Spanking Program to curb sleeping around

Sunday, August 10, 2008 · 4 comments

This is a personal story about how a friend of mind entered a “program” with me to help curb her flirtatious ways. This was her first encounter with adult discipline.

I was over at a friend's place, Jamie, fixing her computer one evening when she was lamenting about how she got another infection “down there” three times that month. (We were close as siblings so no topic was taboo!) Being a concerned friend, I queried further and it turned out that her nympho-tendencies had been unleashed and she had been sleeping around. It had been happening for the past six months and she reckoned that the infections had been a-few-times-a-month affair. While I have my own theories of why she turned out like that but I shall not digress. It a probably had something to do with a bad break-up with her ex around the same time that the sleeping around started.

She continued that she wanted to stop it but somehow could not control herself. Everytime she headed to the clubs with her girl friends she would somehow lose all inhibitions and would wake up the next day at another unknown stranger's place. Couldn't her girl friends help her and try to stop her whenever they clubbed? Apparently they had tried numerous times previously and had just given up. They even chided her whenever they met up a few days after but somehow it did not help. Her girl friends had all given up and had jokingly termed her the nymph.

Now she knew about my alternative lifestyle (though she never showed much interest) as I normally casually talked about it and so I just casually matter-of-factly commented that if “I had it my way, you bottom would be so red you wouldn't even step into the clubs for a while.” It wasn't the first time I had commented that way but to my surprise this time............she looked me straight in the eye and asked,”Do you really think it would help?” Now it wasn't the first time she had joked about such things and I gave my usual reply of “Now you wouldn't want to go there, you'd never want to find yourself over my knee would you”, which would have normally ended the conversation with us having a laugh. But this time she seemed to be really considering it for she continued with “No you think if I...........(voice trails off as if thinking)” Sensing something I stopped what I was doing and looked at her asking “Now don't tell me you are seriously thinking of that?” As if unsure, she looked down and told me that she had been considering it but didn't know how to broach the topic. I told her then that she was like a sister to me and I would gladly “help” her if she wanted but she had to be sure. I added that I would not want to start something that I could not finish. If she wasn't serious I would not even bother trying. I also warned her that if we began a “program” together there was no turning back on it. She kept quiet, looking down, as if in deep thought about what I had said. Therefore wanting to make sure that she would not making some decision in haste, I got up (wanting to make my way home) and told her that she'd probably think about it first and let me know again if she really intended to start such a program. But as I was walking towards the door, she suddenly blurted out “No, I am sure. Whatever it takes to stop this.” It was getting very late, thus we agreed to talk about it the next day over lunch her place.

The next day, I worked out a simple program for her to try out for three months. She headed to the clubs literally every Fridays and Saturdays. If it was not to the clubs, it would be to some house party. Therefore each time before she headed out to the clubs, I would give her a pre-emptive punishment. A 5 minute otk handspanking which consisted of 1 minute of warm up one her panties and four minutes on her bare. After that, she would go on to meet her friends at whichever club they were going for the night. I knew two of the ladies whom Jamie clubbed with and therefore I told them to inform me whenever she ended up leaving with a guy. (Jamie and myself did not tell them what the exact program was about, and they just thought I was helping her count how many times she ended up sleeping around!) If she made it back to her own place, then all was fine. But if she ended up at another guy's place having sex, she would receive a punishment on Sunday. For each night that Jamie slept around, she received a 5minute bare bottomed otk handspanking, 10 strokes of the belt (as she bent over the edge of the couch with only her bra on) and 10 strokes of the cane (as she went on her hand and knees on the dining table) in the nude. This was considered a set. If she slept around on Fri and Sat, she would get 2 sets of punishments one after the other.

For the first month, Jamie only managed to stay celibate on the first weekend. On the next two Sundays she received one set of punishment each. Come the fourth Sunday, she had slept around on both Fri and Sat. I wasn't getting to her. Therefore at the end of the caning of her 2nd set, I lectured her that while she had shown promise at the start of the month, the punishments appeared to be too mild and she did not seemed to be trying. I warned her that i had decided that from the next month onward, the pre-emptive punishments would be more severe and it would be worse if she did not even make any effort to stop sleeping around.

During the next pre-emptive punishment, I made her remove all her clothing before giving her the handspankings. I increased the strength of my spanks and she was crying by the time I was done. I made kneel in the corner with her hands on her head for five minutes. After that, I called her over my lap once more. She appeared shocked but obeyed nonetheless. As she laid over my lap, I reminded her that I had told her earlier that it would be more severe this time. She nodded but begged not to be spanked again. To her surprise, I said I agreed that she should not be spanked again. Now she probably thought I was scaring her by putting her over my lap again for she turned back and gave me a smile. But then I continued, “Yes I agree you should not be spanked again tonight, because you will be getting twenty with the my ruler.” I could feel her body freeze and stiffen. I gave her twenty hard strokes with the ruler and made her count every single stroke. I let her lay over my lap crying for a couple of minutes before I helped her up and sat her down beside me. I lifted her tear-stained face up by her chin and looked into her eyes. I told her that she would be getting the same thing the next day before she clubbed and it would be much much worse if I had to punish her again on Sunday. I added that she would not want to find out what I had in store for her if she went ahead with her sexcapades once more.

