me he will like make me say it out.  He will like say so you did this naughty thing again.  And then I will keep quiet.  But he will look at me and ask me with that kind of eye until I answer yes.  Then he will ask me so how.  Then I will say I will get punished.  Then he will tell me to take the ruler. Then I will go to the room in the drawer take the ruler and come out.  Standard one he will be sitting on the sofa when I come out and then he dun need to say anything I will take off my skirt or shorts and panties and go over his lap.  He will spank my bum then use the ruler to smack me.  But because I know he does it for my own good I feel very guilty when I am naughty.  When I turn 18 he started to use the belt also.  Actually its not because I turn 18 but it was just nice that time when he used it on me.  There was this time all my friend were going clubbing but he told me not to go because he was working and cannot go with.  He know that there will be guys there and if I get drunk then there is no one to take care of me.  But I go without him knowing but that night really drink until very drunk.  I vomit all over and cannot even walk.  Some guys almost try to take advantage but lucky my girl friends see in time and pull me away from them.  Then they all must go home so no choice I cannot go home like that so they call him to come pick me up.  I din even know at all until I wake up next morning on his bed.  I know that he sure very upset one and I feel very guilty.  And so when I go out of the room to find him I bring the ruler with me.  Before he say anything I remove my panties and lie over his lap and wait for him to punish me. He scold me and spank me and smack me with the ruler harder that time.  Then as he smacking me with the ruler he tell me how my friends had to save me from a group of lecher guys when I was drunk.  I feel so guilty and bad that I ask he to punish me somemore.  He said dun need me to tell him that and he smack my bum with the ruler almost fifty times at least.  And then he ask me to stand up and bend put my hand on the sofa.  He then take his belt and say that because I lie to him and put myself in danger he will use the belt and whip my bum.  He whip my bum at least twenty times before he stop.  Then he make me stand in the corner and pull me ears.  That was the first time that he use the belt on me and also first time he make me stand in the corner. After that he will use the belt if I ever lie to him.  He believe that trust is very important in the relationship and so lieing is the worst thing. 

When we get married his parents already passed away for a while so he only child and then so I move into his flat.  He very nice and fillal one so he ask me mother to move in also and rent out her flat so she can use the money and dun need to work.  Because my husband by that time already doing quite well, so I become a housewife lor and spend more time with my mother.  At that time when my mother move in he only punish me in our bedroom and at night after my mother sleep or if my mother not at home.  We all thought that my mother dun know that my husband punish me but then there was one time I was talking on the phone while driving the car with my mother and then I knocked into another car.  So that day when my husband came home I told him that I had an accident. But when he asked what happen I know if I tell him I on the phone then I sure get punished because he say before.  So I say I dunno the brakes like not working properly.  Actually he believed me one but then my mother suddenly say to me is it I want to be punished by him again for lying.  My husband and I like shock for a while but my mother know we shock so she tell us that she not stupid or blind.  Then she still can say that she support my husband because I at this age still not mature and need someone to discipline me.  Wah I shock until speechless.  I dunno wat to say.  Then my mother still continue and tell my husband that no need to hide in the room to punish me la punish me in the living room also can.  And then my mother still tell my husband that the accident was really because I was talking on the phone.  My husband then ask me and I know I no choice got to admit.  Then he ask me so you try to lie to me again right? And I nod but say sorry.  And then he ask and you drive with hp even though I say don't do that right?  I nod again.  He then say the usual so how.  But then I ask him in the room and he said that my mother already know and she supports so in the living room.  So I no choice go to the room and take the ruler.  I abit embarrass but then no choice I come out my husband sitting on the sofa and my mother sitting on the other sofa.  I remove my panties and lie over his lap. He spank me and smack me with the ruler.  And because I lied to him I must bend at the sofa and he use his belt to whip me.  This time he make me stand in the corner and pull my ear in the living room.  But worse still the next morning I like abit angry with my mother for not covering up for me and so I like quarrel with my mother quite loudly and scold her some rude things.  Like I say earlier my husband is the very filial type and he believe that our parents must respect.  So when he heard those things he get quite angry and tone quite harsh ask me to stop it.  Then he tell me to take the ruler immediately.  My bum already quite sore because the day before get punish but he spank and smack my bum this time as hard.  Then he make me stand in the corner and pull my ears.  I thought it was finish but he tell me to stay there until he come back.  Then he go out of the house.  He come back with a cane that he buy from downstairs.  And then he tell me to bend over the sofa again.  The cane ah wah ten strokes already I begging him to stop.  But he say that I so old already still so rude to my mother so he cane me the same number as my age.  I that time 22 and so mean got 12 stroke more.  After the cane he make me apologise to my mother and then make me stand in corner again.  When I am standing in the corner he hang the cane on the living room wall and say that if I rude to my mother again he will cane me.  Now I more polite to my mother and my relationship with her like better.  But sometimes will still quarrel with her but once my husband canes me I will be very nice for a long time.  Since that time he cane me I only got cane three more times until now.  Now I dun get punish so often maybe once or twice a month.  The punishment is always pain and I cry most time.  But I know its for my own good and a lot of my bad habits dun have already.

