Reader's Submission: Caned by Auntie and maybe by future Husband

Saturday, September 13, 2008 ·

This was sent to me by a 28 year old lady. Touching recollection of how her "Auntie" used to punish her. Not as severe as some of the contributions that I have put it.

I was born in Penang which is part of Malaysia. However since I was 7, my parents sent me to live with an Auntie in Singapore as they wanted me to study in Singapore. I was an extremely playful girl growing up, so much so that my parents gave my Auntie a cane on the first day that they brought me to her place. My mother told my Auntie to treat me as her own and to punish me if I did not listen to her. My parents were quite traditional and strict and used to punish me quite often for very minor things. Luckily my Auntie was not so strict with me. She was not married and really looked after like her own. For the first ten years that I stayed with her she never used the cane on me. Whenever I was naughty, she would only scold me. It was only on a few occasions that she spanked me with her hand. But I must say that she was quite fierce when she wanted to, so maybe it also stopped me from being too naughty as I was afraid when she was angry.

When I was about 17 or 18 years old, my Auntie finally used the cane on me. It was quite a painful experience. I had stolen money from her purse. She always had quite a lot of money inside and I thought that she would not realise. But that night when I came home late, she was waiting for me. Her face was very angry. But when she asked me the first time about it, I lied to her and said I did not take it. However, she then told me that she had actually saw me take the money and had kept quiet to see if I would put it back. I then told her the truth. She was very angry and she spanked me with her hands at first. But I think when she made me stand in the corner and pull my ears, I did not do it and was rude to her, so she took the cane and caned me. She made me bend over and touch my knees and the caned me about five times. I know it is not a lot compared to the other people in your stories, but it was the first time I was caned and it was really quite painful. I remember crying a lot and my auntie made my kneel and pull my ears for almost two hours after that. But luckily she forgave me after that.

The next time she caned me was when I was about 20 years old. By that time, my Auntie had actually not even spanked me for a very long time. But I think I must have made her very upset. My Auntie had her own flower shop, and normally during the weekdays she only comes back around 5 or 6pm. I had a boyfriend then and I brought him up to my Auntie's place as we did not know where to go. Then when we were in my room, we started kissing and petting heavily. Very soon we were both naked and cuddling on the bed, but we did not have sex yet. Then suddenly, the door suddenly opened and my Auntie was standing there. I never saw her that angry before. She chased the boy out of the house and then she started scolding me. It was very embarrassing and I trying to hide my body with the blanket. But my Auntie pulled away the blanket and started spanking me. It was one of the longest spanking that I ever got from her. And it was the first time that I was spanked on my bare bottom. In fact it was the first time I was naked in front of my Auntie. I cried and begged her to stop but she kept spanking me and scolding me at the same time that I was a dirty girl. When she stopped spanking me, my bottom felt like it was on fire and I was really crying a lot. She made me kneel and pull my ears again. I thought at that time that she had forgotten about the cane, but I was wrong. After about one hour. She came back and told me to stand up. When I got up and turn to face her, I realised that she had the cane in her hands. Although I begged her not to cane me, she did not listen and when I refused to touch my knees and kept begging her, she push me onto the bed face down. She held me down with one hand and caned me many times. I don't remember how many strokes I got that day but my backside looked like a zebra crossing after that.

The last time that my Auntie caned me was on my 21 birthday. My parents had come down to my Auntie's place to celebrate my birthday. But I did not feel close to them as throughout the years, I only saw them once a year and did not have anything to say to them. In fact when they gave me words of advice, I felt that it was nagging and was quite rude to them. In the end, I shouted at them over something and I ran up to my room. I think about two or three hours later, my Auntie came up to the room. By that time my parents had already left. She came in to the room with the cane in her hands. I knew that I was going to be punished. She scolded me for being rude to my parents and said that I was disrespectful. She spanked me after that. I think I could have escaped being spanked actually but when she made me stand up, I stupidly said that I did not think I was wrong as they had no right to nag at me since they were not there for me all this while. My Auntie got angry and pushed me on the bed. As my Auntie was a very strong lady, I knew that I could not fight against her. So after struggling for a while, I just lie face down waiting for her to cane me. I think she was also a very traditional person and felt that disrespect to parents was a very serious matter because this time she pulled my shorts away from my bottom and caned me on my bare bottom. It was really a very painful caning this time, like the time above and my backside was again like a zebra crossing.

I went overseas to study soon after that but the day she sent me off at the airport when she hugged me, she told me that she always looked at me as her own daughter and the cane would still be waiting for me when I returned. I was more mature then and realised that she had punished me because she loved me. I even thanked her for bothering to discipline me.

Sadly, she passed away before I returned back but as she had no children and was not married, she left me her house. I have since moved into her place and I have put the cane beside my bed as a form of memory of my Auntie.

I told my finance recently about the story of the cane and he said that maybe he should cane me if I am a bad wife next time. I just laughed it off. But I think he seemed serious about it. That day when he was looking at my credit card bill, he said that if I still spend that way after we got married, he would use the cane to cane me.


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