Spanking the foreign bride

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I have known Ah Huat for like the longest time and as far as I know he has never been a spanko. Although vanilla it seems he has been “converted” ever since marrying his wife. His wife, Lichen, is from China. While marrying a foreign bride is quite popular in Singapore, his is a different case. Lichen is his cousin, the daughter of his mother’s third cousin if I am not wrong. Now in this day and age, arranged marriages are kind of old-fashioned but that was what it was. Apparently they were both born on the same day, albeit one in Singapore and the other in China, and due to some fortune telling it led to both parents arranging the marriage when they were merely infants. Why did Ah Huat still go along with the marriage? Well, he is fillal I guess. It was his mother’s wish and he kept to it. Not that he is very unhappy now………she looks not to bad either. Not a supermodel but slightly above the average I would say.

Moving along……………

It all began on his wedding night. During the Chinese tea-ceremony, his father-in-law gave him a wrapped box and said “Use this to take your wife in hand.” Now he didn’t pay much attention to those words and he didn’t know, at that time, what was inside the box. He probably thought it was some heirloom in the box and the words of advice were more of a formality.

However when he reached home and unwrapped the present, he was rather amused that it was a cane with a beautifully craved handle. He found it rather funny and showed it to Lichen didn’t look surprised, she probably already knew about it, and merely said that it was for when she was naughty. Still thinking that it was some weird joke from China, he went on with helping Lichen unpack.

Lichen was the typical country-side China girl who believed that a wife’s purpose was to serve her husband (would you argue with that if you were Ah Huat?). So she filled the bathtub and led Ah Huat to the bathroom saying that she would help him bathe. (Help him bathe?!!!!) Of course Ah Huat readily agreed and hastily stripped down and got into the bathtub. He must have felt like a King as she scrubbed him with a sponge. He invited her in, which she agreed (though I think the word should be obeyed) and began to remove her clothing. As she turned to put her clothes on the rack, Ah Huat caught a glimpse of her backside and saw faint reddish welts covering her backside. It was faint meaning she must have been caned sometime back but it was still visible. Curious he asked her about it and she nonchalantly said that her father had caned her the day before they came to Singapore as she had come back in the wee hours of the morning.

Caned her? They were both 29 years old and a caning at that age seemed strange to Ah Huat. He began to realize that his father in law was serious about what he said when he passed him the cane.

As they were preparing for bed, Ah Huat stepped out to the kitchen for a glass of water, and returned to find Lichen on the bed naked and on her hands and knees. The cane was laying next to her. Shocked and curious, but admiring her body, Ah Huat asked what she was doing. And she replied that her mother had told her that as a first sign of submissiveness to her husband, she would be caned on the first night. This would prevent her from straying or being lazy in serving her husband. Lichen’s mother was also caned on her wedding night.

Not sure what to think, Ah Huat refused initially, but relented after much persuasion. It wasn’t really a caning but rather medium taps to her backside.

Well Ah Huat’s initial reluctance then has now changed. Not only does he have no problem using the cane, he also uses other implements as well.

As Lichen spent the days at home while Ah Huat was working, she began to get lazy and never bothered with the household chores much. Therefore Ah Huat has drawn up a list of what chores have to been done daily, weekly and monthly. Each night he would address any chores forgotten and Lichen would be punished. At times it would be a minor spanking, and when it was a repeated mistake like forgetting to off iron his shirt the night before, it would be more severe.

Recently, Lichen has started English classes. Ah Huat engaged an English tutor to come to their place three times a week in the day. She did not really like it as she had difficulty with the language. Therefore to give extra motivation, Ah Huat has changed the schedules for punishments slightly.

The daily punishments for the chores remain. But each morning (Monday to Friday only, Saturday was a rest day where he would bring Lichen out) before he leaves for work, he gives her a list of ten words to learn. After dinner, he would give her a spelling test. Each word she gets wrong, she get five smacks on her backside with a wooden ruler.

Every Sunday has also become sort of a revision/punishment day.

After breakfast:

Lichen would be made to strip and given a 2-minute handspanking as a warmup.

He would give her a spelling test of all the words that she was tested over the past week. That would be 50 words. Each mistake would result in five strokes of the wooden ruler.

She would then have to write each wrong word fifty times and neatly. Lichen’s handwriting was not very good and each badly written word would result in one stroke of the belt. One may seem quite little, but on average Lichen will get about 20 to 30 strokes.

She would then get one hour of corner time where she would kneel at the corner with her hands behind her back.

Following that Lichen would go about her chores and prepare lunch.

After lunch, Ah Huat would review the class tests and assignments done by Lichen. As it was a personal tutor, Ah Huat requested that she give a mini test for Lichen to do at the end of every tutoring session. Each of the mini test was only worth about 20 marks and very simple. It however was a good gauge to see if Lichen was paying attention during the tuition or she was day-dreaming. The punishments during the review would normally be two segments.