Group spanking sessions for the mistresses

Thursday, October 7, 2010 · 5 comments

I remember reading recently in the newspapers about certain places in China where the booming recovery of the economy has led to a resurgence in the mistresses industry.  I guess this happens not only in China but in almost every city that sees a large number of businesses.  Though not openly publicised, Singapore has its fair share of mistresses.  While there has been much talk about more of our men getting foreign brides, there has also been a large number of Singaporean ladies who have become mistresses to the foreign businessmen who come to our shores frequently.  Which reminds me of a real life spanking story along that line............

I don't know about now but some years back there was this bunch of young Singaporean mistresses about five of them all below the ages of 25.  They had all known each other while working as KTV hostesses in the same KTV.  It was there, and around a span of a year, that the five of them had somehow managed to each “hook” a relatively wealthy foreign businessman who took them as their mistresses.  For them it was like striking the lottery for they no longer had to work as hostesses serving a multitude of men but rather they lived in somewhat luxury in the private apartments that the businessmen owned in Singapore and now only needed to serve one man. The girls met up regularly when their men were out of town.  They met of hi-tea, did their shopping together and just whiled away their time together as they waited for the return of their foreign men.  When their men were in town, their time belonged to each of their men.  But they occasionally bumped into each other for each of their “masters” knew each other.  Like when a few of the men would meet up for golf, or during wine & dine functions. 

And it was during one of these functions that the topic of spanking came about.  As usual the men indulged in small talk while the mistresses gossiped among themselves.  Now at some of these functions, it was relatively easy for those in the know to identify or differentiate the women who were wives of the men from the women who were merely mistresses.  There were many indicators, one of the most obvious ones would be that the wives would be involved in the small talk with the men while the mistresses sort of mixed among themselves.  While they would all be donned in elegant designer wear, the poise and way the wives carried themselves would be different from the way the mistresses carried themselves.  All except one........she was the mistress of the host.  Although like the other five mistresses, she too came from the same KTV but to the rest of the men, she carried herself rather well and occasionally indulged in small talk with her “master”.  During such functions she did engage in gossip with the other mistresses but never for too long.  Now it wasn't like she was ostracised by the other mistresses and it wasn't like she felt she was better.  But the other mistresses sort of gathered that it was probably due to the fact that her man was based mostly in Singapore.  Now the five men noticed this and as this topic came out in their small talk they pulled the host over as he walked by and jokingly asked him how come his mistress seemed different in a positive sense.  But as there were many people around and the host felt it unwise to elaborate too much and so he merely chuckled and mentioned that it was all about a little training sometimes.  But the five men were persistent and because they were relatively good friends, spare no effort in trying to get him to reveal a little more.  Not wanting to create a scene and knowing that this bunch of men would not let him remain tight-lipped for long, he told them that if they were that interested to know, he would show them in a while.  So the host went about for a little while more, making small talk with the other guests, and then he walked to his mistress and whispered something in her ear.  The mistress nodded and then proceeded up to the study.  The host then made his way to the group of five men, who were by now making small talk to another group of guests.  Joining in the small talk for a couple of minutes, the host then politely excused himself and the five men on the pretence that they had something had cropped up and they had to discuss it in private.  It was common during such functions that real business talk sometimes took place and so none of the other guests suspected anything.  

