Merry Christmas from Spankalot!

Saturday, December 25, 2010 · 4 comments

 To all of you, Merry Christmas and have a spanking good time!!


Spanking the ITE girl who stole

Friday, December 10, 2010 · 1 comments

It one thing to have your girlfriend steal from you, but when she steals from your friend's wife........that crosses a whole new boundary.  This was a real life spanking story that a friend Ben told me over drinks some time back.....

Ben always had an eye for young sweet things and there was this time that he hooked up with this girl (Nadia) who was 18 or 19 (Ben was 35 at that time) and was still studying in ITE if I remember correctly. 

Now I think it was around Christmas and Ben hosted a party at his place for his friends and their families.  The party went pretty well though I guess it was not as interesting for Nadia for Ben's friends were all around his age and their wives were around that age too.  But I digress.........

So the next morning, Ben received a call from Fred asking if they had happen to see a pair of diamond earring which his wife may have dropped at his place the night before.  It was a pretty expensive pair of earrings but most importantly, it was a gift that Fred's mother had given to his wife.  Ben did not remember seeing it and checked with Nadia, who had stayed over that night and helped with the cleaning up, if she had seen it but she too said that she had not seen it.  It was disappointing for Fred but Ben promised that he would look around his place again to see if it could be lying around underneath somewhere.  Unfortunately, Ben found nothing still.

Then about a week later, Fred dropped by Ben's place and said he had something important to show him.  It turned out that by sheer luck, while his son was playing around with the videocam during the christmas party, he had recorded something interesting.  By some matter of coincidence, Fred's son had captured in the background Fred's wife getting up from the sofa and moving away, and this scene continued with Nadia, who was sitting next to Fred's wife at that time, looking at the vacated spot and looking around as if to make sure no one was looking then picking up the earrings, apparently dropped by Fred's wife, and putting it into her clutch.  Ben was infuriated and embarrassed by what he had just seen on the videocam.  Apologising to Fred, he asked him to stay so that he could get Nadia over and settle it in front of him.  It was about noon then and Nadia was about to finish school.  So he paged her, yes this was during a time when handphones were not that common in Singapore yet, with a message that he had something extremely interesting to show her and that he needed her to come over once she was done with her school.  She called about 15minutes later to let Ben know that she was on the way and tried to probe what was that “interesting” thing he wanted to show her and Ben played along saying that it was a surprise for her.  Well he wasn't entirely lying but he made it sound as if it was something positive. 

So the doorbell rang signalling Nadia's arrival and Ben brought her to the living room he thought he'd give her a final chance to own up by casually saying that Fred just happened to pop by to see if he could have any luck trying to find his wife's earring.  But not only did Nadia not bat an eyelid, she talked to him offering her “condolences” for the loss of the earrings as if she really had not taken it.  This made Ben even more angry but he bit his lip and maintained his composure as they sat on the adjacent sofa from the sofa Fred was seating on.  Nadia seemed rather excited about what surprise Ben had and asked to be shown the “interesting” thing for she could not contain her curiosity much longer.  So Ben with a slight forced smile said that he had something interesting to show her and he flicked a switch on the remote (Ben and Fred had hooked up the videocam to the television before Nadia had arrived) and, in Ben's own words, the look on her face was classic. 

There was an air of silence for a few moments as Ben and Fred turned their attention to Nadia who, caught unaware and shocked, could only give a sheepish half-smile and looked down.  Ben scolded her for a bit, re-emphasising how embarrassing and disappointing it was that his own girlfriend had done such a thing.  Then he told her that he was going to spank her infront of Fred for what she had done.  This shocked Nadia even further, she had gotten spanked by Ben before but never infront of anyone else and so she pleaded with him.  But he was firm and told her to stand up and remove her school skirt.  By then she had been spanked enough by Ben to know better than to disobey him and thus she stood up and complied, looking down embarrassed.  Seeing that she was wearing her panties, he told her to change into a bikini thong, which she had at his place, so that he could spank her bare bottom while saving Fred the embarrassment of seeing her bottomless.  When she returned wearing her thong, Ben promptly put her over his lap and spanked her bare butt cheeks for a good ten minutes, scolding her as he spanked.  She was crying and apologising by the time he stopped but he got her to fetch the hairbrush.  This time, over his lap once more, Ben pulled Nadia's hair with one hand so that her face looked up at Fred and he gave her 20 hard spanks with the hairbrush, and for each spank of the hairbrush, he made her count out and apologise to Fred.  After he was done, he made her stand in the corner with her hands behind her back, as he apologised to Fred once more.  After a while, as Ben was about to walk Fred to the door, he turned back to Nadia and told her that her punishment was not over and she was to remove her clothing and wait for him.  When he returned, Ben spanked her again for another five minutes and gave her a blistering ten strokes of the cane. 

The next day, Ben picked her up after school and went with her to Fred's house to return the earrings.  And since Fred's wife did not witness the spanking the day before, Ben spanked Nadia once more in front of Fred and his wife and gave her another 20 with the hairbrush which she had to count off and apologise to Fred's wife with each spank of the hairbrush.  Ben reckoned that she was pretty much well behaved for a bit after that. 

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