Spankable Pictures 005

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Another bunch of spankable terribly cutes bums that seem to cry out for a spanking!

Is Eileen Wee into spanking?

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I don't know if many of you know or remember who Eileen Wee is. Now if memory serves me right, she was an actress previously, a model (lingerie model some say though I have never seen pictures), and is currently an emcee with one of the local Singaporean event companies. She was also once a cover girl on Singapore's FHM and it is because of that edition that I writing this post. While it was hell of a long time ago that she appeared on the cover and sadly I no longer have a copy of it. But I vividly remember reading something about spanking in FHM's interview with her. I think the question was something about how she was in a relationship. And then her reply went something like she was the kind of girl who would throw a spanner into the works when the relationship was smooth sailing then when her other half realised the stunt she was pulling, she'd get what she deserve (for finding trouble out of boredom I suppose) such as “a spanking”. Those were the exact words I remembered - “a spanking”. And so all these years, I always wondered if she was a spanko or were those words said in jest.

For those who have no recollection of who she is, here are some photos to jolt your memory.

Reader's Submission: A young spanked wife

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Dear readers,
Today's real life spanking story was submitted by one of you. Interesting though I kind of think she may have tried to write in a similar style as me. In addition, I found the ending rather abrupt. Nevertheless, thank you dear reader for your kind submission. Enjoy......


I am a Singaporean girl and my husband is a British expat working in Singapore. We have been married for about a year and we are in a spanking relationship. My husband is both like a husband and a father to me. I come from a broken family and have never seen my father. I believe that I am naturally submissive and also I think my husband age also plays a part in my submissive. I am 18 years old this year and he is 35 years old. I got married to him when I was 17.

I met my husband in a funny way. At that time I have a lot of problems at home. I was 16 then. Because my family is quite poor, I did not have much money and then when I go out with my friends we spend a lot. So I go work at part time jobs during school holidays. That time I was working as housekeeping in one of the hotels. And my husband that time just come to Singapore not long and was staying in the hotel. That time, because the pay was not very high and so sometimes we steal from the rooms when we clean the rooms. So this time I was cleaning the room and it was his room. I was careless and din check properly if anyone was in the room. I think cause I saw a wallet on the table and I got excited plus the sign on the door put please clean room. But when I was taking the money out of the wallet, he come out of the toilet and caught me red handed. I try to run out but he catch me by the hand. So I cry and ask him not to report to my manager or not he would report to the police and then I would get into trouble. But at first he want to call the manager already, but I persist and so he give me a choice. He say that I can choose. Either he report me to my manager, or he punish me himself. At that time I thought that he meant he want to have sex with me. But I told myself I got no choice because if he report to my manager than I sure go police station. So I said ok I let him punish me. Then turn out he did not mean have sex, but he spank me. It was painful. First he make me go over his knee then he spank me on my uniform skirt. But he said the skirt was too thick so he lifted up my skirt and spanked me on my panties. But so happened that day I was wearing a thong, so actually he spank my bare bottom. After he spank me, he say to make sure I don't do it again, he make me lie face down on the hotel bed and he use his belt to spank me ten times. After that I was crying. But he really did not report me to my manager. Then when I finish my shift on my way home, I bump into him. I feel abit embarassed at first but he talk to me like normal. So then because just nice I got my pay, and because he really keep his promise to not report me, I invited him to have a drink at a coffeeshop on me. That night we talk for quite long. We exchanged hp numbers and then after that we went out a few times. I think I felt that I liked him and then I somehow message him that. He only reply a smiley face. So I thought he did not feel that same way. But then a few days later when we met, somehow we ended up kissing and then slowly we became a couple. At first it was like a very proud thing when I go back to school cause I have a ang moh boyfriend and then I also thought that our relationship was play play. But after a while I realise that he was quite serious as well. He even went to my house a few times to visit my mother. At that time also, I begin to realise that I was more of a submissive type. Cause maybe he is a westerner and so he is more direct. And then as a young girl I would sometimes throw a xiao jie pi ji or what he likes to call a fit. And when I do that, he would just spank me. Not in public of course but like he will drive me to his home suddenly straight after I throw a fit. The first time I thought what he was trying to do. But once go in the home, he spank me. Of course sometime when I am in a bad mood, then I will struggle and push him away and then he will not spank me. Plus the spanking at that time is mostly like not serious one. So a few spanks he stop already.