When they entered the study, they saw the host's mistresses inside, she seemed puzzled that they had all come in with her man, but she gave them a polite smile and nodded to acknowledge their presence.  The men sat down in the chairs in middle of the study, which the host used sometimes for mini meetings.  Thinking that he was about to have an impromptu business discussion with the men, the mistress asked if she should leave.  But he told her no and motioned her to sit on his lap.  He told her that the men had come to talk about her.  The host continued and said that the men had praised her for being extremely obedient but he had told them that this wasn't always the case.  The mistresses smiled nervously, she knew where the conversation was going to.......and wasn't the first time that he had spanked her in front of guests.  Then the host asked the mistress to tell the men what happens if she gets out of hand.  The mistress smiled shyly looking down and keeping quiet.  So the host said maybe he would show them what happens.  He told the mistress to stand up and remove her dress.  Which she did without hesitation.  Removing her dress in front of men was nothing new for her, during her hostess days, there were occasions that she was fully naked in a room full of men.  Turning her around to face him and showing her red bum to the men, he explained to the men that he spanked her to keep her in-line.  He then let instructed her to put on her dress and return down to the party.  After she left, the host further explained that he would have given them a demonstration but as the night was still young, he didn't want her to go down and have the guests see her teary-eyed.  He offered that if they were interested he could do a session with them and their mistresses the following weekend.  One of the men wondered aloud if their mistresses would agree to being punished.  The hosts replied matter-of-factly that in his experience they usually would.  The timing was perfect for all the five men would still be in town on that day and so it was agreed. 

The following weekend, the five men and their mistresses arrived at the hosts home once again.  The mistresses did not know about the arrangement between the men and thought that it was just one of those gatherings.  The men had agreed to keep it a “surprise” for the mistresses and so when they arrived the women hung out at the hosts swimming pool as they usually did all decked out in their pretty bikinis sitting around gossiping like they usually did.  The hosts brought the men to the basement, to show them what he had prepared.  It was a simple set-up, six chairs spaced apart in a circle.  After a round or two of drinks the men decided that it was time to call the girls in.  They went up to the swimming pool and told the ladies that they had something to discuss with them and called for them to follow them in.  The ladies, not knowing what was coming followed them down to the basement.  As the men took their seats, the ladies not having any seats for them proceeded to seat on the laps of their men, all except the mistress of the host (she probably knew what was coming).  The host began talking telling the ladies that the men had all decided that they had all gotten a little “out of hand” and they needed to learn a little lesson.  Some of the ladies thought it to be a joke and giggling was heard.  But the host ignored the giggles and continued that he would show them and their men what happens when his mistress gets out of line.  He put his mistress over his lap and the giggling got a little louder but at the sound of the first spank, the rest of the mistresses kept quiet, realising what he meant by “to be taught a lesson.  Stopping after the first spank, he looked up and told the ladies that this was called a spanking and he would be teaching the men how to spank them.  He told them that this was a decision that the men had made and if they did not comply they would be thrown out by their men.  The giggling and smiling faces had gone......the host then told his mistress to stand up and stand by the chair with her hands on her head.  The mistress quickly complied and the host told the rest of the mistresses to follow-suit.  Seeing the straight looks on their own men's face, the mistresses knew they meant business and quickly did as they were told.  The host then told them that they were to remain in that position until told otherwise.  He then put his mistress back over his lap and gave his mistress a quick twenty spanks on her bottom.  He then told the mistress to get back up into position and then he told the mistresses to get over their men's lap and asked the men to try giving a few spanks.  The host went around give tips and advice to the men.  After he had gone round he told the ladies to get back up and into position.  Back at his seat he asked the men if they were comfortable so far, and when they replied with a positive, he suggested that they try it for real this time.  So he told the ladies this time to remove their bikinis.  The host's mistresses quickly complied and the rest of the mistresses quickly followed suit.  All the ladies went over their men's lap this time and the host said they would spank for a minute this time and set a timer.  The spanking continued and when the minute was up the host told the women to get back up in position.  As all except the host's mistress had not been spanked before, they had already begun to sniffle.  The host once again asked the men if they felt comfortable, and then suggested another go but this time five minutes.  When the five minutes was up, the ladies were all mostly sobbing or crying.  Next he showed them the belt.  He told his mistress to stand infront of the chair, bend over and put her hands on the seat of the chair and stick her bottom out.  Removing his belt, he belted her bottom five times, drawing gasps with each stroke.  He then suggested that they would do this one by one twenty strokes of the belt for each.  So turn by turn, each men's mistress bent over the chair and their men gave them twenty strokes of the belt with guidance from the host.  By the time they had gone round, all the mistresses were crying and their bottoms were bright red.  All except the host's mistresses for she hadn't received her twenty strokes of the belt yet.  But the host had something else in store for her.  He went to a corner of the room and pulled a long bench to the centre of the circle.  Then he told his mistress to get on her hand and knees on the bench.  He told the mistresses that if they thought they punishment was bad, he was going to show them that it was not so bad as it was their first time.  He also told them to watch how his mistress counted each stroke for the next time they did this, they would be expected to count as well.  But before he began belting her, he put a large plastic ruler on her back.  Without explaining, he began belting her hard and she counted out aloud (“1 Sir.....etc”) with each stroke of course with crying as well.  At the 8th and 17th stroke she buckled and the ruler dropped from her back.  And so after the belting was done, the host took the ruler in his hand and asked his mistresses what happens when the ruler dropped.  She replied that five spanks with the ruler.  And then he asked her how many times the ruler dropped and she replied two.  So he asked her again how many strokes she should get, and she replied ten strokes with the ruler.  The host proceeded to smack her bottom with the ruler, ten times as she cried out.  When he was done he suggested that they wrap the session up with five strokes of the belt for all the girls which they had to count out together.  The last five strokes were given hard and all the ladies were crying out loud.  After that, the ladies were put facing the wall in a line with their hands on the heads and all a blubbering wreck as the host and the men had a drink and talked. 