1st segment: Lichen would have to bend over the edge of the couch while Ah Huat looked through the past weeks tests and assignments. As it was a simple test and full marks was possible if she had paid attention. Lichen would be given two strokes of the belt on her backside for each question that she got wrong. If she failed the test, she would get two strokes per question answered wrongly and a further ten for failing the test. If she got them all wrong (it has happened a few times), she would get three strokes this time for each question answered wrongly and twenty more strokes for getting them all wrong. She would then go back to the corner for 15 minutes.

2nd segment: The tutor would normally go through the questions that Lichen got wrong after the test. Therefore Ah Huat would compile all the questions that she got wrong and make her do it again. As this would be the second time that she would be doing those questions, the punishment was more severe for questions answer wrongly. Lichen would be made to sit at the dining table to do the “re-test”, after she was done, she would go up onto the table on her hands and knees. Ah Huat would then check the paper. For each question answered wrongly, he would put two pegs (one on each side) on her breast, starting with the nipple. Lichen would normally wriggle from the pain of the pegs. Therefore he placed a wooden rule on her back. Each time the ruler dropped because she wriggled, she would get five smacks across her thighs with the dropped ruler. After all the pegs had been put on her breast, by this time Lichen would normally be tearing and trying her best to keep still, Ah Huat would then give her four smacks with a spatula for each peg.

She would then be made to stay in that position for half and hour before she was allowed to get off the table and remove the pegs.

Lichen was then made to lie face down on the couch to compose herself and rest for a bit.

After dinner, Ah Huat would look at a weekly progress chart which he had gotten the tutor to do. If she was attentive and diligent in her assignments for the week, there would be no more punishments. However if the tutor made any remarks about her conduct, such as falling asleep during the tuition or not doing her homework or not paying attention, then there would be a final punishment. Lichen would have to get on her hands and knees on the floor in front of the couch. Ah Huat would sit on the couch and rest his feet on her back as if like a foot rest. This would last for about one hour. During this period, she was to keep perfectly still. Any jerking or movement would result in a series of smacks from a crop.
Following that, the weeks transgressions were forgiven and the next week would begin. It appears being filial and marrying the girl your mother wants may have its benefits after all……………………

These shoes are made for spankings……..and that’s just what they’ll do!

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Don’t we all have problems with the ladies’ impulse shopping? Well my man, Fahdly appears to have the solution for that…………

Fahdly had a major problem, his wife, Natasha, had a weakness for shoes. She could not walk through a shopping mall without getting at least one pair. Excuses of “It was on offer!” or “It was the last pair!” were the normal excuses. In fact all the excuses that women make for impulse buys………..Fahdly has heard them all. Fahdly’s problem with Natasha’s shoe sprees (as he calls it) wasn’t about money, his business was doing well and he could well afford it, but rather it was about practicality. Natasha’s existing collection of shoes numbered well into the hundreds but she only wore the same few pairs most of time. In fact, at least half of the shoes were never worn before and the price tags were still on them! Fahdly had recently installed a new shoe cupboard for Natasha and it was already full. This was certainly getting out of hand. So he sat Natasha down and gave her a talking to. After a lengthy discussion, peppered with the occasional whine from Natasha, the both of them agreed that there would be no more purchases of shoes. Natasha could only purchase a new pair if they had discussed it and both agreed. Bottomline……..there would be no more impulse buys. Fahdly emphasized that he was serious about this agreement and she would not want to test him on this. He did not mention anything about a spanking, and Natasha probably thought that breaking the agreement would lead to a cut in her credit card and household allowances.

Well things were pretty good for a couple of months. Natasha seemed to have lost the urge for shoes. Fahdly had his suspicions initially but felt he would give his wife the trust.

As the saying goes………once a shopper, always a shopper………..things were not what it seemed. Fahdly was preparing to go to the office one morning when he dropped his pen which rolled under bed. As he reached in to try and retrieve it…………….he saw three rows of shoe boxes (ten boxes per row) neatly lined up below the bed. Puzzled he pulled out one of the boxes and opened it. Inside was a spanking new pair of shoes with the metal heel still glistening and polished. A receipt was inside and showed that the purchase was just made the day before. It turned out, Natasha had no curbed her impulses, but rather hid them from Fahdly. She paid cash to prevent the purchase from showing on the credit card statements. Natasha had already gone out and would not be back till late afternoon. As it was not a very busy day in the office, Fahdly decided to stay at home at wait for Natasha’s return. She was gonna learn what Fahdly meant when he warned her not to test him………………

Natasha returned home later that day and was greeted with all thirty pairs of shoes lined up neatly on the coffee table. Fahdly was sitting on the couch with his arms crossed. His stern eyes burned into her as she kept very quiet. Knowing that no excuses was gonna get her out of this, she sat next to him and waited. In her the paper bag she was holding was another pair of shoes, newly bought, and she had intended to hide them before Fahdly had returned from work.