Then when I was 17 there was some problem. I got expelled from school because of fighting and smoking. My auntie and my mother wanted to throw me out of the house and threatened to disown me or send me to the girls home. I was very scared and upset, so I call him. That night I stay over at his place. Then the next day he accompanied me back to my home but my auntie and mother ask me to go away. And because my auntie and mother were like very angry, we had no choice but to go away. So for the next one week I hide at his house. Then during that one week we talk about what choices I have. Suddenly he say that ask me to marry him and he will take care of me. I thought he was joking but he was serious. But he say that I must also agree to a spanking relationship. I would not need to work but I needed to learn how to be a good housewife. Then he explained to me what he meant by a spanking relationship. Sometimes he calls it domestic discipline. I agreed of course.

So after that he went to my home again to tell my mother and auntie about this. I didn't know that he would even tell them about the spanking agreement. But then he told me to go to my room first and said he wanted to talk to my mother and auntie without me around. I still suspect then but then suddenly he opened the room door and then my mother and my auntie also come in. I thought what happened. But then he sat down on my bed and pulled me over his knee. I got a shock and struggle but he hold me down and told me that he already told my mother and auntie about our agreement. He say that he spank me now to prove to them that he meant it and will be able to take care of me. It was very embarrassing especially when he lifted my skirt. The worst thing is after he spank me he make me get up and told me to apologise to my mother and auntie for being such a terrible girl and getting expelled. I refused because all along I never apologise to them. But when I refuse, he pull me over his knee again and spank me. When he let me up this time he warn me that he will keep spanking me until I apologised to them. So I had no choice and apologised. It was very embarrassing and somemore I see my auntie like smile and tell my mother in chinese that first time she see someone tell me to do something and I listen. After that my mother and auntie agreed to us getting married. They had to agree because I was only 17 and my mother must sign the rom cert.

We got married within three months and I move into his home.

Our spanking relationship started the moment we came back from our honeymoon.

The first thing was the house. As a housewife, I was expected to do the household chores. He show me what he expected but I think its also because I never did housework before properly. So everyday when he come home, he will spank me because I didn't do the household chores. But after a week he say he thinks I need more motivation. So that saturday, he make me take off all my clothes and wear only this pink colour apron. Then he make ask me to do the housework and he follow me throughout and spank me with his hand as I do the housework. After each place, like the study room. He will spank me if its not up to his standard. Then after that, he say that make it a rule that each day when he come home, I must be in that attire. Then he will inspect the house and if its wrong I will get a spanking. Only after a month that I was allowed to not wear that attire anymore.

The other thing was my spending. He gave me a supplementary card and because suddenly like I could buy a lot of things so I always went shopping when he was at work. But it was getting out of hand so he said that anything above $100 dollars I had to check with him first if I could buy it. Of course the first few times I did not and he spank me. Then I hide from him. But when he found out he not only spank me but use his belt also.

My attitude towards my mother and my auntie was also something I get spank for. We got to my mother place at least once every two weeks. And the moment I start showing them attitude, he will spank me straight away in front of them. The worst thing is that after that he makes me stand in the corner with my hand on my head for half an hour and makes me apologise to them.

Apart from all that, he spanks me daily he calls it maintenance. Every night before we sleep, we spanks me over his knee with his hand.

Now we have been married about one year and our spanking relationship is stabilised. He still spank me daily for maintenance, and although he only uses his hand, I cry during each maintenance. But I don't get spanked for other things as much anymore because I have improved. Only a few times a month I will break some of his rule or do something wrong and will need to be punished extra. And when I get extra, he will use the belt or the cane.

