An unexpected Spanker

Sunday, September 14, 2008 ·

I met Charles just two days ago and it reminded me of the time that I had first met him and his wife and did not even think for a single moment that he was a spanko......well as they always say....don't judge a book by its cover. :)

Charles was just over 40, short and balding slightly. He was a quiet person who was an extremely nice person to talk to. Although he was quite a confident and self assured person, he just did not seem like a typical HOH in a domestic discipline relationship. It didn't help that his wife Jennifer, who had just turned 30 that year, was the extreme opposite from him (Hell i didn't even know that Jennifer was his wife until Tom introduced us). She was the typical social butterfly who fluttered around in a social gathering making small talk. She was quite an outspoken person, not in a confrontative kind of way, but more of the-life-of-a-party kind of way. The first time I met him was at Tom's housewarming. Now Tom was a fellow spanko like me and had been a long time friend. However in social settings such as a housewarming, most of the time the bulk of the guests are normally vanilla. So when Tom introduced me to Charles and Jennifer, I thought it was because Charles, like me, was an avid fan of medieval and historical shows. It was only after I had left Charles, after a 20 minute discussion over a certain medieval show (during which Jennifer had gone on to flutter and talk to the other people in the house), and had gone to get a drink when Tom came next to me and whispered, “Just to let you know, Charles is in the scene.” (Now that is just our code among vanillas that we had a fellow spanko or spankee in our midsts) “No way!”, I exclaimed with widened eyes, “You have to be joking! I thought it was because of our interest for all things medieval that you introduced us.” Tom knew that there was no way that I was going to believe him at that moment, so with a sigh he walked up to Charles, who was across the room talking to another person, and whispered something across the room before pointing towards me. Charles looked up, gave a smile and raised his glass as if to acknowledge. I raised it back and as Tom walked back, I queried him about how he knew. It turned out that Charles was a colleague of Tom and he had only found out recently during a drink after work with Charles. Tom had told Charles that one of his long time friend, *Ahem* yours truly, was also one of them and had promised to introduced us during the housewarming. As I remarked that there was not way that I could have known, Tom told me that actually it was possible to tell if we observed the body actions that Charles and Jennifer had with each other. Intrigued, I spent a good part of the night observing them subtly as I went about talking to the other vanillas in the house.

The signs were extremely subtle, and would have only been noticed if one really observed closely. For starters, Charles never went looking for Jennifer. All he needed was to make eye contact with her and she would come over to him. Jennifer on her part, although fluttering around, kept looking at Charles ever so often but subtly if see if her presence by his side was needed. Then was the body actions when they were standing to each other. The way that Jennifer looked at him when Charles was talking to her, you could see the hint of submissiveness in her eyes. When introducing Jennifer to whoever he was talking to, I noticed his hand would either be firmly placed at the small of her back just above her bottom or his palm would be lightly resting on her bottom. Then came the one time when they parted, Charles gave her bottom a gentle pat as she walked off to “flutter” again. It was so casual, so light that you wouldn't have even noticed it. But most interestingly, I noticed a slight jerk from Jennifer as if her bottom was sore from a recent spanking that the most gentle pat would send a sensation tingling at her skin. Charles must have noticed me looking at that point for he walked up to me and smiled. As he poured himself a drink, he casually said,”Yes it was over my knee just before we came here.” Then he continued,”It was to remind her not to have to much to drink when we are here, seems it really didn't sink in, I had to remind her again. If it wasn't for the fact that not everyone her knew about it, she would have gotten another over my knee again. Guess it will have to wait till we get home” I stood there silent for a while smiling, abit taken aback, largely because I was still getting over my initial impression of Charles as someone who could no way by a spanko. But my silence only lasted a while and very soon, Charles and myself were at a corner of the drinks counter having a discussion about “our interests” for a large part of the remaining night. As we were all leaving, Charles invited Tom and myself for dinner at his place the following week. Saying that we could further share on our respective “interests”. Tom and I readily accepted.

The following week as we arrived at Charles place (Tom and his wife, me and my partner at that time), I assumed that Charles would have already told Jennifer that we were in on their domestic discipline lifestyle. Charles had told him during work that week that he had intended to break the news to Jennifer that night when we came for dinner, but Tom obviously had forgotten to tell me. Therefore when I casually asked over the dinner table if Charles had given Jennifer a good one over his knee after the house warming, Jennifer choked as if in shock as to how I knew. Charles, calm as always, gave a smile and said,”Darling its alright, these two ladies get it from them too. Nothing to be shy about.” As if to hint that Charles wouldn't hesitate to spank her infront of us, Jennifer blushingly smile and said,”Oh, then I guess I'd better be extra careful tonight.” Dinner went on like any other dinner, with more conversations over medieval movies and stories being shared by the guys and the usual fashion talk among the ladies.

Things however took an interesting turn when we adjourned to the the basement for some wine and dessert. The atmosphere had become more relaxed and as we sat around just chit-chatting and the occasionally spanking topic came up every now and then. Then suddenly Charles excused himself, on the pretence of going up to the kitchen to get another bottle of wine only to return and place not just a bottle but a cane on the coffee table. There was barely a moment of silence and Charles matter-of-factly announced that he had also invited us for dinner as he wanted an audience to witness when he punished Jennifer. She had recently been caught speeding and it was the umpteenth time. He went on to say that the added humiliation would help prevent it from recurring again. Jennifer, looking extremely embarrassed by this time, pleaded with Charles not to punish her then saying that it was embarrassing as it was only the second time that we were meeting. Charles then reminded her that the last time he had punished her infront of an audience for smoking, it worked extremely well. So therefore, it was going to happen.