Then on, they continued this at least once a month and sometimes twice.  The ladies........their bottoms suffered but their “behaviour” changed for the better........

Spankable Pictures 010

Sunday, October 3, 2010 · 1 comments

Dear readers,
     Just another bunch of spankable pictures that I have come across on the internet.  Enjoy :)

Spanking one-liners/short-liners 002

Tuesday, September 28, 2010 · 1 comments

Dear readers,
  It seems that many of you are still sending me your one-liners and short-liners.  Since there has been a bunch.......I have decided to post some. 


Male, 26: My girlfriend wants me to spank her....should I?

Male, 30: My female boss is a bitch should be spank! How ah?

Female: I'm 18 n my elder sis spanks me whenever I m bad.

Female, 37: Just began domestic discipline with my hubby. I got my maintenance spanking this evening.

Male, 19: My mom passed away years ago.  My dad just married this 24 year old Viet. I can hear him spanking her some nights.

Male: My sister-in-law is moving in with us.  I told her she would get spanked if she doesn't follow my rules.  She was agreeable.

Male 20: Sometimes at night, I can hear what seems like the couple renting a room in my flat the guy spanking his wife.

Female, 19: My boss spanked me yesterday.  I dunno why but I secretly enjoyed it.

Female, 21: My mom's boyfriend spanked me yesterday for swearing at my mom. 

Male,35: I jokingly told me girlfriend that I was going to spank her for being a bitch.  She told me not to do it too hard.

Reader's Submission: Mother and daughter get spanked by husbands together

Saturday, September 25, 2010 · 4 comments

Hello again dear readers and how has the spankings been in your life?  Today once again one of you have sent me a real-life spanking story of yourself.  This time it appears a mother and daughter are in a domestic discipline relationship with their husbands who are in fact brothers.  As you read the story......pardon the typos, I copied and pasted the story leaving it as it was......thanks dear reader for submitting your story....


Hey spankalot,
    I chanced upon your blog as I was searching for news about Singapore.  I search for news on Singapore quite often cause I use to be from Singapore but have not come back for a few years already.  Anyway my mother and me are in this domestic discipline relationship together.  Seems so weird right?  I am 20 this year and my mom is 36 yes she is only 16 years older than me.  But sometimes I think we are more like good friends or sisters.  I dunno who my father is because my mother says he disappeared after knowing she was pregnant.  Anyway so my mother she is like a good friend of mine.  Even when I was 14 and 15 years old she would bring me with her when she went clubbing with her friends and she would sneak me in.  At that time already I was waiteressing at the cafe where she was a supervisor.  So when I was about 16 years old I got picked up by this 36 year old caucasian guy when clubbing with my mother and so coincidence my mother got picked up by his elder brother who is 40 at that time.  They actually din belive us when we said that we were mother and daughter and only belive us when we so them our ICs.  I think it was a love at first sight moment for all of us because after that we hang out for a while.  The two of them run a business together and they were taking a year off to travel around southeast asia.  But somehow they got hooked by us and ended up staying in Singapore for about six months.  And that means we were dating for about six months.  Then they change their plans,  their both asked us to marry them and go back to their country with them.  We agreed of course.

    But before all that something happened.  I think we were dating for about three months already and we were in their hotel room having drinks after dinner.  At that time we were owe rent for the flat we were renting and did not have enough money to pay.  Then because we saw a bag where they keep their money and my mother and me thought just take some to pay the rent they wun notice.  So I distracted them and my mother took the money.  But they found out because maybe our actions like suspicious.  When we were wanting to leave they confronted us.  So we admitted.  Maybe we were really sorry or maybe the pity us but they were nice to forgive us and said they would pay the rent for us.  But they also say that since we stole from them, we had to be punished.  That was the first time we both got a spanking and we got a spanking together.  It was our first spanking so they only use their hands but we had to remove our panties and we cried because they spank quite hard.  After that it was normal for them to threaten us with a spanking but before they propose they only spank us one more time.  When we at this club and my mother and me get so drunk.  They try to tell us not to drink too much but we carry on and then so drunk until almost strip dance in the club.  But they carry us off and then we so drunk vomit all over ourself.  The next day we wake up in their hotel room first thing they make us bathe and then before we can even dry up they gave us a spanking.  That is when we learn that a spanking on a wet bottom hurts more than a dry bottom. 