But overall I find that I have become a better person. My relationship with my mother and auntie have become better. In fact, I have not need to be spank when I go their place for the past few months. I also realised that I don't throw a fit anymore. But of course sometimes he still needs to remind me. Like when we are outside and I like going to throw a fit, he will give me a light spank on my bottom and I am reminded and don't throw a fit.

Spankable Pictures 004

Thursday, March 11, 2010 · 1 comments

Another bunch of spankable picture I have gotten off the internet. Is it only me? But aren't they so spankable...............

Seeing the husband spank the wife

Saturday, March 6, 2010 · 2 comments

When Ben was studying overseas, like many of his fellow Singaporean peers who ventured abroad for their studies, he took up a part-time job as a Barrista in a cafe joint similar to Starbucks. He enjoyed the part-time work he had and the mingling with the regular customers. Now there was this particular female customer with whom he had a rather “weird”, for lack of a better word, encounter with.

Hmmm........let's call this female customer Adele.

So Adele was one of the regular customers at the cafe joint. She dropped by a couple of times a week, usually alone or with a friend or two, and would hang around for a few hours. She looked around Ben's age and though he never did see her in the university that he studied at, he assumed that she was one of the students there for it was the only university around the area.

Initially the conversations between them were pretty “professional” - the orders she had etc..... And then it progressed to “Having the usual?” and then to small talk and some playful flirting. Ben reckoned that she must have been a little interested at least for she returned his glances and flirting words. Occasionally he stayed behind after his shift to have a little chat with her. As time went on, he plucked up the courage and walked her home a couple of times though she always never let him send her to the gate of her home. Her reason to him was because her “father” was rather strict and didn't like to see her with boys and he could get “nasty” sometimes. Nevertheless, some sort of friendship though not formal relationship appeared to have been blooming as a bolder Ben soon asked her out for the usual movie dates. It wasn't like as if he had no creativity or was a boring person who only went to movies and nothing else, but Adele seem to only agree to go out with him if it was a movie date. All other offers, such as a night out with him and his friends at the clubs were flatly rejected with some excuse. However, things got a little physical between them as the movie dates and “walking-her-home” became more frequent. But it was nothing more than the kisses and the petting, they never ended up having sex.

Then one of the nights as he walked her back home.........

They stopped at the usual lamp post some way before her home, like they normally did to say goodbye, and just as they were in the throes of their passionate kissing and touchy-feely antics, two cars pull up next to them. Adele's face shows signs of shock as a rather well-built gentleman with white hair comes out of the first car and four rather burly men come out of the second car and walk towards them.

“Get in the car”, the gentleman said in a rather calm but firm tone. Without even looking at Ben, Adele went into the car as she was told, thus giving Ben the impression that the gentleman who had spoken was her father. The gentleman held out his hand, shook Ben's hand and asked for his name. Then he asked Ben to get into his car to go to their place for a little chat. Feeling that it was rather awkward, Ben turned down the offer politely and turned to make his way home. But just at that moment, the four burly men closed their ranks in an attempt to stop him from walking away. Ben's heart skipped a beat as he turned to look at the gentleman, who gave the same rather gentlemanly smile, that he gave earlier as he had shook Ben's hand, and told Ben that he “strongly suggested” that Ben not turn down his offer. Sensing that he didn't seem to have a choice, Ben walked back to the gentleman's car and got in.

As Adele's home was just ahead, the drive took less than a minute, but the silence in the car made it seem like an hour.

When they got in, the gentleman sat down and asked Ben to have a seat on the sofa adjacent to his single seater. Adele was standing next to the gentleman very quietly looking down. I guess Ben was worried at that time that he had gotten Adele in trouble with her “father” and so took the initiative to try and explain himself. But he had only gotten has far as, “Please allow me to explain, you daughter and I...” when the gentleman cut him off with loud laughter as he said “My daughter?”.

