Watching a friend being spanked

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This is the first part of a long story. A story on its own but part of a long real life experience told to me by someone.

As early as they could remember, Denise and Michelle have been the closest of friends. They grew up in the same neighbourhood and went to the same schools. They even hung out with the same circle of friends. They were what many would term BFFs. Nevertheless their personalities were somewhat different. Denise was more of the quiet reserved type while Michelle was the loud one. Even in the clique that they hung out with, Michelle was somewhat like the defecto “leader” of the group, always standing up for her friends and scolding the boys who teased the more quiet ones, such as Denise, in their clique. To a certain extent Denise looked up to Michelle not only as a friend but sorta as an elder sister kind of way. She envied the way she carried herself, full of confidence in almost everything she did........not the kind that could be taken advantage of or bullied. Michelle was also the more showy one.........knew she looked good in figure-hugging or fitting clothes, or a bikini, and was not shy to show it off. This of course got her the attention of many of the boys in school, and while Michelle got into one relationship after another, Denise always noticed that the boys were always the ones who suffered Michelle's wrath and demands. Never did the boys break up with her, but it was always Michelle who dumped them. In simple words, Michelle was something like the Miss Popular then and Denise was the loyal sidekick of a friend whom Michelle trusted her life with.

And thus, it was very much a surprise for Denise on the day that she saw Michelle's boyfriend take her over his lap and give her a spanking..........

It was after the A levels and school was out! It was going to be a long holiday for them till their results came out and so the girls were planning a trip. Michelle's Australian boyfriend, who was working in Singapore had to return down under for two weeks to settle some issues with his head office. Taking the opportunity, Michelle decided to go with Richard. But she knew that Richard would be working most of the time and therefore decided to ask the girls along. The response was pretty positive at first, but as most of the girls' parents had already made prior arrangements for their own holidays, in the end only Denise and Valarie were able to make it for the trip. Nevertheless, the trio of girls were ecstatic at the thought of an overseas trip together, plus it didn't hurt that lodging was provided for Richard would be staying at some company house. For those who are wondering, Richard was from Perth while his head office was in Melbourne so yep, he didn't have his own home there.

The house was amazing, four bedrooms at least with a big swimming pool. Needless to say, Michelle and Richard occupied one room while the two girls decided to bunk in together in the adjacent rooms. It wasn't too far from town either, considering the fact that neither one of the girls could drive, and the bus was quite convenient. So the first few days, the girls would spend the mornings lounging around the pool and in the afternoon, they would take the bus to town for a little shopping and sightseeing, then in the evening (around 4pm I guess), Richard would meet them for dinner and more sightseeing.

Then came one of the nights of the first week. Richard had a function to attend at night and therefore did not meet them for dinner. Feeling a little tired from all the shopping that they had done for the past few days, the girls ordered dinner in that night and spent the lazing evening having the usual girly chit-chat beside the pool. And then suddenly, Michelle disappeared into the house only to reappear minutes later with wine and glasses. Now, Richard had earlier on explicitly reminded Michelle that the wine was off limits as it was actually the collection of his boss. But Michelle reckoned that, since there were so many bottles......snucking a bottle or two from the back row would not make a difference. Now here is the thing, the trio had not a single clue on the potency of wine. They had only turned 18 that year and rarely had the occasional beer or cocktail at the nightclubs in Singapore. Therefore as they began to become more intoxicated with each glass, they began to become a tad too rowdy. They girlish giggles and screams got louder and louder, as well as the music which they began blasting notch after notch higher with each glass. And with the intoxication came the foolish boldness of youth as they decided to play a game called truth or dare. As the girlish shrieks rang out with each “truth” told, the dares got bolder and bolder. From kissing each other, to screaming something obscene at the top of their lungs to removing their bikini tops, to taking a skinny dip in the pool. It was a fun-filled night for the girls.........but sadly not for the neighbours. The neighbourhood that the company house was in, was actually sort of a “retirement village” with a majority of the residents retired and loved the peace and quiet of the night. Someone must have called the police for soon enough they came knocking on the door.

And as if the timing could not get any better, Richard came driving back soon after. See the cops at the front of the house, he sped up and rushed out of the car as soon as he parked it for he thought something bad had happened (like a burglary or something). Thankfully the cops were understanding enough, considering the fact that the trio were tourists and gave them a warning to tone it down from then on. Now the scare of the police arriving and Richard's timely arrival must have shocked a bit of the alcohol out of their system, for the girlish shrieks and smiles were replaced by serious faces and a quiet demeanour. Looking at the three drenched girls in their bikini, Richard at first laughed it off and explained to them that this was a sleepy neighbourhood and the residents did not take too kindly to too much noise at night. Seeing Richard laugh, Denise and Valarie eased up abit and also giggled. Michelle however was starting to worry inside as she wondered if she would have enough time to hide the bottle when they went back in. Then Richard noticed the slightly blushed faces of the girls and Michelle's nervousness. And so he asked if they had been drinking. Michelle bit her lip and looked down, not daring to look Richard in the eye while thinking of a good enough response. But Denise and Valarie, not knowing that the wine they had earlier was “not to be touched”, responded in unison that it was just a little wine. Hoping that it wasn't the wine he had told Michelle not to touch, he motioned them towards the pool as he put his hand over Michelle's shoulder, and (according to Denise) his face soon bore a scowl once he saw that familiar bottle lying empty by the pool. Keeping quiet for a moment to compose himself, Richard took a couple of deep breaths to calm his anger before telling the girls in a rather firm but calm tone to clear the mess. As they were clearing the mess, Denise and Valarie noticed Richard and Michelle having a rather heated conversation by the side of the pool. Well it wasn't all that heated from both ends. It was more of Richard berating her for taking the wine when he had told her earlier not too, while Denise noticed that Michelle seemed rather subdued, unlike how she would have reacted normally with her previous boyfriends even though she was in the wrong.