    So back to when they propose and after we agree.  They say that they both agree in domestic discipline and would spank us whenever we need it.  My mother and me both know that we are quite wild sometimes or maybe most of the times and that time the two times they spank us we deserve it.  Somemore all through the six months we dated they had been taking care of us.  So we felt we were ok with it and maybe we even needed it. 

    So we both followed them to their home country and we got married together.  We all live together and its good also because we are both housewifes and so we accompany each other everyday.  And so domestic discipline begin from the time we get married.  The month we reach so busy getting our wedding ready.  Then the wedding night after the wedding when we reach home they say they got present for us  They pass us each this big bag  and tell us to bring up to our rooms and put everything on the bed and remove our dress and wait for them to come.  My husband & me and my mother & her husband room both on the third floor side by side.  Inside the bag was all kinds of implements and rope and handcuffs.  It was an unforgettable night of pain and sex.  The next morning when my mother and me see each other sitting down carefully we both know and funny thing is that when we both talk about it we got wet.  The next morning both our husband talk to us about what they expect and what we can expect when we never behave ourslef. 

    We get spanked together a lot.  Most of time during our weekly maintenance spanking which every Sunday night.  Three minutes handspanking on our bare bottom and twenty spanks with a hairbrush.  Some other times are when we get into trouble together. A lot of times is when they go out of town for for meetings and they come back and see that the whole place in a mess.  Then they make us wear this apron without anything else and then spank us as we clean the place.  One of the worse spanking we get together it when they had to bail us out of jail.  We were caught with some drugs which we just bought at the club to try.  Our husbands were not around and so we went to have a bit of fun.  So we had to call our husbands and tell them but they could not rush back in time so we stay overnight in jail.  The policeman was our husbands friend so he let us off with a warning.  But when we reach home we get spank and corner time over and over again.  Then for the whole week we have to be bare bottom.  Morning before they go work they spank us for five minutes then give us ten strokes of the belt.  Then we have to stand in the corner with our hands on our head and they put a webcam to make sure we dun move. Until lunchtime they come back we get to go to the toilet then they spanks us again for five mins and ten spanks with the belt then eat lunch stand in corner again.  Evening they come back again same thing five min spank and ten with belt before dinner.  Before we sleep five mins spanking again and ten with the belt.  For one week.  Our bottom was purple at the end.  Another worse one was again when we were at the club when again they not in town we got a little drunk and dancing on the dance floor this group of guys dirty dancing with us and grope us all over.  A friend of our husbands was there and he take video clip of us.  So when he show them they punish us.  For a whole weekend we were naked and they tie our hands up to the ceiling and put a clip on our nipples.  Every two hours they take out the clip and whip our breast with a flog and whip our bottom then they put back the clip and again whip us after two hours. 

    We get spank separately as well.  It is quite common like when I come back with my husband from a date and see my mother getting spank by her husband in the living room or she is in the corner with her bare bottom red after a spanking.  Sometimes she and her husband comes back and I am the one getting spank. 
    There is this cane and plastic paddle which they use once a month.  They record each time we get punish and on the last sunday of each month  instead of the weekly maintenance spanking we get naked and after a five min spanking.  We get the cane and plastic paddle.  The number of strokes depend on how often we have been punish in the past month but usually the least is ten with the cane and ten with the paddle.  The most I have receive is 50 with each and my mother is 60. 

    I know u must tink its weird that my mother and me are in such a relationship together but maybe because we really do act like kids and are quite wild so its good for us that our husbands are willing to guide us. 

Paying the rent with a spanking

Tuesday, September 21, 2010 · 1 comments

Hello dear readers, I am back online and fret not.......I have received your numerous emails over my lack of posts recently.  Well now that my comp is back online you should be seeing more frequent posts in the weeks to come.  Meanwhile, let me offer you a short real life spanking story about a Singaporean lady who well.......kinda ended up paying her rent with a spanking........enjoy............