“Put that new pair of shoes with the rest on the table!” Fahdly ordered with a hint of anger. A hint which prompted Natasha to immediately do as he said.

“I think we talked enough about this, and I see no need for you to bother to explain. We are gonna settle this right now. Sit here and wait for me!” And with that said, Fahdly got up and disappeared into his study room.

He reappeared second later welding a long rattan cane in his hand. Natasha’s eyes widened and began to plead. But it was not to be a day of mercy……………

Natasha was pulled over his knee and given a quick but stinging 20 hand-spanks. She was then instructed to get up and remove her clothing, leaving her bra and panties on. She got another 20 hand-spanks on her panties and 20 more on her bare bottom.

Next, with her panties off, Natasha had to spread her legs and touch her toes. Ten stinging strokes were given with the cane. Now Fahdly was an expert with the cane with each stroke landing just below each other, leaving Natasha’s bottom looking very much like a zebra crossing.

Natasha was then made to remove her bra and kneel at the coffee table with her hands on her head for half and hour.

That was punishment for lying to Fahdly and not for the shoes.

There were 31 pairs in all and Fahdly decided to spank her with the shoes, one pair a day.

So every night for the following 31 days…….........

Natasha would strip of her clothes, wear the pair of shoes that she was to be punished in and get over Fahdly’s knee for a 1 minute warm up hand spanking.

Next she would stand at the foot of the dining table with both hands stretched out as Fahdly would give each hand ten smacks with the shoes (left shoe smacked the left hand and vice versa).

Natasha would then bend over the dining table and ten smacks were given to the back of each of Natasha’s thighs.

Natasha would then put the shoes back on for 15 minutes of corner time.

After corner time Natasha would once again remove the shoes and this time get on her hands and knees on the dining table.

Fahdly would then proceed to smack each side of her backside 20 times.

To add a twist to the punishment, Fahdly would place the shoe box on Natasha’s back before commencing the smacking. If the box dropped, Natasha would get five strokes with the cane.

Once that was done, Natasha was made to remain in the position as Fahdly would place the pair of shoes on her back. He would then take a Polaroid photo which he pasted in the wall of their wardrobe. It was to serve as a reminder to Natasha of what was to be expected if she ever went on a shoe spree again.

I guess it has worked to some extent as Fahdly reckons that it has been a year since Natasha bought any shoe again.

Neighbourhood Spanking Sighted/Heard

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I was on the way to a friend’s place for a round of mahjong the other night when I chanced upon a scene a never expected. As I got out of the lift and was walking along the corridor, I heard a series of clap-like sounds up ahead coming from one of the houses plus the cries of a lady. This continued for abit before it stopped. I had to walk past the whole corridor as my friend’s place was at the end. As I passed each flat (there were five before my friend’s flat), I casually turned my head to glance through the doors if they were open. As I passed the fifth flat, just before my friend’s flat, I took a glance in and guess what I saw! I saw a lady kneeling and facing the wall in the living room. Her hands were pressed against the wall and her barebottomed backside was jutting out as if awaiting a smack. Her barebottomed backside was facing the open door and it was red! I froze in my tracks and stood at the door to take a second look. It was the lady of the house (have seen her during my previous visits to my friend’s place and think she is thirty-ish), and just at that moment I saw her husband appear from the side (he did not see me and probably did not realize that the door was opened) with a belt in his hand. He proceeded to give five stinging strokes in quick succession. I could hear her sniffling but she did not cry out.

It was just at that moment, my friend came out of his flat for a smoke a greeted me with a very loud hello. I stepped to the side quickly and do not think anyone in the house saw me. However they must have heard my friend’s greeting for I heard the door shut soon after.

So much for snooping around………………………

Spanking the Sister-In-Law


This was told to me by a friend last night. I have tried to weave in the conversations he recounted but it has turned out rather messy. Anyway…….enjoy!

For as long as I have known James, he has always been a spanko. Therefore it did puzzle us fellow spankos when he married his wife, Amy. He had been in several relationships and every single one was either Domestic Discipline or Master/Slave. Then came Amy. Although he still met up with us for drinks occasionally, we were beginning to think that he had given up his spanking ways for good. After all, Amy knew nothing about his spanko-ness and he had no intention to let her know. Oh well as the saying goes, a leopard can never change its spots, likewise once a spanko always a spanko.