And so as if to her, Charles took a chair placed it in the middle of room, sat down and began to roll his sleeves up. I think it was some sort of a ritual for them, for the moment Charles had sat down, Jennifer had gone all quiet and stood quietly by his side with her hands by her side. When he had finished rolling up his sleeves, he looked at Jennifer who automatically went over his knees. Then came the lecture, as Charles went on about the dangers of speeding, recounting the number of speeding tickets she had gotten plus the number of times she had been spanked for it already. And he ended the lecture with,”Now don't you think you deserve this after all the warnings you have had?” Jennifer was already sniffling when she replied with a,”Yes Sir, I am sorry sir.” And I think it was already a rule, for when Charles uttered a, “Brace yourself.” Jennifer raised her head and looked straight ahead. Charles began spanking, not extremely hard but at a constant relaxed rhythmic pace which seemed to make Jennifer wince at every spank. After about 40 spanks or so (I honestly lost count at about twenty), Charles stopped and patted her bottom lightly twice. This I believe was another cue, for Jennifer immediately got up dropped her skirt and got back over his knees. This time, she looked straight ahead and said, “I'm ready Sir.” Charles resumed with the handspanks at the same intensity though this time joining the winces on Jennifer's face were sniffles and tears. After about a minute or two, Charles stopped once again and patted her bottom lightly twice. Jennifer got up once again and removed her panties before getting over his knee once more. This time she looked down as she continued to sob quietly which resulted in Charles giving her a very hard smack on her bottom to which Jennifer let out a gasp before she looked straight and said, “I'm sorry Sir, I'm ready.” Charles resumed the handspanking and continued to spank at the same intensity but in such a relax rhythmic pace that I think it made Jennifer feel every single spank which I believe made it all the more painful. This time, Charles continued for about three minutes and Jennifer's tears were streaming at a constant rate. This time after Jennifer had gotten up, Charles pointed to the corner of the room which she went to without a word, got down on her knees and put her hands on her head.

As a spanking mood was already in the air, the conversation went on about how he had begun a domestic discipline relationship with Jennifer (well I'll put the details in another post ya?). And after about twenty minutes, Charles stood up cleared his throat just called out,”Jennifer.” She came quickly to him, removed his belt, folded it in half and handed it to him. She then bent over and placed her hands on the chair and said,”I am ready sir.”

Charles snapped the belt in the air as he asked her,”How many tickets have you received so far?”

15 Sir.” she replied.

And how many did I say you would get for each ticket?”, he asked again.

Two each Sir.” she answer this time sobbing.

So how many should you get Sir?” he asked again in a very calm fashion.

30 Sir.” she replied in between sobs.

Very well, you'd better not loose count.” he said with a slight smile as he raised the belt for the first stroke.

It was a darn good belting which drew a gasp from Jennifer with each stroke.

After the 30th stroke, Charles put the belt back round his waist and immediately, Jennifer got down on her knees before the chair and put her hands on her head. Charles pushed back the chair slightly and sat down. Jennifer raised her eyes towards him as he lectured her again and warned her that if it happened again, it would be five strokes for each ticket. After that, he told her, “Go prepare for the cane.” Jennifer got up and then proceeded clear the coffee table, placing all the cups and bottles of wine on a table behind the couch. After the table was cleared, she got up the coffee table on her hands and knees. It was the first time I saw a slight frown on Charles face, as he walked up and gave her a hard smack again as he said,”Aren't you forgetting something.” Jennifer whimpered a ,”Please darling.......” But before she could continue, Charles cut her off with a,”One more word and we will start all over again.” Jennifer quickly got up and removed her blouse and her bra, you could see the embarrassment on her face, and got back on the coffee table.

It was 15 strokes this time with the cane. Each stroke landed perfectly on top of each other and drew a cry out from Jennifer. But amazingly enough, or maybe she has gotten punished enough, Jennifer did not buckle out of position and counted every single stroke albeit with a a constant stream of tears and crying. After the 15 strokes, Charles rested the tip of the cane on her back as if to tell her that was more for Jennifer began to cry harder and pleaded,”Please Sir, no more.” But Charles went,”There are four people witnessing your punishment today and its only polite that you take one stroke for each of them. So that will be four more and since its the last four, you know what that means don't you?” It must had meant that it would be the hardest of all the strokes for Jennifer continued to cry even harder as she barely managed to utter a,”Yes Sir.” The last four strokes drew loud cries from Jennifer and I could even hear Tom's wife and my then-partner gasp softly as each stroke landed. After another 20 minutes in the corner, Jennifer joined us back on the couch but this time, she was only wearing an apron on, which covered all her frontal privates but showed her brightly striped bottom.

Charles and Jennifer have joined us for many other social gatherings, both vanilla and spanko, since then and it has really showed me that never make an assumption of someone by their first impression. For you never know if the bookish or nerdy person beside you may be spanking his other half behind closed dooers.


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