Ben was puzzled with the response that the gentleman had.

Then as sudden as the gentleman had laughed, a stern look appeared on his face. He looked up at towards Adele as he repeated the words “My daughter” and reached out with one hand cupped her breast momentarily then pinched her nipples and rather forcefully pulled towards his front causing Adele to follow his hand and kneel in front of him.

The gentleman looked towards Ben, who appeared stunned at what had just happened, and said, “Just so you know young man..............she's my bitch that's who she is!”

Ben, confused at what he was hearing, attempted to get up and leave, but he was forcibly held back into his seat by one of the four burly men standing behind him.

Looking at Ben's worried face, the gentleman gave a smile and told him not to worry as it wasn't his fault but he wanted to “show him something first” before he allowed Ben to leave. Then he repeated again that it wasn't his fault........but “this slut”, as he looked at Adele who was still kneeling infront of him, needed to be punished and gave Adele a rather firm slap across her face. Adele jerked from the slap and covered the slapped portion of her cheek with her palm. But it didn't stay there for long as the gentleman quickly told her, “Put you hand down Bitch!”. Adele immediately complied. Then he looked once again at Ben and said, “I'd like to give you a short preview of her punishment before I let you leave.” Ben swallowed hard and mouth any words.

The gentleman looked down towards Adele and instructed her to remove her top and bra. Adele did immediately as she was told. Ben looked on, surprised that Adele did not even resist or protest. Then the gentleman told her to get up and remove her skirt and panties. Once again Adele complied immediately. Then the gentleman pulled Adele over his knee and spanked her bare bottom. The spanks looked pretty hard and pretty soon Adele was gasping and squirming. Ben could hear her sniffling by the time the spanking had stopped.

The gentleman then made Adele kneel back down infront of him. But this time he made her put her hands on her head and straighten her back.

“Did you let him touch your breasts?”, the gentleman asked Adele as he slapped her breasts with his hands.

Adele kept quiet.

“Answer me bitch!”, the gentleman said in the louder tone this time and slapped her breasts once again albeit harder.

Adele squirmed as she nodded her head.

The gentleman did not show any emotion, but motioned to one of the burly men behind Ben who brought a crop for the gentleman. Upon seeing the crop, Adele began to cry as she pleaded with the gentleman, “Please don't.......I am sorry.” But the gentleman slapped her breast again sharply with his palms and told her to shut up and “stick them out”. With her sniffling getting louder, Adele arched her back backwards, with her hands still on her head. The gentleman took the crop and spanked her breasts alternating between each breasts as each stroke drew cries from Adele.

After he was done pointed to her vagina with the crop and asked, “Did you let him go there?”

Adele shook her head but the gentleman landed a stinging crop to her vagina, causing her to cry out, as he said, “But didn't I see his hand there earlier?”

“Answer me truthfully, did he go there?”, the gentleman asked again.

Adele nodded this time but pleaded with him amid her tears. He ignored her pleas and told her to spread her knees to further expose her vagina.

Stroke after stroke, though not as many as on her breasts, the gentleman landed the crop on her vagina, drawing gasps and cries of pain with each.

Then he made Adele turn around on her knees and face Ben. He instructed her to keep her face and eyes on Ben as he removed his belt and whipped her bottom. It was only a couple of strokes. Then he stopped and looked at Ben. He told Ben that he could go but he didn't want to catch him with her ever again. Before he could even respond, one of the men behind pulled Ben up by his arm and lead him towards the door. As he was being lead to the door, he heard the gentleman tell Adele, “Get over the sofa, I'm not even halfway done with you yet.” As he walked out the gates, Ben could still hear the sound of the belt and Adele's cries.

Ben never found out who that gentleman was but fearing for his own safety, he quit his job at the cafe and found another part-time job in another place away from the cafe. For those who are wondering, he graduated a year later and came back to Singapore safe and sound.