Amy’s parents passed away in a car crash shortly after she and James got hitched and thus they were given custody of Amy’s younger sister, Amelia, who was 19 at that time. Amelia was the spirited young lady who felt that life was all about having fun and it didn’t help that Amy indulged her with excessive pocket money and a lot of freedom. Amy traveled extensively for work, and since she could not give her time to her younger sister, she felt it best to accommodate her wants. While James didn’t agree, he felt it did not affect him thus did not bother. He did not see her that often either. Although James worked from home and was home most of the day, Amelia was out most of the time and normally only returned home after 11pm.

It wasn’t until one day when James received a call from the police station asking for his immediate presence. It turned out that Amelia had been caught shoplifting. The police had informed James that this wasn’t the first time, but it was the first time the shopkeeper had decided to press charges. Thankfully, Amelia was let off with a warning.

As if bad luck follows bad luck, the polytechnic called the very next day asking to see James. Amelia’s lecturer explained that she was on the verge of being expelled for her bad attendance and terrible conduct. Amelia had missed most of her classes and had no numerous occasions been caught having sex in an empty tutorial room. Amelia’s lecturer noted that it had been different guys that she was caught with. The polytechnic had wanted to expel her but would consider keeping her if James or Amy would sign an agreement to monitor her progress and ensure she made it to school and kept out of trouble. As Amy was away and would only be back the week after, James told the lecturer that he would discuss it with Amy before getting back to him. The lecturer agreed but meanwhile Amelia was to stay out for school until this was resolved.

“Your sister is going to be extremely upset to hear about the past two days” James chided Amelia as he drove home. Amelia kept silent most of the way and James was not very bothered about the matter as he felt that it was Amy’s problem.

Then during breakfast the next morning…………….

“Have you told my sister about this?” Amelia asked apprehensively.

“She is busy, don’t want to disturb her. I will talk to her when she comes back next week.” James replied while still focusing on the newspapers.
“Is it possible to not let her know? Could you sign the agreement with the lecturer instead?” Amelia responded in a rather pleading kind of way.

“You know that is not going to happen Amelia, besides your sister and I agreed that she would handle all your problems. It is not my right to interfere and I shouldn’t” James nonchalantly responded with his attention still fixed on the papers.

“Please……….I will do anything………….sis will be extremely upset and after all her long hours of working and all that she has given me, I don’t want to be a disappointment.” Amelia pleaded albeit sounding more desperate this time.

“Do anything?” James looked up.

“Yeah anything…………I just don’t want to seem like a disappointment to sis.” Amelia replied softly, with tears welling up this time.

“Well, if you shaped up your act it would pretty solve the problem. You can’t hide it and appear to not be a disappointment when you really are. It doesn’t solve anything. But let me think about it, we will talk about it during lunch.” James responded calmly.

“But I am going out with my friends!” Amelia protested.

“Well if this is important to you, you will be around during lunch.” James said matter-of-factly and disappeared to settle some work stuff in the study.

It startled James when he heard a knock on the study room door. “Amelia really stayed home?” he wondered as he uttered “Come in”. Amelia’s head popped in and asked “Have you thought about it yet?”

Now James recounted that it was at that moment that he realized Amelia meant it when she said she would do anything. And in my opinion, it was when the spanko in him began to emerge once again.

“Take a seat on the couch, I am sending out the last email.” James instructed as he thought about whether he should help Amelia this time out. Besides, Amy really was having a hard time at work and he did not want to give her the added stress.

“Well Amelia, I have been thinking about it………I could help you out this time but it can’t just be that way. You have to promise to shape up your act and really shape it up. Do you get it?” James said as he sent out the last email.

Amelia’s eyes lit up as she nodded and said “Yes, yes, I will. I will focus on my studies and stop wasting my time.”

“At the same time, we will have to work out a way to ensure that to stick to that promise. And, the consequences for the shoplifting and issue at school have to be addressed.” James said in a more serious tone as he shifted his attention towards her.

Amelia’s smile disappeared and confused she asked ”What do you mean? You are still going to tell sis?”

“Nope I mean with every mistake we make, we have to face the consequence. Have you ever been punished by your parents for something you have done wrong?” James asked.

“Well, they did cane me whenever I skipped school.” Amelia muttered while looking at the floor.

“So what do you think you deserve this time?” James queried.

“You are not going to punish me are you?!!!” Amelia asked astonished.

“Well, its that or you can tell your sister to go down with you to sign the agreement when she gets back.” James said as he turned back to his computer.

It seemed that Amelia was dead sure that she did not want her sister to find out and with a soft sigh she agreed with a “Please don’t be too hard on me.”

James grinned slightly and rolled his office chair toward her. He motioned her to get up and gently led her over his knee. She was still in her sleeping clothes (cotton shorts and a tank top) which gave little protection.

