Spanking one-liners/short-liners 002

Tuesday, September 28, 2010 · 1 comments

Dear readers,
  It seems that many of you are still sending me your one-liners and short-liners.  Since there has been a bunch.......I have decided to post some. 


Male, 26: My girlfriend wants me to spank her....should I?

Male, 30: My female boss is a bitch should be spank! How ah?

Female: I'm 18 n my elder sis spanks me whenever I m bad.

Female, 37: Just began domestic discipline with my hubby. I got my maintenance spanking this evening.

Male, 19: My mom passed away years ago.  My dad just married this 24 year old Viet. I can hear him spanking her some nights.

Male: My sister-in-law is moving in with us.  I told her she would get spanked if she doesn't follow my rules.  She was agreeable.

Male 20: Sometimes at night, I can hear what seems like the couple renting a room in my flat the guy spanking his wife.

Female, 19: My boss spanked me yesterday.  I dunno why but I secretly enjoyed it.

Female, 21: My mom's boyfriend spanked me yesterday for swearing at my mom. 

Male,35: I jokingly told me girlfriend that I was going to spank her for being a bitch.  She told me not to do it too hard.

Reader's Submission: Mother and daughter get spanked by husbands together

Saturday, September 25, 2010 · 4 comments

Hello again dear readers and how has the spankings been in your life?  Today once again one of you have sent me a real-life spanking story of yourself.  This time it appears a mother and daughter are in a domestic discipline relationship with their husbands who are in fact brothers.  As you read the story......pardon the typos, I copied and pasted the story leaving it as it was......thanks dear reader for submitting your story....


Hey spankalot,
    I chanced upon your blog as I was searching for news about Singapore.  I search for news on Singapore quite often cause I use to be from Singapore but have not come back for a few years already.  Anyway my mother and me are in this domestic discipline relationship together.  Seems so weird right?  I am 20 this year and my mom is 36 yes she is only 16 years older than me.  But sometimes I think we are more like good friends or sisters.  I dunno who my father is because my mother says he disappeared after knowing she was pregnant.  Anyway so my mother she is like a good friend of mine.  Even when I was 14 and 15 years old she would bring me with her when she went clubbing with her friends and she would sneak me in.  At that time already I was waiteressing at the cafe where she was a supervisor.  So when I was about 16 years old I got picked up by this 36 year old caucasian guy when clubbing with my mother and so coincidence my mother got picked up by his elder brother who is 40 at that time.  They actually din belive us when we said that we were mother and daughter and only belive us when we so them our ICs.  I think it was a love at first sight moment for all of us because after that we hang out for a while.  The two of them run a business together and they were taking a year off to travel around southeast asia.  But somehow they got hooked by us and ended up staying in Singapore for about six months.  And that means we were dating for about six months.  Then they change their plans,  their both asked us to marry them and go back to their country with them.  We agreed of course.

    But before all that something happened.  I think we were dating for about three months already and we were in their hotel room having drinks after dinner.  At that time we were owe rent for the flat we were renting and did not have enough money to pay.  Then because we saw a bag where they keep their money and my mother and me thought just take some to pay the rent they wun notice.  So I distracted them and my mother took the money.  But they found out because maybe our actions like suspicious.  When we were wanting to leave they confronted us.  So we admitted.  Maybe we were really sorry or maybe the pity us but they were nice to forgive us and said they would pay the rent for us.  But they also say that since we stole from them, we had to be punished.  That was the first time we both got a spanking and we got a spanking together.  It was our first spanking so they only use their hands but we had to remove our panties and we cried because they spank quite hard.  After that it was normal for them to threaten us with a spanking but before they propose they only spank us one more time.  When we at this club and my mother and me get so drunk.  They try to tell us not to drink too much but we carry on and then so drunk until almost strip dance in the club.  But they carry us off and then we so drunk vomit all over ourself.  The next day we wake up in their hotel room first thing they make us bathe and then before we can even dry up they gave us a spanking.  That is when we learn that a spanking on a wet bottom hurts more than a dry bottom. 

    So back to when they propose and after we agree.  They say that they both agree in domestic discipline and would spank us whenever we need it.  My mother and me both know that we are quite wild sometimes or maybe most of the times and that time the two times they spank us we deserve it.  Somemore all through the six months we dated they had been taking care of us.  So we felt we were ok with it and maybe we even needed it. 