And it did work. For the next two months, she came straight home after the clubbing and even her friends were amazed. When I asked her how she managed to keep herself from flirting and sleeping with the guys at the clubs, she said that it was the sting of the punishments which lingered that kept her in check. Jamie wanted to continue with the program and we did. She however slipped up somewhere in the fifth month. Therefore on that Sunday when I appeared at her place for her punishment, to my surprise I found her kneeling at the corner of the living room in only her bra and panties (She had passed me a key sometime earlier). Amused I walked over and asked her what was she doing. It turns out that the past months of punishments had brought out an interest in her. She had begun to research online with regards to domestic discipline and came across the idea of presenting herself for her punishment in hope of some mercy when punished. She knew that it would be a severe punishment this time and had hoped that her actions would spare her bottom from a bit of redness. I gave a smile and told her that it would depend on how cooperative she was during the punishment. With that I began her punishment.

I ordered her to strip of her bra and panties and to kneel by the sofa with her hands on her head facing me and looking up at me. She had already began to tear as I sat there lecturing her.

After I was done with the lecturing, I took out two pegs from my bag and clip one on each of her nipple. She was told to remain extremely still for 30mins. Jamie however began to fidget and thus I took out my crop and gave her two quick swats on each butt cheek everytime she figeted. I think she received at least ten swats. After that, I removed the pegs and took her over my knee for a 5minute handspanking, following which she was made to stand in the corner with her hands clasped behind her back for ten minutes.

She was then made to touch her toes as I gave her twenty strokes of ruler on each of her thighs and then she was put into the corner again for another ten minutes.

I then made her turn around, spread her legs and put her hands on her head. I gave her five swats on each of her breasts and then ten on her pussy. (*Disclaimer, please do not try this at home. Punishments to such areas are only for the experienced and the strength of each swat is much lighter than on the bottom*) She was already crying by this time and kept promising that she would not do it again. As I put her back into the corner, I told her that she was only half way thru her punishment but the rest of her punishments would be solely on her bottom.

I laid out five implements (a belt, a spatula, a leather strap, a paddle, and a cane) on the couch and made her kneel before them. I told her that she would receive 20 strokes with each. The cane would be the last implement and she was free to choose the order of the rest. Before each implement she would stand before me with her hands on her head, as I sat a chair, and say “I have been a slut and need to be punished. Please warm my bottom for the implement.” I would then spank her bottom, as she stood there, for about a minute. Then she would crawl on her hands and knees to the couch and choose one implement. She would then crawl back, kneel infront of the chair and say “Please punish me severely with this, I deserve it.” As received each stroke, she was to count aloud followed with “I have been a cheap slut, I deserve to be punished. I will not sleep around again.” After each implement, she would go over my knee and say “Thank you for punishing me, please reinforce my punishment.” Then I would give her another one minute of handspankings. After that she would have 5minutes of corner time before the whole cycle began with a new implement. She was bawling her eyes out by the end of the first implement but she took every single stroke and every implement.

At the end, I laid her over my lap on the couch and rubbed some cream on her very red bottom as she sniffled. After that punishment, Jamie managed to stay six months without sleeping or flirting around. In fact she even frequented the clubs less.

There is more to Jamie's story which I will put in another post. So meanwhile, keep spanking.

Jake and Julia - A punishment with an audience.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008 · 2 comments

A few days ago, I received a call from Jake. He asked if I was free over the weekend as he “needed an audience”. It was kind of a lingo which meant that Julia was due for a severe punishment and he wanted an audience to increase the humiliation factor which would act as a deterrence against further repetition of a specific infraction. This was a practice that a group of us spankos recently incorporated into our punishment routines. I agreed and it was set for Saturday 8pm at Jake's place.

I arrived together with the rest of the guys and some of their partners (a few of the guys sometimes bring their partners as a form of warning of what they too could be expecting if they repeatedly broke a certain rule). As we went into the living room, Jake was there with Julia to meet us. She was in a mini tank top and a thong. This was a normal attire for Julia to wear when there were spanko guests if she had just been punished. To Jake the thong added to the humiliation factor which allowed everyone to see that she had recently been punished.