As she laid over his knee, James lectured, “Now Amelia, its not going to be a pleasant experience, but its for your own good. You haven’t shown your sis much respect and this is not the way to carry on………………… For starters, you are going to get three minutes on your shorts and two minutes on the bare. Is that clear Amelia?”

Amelia nodded silently.


Amelia stiffened her back as James said, “I was asking you a question.”

“Yyeess!” Amelia stuttered as she nodded.


“Yes who? Show a bit of respect when you are being punished.”

“Yes Sir! Sorry Sir! Amelia replied nodding her head frantically.

And so the handspanking began. It must have been a while since she last had her butt smacked for she was already tearing at the end of the three minutes.

James gave her a brief moment to compose herself and then pulled down her shorts (she was not wearing any panties).

“Please, it hurts already. I think I have learnt my lesson. Could we please stop? I won’t ever do it again!” Amelia protested as she put her hands to cover her butt which was already showing a faint red tinge.

James locked her armed behind her back and gave her bare bottom a very hard smack which left a huge handprint. “It will be worse if you try to bargain. I will not repeat this again!”

With that, he rained another two minutes of handspanks down on her bottom.

Amelia was sobbing by then and he made her face the corner with her hands on her head.

James went down to the basement and retrieved a crop, a cane and a leather strap. In the four years that Amy and he had been married, he had kept it there and not brought it out.

He returned to the study and dropped them on the coffee table.

He called Amelia from the corner and made her stand next to the coffee table.

Her eyes widened in shock upon seeing the three implements, but James had warned her about bargaining and she kept quiet.

“The spankings were a just a warm up. They were not to address your stealing, truancy and unprotected sex in school. In fact you also deserve a smacking for your constant disrespect towards your sister. The spankings are also to let you have a feel of what you will be getting every night until your sister returns on next Friday. (It was only Tuesday, meaning she had to endure nine more days of spankings in a row!) This is to make sure that you would remember your promise that you would shape up. If you still misbehave during this time, you will get additional punishments. Do you understand?” James lectured.

“But……..sorry…..Yes Sir, I understand.” Amelia meekly replied.

James then made her bend over the side of the couch. As it was the eleventh time that she had shoplifted, James gave her eleven strokes with the strap. He made her count every one which she did obediently but cried out at each stroke as well.

James then made her stay in that position for ten minutes.

Following that, he made her get on her hands and knees on the carpet, and arch her back to lift her butt.

In average, she had only gone to school about twice a week. That was three days of missed days a week for the past six months. So he gave her 18 swats (3 x 6) on each butt cheek. She was already crying when she assumed the position and therefore James did not ask her to count. But he did give her two extra swats for not pushing her butt back into position. She was then made to stay in that position for a further 15minutes. He had to give her another two swats in between that for she kept fidgeting.

He then told her to pick up her shorts and took her to her room. He instructed her to remove her tank top and stand facing the bed. Amelia obeyed hesitantly and covered her breasts with her hands.

“Hands on your heads” said James as he gave her butt a hard smack, “You shouldn’t be that shy if you could have sex with all those boys in school.”

James then unbuckled his belt and removed it from his pants (It was a wide but thin leather belt which did sting quite terribly), as he said “You deserve many strokes for your disrespect to your sister, but on the account that you did not want to disappoint her, you shall only be given ten with the belt.”

“Yes Sir, thank you Sir.” Amelia uttered softly amidst her sniffling.

Ten hard strokes were given in quick repetition and Amelia struggled to keep the position.

As tears streamed down her face, James instructed her to lie face down on the bed. He then placed to pillows to prop up her butt.

As he took the cane by the handle and rest the end on Amelia’s butt, he questioned on the number of guys she had slept with in school.

Nine was the magic number and thus two strokes were given each which totaled eighteen.

Amelia was made to count each stroke and James reserved the last three strokes as the hardest. Each of those, she apparently screamed out. By the end of her punishments, her butt was a bright red and striped. It was severe to her, but was not as hard. James had regulated the strength of each of the punishments.

James told her to stay in that position until dinner time at 6pm.

Amelia was pretty good for the next nine days and only needed an additional strapping for waking up late and missing school.

Amy was pleasantly surprised when she returned from her business trip to find Amelia back home from school everyday for dinner and not missing any days of school. Although she did sense something was amiss, Amy brushed it off as Amelia’s want to do well as it was her final year in the polytechnic.

Subsequently, James worked out a monitoring program with Amelia. He drew up a list of rules for Amelia to follow. They were broad rules like going to school, coming home for dinner on weekdays and no more complains from school….etc. With each rule broken, he spanked her the next day after Amy had gone to work and before Amelia left for school. But you know how playful teenage girls are, and rules are always an issue with girls. So during the two months before Amelia’s final examinations, James gave her a maintenance spanking every two days to keep her in line. Nothing severe but just stingy enough to remind her of what was waiting if she got out of line.

