Another spanking the foreign bride story

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As promised.....another real life spanking story for your reading pleasure.  An yes, I am still suffering the after-effects of a severe bout of flu.  In any case.....I should not bore you further.  One last thing.  To a certain “spanko friend” in Singapore:  This is not the story I promised you earlier, there is some issue with my notes on that story and I need to confirm certain facts before I post it.  Apologies.

There was a time, that sadly seems quite long ago, when I was a 17 year old spanko with not much spanking experiences to speak of.  Which is really not the point of this story but rather just wanted to type that sentence.  (Pardon my nonsense)  But the reason for me saying this is because I personally believe that when one is relatively inexperienced to spanking, certain encounters stay in one's mind. 

One such as this:

I was rather young an impressionable then and mixed with a small group of older spankos.  And with their rather “old-ish” conversations came a topic about foreign brides from China.  I think the trend has kinda died down here in Singapore but then matchmaking was all the rage even though it hadn't reached the peak of its popularity yet.  So a couple of them were sharing about how their own friends had been fleeced by the foreign brides they had gotten through the matchmaking agencies.  And then they went on and on about how their friends would complain that the China brides were quite a handful and not easy to handle.  (Which personally, now that I know better........not all matchmaking affairs turn sour.......but ah I digress.)  So being the na├»ve and young guy, I casually thought aloud about whether a spanko would have the same problem.  There were chuckles all round as they seemed rather amused by my thoughts and one of them, Joe, kind of reckoned that it be best if I “experienced” that answer to my question.  I really did not know what he meant then.........

But a couple of days later I got a call from him asking if I was free to go meet a friend with him.  I knew it must have had something to do with our previous conversation but knowing him, I did not probe and merely went along. 

As we were on our way to this friend's house Joe told me a bit about him.  He was Mr Aw, a semi-retired trader/businessman of sorts, who was in his late 40s.  He had spent his youth chasing the dollar and thus was never married.  Until he got hitched with his China-bride about two years prior to our meeting with him that day.  But more on him later.

Anyway so Joe, being the the guy that he was told me that at his cue I was to ask Mr Aw a certain question.  Well the question went something like “So I heard that many people are having problems handling their China wives, are you facing the same problem?”  I mean come on.........”handling”?  It wasn't some pet or animal that we were talking about.  But Joe's grin and repeated asking for me to play along got the better of me.

So we reached Mr Aw's place, a penthouse in one of the condominiums, and we were introduced.  Mr Aw didn't look that old but his wife looked really young.  If I hadn't known better about the legal laws with matchmaking, I would have guessed that she was younger than me.  (She was 19, for those who are wondering.) 

As we sat down opposite Mr Aw on the sofa, I kinda sort of felt that the “question” that Joe had wanted me to ask was already answered.  I mean, Mrs Aw was by Mr Aw's side, hand holding his arm, from the time we entered the home.  Furthermore, as we were seating down, Mr Aw had settled himself into the sofa opposite us and Mrs Aw was about sitting down next to him when he told her to serve us drink in a “how-could-you-forget-this” kind of tone and as she got up to get the drinks, he planted a rather mild spank of her bottom as he shook his head looking at us and said, “Tsk, must remind her still.”  I mean if he could so much as plant a smack on her bottom there an then in front of us, would it really have been rocket science to guess that he spanked her? 

Oh but noooo, Joe still had to try to rib me into asking the question.  As somewhere in the midst of his small-talk-cum-catching-up conversation with Mr Aw, Joe suddenly went “so our young friend here has a burning question he has been wanting to ask you” as he jab me with his elbow.  It really sounded stupid but I kinda managed to pull the question off.  And from the chuckling I sort of guess, Joe and Mr Aw were in on something which I had no knowledge about.  But anyway, Mr Aw's reply was that he'd answer that question when the drinks had arrived. 

So as soon the drinks were served and Mrs Aw had taken a seat beside Mr Aw, he spoke to her in mandarin that he was just about to share what happens when she was naughty.  But since she was here, maybe she could show us what happens when she is naughty.

Mrs Aw seems hesitant, giving an embarrassed smile, as she stands up turns around and lifts her skirt up, revealing a thong and a rather shapely but red bottom.  And as if to further prove his point, Mr Aw give her bottom a few spanks as he asks her if she deserves the spankings.  To which she replies with a “yes” in between her gasps from the spanks.  And he pushes it somemore but asking “why”, to which she replies because she has been naughty.  Seemingly satisfied, he asks her to sit back down.  I was sure she must have been embarrassed, but she did not really show it. 

It wasn't long before the doorbell rang.......looking at Joe's face, I knew it couldn't have been a coincidence.  Read on you will understand.

Mr Aw got up to see who it was and returned with a white envelope, supposedly couriered over.  It apparently was some results of sorts.  Mr Aw, had sent Mrs Aw for some English course.  The results of a couple of tests Mrs Aw had been given during her course were in that white envelope.  The results were dismal.  Terrible in fact.  So seizing the opportunity, Mr Aw decided to punish her there and then. 
He made her remove her skirt and it was over the knee for a handspanking which lasted quite a while and she was sobbing by the time the spanking was over. 

