Justin and Marie - Spankings for Skipping School (Part 2)

Friday, September 12, 2008 ·

This is the second part in Justin and Marie's story. It is about the time when Marie's mother found out about Justin punishing Marie.........read on to find out more.

Justin had finished his masters and his parents were asking him to go over to Australia to help with the family business. However when he told his parents that his Godmother, she was his father's younger sister, needed him to help coach Marie for the A Levels (of course he did not tell them about the spankings) his parent agreed to support him financially while he stayed in Singapore to help Marie with her studies.

Although the school holidays was a “painful” one for Marie, she felt herself falling for Justin. Although she feared the pain of the punishments she had received, she felt good to have such a person “take care” of her in such a way. Her attitude to school however had not changed much and she found school pretty much a bore. School had just started and Justin's grilling of her during the school holidays meant that some of the chapters to be covered in the second half of the year was already covered by her with Justin. Therefore she began to skip school, occasionally and then more and more frequent. She would go out, catch a movie and meet her friend after school had ended to take any homework and made sure she was back by 4pm so that she could have her tuition with Justin. Justin, thinking that Marie had an attitude adjustment during the school holidays, was none the wiser and because she seemed to have a positive attitude, for the first two months that school reopened, he did not even need to spank her.

However, sometime just after the second month, Justin received a call from Marie's Junior College teacher. (Now as Marie's mother was working and she had told the Junior College to call Justin if anything cropped up with Marie at school.) Marie's teacher was worried and had called Justin to check if everything was alright at home. It turned out that Marie had been skipping school so often that she had only be going to school twice a week for the past three weeks. Justin thanked the teacher for informing him and reassured her that he would get to the bottom of things when Marie reached home later that evening. Justin thought about calling Marie on her mobile but decided against it decided to “surprise” her when she returned home.

When Marie returned home that evening, she saw Justin sitting on the living room couch reading a book. On the coffee table was several implements placed neatly. Sensing something was amiss but not thinking that it was anything serious she sat down opposite Justin and jokingly asked if he was cleaning his implements. Justin put down his book and smiled. Ignoring her question he asked her how was everything at school, as if to sound her out. Still not sensing that anything was wrong, she said everything was great and went on about how she felt she could understand better in class and all. Justin smiled and played along with her conversation for a bit then suddenly his face became serious and he looked straight into Marie's eyes and told her that her teacher had called earlier in the day and had told him that she had been skipping classes. Marie froze in her seat, she did not dare look Justin in the eye and looked down as she asked him if her mother knew about it. Justin told her that she did not know yet but added that it was the least of her problems for the time being. Justin told her that it appeared that all the punishments during the holidays to change her attitude towards her studies did not have an effect at all. Marie quickly responded it did, that was why she had come home everyday at 4pm for tuition with him, it was just that school was quite boring. Then as if something had possessed her, Marie mumbled out that to a certain extent she had more motivation when she was being punished. It shocked herself the moment it came out and she continued to stare at her feet embarrassed and hoped that Justin did not hear it. But alas, Justin heard it crystal clear and said a,”Very well then, it seems that we may have to resume some practices that we had during the holidays”. To her own surprise, Marie felt a tingle inside her when she heard those words. It was as if deep down she wanted to be punished by Justin. Despite this, her heart also sank when thinking about the pain of the likely punishments. Justin told her that he would punish her severely this time as it was important that she get it into her head that she not skip school anymore. He then put the implements into the duffel bag, slung it over his shoulder and with his other hand grabbing her arm, he led her to her room. Marie followed in silence and at the same time wondering why Justin was going to punish her in her room this time. She was soon to find out.

Humiliation and punishment go hand in hand. Once in Marie's room Justin closed the door behind him, and sat down on Marie's bed as he pulled her over his knee and gave her a blistering two minute handspanking over her school skirt. He then made her remove her skirt before he put her over his knee again and gave her another two minutes of handspanking. Marie was starting to sniffle and her tears were welling up. She remembers that at that time she could already feel the burn on her bottom and yet her panties and not come down yet! After that, Justin made her stand up and remove her panties. Then it was back over the knee for another blistering two minutes over her bare. Marie was already crying after the handspankings and Justin put her in the corner to reflect on her actions. After about 15 mins, he called Marie over and asked her about what she had reflected upon. She told him that she knew that she should not have skipped school and she promised that she would not skip school anymore. Justin replied that it was a good start to begin thinking that way but there was more to her punishment. He then pulled her back over his knee and gave her ten hard smacks on each butt cheek with a hairbrush. Justin paused for a while as Marie laid over his knee and he lecture her about the importance of going to school. He then gave her another ten smacks with the hairbrush on each of her butt cheeks. Following that, he instructed Marie to remove her school top and made her kneel in the corner with her hands behind her back. As she knelt there, Marie felt terribly embarrassed and exposed. She had never been in such a state of undress in front of anyone, even her mother. Yet at the same time, she felt a bit aroused that she was in such a state in front of the guy she liked. After another 15 minutes, Justin made her stand in front of him with her hands on her head as he lectured her once again. He told her that he hoped that she was beginning to learn her lesson. Marie nodded in between sobs and said that she would never do that again. Justin gave her a slight smile and said that he was sure that after the rest of the punishments she would never skip classes again. Upon hearing this, Marie dropped to the ground crying and holding on to Justin's leg. She pleaded not to be punished anymore as her bottom was really very sore. Justin told her it was to be a severe punishment but he would give her a choice, if she felt that her bottom could no longer take anymore punishments, she could choose to be punished on her thighs. Marie shivered at the thought of going to school with any welts on her thighs. So she whimpered that she would bear the punishment on her bottom. Seeing that her bottom was very sore, Justin told her that he would postpone the rest of her punishments and would only give her one more implement. He then asked her to choose one. Marie chose the cane. As Marie had only gone to school twice a week for the past three weeks, this meant that she had missed 9 days of school. So Justin decided that she would be given 9 strokes of the cane. Justin instructed her to remove her bra and lie on her bed. She was to lie face down with her face turned to the side, her hands by her side and her knees bent so as to push her bottom up (It was something like the doggy position.) Justin told her that she was to count every stroke and say that she would promise to not skip school ever again. Justin made Marie feel every single stroke and she was crying uncontrollably at the end. Justin told Marie to remain in that position while he went to buy dinner. After he returned, he made Marie kneel on the floor with her hands behind her back while he lectured her on how she'd better not skip school anymore or the punishment would be worse than today. At the same time, he told Marie that he was going to resume punishing her on a regular basis. For starters, he would spank her three times a day. Once in the morning before she went to school, once after she returned home from school and once again at around 10pm before she went to bed. Although Marie had just received a severe punishment, Justin told her that the spankings would begin that night. He told her that she was to go to him for the spankings on her on accord during the stipulated timings and if he had to call her for the spanking, he would use the ruler as well.

