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Wednesday, August 25, 2010 · 3 comments

So hey dear readers, I am back!  It has been a terrible time, work has brought me a few places without access to the internet.  And my dear old trusty personal computer decided to die on me numerous time.  It has been a frustrating time.  Hopefully things will not go awry again and for those who have emailed me, fret not I will reply to you asap.  At the same time, for those on yahoo chat......I am sorry but I have had some trouble logging hangs on me and so while I try to resolve the issue, you may want to email me on for the time being.

While I lost the load of real life stories I have prepared with the “death” of my comp........thankfully I all my notes while “interviewing” the various spankos are handwritten.  So within the next week, you should be seeing my newest real life spanking story. 

Meanwhile.......there has been an interesting load of emails that many of you have sent to me.  Now most of time......the emails start of with “Hi Spankalot or Hi Spanky” and this is usually followed by “I am a (gender and sometimes age) and a little introduction of yourself.  I dunno why almost all of you followed this format for I never asked for it.........could it be that my way of writing has kinda sub-consciously influenced the format of your emails to me?  But in anyways I am not complaining.  Now in the past what would follow after that would be a real life story about your spanko life.  But recently, I have also received a bunch of either one-liners or short-liners.  I mean all I get are you gender and age (if any) and then some short liners like as if my email has become some sort of a confession box cum punishment journal.  Now no offence, but I would love to hear more from you.  Nevertheless, if you'd still rather send me your one-liners/short-liners continue to do so.........

Here is a batch that I have received.  For the sake of clarity, I have put the gender and age (if any) at the front and just copied & paste your short-liners........if there are more in the future I may consider putting this as a regular feature................all contributors are Singaporeans living in Singapore unless otherwise stated.


Female, 32 years old: Was caught speeding last week, husband gave me a hard caning.

Female, 21 years old: I'm a 21 year old girl staying with my mother and her girlfriend.  My parents are divorced.  And my mother's girlfriend spanks me whenever I am rude to my mother.

Male, 33 years old: I spank my boyfriend on a regular basis, especially when he is being extremely bitchy.

Female, 25 years old: My boyfriend suddenly began spanking me as we were having sex in the doggy position.  I must admit I liked it..........

Male, 45 years old: I've always spanked my foreign wife.

Female, 19 years old (Singaporean studying overseas): Spent my $$ on shopping and could not pay the rent.  So the landlord gave me a proposal I could not refuse.  She would spank me on my barebottom and then belt once for each dollar of rent.  In return I would not have to pay any rent.  My rent is weekly so each friday my landlady comes over and she spanks me and belts me like 50 times.

Female: Whenever I make my steady angry, he will always spank me to make up to him.

Female 18: My sugar daddy every now and then when he feels I have been a naughty girl will make me lie on the bed and he will whip my backside with his belt until he is satisfied.

Female: Rough sex with the boyfriend is always with spankings, bondage and whips.  It hurts so bad but also feels so good!


So there you have it......I thank you for your contributions and keep them coming........

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