As we sat down on the couches, Julia knelt beside Jake's chair with her hands on her head and her bottom facing us. Jake thanked us for our presence and went on to explain the reason for Julia's punishment. It turned out that Julia had gone for her friend's birthday party over the previous weekend at a club. Jake had made her promise that she would control herself (she can be quite wild at times) , refrain from drinking too much, and be home by 4am. Julia had gotten drunk many a times before and Jake warned that the punishment would be a severe one if she broke her promise this time. Of course Julia did not heed Jake's warning. She only made it back at 6am, had to be helped by two friends and puked all over the front door. To make things worse, as Jake got her out of her clothes, Julia's panties were not there. She had apparently took it off and gave it to a guy at the club over a dare with her friends. It was no wonder that Jake was fuming. She had been punished three times following that incident and this was to be a final stern reminder never to repeat such a mistake. Though Jake did not elaborate on the three punishments, they must have been quite harsh as we could still see faint red blotches and line across her bottom. After Jake had explained Julia's infraction, he took her over his knee and began to spank her bottom for about two minutes. Following that, he told Julia that she had 5minutes to get ready and passed her the key to the basement. Julia hurried off in silence.

When we got to the basement, Julia was kneeling on the floor beside the spanking bench with her hands on her head. Neatly arranged on the spanking bench were two canes, a leather strap, a crop, a flogger, a belt, a switch and a paddle. As we took our seats, Julia's punishment began.

She was made to strip off her top and her thong.

The punishments were dished out with Julia in a variety of positions that Jake instructed her to assume. When she had assumed the position, she was to say “I am ready for my punishment Sir. Please punish me severely for my mistake.” And with each stroke that was given, she was to count aloud followed by a “Thank you Sir.” Each stroke not counted or counted wrongly resulted in Jake starting the punishment all over again. After each punishment, Julia would go “Thank you Sir for punishing me. I am sorry for coming home drunk, disobeying the curfew you set for me and acting like a slut in the club. I am ready for my next punishment.” Julia would then be made to remain in the position for 5mins. If she moved out of the position, Jake would give her a 1minute otk handspanking before moving on to the next punishments.

The punishments went on in this order:

First Julia put her hands on the spanking bench and pushed her bottom out for ten strokes of the belt.

Next he made her touch her toes for ten smacks of the paddle. As staying in that position was not possible with all the blood rushing to one's head, Julia was made to kneel with her hands behind her back after the punishment.

Following soon after, Julia was made to go in the doggy position with her face turned to the side, touching the floor and facing us. Jake then gave her ten smacks of the crop on each of her back thighs. We could see tears streaming down her face as she sobbed.

Julia was then made to in a chair as Jake gave the front of each of her thighs 10 smacks. There was no rest time as Jake made her widen her legs and he proceeded to give ten smacks to each of her inner thighs. Julia loss count twice and thus receiving almost 20plus strokes to each of her inner thighs.

Next came the rack. Julia's hands were secured above her and she was made to face us. She was instructed to look straight at us and not to close her eyes. You would have been able to see the humiliation on her face. 15 hard strokes of the strap was given. With each stroke she had to push her bottom back out towards Jake for the next stroke. The strap must have burned as she could not stop wriggling after the punishment and Jake gave her a quick one minute handspanking in that position for not keeping still.

Then Jake took the flogger and went on to whip her breast 20 times. After the whipping, Jake took two pegs and clipped one on each nipple. The tightness of the peg made Julia wriggle and once again Jake gave her another one minute handspanking for not keeping still.

The switch was used next as Jake striped Julia's back and calves 20 times each. By this time, Julia was already crying and the tears were streaming non-stop down her face.

Jake released her from the rack and Julia was made to get into the diaper position on the floor and Jake gave ten strokes of the cane on the back of each of her thighs. Her thighs looked like a zebra by the time Jake was done.

At the end, Julia got on her hands and knees on the spanking bench for a final 15 strokes of the other cane on her bottom. As usual with Jake, the final three strokes were in rapid succession and were the hardest. Julia lost count towards the end and could not continue counting due to her crying. Jake let her cry in that position for about 5mins till she calmed her crying down to sobs. Knowing that Julia would not be able to maintain the position for another 15 strokes. Jake told her that he would give her one final stroke. Then she would owe him another 15 strokes which she was to ask him for it anytime before the end of Aug. If she forgot to ask for the 15 strokes by the end of Aug, Jake would give her 30 strokes on 1 Sep.

With that the punishment was over. Julia thanked us for being present for her punishment. As we made our way out, Jason (one of the spankos who was present with his with Sue) placed one hand on Sue's bottom and said,” You can be expecting something similar if you max out your credit card again”.

I don't think Julia has asked for her 15strokes yet, let's hope she does for her own sake, but Jake has decided to give her a maintenance spanking every night before bed for the next whole month. I don't think Julia is going to want to drink anytime soon.