Amelia is now in the university and stays mostly in the hostel. It appears Amelia had her spanko-side and supposedly has a spanker boyfriend. James doesn’t spank her anymore but rumour is he may have converted his vanilla wife. Amelia apparently asked James recently if he ever spanked Amy. When he replied that he did not as there was no reason to, Amelia muttered something about checking Amy’s bedside drawer where she hid her receipts. It seems Amy is a shopaholic………..well we’ll see it James takes action. Keep watch for my update.

Spanking a Bitch in Singapore Part 2

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As promised, the following is about how Jane found out that her close long-time friend, Yours Truly, was a spanko like Spuds. (If you have not read Part 1 check it out here.)

Spuds asked if Jane, being my long time close friend, knew about my spanko-ness. Well obviously not as the topic just did not come up throughout our many years of friendship. It wasn’t like I purposely kept it a secret but there was no occasion that any of our conversations would have led to the topic.

Meanwhile, since Jane knew that Spuds was my personal friend, there were frequent meet-ups with Jane and Spuds together. Sometimes with a bunch of other friends, sometimes just with the two of them. It was like any normal friendship out there and Spuds and myself also met for drinks frequently.

Then one night over drinks Spuds asked me if I had any serious objections with letting Jane in one my spanko-ness. While it puzzled me for the sudden question, it soon became clear. Spuds and Jane kept the discipline discreet and not many knew about it. Spuds and Jane had many vanilla friends and Jane had begun to show her bitchiness whenever they were amongst friends as she knew (or thought) that Spuds would never punish her in front of them. In fact she did sass Spuds a few times when I was around. Oh she did get it once they were gone, but never in front of them. So Spuds thought that it would be a good lesson for her to be punished in front of an audience. Of course, who was I to say no. So Spuds said to drop by the coming weekend for dinner and just “be yourself”.

With anticipation I went over and everything appeared to be seemingly fine, so much so that I thought she was rather behaved and wouldn’t get any punishment. Nevertheless the food was good and I pushed the thought away. But I guess it was to be a night for spankings as the conversations led to a slight argument between Spuds and Jane over her insistence that she had to buy the latest dress by a brand-that-I-cannot-remember-now. Very soon I began to see some semblance of the Jane from long ago. She began to raise her voice calling Spuds and insensitive, cheapo jerk. She banged her cutlery on the table and I assume the last straw for Spuds came when she pushed the bottle of wine off the table and sent it crashing to the floor.

There was a moment of silence and then Spuds stood up calmly and said let’s move to the hall. As we moved to the hall, I wondered if Jane suspected that her bottom was about to receive a thrashing, but from the scowl on her face it appeared that a spanking was far from her mind. Jane sat by the side sulking as Spuds disappeared down the hallway once again once to reappear with a leather strap in his hand. Jane’s eyes widened and gasped a “Darling, you can’t be serious!”

“Didn’t I warn you about this before? Don’t assume that you can sass me when others are around.” Spuds calmly replied.

“But he is here……its embarrassing” Jane protested.

“Not to worry darling……..he has known about it for quite some time……”Spuds said with a slight grin.

Now at this moment I merely leaned back and smiled.

With the scowl gone and a subtle submissive demeanour in its place she softly asked “But I never knew……….”

“Our conversations never led to such a topic so I never brought it up” I said.

Well………… the punishment began with Spuds giving Jane a blistering 3-minute handspanking on her skirt, followed be another three on her panties (which in my personal opinion did not give much protection anyway), and wrapped up with another 3-minutes on the bare. Then it was off to the corner for ten minutes as Spuds got some coffee for the both of us.

That was not the end.

Spuds explained to Jane that such behaviour would not be condoned even when others were around. It was disrespectful and rude. Therefore, a little humiliation would be needed to ensure she would think twice before she did such a thing again.

A meek “Yes Sir” was all that was heard………….wow no protest at all. I was amazed. I mean Spuds did tell me that she was no longer as fiery as in the past, but seeing was believing.

With that he made her drop her skirt and panties, and take off her top.

Then he made her stand straight, with her hands on her head, and gave her ten licks with the strap. They weren’t very hard but hard enough for Jane to squirm.

He then proceeded to strap her thighs. Ten on each side. I could see the tears streaming down her face.

“You are still going to wear that mini-dress for the party tomorrow despite the marks” Spuds said as he led her to the wall for another ten minutes.

As a final warning, Spuds made Jane fetch one of the canes and made her go on her hands and knees over the coffee table. 24 strokes were intended but Jane eventually got thirty (one extra stroke for each time she forgot to count) and she yelled out in pain with each stroke.

So who says you can’t tame a bitch? Spuds did it. How did he do it? Well you got to wait, that account is for another post.

