To confess or not confess?

Tuesday, May 19, 2009 · 8 comments

A couple of months ago during a social drinking session with a couple of my spanking buddies at one of Singapore's many watering holes, the topic of confessions cropped up. Peter asked the bunch of us what was our stand on the breaking of rule by our bottoms (read: person who gets spanked). Would they still be punished if they confessed voluntarily or would they be let of without a spanking in an effort to encourage them to be honest with us. It was a dilemma for Peter for he felt that letting his bottom off without a spanking did encourage her to be more honest with him but somehow, he felt that she was in a way “abusing the system”. As for the rest of us, we were divided as well. Some felt the same way as Peter while some felt otherwise. And amidst the debate, which seemed to be getting louder and more animated with each minute, it kind of culminated into a sharing by Dan on how, he felt, that he had “perfected” a situation for the dilemma.

Well maybe a little bit of a background to my man Dan. His bottom is his wife, Serena, to whom he has been married to for coming ten years. They were Secondary School sweethearts and unlike many of the spanking couples I know, they had already indulged in a little spanking in their teenage years. I guess they both shared the same fetish and were lucky to have met at such a young age. Therefore it was not to anyone's surprise that their marriage had a domestic discipline element to it.

Anyway back to Dan's sharing. He said that early on in his domestic discipline relationship with his wife, he was also a bit like Peter. In an effort to encourage his wife to be honest about her mistakes to him, he let her off without a spanking whenever she voluntarily confessed. However Dan soon realised that Serena had somehow begun to take advantage of the situation and it appeared that she would manipulate the system by purposely breaking certain rules they had agreed on and then gamely confess to the infraction knowing that she wouldn't be spanked for it. Thus he made a few tweaks to the rules and told Serena that since it was rather evident that she had begun to manipulate the rules, no longer would confession to an infraction be immunity from a spanking. However, in a bid to still encourage honesty, an infraction not confessed to voluntarily would result in a more severe punishment. While it seemed that Serena was agreeable to the new arrangement, it turned out that she had decided that since she was going to be spanked whether she confessed or not, she'd rather take her chances and not confess at all. And so it was for a few months that Serena did not confess to a single infraction. Now Dan had noticed this and somehow sensed that Serena had in fact chosen not to tell him since it would have gotten her a spanking anyway. Dan had in fact expected this, and kept quiet for the time being for he knew that she would slip up sooner or later. And when she did, he would make sure that she would regret not getting the spanking in the first place.

Like all lies and hidden truths, it wasn't long before Serena did slip up. She had forgotten about a parking fine that she had received and as the car was in Dan's name, a reminder was sent to his name. Now it was not a major infraction, compared to the other rules that they had, but Dan jumped upon this opportunity to make sure she would regret keeping the truth from him. So when he confronted her about the forgotten parking fine, Serena seemed rather nonchalant about it, merely brushing it off as something she had forgotten. She even taunted him with a “So I guess I am gonna get a spanking this time for this” which made Dan more incensed. Dan wondered if her taunt was because she had forgotten that this spanking would be more severe since Dan had found out about it before she had told him. But nevertheless he kept quiet about it and led her over his knee. Now, a parking fine in their rules was simply a minor infraction and the punishment for it merely consisted of a otk handspanking over what she was wearing, followed by a bare bottom hand spanking. So by the time Dan was done with the spanking, Serena had only winced a couple of times. She even gave a smug look when Dan put her in the corner. Looking at her actions, Dan smiled to himself for he knew that she had forgotten all about the second part which was to come for not confessing to the parking fine earlier. So he let her “enjoy” her smug attitude for the next ten minutes in the corner. Once Dan told her that her corner time was finished, Serena casually walked back to the couch to grab her shorts to put back on. However before she could reach them, Dan pulled her over his knee again. Seemingly shocked, Serena struggled as Dan held her down and reminded her that her punishment was not over as the earlier punishment was merely for the parking fine. This time Dan rained the handspanks on her bottom much harder on her already pinkish bare bottom and for a longer time. By the time the handspanking was over, Serena had already began to tear. The smug attitude she had earlier had also disappeared. Oh but the punishment was still not yet over as Dan took out the hairbrush began to spank her already-red bottom, alternating between each butt cheek. A couple of spanks with the hairbrush was all it took for the tears to start falling and for Serena to beg for Dan to stop. So Dan stopped but only momentarily to remind her that honesty was still the best policy even though she would still get a spanking, and also told her that if she had confessed to him earlier about the parking fine, she would have only gotten the handspanking and not the hairbrush. To make sure that she got his message this time, Dan gave her twenty more hard spanks with the hairbrush which she had to count aloud. Serena was a blubbering mess after the hairbrush but definitely not smug at all. As she sobbed over his lap, apologising repeatedly and saying that she had learnt her lesson, Dan told her that he would give her another chance with the honesty. He told her that apart from the parking fine, he was sure that there were other infractions that she had kept from him. He gave her two weeks to confess to everything and promised that the spanking she would get for them, would be as if she had confessed to them in the first place. But he warned that if she did not take up his offer and he found out after the two weeks, she would get a spanking much worse than the one she had just received. Serena did take up the offer and over the next two weeks, Dan reckoned that there were at least ten other infractions that she 'fessed up to. There was however one infraction which she did not confess to, and Dan found out only much later. Serena would go on to regret it, but that's a story on its own. Anyway, after that incident, it turns out that while Serena does still keep certain infractions a secret, but the honesty is much better Dan reckons.

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