Justin and Marie - A spanking beginning (Part 1)

Thursday, September 11, 2008 ·

Justin and Marie are in a domestic discipline marriage and over dinner one night I asked them how it all began for them. They began to relate to me a story which took three hours to tell. It is rather wordy when penned (typed rather) down and thus I had to split it into parts. This first part is about how Marie was introduced to spankings by Justin while she was still in Junior College.

Marie's mother began lamenting one day over dinner with Justin, her Godson, and Marie that she felt so useless as a mother. Ever since Marie's father had passed away when Marie was ten, she had to hold two jobs and hardly had any time to help Marie with her school work. Marie had just received news earlier that afternoon that she had failed her JC 1 and had to repeat the year thus delaying her A levels by another year. She went on endlessly about how she felt that it was her fault that Marie had done so badly when suddenly as if a light bulb had lit up in her head, she turned to Justin and remarked,”Hey, you did extremely well for your A levels right? Do you think you could help Godma tutor Marie?” Justin, almost choking on his food, replied, “But Godma, I took my A levels like years ago, are you sure you gonna put such hope on me?” (Justin was 6 years older than Marie) Marie's eyes lit up, she had been having the biggest crush on Justin ever since he moved in to stay with them during his NS 5 years ago (Justin's parents had migrated to Australia during that time but he did not want to go), and the prospect of having her crush tutor her seemed great so she hijacked the conversation and went,”Yes why not? Mom can't afford a tutor for me and plus you have got the time now right? Its convienient since you're staying with us. Please?” Both Marie and her mother looked at Justin with pleading eyes that made it hard to refuse and so (sigh) Justin agreed reluctantly. The school holidays were approaching and Marie's mother reckoned that since Marie would be free as well, Justin might as well help Marie prepare for JC 1 during the school hols.

Marie however had other plans on her mind. It was the school holidays and she did not want to be cooped up studying for two whole months. But she liked the fact that Justin and her would be alone most of the time so tuition went on but Marie never concentrated on whatever Justin was teaching her. Justin himself knew that Marie was not paying attention, but he did not know at that time that Marie had a crush on him, and he thought that well since it was the school holidays he might as well let her be.

The school holidays passed quickly and Marie had learnt nothing from the two hours that Justin spent teaching her daily. Justin continued to tutor her when school reopened, he was grateful to his Godmother for taking care of him all this while when his parents were abroad and he did not want to let her down. Marie on the other was still nonchalant about her school work and before she knew it, she was staring at the results of her first term test. She had obviously flunked badly. The report card needed her mother's signature, but not wanting to upset her, she asked Justin if he could help sign it for her. Justin was slightly irritated. He had put in his time and had seriously tried to tutor Marie. He did not want to help Marie lie to her mother, but at the same time he couldn't bear to imagine how upset his Godmother would be if she knew of the results. So he helped her, but only on the condition that she promise to work hard for the coming mid year examinations. Marie agreed but somehow, she didn't seem to take it seriously. Although Justin had spent more time tutoring her, she still did not concentrate and it seemed Justin's efforts were to be in vain. This proved true as when Marie returned home on the day that the report book was given out, the look on Marie's face said everything. Justin was flabbergasted when he looked at her results. He was so sure that if she had done the revision that he had given her, she would have at least passed all four subjects. Justin's face blackened and he firmly told Marie that he was extremely disappointed. He would not help her lie to her mother this time and in fact he had decided not to tutor her any more since she was totally not interested in her studies. Justin added that he intended to move out as he felt too ashamed to face her mother, his Godmother. Marie, who had been keeping quiet since Justin had begun ranting about his frustration and disappointment over her results, began to cry at this point of time. This took Justin by surprise, although he had known Marie for a long time, he had never seen her cry. He stood there unsure of what to say and passed Marie a box of tissue. In between sobs, Marie began to confess to Justin that she had not paid any attention Justin's tuition at all. She had merely wanted him to be his tuition teacher as she had a crush on him. She wasn't interested in her studies and had spent the past months of tuition ogling and daydreaming about Justin and not paying attention at all. She was only saying this out because Justin had said that he was intending to move out and she didn't want him to. (Sigh, the folly of an 18 year old girl). She pleaded with Justin to help her sign the report book one last time and promised that she would concentrate fully on her studies during tuition with him. Justin kept quiet not sure of what to say. He said he would think about it and get back to her in a few days.