After completing her university studies, Renee decided that she did not want to return to Singapore just yet.  The company that she had interned with had offered her a full time job and the intended pay was pretty good thus she decided to try it out.  But there the issue of housing as she had stayed in the university hostel when she was studying and since she was no longer a student, staying in the hostel was no longer an option.  Even if it was allowed, it was just too far from her working place.  But as luck would have had it, a local friend of hers had a room for rent.  The local friend was Adam, a local boy whom she had met through mutual friend since her first year in the university.  Nothing romantic was going on between them though they had on occasions flirted harmlessly with each other.  Adam had initially intended to rent out the spare room in his apartment, which came with an attached toilet, for the going market rate.  But since Renee was a friend, he offered her a cheap rate of $50 a week which was slightly under half the usual rental rate.  It was a steal considering that it was a mere ten mins walking distance from the building where she worked, so Renee jumped at the offer.

The arrangement went along pretty well for a few months but then Renee began “defaulting on her weekly rent”.  It was during the sales period and Renee had blown most of her pay cheque on shopping.  Adam was understanding and allowed her to delay paying the rent.  But week after week passed and soon Renee had stayed four months without paying.  It annoyed Adam slightly that Renee appeared to be taking advantage of the situation.  During the initial weeks that, Renee would at least apologetically tell Adam that she still did not have enough money to pay him the rent.  But as the weeks past, she took it for granted and did not even speak about it.  To make matters worse, though there wasn't any official rule about the groceries, Adam had not talked about it initially as he thought Renee would not take advantage of him, Renee began consuming the groceries that Adam bought and did not even bother to replenish them. 

So after four months of “suffering in silence”, Adam decided that enough was enough and he sat down Renee to talk.  Adam had initially meant to just bring to her attention kindly about her rather rubbish attitude towards his kindness, but Renee gave him rather crap and sassy replies that he lost his cool and in the heat of the moment told her that it was either she pay him the rent owed or she move out the very next day, and he walked off to his room to get ready for work. 

Now initially Renee got rather offended at Adam's outburst and she loudly spewed a string of insults and vulgarities at Adam from outside his room and continued even as Adam left the house.  But after she calmed down, she kinda began to feel a little remorseful and regretted her actions.  She also began to worry that Adam had meant what he said in asking her to move out and she didn't have enough to pay for her rent.  At work she could not concentrate as her mind was filled with worry.  She text Adam apologising about her outbursts but got no reply. 

When she got home that evening, she noticed that Adam had already returned home.  She text Adam once more but got no reply.  Feeling a little desperate, she hatched a little plan.  She decided to offer Adam something she felt he wouldn't refuse.......herself.  So Renee took a quick shower to freshen up and donned her one of her sexy lacy camisoles and a matching thong, and then put on a shower robe.  Knocking on Adam's door, she called out to him and said she needed to talk to him and was coming in.  Without waiting for his reply, she opened the door and walked in.  Adam was lying on the bed, still in his work clothes, reading some documents.  Looking up at Renee, he told her to make it quick as he was busy.  Renee dropped the bathrobe and crawled onto his bed in a seductive manner.  Crawling onto him, she took away the documents that he was reading and looked at him in the eyes, apologising about her outburst earlier in the day.  She rubbed her crotch against his as she kissed his neck lightly.  She moved her kisses slowly towards his face and to his lips.  It seemed to be working well until Adam pulled his face away midway thru the kissing and looked at her and asked if she meant to sleep with him to make up for the rent.  Now this anti-climax moment (for lack of a better word), kind of shook Renee up emotionally as tears welled up in her eyes as she sobbed and told Adam that it was the only thing she could think off as she didn't have any money to pay him, she didn't want to shift out and she was really sorry for her rather ungrateful attitude.  Adam gave her a friendly hug and told her this wasn't what he wanted either.  It wasn't that he found her unattractive but he didn't want this to spoil their friendship.  Plus Adam added that he owned the apartment and had enough money and so it wasn't really a big deal if she could not pay the rent.  Renee however said that this couldn't do as she didn't want to seem to be taking anymore advantage of him.  But Adam said that she could always pay in a different manner.  Renee didn't understand but Adam continued that she could pay with her bottom.  Renee asked if he meant anal sex, and Adam laughed aloud saying that no but rather he meant a spanking.  Renee still didn't fully understand so Adam suggested that they settle the current week's rent with a spanking and if she was comfortable with it, that would be the arrangement for the rent.  Plus he added, that she could also take it as punishment for the unfriendly sassy ungrateful attitude that he had been getting from her. 

Renee agreed.