Towkay Ong and his three slaves

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One never ceases to amaze me what wealth can get. Sometimes, I am lead to think that a majority of us are kinksters but the realities of life and money had merely shifted our focus on survival thus we are unable to fully indulge in our darker fantasies as we so wish to do.

Take this for example................

In one of the neighbouring countries (neighbouring Singapore for those who are wondering), there is a sprawling bungalow. It is in a rather up-class neighbourhood where the bungalows are pretty spaced out and with lots of privacy. Like many of the bungalows in the area, the bungalow in mention has high walls and strategically placed greenery to ensure no prying eyes would be able to even take a peek of the happenings inside. Now in this bungalow live a group of workers, by workers I mean they are hired help. I think at least five maids or housekeepers whose tasks include cleaning the massive bungalow and cooking. There is also the the gardener to ensure the landscaping kept to its best. There are also a handful of security guards to go on rotational shift to ensure no passerbys stray (intentionally or not) into the compound. In addition, there are two drivers whose tasks (apart from driving) are also to maintain the fleet of at aleast five cars are in working condition. And the one who runs the whole “show” on a day to day basis is the butler who apparently seems to function like the deputy of the owner of the place. As for the owner, let's call him Towkay Ong, he is not always there. He is a businessman who shuttles around many countries. Furthermore he is a citizen of another country and so his family home is elsewhere. Nevertheless he spends a large time in the country where the bungalow is, due to his business dealings and so a good 10 days at least each month is spent at the bungalow. But that is not only the reason for the sprawling residence with a full team of staff. It is also a place where Towkay Ong's darker fetishes are satisfied.

Now before some of you leave thinking this story is getting nowhere.................

There are three other occupants in the home whom I have not introduced. They are three lovely young ladies all aged 19. From the outward appearance, one would think that they are sisters. They have similar figures.....slim but with curves at the right areas. Their facial features are also similar, big eyes, high cheek bones and small lips. Skin wise they are all also fair..........really very fair........almost white as snow. Their hair is kept long and is jet black.......which is their natural colour. But they are not sisters, in fact...........they are not of the same nationality. One of them is a Singaporean (which is really why its part of this blog), another a Malaysian and the other an Indonesian. They have all been occupants of the bungalow since they were 17 and are the “mistresses” of the house. And mistresses they are to Towkay Ong. They were all personally “picked” by Towkay Ong for his own pleasure. And how did he do it? I mean having mistresses is rather common but to have three and to have them live together in a compound or country of one's own choice? Well for starters, he is a rather rich bugger. But despite being rich........not many ladies are willing to have to uproot just to be mistresses right? Well, that he did it the old fashion way. He scouted around. Yes I am serious. He did. The Singaporean and the Malaysian girls were picked from the KTVs he frequented when in Singapore or Malaysia. He found them appealing and to his liking. In addition, they wanted out...........out of their pathetic existence. They had very little to hold them back.......broken families or not much of a family to care about. As for the Indonesian girl...........I don't recall it being a KTV but she was an orphan that he somehow came to know of. And of course, apart from all that, they were willing.......willing to be his. Not just a mistress........but willing to be owned. But more on that to come.


So as mistresses of the estate, they lead an extremely luxurious life. They dressed in the classiest trendiest clothes and lived the life most girls dreamed of. Lounging around the pools in their tiny bikinis. Shopping in up town boutiques, being chauffeured around. And they were always together. Never once would one or two be seen......but the trio of them no matter where they went. And as they were pretty attractive, it wasn't surprising that many guys who saw them on the street would attempt to hit on them or at least whistle as they walked pass. But the three of them would generally ignore the advances of the strangers and ever if the stranger got too close for comfort, he would be shoved rudely away by one of the few bodyguards that always travelled with them at a distance.

Now all these were the norm and daily routine for the three young pretty ladies.......but only when Towkay Ong was not around.

Things are very different when he is around.