Now Justin was at a loss. Not knowing what to do. He wanted to help his Godmother with her daughter's studies, but now that he knew that she liked him, he felt abit uncomfortable. He had always looked upon Marie as a younger sister. So for three whole days, Justin went out first thing in the morning, so as to avoid Marie, hung out with his friends and only came back late at night. It was during these three days that an idea came to him. He had recently gotten out of a relationship, it was not the typical domestic discipline kinda thingy but he had dabbled in spanking in his previous relationships. So he thought he may try out a discipline cum tuition program with Marie. (Personally when he told me this story, I felt that it was more of wanting to help his Godmother with her daughter than wanting to spank Marie's 18 year old bottom.) He however did not know how to broach the topic so on the fourth day, after his Godmother had gone to work, sat down in the living room and pretended to watch the tv. When Marie came by the living room, he casually told her (without looking at her) that he had taught about it. He would help her this time but it was the very last time and he would only help her on the condition that she would have to abide by his rules when it came to her studies. He did not elaborate and merely said that it would not be all fun and it would be serious studies. Marie was of course delighted to hear of Justin's decision immediately agreed. The one month school holidays was going to begin in a week's time and he told her that he intended to tutor her throughout the holidays and she should not make any plans to go out. It was to be from 10 to 5. He also told her to get a copy of her test papers from her teacher so that he could run through the questions with her and test her again. Then he told Marie that the tuition would begin only once the school holidays had begun. Meanwhile, Justin got busy getting various implements from his spanko contacts and packed them in a duffel pack and kept them in his cupboard.

One the first day of the school holidays, Justin sat in the living room waiting for Marie. However Marie was still sleeping and it was only at about 11am that she walked out of her room and sheepishly looked at Justin. Justin kept a straight face and told her to wash up and get back to the living room for her tuition. Once Marie had washed up, Justin sat her down and went through his lesson plans. Marie had four subjects (if I am not wrong it was History, Economics, GP and Chinese, I am not very sure) and each day, Justin would go through two subjects with her. He then went on to talk about her attitude. He told Marie firmly that her attitude towards her studies was atrocious and he would not stand for such attitude anymore. Then he showed her a picture, which he had printed off the net, of a schoolgirl bent over a teacher's lap, and told her that she should expect this from now on. Marie assumed that he was joking and began to laugh. But when she realised that Justin was not smiling at all, she quickly stopped and kept very quiet not knowing how to react. Justin then when on to explain that from his observation, he felt that Marie had been having it extremely easy and nobody had taken her in hand since her mother left for work at 7am and only got back after 11pm on most days. He added that such freedom has proven to be bad for her. Therefore, to ensure that she would focus on her studies, Justin said that he would be using the “carrot and stick” approach.. Then he said that her first punishment would be for being late for tuition as it was supposed to begin at 10am. Sensing Marie's hesitance, Justin reminded her that he had told her that he would only continue with the tuition if she kept to his rules. However he did not want to force her and told her that she could take some time to think it through. And with that he got up towards to kitchen to get a drink. When he returned to the living room, he half expected Marie to have gone back to her room or run off, but to his amazement she was sitting on the couch as if waiting for him. She then told him that she guessed she did need some discipline and she was willing to try it out. Then she looked up at Justin and said, “So I guess I will be spanked for being late today?” So Justin sat down on the couch and pulled Marie over his knee. Before he began to spank her, he told her that since it was her first time being spanked, I will leave your shorts on for now. And with that, he began to spank her bottom about ten time on each cheek. Then he got Marie to get up and warned her that it had been an extremely mild spanking as it was her first time. The rest of the day went on relatively alright and without a another spanking, though Justin reckoned that Marie was more attentive throughout the day.

The very next day, Marie woke up late again. Justin was upset for he had just spanked her the day before. Therefore, this time Justin made sure she really felt it. He gave her about twenty warmup spanks on her shorts and then he pulled down her shorts to reveal her bare bottom. She reached back to try and hold on to her shorts, but Justin smacked her hand and reminded her that he had already warned her that it would be on the bare. He then gave her a good two minute spanking which left her tearing and on the verge of crying. This was again the only spanking for the day and Justin thought that he was making progress. However for the next one week, Marie was late every single morning and thus received a spanking each morning. Then one of the nights, as Justin got out at about one am to get a glass of water, he noticed the lights in Marie's room were still on. He pressed his ear against her door and he heard the sound of her playing with her computer. So the very next day, as Marie woke up late again and as usual he spanking her over her shorts then on her bare. However this time, as Marie attempted to get up after Justin had stopped with the bare bottom handspanking, Justin rested his hand on her back and told her that it was not over. He then told her that he had seen her lights still on at about one am. It turned out that Marie had trouble waking up every morning as every night she would be on the computer until quite late. He then took a wooden ruler and gave her ten stinging spanks with it. This left her crying. He then told her that she was to sleep by 11pm every night from then on and for every morning onwards that she woke up late, he would double the number of strokes with the ruler. The ruler must have really stung for the next morning onwards, Marie was never late for her tuition.