    So we both followed them to their home country and we got married together.  We all live together and its good also because we are both housewifes and so we accompany each other everyday.  And so domestic discipline begin from the time we get married.  The month we reach so busy getting our wedding ready.  Then the wedding night after the wedding when we reach home they say they got present for us  They pass us each this big bag  and tell us to bring up to our rooms and put everything on the bed and remove our dress and wait for them to come.  My husband & me and my mother & her husband room both on the third floor side by side.  Inside the bag was all kinds of implements and rope and handcuffs.  It was an unforgettable night of pain and sex.  The next morning when my mother and me see each other sitting down carefully we both know and funny thing is that when we both talk about it we got wet.  The next morning both our husband talk to us about what they expect and what we can expect when we never behave ourslef. 

    We get spanked together a lot.  Most of time during our weekly maintenance spanking which every Sunday night.  Three minutes handspanking on our bare bottom and twenty spanks with a hairbrush.  Some other times are when we get into trouble together. A lot of times is when they go out of town for for meetings and they come back and see that the whole place in a mess.  Then they make us wear this apron without anything else and then spank us as we clean the place.  One of the worse spanking we get together it when they had to bail us out of jail.  We were caught with some drugs which we just bought at the club to try.  Our husbands were not around and so we went to have a bit of fun.  So we had to call our husbands and tell them but they could not rush back in time so we stay overnight in jail.  The policeman was our husbands friend so he let us off with a warning.  But when we reach home we get spank and corner time over and over again.  Then for the whole week we have to be bare bottom.  Morning before they go work they spank us for five minutes then give us ten strokes of the belt.  Then we have to stand in the corner with our hands on our head and they put a webcam to make sure we dun move. Until lunchtime they come back we get to go to the toilet then they spanks us again for five mins and ten spanks with the belt then eat lunch stand in corner again.  Evening they come back again same thing five min spank and ten with belt before dinner.  Before we sleep five mins spanking again and ten with the belt.  For one week.  Our bottom was purple at the end.  Another worse one was again when we were at the club when again they not in town we got a little drunk and dancing on the dance floor this group of guys dirty dancing with us and grope us all over.  A friend of our husbands was there and he take video clip of us.  So when he show them they punish us.  For a whole weekend we were naked and they tie our hands up to the ceiling and put a clip on our nipples.  Every two hours they take out the clip and whip our breast with a flog and whip our bottom then they put back the clip and again whip us after two hours. 

    We get spank separately as well.  It is quite common like when I come back with my husband from a date and see my mother getting spank by her husband in the living room or she is in the corner with her bare bottom red after a spanking.  Sometimes she and her husband comes back and I am the one getting spank. 
    There is this cane and plastic paddle which they use once a month.  They record each time we get punish and on the last sunday of each month  instead of the weekly maintenance spanking we get naked and after a five min spanking.  We get the cane and plastic paddle.  The number of strokes depend on how often we have been punish in the past month but usually the least is ten with the cane and ten with the paddle.  The most I have receive is 50 with each and my mother is 60. 

    I know u must tink its weird that my mother and me are in such a relationship together but maybe because we really do act like kids and are quite wild so its good for us that our husbands are willing to guide us. 

Paying the rent with a spanking

Tuesday, September 21, 2010 · 1 comments

Hello dear readers, I am back online and fret not.......I have received your numerous emails over my lack of posts recently.  Well now that my comp is back online you should be seeing more frequent posts in the weeks to come.  Meanwhile, let me offer you a short real life spanking story about a Singaporean lady who well.......kinda ended up paying her rent with a spanking........enjoy............

After completing her university studies, Renee decided that she did not want to return to Singapore just yet.  The company that she had interned with had offered her a full time job and the intended pay was pretty good thus she decided to try it out.  But there the issue of housing as she had stayed in the university hostel when she was studying and since she was no longer a student, staying in the hostel was no longer an option.  Even if it was allowed, it was just too far from her working place.  But as luck would have had it, a local friend of hers had a room for rent.  The local friend was Adam, a local boy whom she had met through mutual friend since her first year in the university.  Nothing romantic was going on between them though they had on occasions flirted harmlessly with each other.  Adam had initially intended to rent out the spare room in his apartment, which came with an attached toilet, for the going market rate.  But since Renee was a friend, he offered her a cheap rate of $50 a week which was slightly under half the usual rental rate.  It was a steal considering that it was a mere ten mins walking distance from the building where she worked, so Renee jumped at the offer.