For starters.......his impending arrival to the country is generally known in advance and is relayed to the trio by the butler. At certain occasional times it is sudden, the driver of the girls are informed immediately and it is ensured that they are rushed back to the estate before he arrives at the doorstep. By the time the car ferrying Towkay Ong drives through the big gates, the trio are all in position. Three long tables are usually set up in a row, evenly spaced apart, a couple of steps after the main door. And the three of them would be on their hands and knees on the tables, each on a table, heads up eyes looking straight. They are naked and in position on the tables, totally exposed like statues. And as soon as the main door swings open and Towkay Ong steps in, in unison they greet him. The staff are usually all lined up there as well, clothed and standing of course, and the butler of course. All greeting him like subjects would greet an emperor. Of course its generally all smiles from him and with a nod and a hi, the butler would wave off the staff towards their normal duties. Then it would be time for inspection of the trio. Still motionless and in their position on the tables. The butler would normally have Towkay Ong's favourite crop ready which he would pass to him as soon as he has waved off the rest of the staff. Towkay Ong takes his time as he walks around the three tables, indulging in small chit-chat with the butler and the trio. All the time, inspecting with his hands like the way a collector admires his collections. He runs his hands over the contours of their skin, caresses their breasts and runs his finger down their exposed vaginas........all in no similar fashion. And with the crop.........he gives the occasional swat to their bottom for no particular reason sometimes........just to let them know that he can. And once he is satisfied with his inspection, he puts on the collars for by one and with a “Come”, they get off the the table and follow him.

Ah so you see........they are not just mere mistresses of his.........they are his slaves. Kept slaves for his sole pleasure.

And the moment he is in the estate, they follow him where ever he goes. Their time belongs to him. Their dressing as well is his to decide. The only thing that stay permanently on is the collar, a sign of their obedience to him. Apart from that, no clothes are worn by them as long as they are in the estate and he is around. When they are out with him, they are elegantly dressed of course, but lingerie are a strict nono.

Although Towkay Ong's arrival to the estate it largely marked by a ritual.......the rest of his time spent there follows no proper schedule or ritual. The rules are simple – Towkay Ong's way. But most often than not, it would involve a hell lot of spanking. For he loves the look of a fair-skinned lady with a red bottom. In fact, by his own admission, he tries as much as he can to make sure that their bottom is constantly red throughout his stay at the estate. And with an assortment of implements that any spanker can only dream about. Its a constant 24/7 session with him once he is around.

And for his amusement they are. Sometimes he makes them taking turns spanking each other and then he straps the one he feels has given the “lousiest spanking”. At other times he, just for fun, makes them go about the estate on their hands and knees as walks behind them swatting their bottoms with his crop. He pinches their nipples as and when he fancies and puts them through positions and spanks or whips them if they move out of position. The sessions are endless and all these are only the parts for his amusement at home.

When they annoy him, or when he thinks they are getting out of hand or stepping out of line. The punishments are more severe. He spanks them at a harder intensity that draws tears and leaves them bawling. He ties them up and whips them. And makes them wear nipple clamps for extended periods when they go out. They are his..........totally his.......owned by him. All this continues until its time for him to jet off again.

And despite his dark decadent sessions with them, they remain loyal to him. Its not like he keeps them against their will and tortures them to death. But still....... Is it due to money and the life of luxury that they live in thanks to him? Or is it because deep down, they are pain sluts and willing slaves? I wouldn't be surprised if its a bit of both.

Photo of a Good Spanking Position

Monday, March 1, 2010 · 2 comments

Dear all,
Pardon my absence and lack of posts.........I think I have complained enough about my workload and sadly my boss doesn't seem to feel the same way. Nevertheless, just popping by to say that yes this blog is still active albeit at a slower pace of updates. I will post a story by tonight, that is a promise. Meanwhile, do check out the photo.......I don't know if the lack of spanking lately has me imagining things..........but I find this a rather good spanking position........

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