Around the middle of the month, Justin gave Marie a mini test on the four subjects. It was the same test papers she had done for her mid term examinations. This time, Marie did better than she had done previously during her mid term but she still did not pass any of the papers except for her GP. Therefore Justin decided to take things to the next level. He told her there would be no more lessons for the day. But from then on, he would give her a mini quiz on one chapter of history, economics and chinese each day. So Justin told her that she was to spend the rest of the day revising the first chapter of each of the three subject and he would test her the next day.

The next day, when Marie came to the living room she saw three implements on the table and beneath it was one piece of paper each. Puzzled she looked at Justin. Justin had set a series of mini quizzes of twenty questions each for each chapter. The punishment for not doing well in each of the quiz would be the implement on top of the paper. He said that after two weeks of lessons, her progress was disappointing and therefore she needed abit more “motivation”. Marie began to look worried as she had obviously not revised at all the day before.

So the everyday for the next two weeks until school reopened, each day was as such:

The mini quizzes was to be done in the morning. She was to stand by the table by 10am with her shorts and panties taken off. Before each of the quiz, Justin would give her a one minute otk handspanking.

Then for the history quiz, she was to go on her hands and knees on the coffee table. The history quiz was a question and answer quiz done orally. Twenty questions were asked. Each question that she answered wrongly, Justin promptly gave her one stroke of the cane. As said earlier, the very first day, she got all the answers wrong and was crying by the end of the history quiz. She had to get at least 15 correct. If she didn't she would be given 15 minutes to revise the chapter and would have to go through the test all over again. This went on until she got at least 15 correct.

Next was the economics quiz. Twenty questions and it was a written quiz. After the quiz, she would have to kneel on the coffee table with her hands on her head while Justin marked her answers. She would then get the same number of strokes as the number of questions that she got wrong. Likewise, she would keep retaking the quiz and keep receiving the strap for her wrong answers until she got at least fifteen correct.

Lastly was the Chinese quiz. Similar to the Economics paper, it was a written paper. I am not sure about the details of the paper though. After each paper, she would be given one smack of the crop on each side of her bottom, therefore this meant two smacks for each wrong answer. Likewise, 15 was the magical number.

After that, Justin would spend the rest of the day going through the following chapter with Marie. Although Justin effectively ended the tuition at 5pm. Every night at 10pm, as a form of a reminder, Justin would give her bare bottom a final spanking which normally lasted about three minutes.

On the last day before school reopened, Justin made Marie take her mid term test papers again. He had informed her a few days before and told her that he expected her to score at least 75 marks. He also warned her that he would give her one stroke for each mark below 75 with the respective implement that he had assigned to the subject. If she failed any of the test, he would continue this practice for that subject even when school reopened.

Marie really worked hard and she did relatively well and got 80 marks for History, 76 for history and 70 marks for economics. Justin was pleased. Marie too was surprised with herself. She must have felt that Justin's program had worked for her, and though she was to receive five stroke of the strap for her economics score, she meekly asked if Justin could double the strokes so as to motivate her further. To this Justin gladly obliged. After she received the strapped, she hugged Justin and thanked him for not giving up on her then. She asked if he would continue tutoring her till her A Levels, and to this he said of course as he had promised his Godmother that he would ensure that she made it thru.


Dirty Little Angel said...
September 12, 2008 at 7:00 PM  

well this sounds familiar. not the spanking though :/
oops. better get my butt back to the books.

Spank-A-Lot said...
September 13, 2008 at 2:59 AM  

The failing or repeating of the year?

Dirty Little Angel said...
September 15, 2008 at 8:39 PM  

ack. the failing. almost repeated though, and still struggling. definitely not fun.

Cheryl said...
September 17, 2008 at 12:08 AM  

I had this trouble too! But hmmm no one was there to spank my butt sadly.

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