A Spanking for Remembrance

Monday, June 2, 2008 · 0 comments

In Singapore, we have a conscript military and all of us “boys” have to serve at least two years in the military. Most of the time, Mondays to Fridays are spent in camp while we only got to stay out on the weekends. Now if you are in a spanking relationship, this makes it difficult to maintain the relationship. In fact, maintaining a normal relationship is already extremely complicated.

However, an army buddy of mine (Joe) kept up the punishments with his girlfriend for the whole two years. This is how he did it.

Initially, he gave his girlfriend a blistering 5-minute spanking and a 30-stroke spanking every Sunday before he went back to camp. This, so he says, was severe enough to allow his girlfriend to “feel” the punishments until they met again the following Saturday.

This went on for a while till he decided to give her a log book to note down her infractions. She was studying in the university at that time and was having some difficulty coping with her studies. It was not because she was mentally challenged, but rather because she was having too much fun with her friends. She would go shopping everyday, hang out at the KTVs, and did not bother doing her tutorials. In fact she even skipped school on numerous occasions because she stayed out till the wee hours of the morning and could not wake up.

Therefore, he drew up a list of rules. She was to paste her University time-table in the log book and note down daily the events and tutorials or assignments she had to do. She was also to note down of her daily happenings and was to be back for dinner each day. Then each Saturday, Joe would go through the log book and punish her accordingly. The first month of implementation was a disaster. She accumulated so many infractions that Joe could not dish out a severe enough punishment. While her butt was given a good thrashing each weekend, it didn’t seem to cut down on her punishments. Upon talking to her about it, it seemed she had gone thought it out and felt that not keeping to the rules seemed worth it at that point in time as she would only get punished once a week no matter what she did.

Smart lady, too smart for her own good! Well Joe wasn’t to be defeated. The creative chum bought a web camera for her. To simplify things he set four broad rules. To make it to school on time everyday, to be back by six pm, to do all her assignments on time and to not dress like a slut. Each rule broken would result in her having to spank herself with a hairbrush ten times. Each spanking was to be recorded on the web camera. Each week he would review the punishments and give her a maintenance punishment as a final reminder for the week. If the punishments she gave herself were to light, he would add additional strokes to the weekend punishment.

Things went rather smoothly for a few weeks until Joe realised that his girlfriend had only one or two infractions each week. Had his girlfriend shaped up or was she lying to him? He got his chance to find out when he was given two days off during the week and went to her place unannounced. He had reached at about 5pm (she stays alone mostly as her parents are abroad most of the time) and let himself in. He went to her room and saw a couple of returned test papers……….apparently she had failed them. He thumbed through a stack of letter and saw three warning letters for her failure to attend classes. To make things worse, he ended up waiting for her until ten pm reeking of alcohol. Her face was visibly shocked when she walked into the living room and saw he sitting on the couch. As if knowing of what was to come, she began to cry. Apologising profusely, she said she did not know what came over her but did not see to be able to control herself.

Joe knew that he had to devise another plan lest his girlfriend got kicked out of the Uni at the current rate. But he had to first address the current infractions. It was a severe two days, Joe reckons that he must have given her almost 100 strokes of the cane and even more with the belt and his hand. He jokes that during those two days, she spent most of the day naked and on all fours with tears streaming down her face. But she shaped up after that. Joe also installed the webcam to a permanent record mode so that she would never be able to lie about her whereabouts. Things improved and apparently she graduated two years later.

Hope this gives you some ideas for those who travel often.

An introduction to Real Life Spanking Stories in Singapore


Hi dear readers,
I am a spanko and a spanker living in sunny Singapore. Sadly, the spanking or alternative community is very much a closeted one and is not as vibrant as in many other global cities. This however does not mean that the spanking scene is dead. As a matter of fact, it is very much alive but neither seen nor heard.

Therefore, I thought it imperative to "make a mark" for our tiny nation within the Global Spanking Community (pardon my nonsense).

The stories that I will share with you will be true life accounts that I have gotten from friends and fellow spankos/spankee within the spanking community in Singapore. My heartfelt thanks go to them for being willing to share their spanking stories. I am in no way the best writer, therefore do go easy on my writing style.

With that being said, do stick around and enjoy the real life spanking stories that I'm about to bring you.

Spanks Out!

Spanking a Bitch in Singapore


Jane was an old friend since my primary school days and even since then, she was known to be a bit of a spitfire. She wasn’t evil, but had this spoilt girl attitude which did not irritate much if you were merely a friend. However, if you were a boyfriend, things would get rather complicated. Probably due to the fact that she was the only child in a rich family, Jane pretty much had her way all the time. It didn’t hurt that she had a pretty face and a slender body. She twirled all her boyfriends round every damn finger of hers, and though they mostly compiled to her every demand, she ended up ditching end shortly after. Thankfully I was never one of those “boys”, we were close friends…..too close perhaps……so it never happened.