Which was kinda a cue for us to leave, as Joe stood up nudging me as we thanked Mr Aw for his time and Joe said to give him some privacy.  Mrs Aw was by then bent over the sofa and he was welding the cane. 

We left and till this day.......I am so sure that it was rigged.  I am so sure that Joe and Mr Aw had arranged for the test results to be couriered that day.  But......they never did admit it.  Personally, I did have some questions for him........but I never had a chance to ask.  Personally, I kinda was not very comfortable with how the relationship was.  I am not judging or anything but kinda just feel that in domestic discipline relationships, or any other relationships, mutual consent is very important.  And I did feel a little that Mrs Aw didn't have much choice........being away from her homeland and all, plus being a “paid-for” bride.  That being said..........I didn't hang out with them much either after that.  Kinda didn't agree a little with some of their perceptions and value with regards to domestic discipline. 

Spankable Pictures 007

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Dear readers,
Apologies for the lack in posts.......yours truly has been near to incapacitated from a severe bout of flu.  A new real life spanking story will be posted by Monday or Tuesday.......but meanwhile......something for you to think about.......

It appears Taiwanese celebrities are more fetish-inclined than our celebs in Singapore.......

I really dunno her name except I know she is a Taiwanese celeb. I kinda wonder..........could celebs who agree to such photo shoots (bondage-like or sm or spankable poses) be really vanillas????

And here she is in a rather spankable pose...............

Now if only the variety shows in Singapore were as wild as in Taiwan........

Witnessing A Female Colleague's Spanking

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Dear readers, as promised.......another real life spanking story for you.

For many of us corporate “rats”, we spend the bulk of our days holed up in our tiny little cubicle slaving away for a miserable pay packet which never seems enough.  And though we spend so much time in office and with our colleagues, it never ceases to amaze me that if we do take a minute to ponder, we would soon realise that there are many things that we do not know about our colleagues.  I mean, we spent almost an equal amount of time with them as we spend with our families, but yet despite all that time spent with them.........a lot of times, colleagues are so familiar yet also such strangers to us.  And especially in Singapore, with spanking being such a closeted phenomenon, two spankos could be sitting side by side in office for more than ten years without knowing that the other is a fellow spanko...............

Though sometimes.........with keen observation and a little luck............we do stand a tiny chance of uncovering certain fetishes that our fellow colleagues would in the case of Damien.

In the first year of his first job, Damien took a particular interest in his observance of a colleague named Adeline.  She wasn't the prettiest in his office, well she was attractive but not the most attractive, she was a good 8 years older than him and technically she wasn't just his colleague, but in a way was his superior.  Well his observation wasn't the romantic kind either, it was just that he noticed a certain trend in her “actions and dressing” as he would call it.  Most of the time Adeline would be dress in typical ladies office wear – a shirt with either pants or the kinda office skirt which accentuates the curve of one's bum (I dunno what its officially called).  But every now and then, there would be a certain time where for a couple of days in a row, she would wear dresses which flowed freely from the waist downwards (pardon my lack of knowledge in fashion).  At first Damien assumed that it was probably “the time of the month” for her and wearing something fitting must have been rather uncomfortable.  Then he soon realised that the “duration” and “frequency” that she wore those dresses did not make his assumption of it being her “time of the month” logical.  And after further observation, he noticed that whenever she wore those dresses, Adeline would always sit on a cushion on her chair.  Sitting down on the chair would always be a slower and more careful process when she was wearing the dresses.  Now he didn't really think it that time, but he occasionally joked to himself and a few of his close spanko friends that he thought Adeline was probably getting spanked sometimes.  But it was nothing more than a laugh and he didn't for a single moment think that Adeline really was getting spanked.  Personally I would have thought that the way Adeline talked about her husband would have given some subtle hints but Damien reckons that it never occurred to him then that she may have really been a spanked wife.  He thinks it probably was because she was in a position of authority in office and thus the though of her getting spanked just would not have crossed his mind at that point in time.

Nevertheless, nature has its way of revealing life's secrets............

In the fourth year of his job, Damien got to know John (who was actually Adeline's husband but he didn't know yet) through his close friend Benny.  Together with Daryl (another close friend), they formed a rather close frienship and bonded over (one of the typical Singaporean past-times) mahjong.  They played quite frequently, at times twice a week, but it wasn't just mahjong that bonded them, they were all very much spankos.  And the conversations they had over mahjong were spanking-filled talk.

And it was during one of their mahjong sessions that Damien would soon realise that John was actually Adeline's husband.