So that night at 10pm, Marie obediently went to Justin, who was sitting in the living room, and told him that she was her for her spanking. Justin told her that just for that time, as she had been punished severely, he would spank her over her shorts. It would be on the bare from the next day onwards. Just as he had begun to lay the first few spanks on Marie, his Godmother walked in and stood frozen at the living room. She had gotten off work early and had come home earlier than expected. Marie quickly got up and sat down beside Justin. Her faced burned with embarrassment. His Godmother was remained silent, though it was more of shock than anger. However, in a bid not to create any misunderstanding, Justin quickly got up and helped his Godmother to the couch and decided to tell the truth about what she had just witnessed. Justin told her everything and about his rationale of his “carrot and stick” tuition program for Marie and how that it was nothing sexual but because he had promised her that he would help Marie with her studies. He explained the positive effects of how Marie's grades had improved tremendously. He then continued on about Marie had been skipping school. During which Marie's mother showed a visibly upset face and scolded Marie for it. To Marie and Justin's surprise, she continued about how Justin was right that Marie had been having it too easy. She even went on to say that if only she had taken the time to take Marie in hand, things wouldn't be the way it was. She then said that from then onwards, Justin had her full blessing to take her in hand. She added that Justin was her Godson which made him Marie's Godbrother thus in a way he had a responsibility to teach her right from wrong. Then she turned to Justin and put her hand on his shoulder and thanked him, and ended with “I believe her punishment had only just begun when I came in, carry on with it. I want to see how it is. She has been in a need for a good spanking for a very long time. Make sure she really learns her lesson.” Marie cringed in embarrassment while Justin hesitated for a moment before he nodded turned to Marie and said,”Well you heard your mother, back over my lap.” Knowing that Justin would spank her harder now that her mother had given her blessing, Marie buried her face in the couch as she braced herself for a very painful spanking. Justin blistered her bottom for a good three minutes with Marie crying out from the start. As Marie got up and attempted to sit back on the couch, Marie's mother commented,”Are you sure you are supposed to sit back down? Back in those days, we had to kneel and face the wall for a bit to reflect.” Marie looked at Justin who motioned to wards the wall beside the couch. Marie obeyed quickly, afraid that her mother may urge Justin to punish her somemore as she did not know about the earlier punishment in the day. As Marie knelt in the corner with her hands on her head, her mother thanked Justin once again and remarked how more subdued and obedient she seemed now that she was being punished. She said that she was leaving it to Justin to punish her. But she added that felt just a handspanking on her shorts was a bit to little and he may want to be abit more severe in future. Justin gave a slight smile as his Godmother made her way to her own room to shower. After his Godmother had retired to her room, he instructed Marie to go to her room to prepare for bed. He reminded her about her daily spankings.

So for the rest of the school year, each morning Marie would knock on Justin's door with her bottom bared, clutching her school skirt and panties in her hand. Justin would then give her a blistering three minute spanking which would leave her in tears. This he said was to ensure that she could feel it throughout the day and remind herself not to skip her classes. Once she returned from school, she would immediately removed her skirt and panties once again and report to Justin for her second spanking of the day. It was also three minutes but Justin would not spank as hard but still made sure it stung and so occasionally Marie would drip a tear or two during this spanking. At night Marie was to be kneeling in the middle of her room with her bottom bared by 10pm sharp waiting for Justin to give her a final spanking for the day. At the same time it was also confession time. If Marie had not done her home work or had fell asleep during class, she was to place a strap beside her. When Justin came in, he would ask her what she had done to deserve the strap. Then she would remain in the position as Justin strapped her. As Marie was already being spanked three times a day, Justin normally gave her five strokes of the strap at the most if she had anything to confess. After that she would receive a one minute spanking before she went to sleep.

In addition to that, in a bid to ensure that Marie paid attention in class, Justin made Marie write a daily journal. It would include a brief description of what she had learnt during each lesson of the day. Each Saturday afternoon, Justin would go through the journal and for each lesson that she did not log in the journal for the week, she would receive five strokes of the cane. At the same time, if she had written any mistake that she did not confess about during the week, she would receive ten strokes of the strap. Sunday was normally a non spanking day. However closer to her final year examinations, Justin included a reminder spanking for Marie on Sunday afternoons. Well this paid off in a way, for Marie as she aced her final year examinations and was promoted to JC 2 the following year.


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