So sitting at the edge of the bed, he put Renee over his knee and gave her a a handspanking.  He started slowly but increased his tempo as he spanked along.  Renee's thong offered no protection and it was good as a bare bottom spanking.  Renee gasped and buckled as the spanking increased in intensity.  About five minutes later and with Renee's bottom rather red, Adam stopped.  He rubbed her bottom for a bit as she snivelled back her tears.  Oh but that wasn't the end.  He then let her get up and told her to lie face down on bed.  Removing his belt, he folded it and gave her fifty strokes, one stroke for each dollar of rent.  By the time Adam was done, Renee was a crying wreck.  Adam let her cry for a bit before helping her up and giving her a hug. 

I guess, there was an inner spanko inside of Renee for she accepted his offer to settle the rent this way.  And so after that, each friday night, Adam would tell her something like “we'll settle the rent at 9pm tonight”.  And at 9pm, Renee would be in the same camisole and thong over his knee for a good handspanking followed by a blistering 50-stroke belting.  Its been about two years now and the arrangement continues, though I heard that something romantic was developing between them........

Spankalot is back online with a bunch of spanking short-liners

Wednesday, August 25, 2010 · 3 comments

So hey dear readers, I am back!  It has been a terrible time, work has brought me a few places without access to the internet.  And my dear old trusty personal computer decided to die on me numerous time.  It has been a frustrating time.  Hopefully things will not go awry again and for those who have emailed me, fret not I will reply to you asap.  At the same time, for those on yahoo chat......I am sorry but I have had some trouble logging hangs on me and so while I try to resolve the issue, you may want to email me on for the time being.

While I lost the load of real life stories I have prepared with the “death” of my comp........thankfully I all my notes while “interviewing” the various spankos are handwritten.  So within the next week, you should be seeing my newest real life spanking story. 

Meanwhile.......there has been an interesting load of emails that many of you have sent to me.  Now most of time......the emails start of with “Hi Spankalot or Hi Spanky” and this is usually followed by “I am a (gender and sometimes age) and a little introduction of yourself.  I dunno why almost all of you followed this format for I never asked for it.........could it be that my way of writing has kinda sub-consciously influenced the format of your emails to me?  But in anyways I am not complaining.  Now in the past what would follow after that would be a real life story about your spanko life.  But recently, I have also received a bunch of either one-liners or short-liners.  I mean all I get are you gender and age (if any) and then some short liners like as if my email has become some sort of a confession box cum punishment journal.  Now no offence, but I would love to hear more from you.  Nevertheless, if you'd still rather send me your one-liners/short-liners continue to do so.........

Here is a batch that I have received.  For the sake of clarity, I have put the gender and age (if any) at the front and just copied & paste your short-liners........if there are more in the future I may consider putting this as a regular feature................all contributors are Singaporeans living in Singapore unless otherwise stated.


Female, 32 years old: Was caught speeding last week, husband gave me a hard caning.

Female, 21 years old: I'm a 21 year old girl staying with my mother and her girlfriend.  My parents are divorced.  And my mother's girlfriend spanks me whenever I am rude to my mother.

Male, 33 years old: I spank my boyfriend on a regular basis, especially when he is being extremely bitchy.

Female, 25 years old: My boyfriend suddenly began spanking me as we were having sex in the doggy position.  I must admit I liked it..........

Male, 45 years old: I've always spanked my foreign wife.

Female, 19 years old (Singaporean studying overseas): Spent my $$ on shopping and could not pay the rent.  So the landlord gave me a proposal I could not refuse.  She would spank me on my barebottom and then belt once for each dollar of rent.  In return I would not have to pay any rent.  My rent is weekly so each friday my landlady comes over and she spanks me and belts me like 50 times.

Female: Whenever I make my steady angry, he will always spank me to make up to him.

Female 18: My sugar daddy every now and then when he feels I have been a naughty girl will make me lie on the bed and he will whip my backside with his belt until he is satisfied.

Female: Rough sex with the boyfriend is always with spankings, bondage and whips.  It hurts so bad but also feels so good!


So there you have it......I thank you for your contributions and keep them coming........

Lady Gaga gets a spanking?

Wednesday, July 21, 2010 · 4 comments

Now I do not know when these photos were taken or whether they were faked.  But from the faint reddish tinge on Lady Gaga's bottom, it does appear as if she had gotten a spanking on her bottom most recently.......

For more photos of her you can go to

Spankable Pictures 009

Friday, July 16, 2010 · 0 comments

The weekend is fast approaching and once again......another load of spankable-licious pictures for you to enjoy to keep the spankings in your mind.......

Reader's Submission: A Submissive wife

Wednesday, July 14, 2010 · 0 comments

Yes dear readers......once of you have sent me a brief description of your spanking personal life.  On behalf of the rest of the readers, thank you for sharing.