The arrangement went along pretty well for a few months but then Renee began “defaulting on her weekly rent”.  It was during the sales period and Renee had blown most of her pay cheque on shopping.  Adam was understanding and allowed her to delay paying the rent.  But week after week passed and soon Renee had stayed four months without paying.  It annoyed Adam slightly that Renee appeared to be taking advantage of the situation.  During the initial weeks that, Renee would at least apologetically tell Adam that she still did not have enough money to pay him the rent.  But as the weeks past, she took it for granted and did not even speak about it.  To make matters worse, though there wasn't any official rule about the groceries, Adam had not talked about it initially as he thought Renee would not take advantage of him, Renee began consuming the groceries that Adam bought and did not even bother to replenish them. 

So after four months of “suffering in silence”, Adam decided that enough was enough and he sat down Renee to talk.  Adam had initially meant to just bring to her attention kindly about her rather rubbish attitude towards his kindness, but Renee gave him rather crap and sassy replies that he lost his cool and in the heat of the moment told her that it was either she pay him the rent owed or she move out the very next day, and he walked off to his room to get ready for work. 

Now initially Renee got rather offended at Adam's outburst and she loudly spewed a string of insults and vulgarities at Adam from outside his room and continued even as Adam left the house.  But after she calmed down, she kinda began to feel a little remorseful and regretted her actions.  She also began to worry that Adam had meant what he said in asking her to move out and she didn't have enough to pay for her rent.  At work she could not concentrate as her mind was filled with worry.  She text Adam apologising about her outbursts but got no reply. 

When she got home that evening, she noticed that Adam had already returned home.  She text Adam once more but got no reply.  Feeling a little desperate, she hatched a little plan.  She decided to offer Adam something she felt he wouldn't refuse.......herself.  So Renee took a quick shower to freshen up and donned her one of her sexy lacy camisoles and a matching thong, and then put on a shower robe.  Knocking on Adam's door, she called out to him and said she needed to talk to him and was coming in.  Without waiting for his reply, she opened the door and walked in.  Adam was lying on the bed, still in his work clothes, reading some documents.  Looking up at Renee, he told her to make it quick as he was busy.  Renee dropped the bathrobe and crawled onto his bed in a seductive manner.  Crawling onto him, she took away the documents that he was reading and looked at him in the eyes, apologising about her outburst earlier in the day.  She rubbed her crotch against his as she kissed his neck lightly.  She moved her kisses slowly towards his face and to his lips.  It seemed to be working well until Adam pulled his face away midway thru the kissing and looked at her and asked if she meant to sleep with him to make up for the rent.  Now this anti-climax moment (for lack of a better word), kind of shook Renee up emotionally as tears welled up in her eyes as she sobbed and told Adam that it was the only thing she could think off as she didn't have any money to pay him, she didn't want to shift out and she was really sorry for her rather ungrateful attitude.  Adam gave her a friendly hug and told her this wasn't what he wanted either.  It wasn't that he found her unattractive but he didn't want this to spoil their friendship.  Plus Adam added that he owned the apartment and had enough money and so it wasn't really a big deal if she could not pay the rent.  Renee however said that this couldn't do as she didn't want to seem to be taking anymore advantage of him.  But Adam said that she could always pay in a different manner.  Renee didn't understand but Adam continued that she could pay with her bottom.  Renee asked if he meant anal sex, and Adam laughed aloud saying that no but rather he meant a spanking.  Renee still didn't fully understand so Adam suggested that they settle the current week's rent with a spanking and if she was comfortable with it, that would be the arrangement for the rent.  Plus he added, that she could also take it as punishment for the unfriendly sassy ungrateful attitude that he had been getting from her. 

Renee agreed.

So sitting at the edge of the bed, he put Renee over his knee and gave her a a handspanking.  He started slowly but increased his tempo as he spanked along.  Renee's thong offered no protection and it was good as a bare bottom spanking.  Renee gasped and buckled as the spanking increased in intensity.  About five minutes later and with Renee's bottom rather red, Adam stopped.  He rubbed her bottom for a bit as she snivelled back her tears.  Oh but that wasn't the end.  He then let her get up and told her to lie face down on bed.  Removing his belt, he folded it and gave her fifty strokes, one stroke for each dollar of rent.  By the time Adam was done, Renee was a crying wreck.  Adam let her cry for a bit before helping her up and giving her a hug. 

I guess, there was an inner spanko inside of Renee for she accepted his offer to settle the rent this way.  And so after that, each friday night, Adam would tell her something like “we'll settle the rent at 9pm tonight”.  And at 9pm, Renee would be in the same camisole and thong over his knee for a good handspanking followed by a blistering 50-stroke belting.  Its been about two years now and the arrangement continues, though I heard that something romantic was developing between them........

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