One spank for each dollar made

Wednesday, February 4, 2009 · 11 comments

Recession has come to Singapore and my days have been filled with tons of work in an effort to keep my job, so do forgive me for the rather sluggish updates.

There will always come a point in time when a person will make an extremely stupid bet with another and live to regret it. Here is a short story that my good ol' pal Mark had related to me about how his wife got a blistering spanking thanks to her “stupidity” to make a bet with him

Alice made one such bet with her husband Mark and boy did she regret it.

Mark had gone for some internet marketing seminar sometime back and well you know how these seminars can really “motivate” oneself. So after paying some $1000 for the seminar, Mark announced that he was going to pay some $3000 for a course by one of the gurus which kinda “promised” that he would learn all the tricks of making some serious dough within a month from the internet. Well Alice of course was quite the sceptic and matter-of-factly told Mark that she personally felt that it was a complete waste of time. The conversation went on for a bit between the two bordering between an intellectual debate and a common couple quarrel. At the end of it, Mark still stood firm by his decision to pay and go for the course. Wanting to prove her point that such courses were quite the scam, she made a bet with Mark. The bet was that if Mark was unable to make any money within one month from the end of the four-day course (pretty steep I must say), he would have to buy her a big luxury bag (Gucci I think). She was quite confident that Mark would definitely fail in his attempt to make any money online that she kinda overdid herself with the stakes on her part and teased Mark that she would take one spank for each dollar that he made on the internet. With nothing much to lose (well about another $3000 for the bag), and much to gain, Mark gamely agreed to the bet and a date was set.

And for the next one month, Alice rather smugly showed Mark repeatedly the different types of bags that she was eyeing and thought aloud about being unable to make up her mind on which bag to get Mark to buy for her. Mark on his end, took the teasing in his stride and casually reminded her not to count her eggs before they were hatched.

To Alice's horror, Mark kinda hit a goldmine somehow (I really don't know how he did it) but when he logged in to his account to show Alice the amount that he had made, it showed $15,000! In desperate delay tactic, Alice declared that it'd be best to see if the cheque really arrived and if it would bounce if it even came. Graciously Mark agreed to wait but it appeared that Alice's fate was sealed two weeks later when Mark proudly showed his internet banking statement to Alice with a cool $15,000 extra inside.

Hence Alice owed Mark 15000 spanks in all.

The payback was quite the painful one for Mark made sure that Alice “paid back” the 15000 spanks within a month which worked out to about 500 spanks a day, given in sessions of 50 spanks each. To make things worse for Alice, Mark made her count each spank and gave every single of the 15000 spanks on her bare bottom. Quite the bum reddening experience I guess.

Now.........please note that in no way am I promoting internet marketing so don't go all rushing to it yeah?

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