Setting the girlfriend's parents's mind at ease with a spanking

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Hi Dear Readers,
  After so many times, I will not bore you with the usual problems with work that have affected my update schedule.  I am sorry but that's all I will say.  And with that apology, I bring you another real life spanking story.  Enjoy....


It wasn't any wonder that Suling's parents were not at all happy when they learnt that she was dating Johnson.  Like any typical old-aged Singaporean Chinese parents, Johnson “just wasn't the right choice”.  Firstly he wasn't Chinese, he wasn't even Singaporean.  Johnson was Australian and they had met while Suling was doing here university studies there.  What made things worse was that Suling was only in her second year in her university studies, she was back for the hols when she had broken the news to her parents, and she also revealed that she had moved in with him.  Suling's parents, especially her father, were even more upset when they learnt that he was 38 years old (Suling was only 20 then).  It's just this thing with fathers I guess.......not very comforting to learn that the person dating your daughter was was old enough to screw some girl (and probably did) before your daughter was even born, but is now banging your daughter.  But being the only daughter and the “princess” of the family, Suling's parents resigned themselves to the fact that they didn't have much choice or say in Suling's decision. 

Nevertheless, still being the worried parents that they were, they decided that during Suling's next term break they would make a trip down.  And when they did, they bunked at Johnson's place as well.  Thing went relatively well for the first few days of their one week trip there.  Suling's parents, although still a little uncomfortable with Johnson's age, were quietly pleased with Johnson's demeanour and respect.

Then came the “incident”.  It was during dinner and a certain conversation got a little aggressive.  Suling began to get a little defensive with her mother's “loving nagging” and made a few snide remarks towards her mother.  When her father tried to suggest that her mother only meant well, Suling's offered a few snide remarks to her father in response.  Things culminated with Suling calling her parents “obstinate old farts”.  There was an embarrassing silence in the air and it was visible that Suling's mother was rather hurt by the remarks and her glazed eyes suggested that she was holding back her tears.  Now Johnson had been quiet throughout that slightly aggressive conversation but he had felt the harsh words used by Suling were a tad too disrespectful.  By now, the embarrassing silence had only lasted a few moments, and Suling had gone on to spew a string of more disrespectful remarks on her parents and Johnson felt the need to interfere.  Cutting Suling off with a “let's get the dessert” he held on to Suling's arm and firmly motioned her to follow him into the kitchen.  When they got into the kitchen, Johnson asked Suling what was she thinking hurling all those hurtful remarks at her parents.  Normally, Johnson's serious hushed tone would have been a good enough signal for Suling to stop her outburst, but she was already in a groove of her own, and so she decided it would be good to hurl some expletives at Johnson for questioning her.  In response, Johnson just calmly took walked out of the kitchen, smiled at Suling's parents and took a chair from the dining table and brought it back into the kitchen.  As she saw Johnson return with the chair she knew what it meant, but it shocked her slightly as she didn't think that he would spank her while her parents were here and so she apologised immediately and pleaded with Johnson not to spank her while her parents were sitting just outside.  But Johnson would have none of it.  As he sat himself down on the chair and rolled up his sleeves, he told her that she should have thought about that when she hurled those hurtful remarks at her parents.  Suling knew she had no choice and so when Johnson told her to lower her shorts and panties, she obeyed and went over his lap.  It was a quick but stinging two minute handspanking on her barebottom and as soon as he was done, he reached out for the drawer and fished out a spatula.  He gave her ten stinging swats on each of her bared bottom cheeks and made her count them (all twenty) out with a “I'm sorry for being disrespectful to my parents”. He then told Suling that this was just a “quick” spanking to make sure she doesn't continue her hurtful attitude and she could expect a proper punishment for this outburst once her parents had left and another for the expletives she had said to him. Suling's tears had already welled up in her eyes by the time Johnson had finished spanking her with the spatula and she was sniffling.  So Johnson put her in the corner with her hands on her head as he went to get the dessert ready.  As soon as he was done, he told Suling to pull up her shorts and panties, and get the plates and follow him out.  While the there was a door to the kitchen, the dining table was just outside of it and Suling was sure that her parents must have heard her getting her spanking.  And they did.  So as they walked out, there was an uncomfortable silence as Johnson placed the dessert on the table.  Just as Suling was about to sit down, Johnson asked her if she was forgetting something, and as she embarrassingly looked down, Suling apologised to her parents for her outburst earlier.  And as Johnson served Suling's parents the dessert, he too apologised to them for allowing Suling to hurl such hurtful remarks at them.  This pleasantly surprised them as they never thought that someone like him would be so respectful to elders.

The last few days of Suling's parents' trip went on rather well but it was at the airport as they sent Suling's parents off that Johnson and Suling would get a surprise back.  As Suling parents' turned to say goodbye to Suling and Johnson, Suling's father said to Suling that he was more relieved now that Suling was in good hands and then he turned to Johnson and winked. 

So all was well, Suling's parents approved of her dating Johnson.  But that was the least of her worries at that time.  For as soon as Suling's parents had gone off, they were on the way back home for her proper punishment.  As soon as they reached home, Suling was stripped of her clothes and her bottom striped with Johnson's belt and cane. 

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