They usually played at Benny's place and that day was like any usual mahjong day.  They were only halfway through the first round when John got a call on his handphone.  It turned out to be John's broker who had called to inform him that one of his accounts was in the red and payment was urgently needed.  It was actually the account that Adeline traded with, the broker knew but his previous calls to Adeline had been to no avail, and as his superior was pressing him to settle this, he called John in a desperate attempt.  It was no small amount, 200k or around there, and John had not known about this in the first place.  Nevertheless, knowing that the broker was in a spot, John gave his permission for the broker to transfer the amount from his other accounts.  However, John was rather irritated and decided to give Adeline a call to question her about it.  What transpired next was a rather blackened face John in an argument with Adeline on the phone (Damien reckons he could hear Adeline screaming on the other end) which ended rather abruptly with Adeline slamming the phone down on him.  John seethed as he put down his handphone and commented that he was so going to give her a spanking when he reached home.  The four of them continued with the mahjong game of course, and there were a couple of smses exchanged between John and Adeline.  Then suddenly John asked them, in the midst of the second round, if they could stop the game and go along with him to be an “audience” while he spanked his wife.  Damien and Daryl gave puzzled looks, but Benny (who had probably been an “audience” before for John) just chuckled told John that well he'd better explain to Damien and Daryl what he meant to “help them get over their shock”.  So John told them that every now and then, his wife needed a "punishment with a little humiliation" to put her back in her place.  And by humiliation, he meant getting her spanked infront of an audience.  Well of course Damien and Daryl readily agreed, it was something that they had not witnessed before.  So John called Adeline (it turned out that when John called Adeline to ask about the account, Adeline jumped into some sort of attitude defensive mode and started being a little to much of a tart to John, and the smses were her apology for her compulsiveness and attitude) and he told her on the phone that the issue with the account was settled, but she was going to get it from him for the account and the attitude.  Then he told her that he was bringing a few guys to “see her get punished” and so she was to be “in position” waiting for them to come back.

When they reached John's home, Adeline was in the corner of the living room face to the wall and her hands folded behind her back. Up til that moment Damien still did not have any knowledge that he was about to witness his colleague (superior in fact) receive a spanking. It wasn't until after they were seated and John took Adeline by the arm and turn her to face them that Damien realised who John's wife was. He choked on his saliva as his eyes met Adeline's who herself was rather shock and try to plead with John if they could not do this this time as she whispered to John that Damien was her colleague. Bad mistake, John chuckled as he found that it would aid even more Adeline's lesson in humiliation. But Adeline persisted in her pleading even as John instructed her to strip to her bra and panties, but a hard slap to her bottom end her pleadings almost immediately. Adeline knew better than to worsen the punishment that she was about to receive, and quickly stopped her protests and removed her outer clothing. Standing in her match bra and thongs (it was the norm for them when she was to be punished in front of “guests”. John kept her intimates for his own viewing pleasure and so the thong ensured that Adeline got the bare-bottomed punishment with her intimates covered.) Adeline cast her eyes downward, trying to forget that Damien was one of the “guests”, as her face burned with embarrassment.

Not wasting anymore time, John pulled a straight back chair to the centre sat down and pointed to the floor in front of him. Adeline knelt down, hands folded behind her back, as John verbally chastised her for the “rubbish attitude” and her “lack of responsibility”. Damien sat wide-eyed as he saw Adeline, the rather outspoken and fiesty lady he knew in office, respond meekly to John ever-so-politely with her “Yes Sir”, “No Sir” and “I'm sorry Sir”. Hell she was never that polite or meek to her own boss.

As soon as the verbal chastisement finished, the physical punishment ensued.

“Over my lap” was all that John needed to bark out as Adeline draped herself over his knee and braced herself. There were never any warm up spanks during a punishment, and soon enough Adeline was heard gasping and owwwing before the handspankings were through. She was put in the corner for five minutes as John went to get his implements and get the guys some drinks. Next was the belt which he made Adeline bend over the chair for. This time the gasps were louder and Damien could hear Adeline sniffling as the belt landed on her bottom. Damien lost count at 30 strokes but Adeline was sure crying by the time John had finished with the belt and put her back in the corner for another five minutes. The strap was next in the same position and buckets of tears as the countless strokes went by. Adeline's bottom was bright red by the time she revisited the corner again. The cane was last the only implement with a pre-determined number of strokes – 40 and John made her count them all. It started with ten in the lunge position, another ten as she touched her toes and the last twenty as she bent over the back of the chair. The embarrassment was made worse as John made Adeline face the trio and thank them for coming to witness her punishment.

A day later back in office, the initial contact was awkward as Damien tried to pretend that nothing happened when he saw Adeline, but soon enough they were back to normal. Though he noticed she was in a flowy dress once again and that good old cushion was once again there at her chair.

Apparently the working relationship between Adeline and Damien got better.  I guess somehow when secrets are out of the closet between certain individuals........the less reserved they are.  It got to a point where Damien could casually ask Adeline (when she came in her dresses or the cushion was on the chair) if she got punished.  And Adeline would reply matter-of-factly and they would chat a little about her punishment.

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Dear Readers, sincerest apologies over one of my longest absences.  Due to unforseen and extremely unfortunate circumstances, dear ol' spankalot was "locked out" of the blogosphere.  Fortunately, things are looking up and if all goes well, I should have another story for you tomorrow.  At the same time, for all my contacts on yahoo....if you were wondering why I have not been online....I was locked out and had a little difficulty getting my password up.  Well the good news is, I am back on!!!! are some lovely spankables for your viewing pleasure.

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