Jake and Julia domestic discipline - Introductory Discipline

Tuesday, August 5, 2008 · 0 comments

Do you know what happens when an older guy marries a younger lady? Well it is either the younger lady walks all over the guy (which is most of the time), or the older guy takes the young lady in hand. My friend Jake married a younger lady and they embarked on a journey of DD. It was a long story he related to me sometime back.........I have had to split it into parts. This is part 1........

Jake was a rich.....period. He had spent a good part of his years building up his father's business (Jake asked that I did not name the industry or business) and thus only got married two years ago at the age of 40. His wife, Julia, was 15 years younger than him. She was the daughter of one of his business associates who had introduced them two years earlier. However, before they got married, Jake and Julia stayed together for about a year to try out a domestic discipline (DD) lifestyle. Julia was a spoilt little brat and although she was fun to be with, Jake did not want a spoilt little brat for a wife. As she loved him to bits, Julia agreed to try out DD.

On the first day that Julia moved in, Jake sat her down and Jake explained to her what DD was all about and what was to be expected.

Once that once done and agreed with, Jake brought her to the basement which he term “the room”. In it were where he kept his implements. In it, he also had a spanking bench and a rack. The room was locked at all time, the maid had no access, which meant that Julia would have to keep the room clean as well. Jake also told Julia that she would be introduced to the sting of each implement in no time.

Now Julia had never been spanked in her life, therefore Jake decided on an introductory spanking to let her feel what was to come. So after they had showered and prepared for bed, Jake sat on the edge of the bed and took Julia over his knee. He gave her a one minute mild handspanking over her panties and then gave her twenty medium spanks on her bare bottom. It only reddened her bottom slightly but Julia had already teared, most probably due to the shock and sting for the first time. He then gave her a five minute corner time before they went to bed.

For the next one month, Jake gave her a two minute bare-bottomed maintenance handspanking twice a day (in the morning before breakfast at 8am and at night before bed at 11pm). Each time, Julia was to be fully naked and kneeling at the side of the bed with her hands behind her back, waiting for Jake. On the dot, Jake would put her over his knee for the spanking. Julia was to be kneeling by the bed five minutes before the time. If she was not, Jake would give her a ten smacks with a wooden hairbrush.

As long as there were no guests, all Julia was allowed to wear in the house was a t-shirt and her panties. After breakfast, Julia would have to clean the master room, which included the toilet. After she was done, she was to be naked on her hands and knees in the middle of the master room, and wait for Jake to inspect at 10am. There were five main places that were checked – 1. The bed had to be set properly, 2. The floor had to be dust-free, 3. The bathtub had to be dry, 4. The basin had to be dry, and 5. The toilet floor had to be dry. For each of the places, Julia would receive 2 strokes of the belt if it was not cleaned properly. Regardless of whether it was cleaned properly or not, at the end of the inspection Julia would get another minute of handspanking to remind her that she had to keep the master room clean.

After that Julia would go to the study where she would read up on DD while Jake attended to his business. After lunch, Julia would be taken to the basement where she would receive ten strokes of a new implement each day. After that, Julia would have to clean the basement. After she had cleaned the basement, she would then be given five strokes of the belt to remind her that the basement was her responsibility as well. This would wrap up most of Julia's punishments until before bed time where she got her two minute spanking before bed. This was what Jake called an introductory month for Julia. Although Julia had cried her eyes out during most of the punishments, Julia did not bolt and continued to stay on.

After one month of the introductory, Jake made some changes to the routine. It is too long to add to this post, so stay tune.

A spanking return from hospitalisation


Dear readers, sincerest apologies for not posting recently but unfortunately I was recently hospitalised and was unable to make it near to any computer. Oh well.......I shall not go into the reason for my hospitalisation lest it defeats the purpose of this blog.

So I have a few real life spanking stories lined up so stay tuned.

Meanwhile, I witnessed one of the most intriguing scene two weeks back at one of the shops in the neighbourhood. And seriously I took me aback.

I happened to be at one of those neighbourhood shops that sells everything when I overheard a conversation between a couple not too far away from me. They were standing infront of a bunch of canes (those wispy thin ones with a coloured plastic curved handle which are sold everywhere in Singapore) and the conversation went:

Guy: You'll be getting the cane later so pick one.

Lady: Please dear one more chance? I was already smacked this morning.

Guy: We already discussed this so don't waste time or it is going to be worse!

Lady: (Picking a cane) This one dear.

Guy: Good let's pay and go home.

As they turned away from me towards the counter the guy gave the lady a firm (not hard) pat on her bottom and I noticed that she sort of stiffened slightly. Must have been given one hell of a spanking earlier that morning.

Isn't is this doesn't happen everytime I go to the neighbourhood shops but the next time I go down.........I am gonna keep my ears open! You never know what you may hear.

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