Well fast forward many years…….we kinda lost contact for a couple of years due to her frequent flying (she was a stewardess) and my busy boring life. But some six months ago I bumped into her while window shopping and managed to resume our regular coffee meet ups. Now to cut the boring parts short, it turned out that coincidentally she was currently dating a spanko friend of mine (he has a Chinese name but I called him Spuds). Now close as we were, I never explicitly shared my spanko fetishes with her so I merely casually mentioned that I knew Spuds through another friend. However, it did set me wondering how he was handling the relationship with her. I kind of guessed that he must have had “smacked that butt” of hers more than once due to the simple fact that the bitchy aura seemed missing nowadays. Well a few of us spanko do share such stories over a few drinks, and he was one of them, so I gave him a call and met him the very next day for drinks.

Once the initial light-hearted jokes about how the world was so small and all, it was “down to business”. It turns out that they had met through mutual friends about a year ago and she was about in the midst of moving into his place.

So did he ever “smack that butt of hers” Yes, as a matter of fact, he had just given her “a good whacking” before coming to meet me! What luck……”do share” I said.

She hosted a birthday party for one of her fellow stewardesses at his place (he has a nice pad!) the day before, but he had agreed only on the condition that she cleaned it up before he came back the next day (he had an overnight business trip). Typically, she did not bother. Spuds stepped in at 12pm only to see his stylish pad turned upside down. There were bits of cake all over the floor (probably from a food fight), empty beer cans were all over the place and a prized collectible of his was lying damaged in the hallway (I don’t know what collectible, he did not elaborate). Seething with anger, he walked into the bedroom to see Jane still tucked in bed. But I reckoned he must have warned her of what was coming if the place was in a mess, for he said that the moment she opened her eyes and saw him………….she leapt out of bed and immediately began apologizing profusely for the mess and how she was too tired the night before and had planned to get up early to clean it but the alarm clock did not go off….etc (you know the usual excuses given to try and evade punishments).

Well Spuds was taking none of it. She was in her lingerie, making things easier, so he propped her over his knee right there and gave a blistering twenty hard smacks as a wake up and warm up. He then marched her out to the living room and made her face the wall for some corner time.

Now comes the creative part in Spuds.

While Jane had her face in the corner and her hands on her heads, Spuds took a piece of chalk and divided the mess in the hall into five sections. Within each section he placed a different implement each – a leather belt, a cane, a spatula, a crop and a carpet beater. Spuds then made Jane get out of her lingerie and told her of what was to come.

Jane was to decide on her own of the order of cleaning. But each section had to be cleaned and inspected before she moved on to the next section. After choosing the section to clean, she was to take the implement in it and ask Spuds for “a little motivation to clean up the section” Spuds would then give her twenty strokes with the implement and she would then proceed to clean up the section according to his standard. Once she was done, Spuds would inspect the section and two strokes were given for each item not put back in its original place, five stroke if the section was still sticky, and five more if it was mopped hastily. The strokes were given upon pointing out the fault. So it was not all at one go. On an average Jane got about ten strokes during the inspection of each section. After each inspection, Jane was to apologise for messing up the place and ask for a “reminder”. She would then get another ten strokes as a reminder and had to kneel in the middle of the cleaned up section with her hands on her head for another 15 minutes. Following that, she would move on to the next section.

Once the five sections were done, Jane’s butt was a glowing red but it was not the end. The punishment for the mess was over but “payment” for the damaged collectible was to be addressed. As it was Jane who had spoilt the collectible when she dropped it accidentally while showing it off to her friends, Spuds gave each of her hands ten licks with a leather strap. Following that, he made Jane go one her hands and knees. He then clipped five pegs on each breast with a sixth on each nipple and made her stay in that position for about half an hour. To end it off, he gave her a final fifteen strokes with a plastic ruler before he allowed her to remove the pegs.

To top it off, Spuds told her to replace the collectible. It is hard to find in the shops and most of the time one has to make an order which takes three months at least. Until the collectible had been replaced, he would give her a five minute handspanking and a twenty stroke caning every Sunday night.

I listened in amazement. Apparently Spuds said that she took it all willing albeit the constant crying, never once did she resist her punishment. Never did I expect the spitfire I knew to be that obedient. So once a bitch always a bitch? I think not.

Spuds did share with me how he started out the issue of spankings with Jane. Spuds and myself also let Jane in my spanko-ness in an interesting encounter last week but it is too long for this story, so click here for Part 2!

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Real Life spanking stories mainly of ordinary people in Singapore. Hope that you enjoy every spanking minute of it! Please note that the real names have been changed to protect privacy.

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