I have been lurking at ur blog for quite a bit and really enjoy ur stories.  Amazingly its real life and its comforting in a sort of way to know that we spankos are that few.  Anyways I kinda tot it be good if I shared a little instead of just lurking all the way............

So anyways I in my early twenties and happily recently married to my boyfriend of three years.  We are in a spanking relationship, domestic discipline as you would call it.  And yes we are both very much Singaporean.  I am a fulltime housewife as well.  Its his idea.  He feels that as the man of the house its his job to take care of me.  Not that I am complaining.  It always feel good to be loved and totally taken care for.  And plus he is quite successful in his career and so our finances are pretty much ok.  Hmm I am probably boasting too much about my husband.....sorry......but yes he takes care of everything.  But before I get carried away again maybe I should talk about the spankings.

Yes he spanks me and yes it hurts everytime.  I get maintenance which is every thursday.  My hubby reckons that is a good way to prepare for the weekends as we go out lots during the weekends and the maintenance prevents me from being a brat or a bitch.  The maintenance is every thursday night before we sleep and it fully nude.  Its like at ten pm I have to be fully naked and find him to ask for my maintenance.  Then its like a handspanking over the knee and twenty hard spanks with a hairbrush.  It hurts but I must say it does keep me in check during the weekends. Well most of the time it does.  But its not routine all the time.  There are times that my hubby just reckons that I need a little spanking and I get it there and then.  I never resist whenever he tells me to get over his lap.  Well I did before but only once.  And that time instead of just a handspanking, I got punished with the cane and the strap.  Instead of a simple handspanking that would have only lasted about five mins max, I got punished for about an hour.  I learnt my lesson since then, I never resist my man when he tell me to go over his lap.  Speaking of the cane and strap, those are the two things which are not used frequently and in fact they are only used when I am really bad.  Most of the time he spanks me with his hand, the hairbrush or the belt.  And he only uses the cane and strap after he has spanked me with his hand, hairbrush and belt.  And its always more than 20 strokes.  Thankfully its not very often I get those.  A few months ago my hubby decided that we would try something new.  My hubby felt that it would be good if I would ask for a spanking whenever I think I had done something to deserve it.  But not only that, he wanted me to suggest the punishment as well.  So whenever I think I have done something that warrants a spanking, I would write what I did on a piece of paper and what I think my punishment should be.  After that I would like go to him and pass him the piece of paper.  If he feels that the punishment is too lenient, I would get the punishment I wrote and then after my corner time, I get the punished again but this time the punishment he felt I deserve.  In fact this happened just two weeks ago.  My hubby was overseas for business for a week and during that time there was one of the nights I went out with my girlfriends until pretty late even though I had told him that I was going to sleep.  I went out after I put down the phone with him.  I knew he would let me because my girlfriends were going to the clubs and he doesn't let me to go to the clubs if he is overseas because he knows I can get pretty wild with alcohol.  Anyway I felt guilty about it and decided to tell him.  But I knew if I told him I went to the club it would have been quite a severe spanking.  So I wrote down that I had gone out instead of sleeping but I wrote that I had gone to catch a late night movie with the girls.  I wrote down that I should get a handspanking and 40 smacks of the hairbrush.  I thought it was bad enough.  But lying is like a major offence in our relationship and he hates it when I am not truthful.  So after getting the handspanking and 40smakcs of the hairbrush and standing in the corner.  He gave me the handspanking again, the 40 smacks of the hairbrush again and then he gave me 20 strokes with his belt.  But that was not the end cause like three days later when we went over to my girlfriend's house for dinner her husband ended up spilling the beans on our night out.  I had told my girlfriends not to speak about it infront of my hubby.  But she forgot to tell her husband.  And so when he just commented about how he had to go down to the lift lobby to fetch my girlfriend because she was dead drunk after going out with me I knew I was dead.  But my hubby acted as if he did not hear it and in fact I thought I had escaped.  But when we got into the car to drive home, he told me to explain the truth as he drove back home.  And when we got home, he made me retrieve the cane and the strap from the cupboard.  After the handspanking, the hairbrush and the belt I was already crying.  But I still had to keep in position for 20 strokes of the strap and 20 strokes of the cane.  Oh ya my hubby also doesn't believe in ending the punishment in cornertime.  So everytime after I have been punished and put into the corner he will call me from the corner and he will give me a final handspanking like as if to remind me of the punishment and then he would sit me on his lap and hug me as I cry. 

And yes its thursday as I type this and my bottom is still sore but I have to go now for my maintenance.

Thanks for your stories and do keep them coming!!

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