And then it happened...................

Just as Denise had heard Richard tell Michelle to finish clearing up the place with Denise and Valarie, and he would settle with her later..........Michelle turned around, hissed “fucking bastard” and kicked one of the glasses near her foot, sending it flying across the pool over the fence and shattering on the road. (At this juncture, I must say that it must have been the little bit of alcohol left in Michelle's head, for she normally did not do that with on, you will understand.) Denise and Valarie turned towards Michelle in shock as Michelle stood there frozen as if regretting what she had just done. At the same moment.....Richard, whose scowl had returned, grabbed Michelle's arm, sat down on the nearest deck chair and pulled Michelle over his knee. Michelle struggled abit as she pleaded with Richard that Denise and Valarie were around. Richard held her down and told her matter-of-factly that she should had thought of that before kicking that cup and calling him a “fucking bastard”. He continued by saying that he had meant to settle this in private but guess he had to do it now. And with that he started spanking her bottom at a fairly moderate speed. Michelle continued with her pleas and struggles which were obviously to no avail. And after one or two minutes of spanking, with Michelle still struggling and pleadings, Richard told her, amidst the continued spanks, that he was going to keep this up until she kept quiet and stopped struggling, and if she still continued he would bare her bottom there and then. Michelle stopped struggling almost immediately and mouthed a rather meek apology. Richard continued to spank her bottom for another minute or two and then stopped. With Michelle still over his knee, he told Michelle that this was just for kicking the cup and for calling him a “fucking bastard”. He then told her that she was to go to the room, get into position and wait for him immediately. And with a last spank on her bottom, Michelle got herself up and walked hurriedly upstairs towards the room without looking at Denise and Valarie. Now Denise and Valarie were still dumbstruck, frozen into their spot, at what they had just seen. It was as if it wasn't the Michelle whom they had known for so long. Then Richard's voice brought them back to reality from their thoughts as he gave them a smile as if nothing had happened and asked if they could clean up the mess on their own without Michelle. Denise and Valarie gave faint smiles and told him not to worry, and with that Richard disappeared towards the room.

Denise and Valarie found their voices back as soon as Richard disappeared and as they cleared up the mess, they talked about what they had just saw, still wondering if they had been dreaming. They soon realised that they had not been dreaming as they went back upstairs towards they room as they heard the familiar sounds of they had heard earlier – the sounds of Richard's hands spanking Michelle's bottom except this time together with those sounds were the sounds of Michelle's voice, crying in pain and pleading. The dividing walls between the rooms were pretty thin, making the sounds clearer when Denise and Valarie were in the room. Sitting up in their beds looking at each other with wide-eyed amazement, the listened to the whole spanking which Richard dished out. They heard the sounds of the spanking and then there was shuffling of feet and then quiet for a bit. And as they laid down thinking that it was over, they soon heard the shuffling of feet and this time a swishing sound followed by a crack and then the cries of Michelle. And Denise and Valarie sat up again, pressing their ears against the wall in a bid to make out the muffled voices of Richard. This happened a few more times, they would lie down as soon as the sounds stopped, only to sit up again once it began again with a different sound but ending with the familiar cries of Michelle. By the time it was over, with only the sounds of Michelle crying left, Denise and Valarie and noticed that almost an hour had passed. As they laid in their beds, they agreed to ask Michelle what all that was about the next day, as they drifted to sleep.

The next morning however, the were once again awoken by the familiar sound of Michelle getting spanked but this time, it last only a couple of minutes and then it stopped. Denise and Valarie laid in bed with eyes opened and only got out after they heard the sound of Richard driving off in his car. As the walked down the stairs they saw Michelle at the pool, lying on her front, sipping a glass of orange juice. She gave a sheepish smile as Denise and Valarie approached. Looking at their faces, which was burning with questions, she heaved a sigh as she got up and said “I know, I know. Let's prepare breakfast first, I will tell you all about it as we eat.”

Over breakfast Michelle went over the what had happened in the room the night before. They were close friends and thus she was as explicit as she could be.

It happened like this...........

After Richard had spanked her at the pool. Michelle had gone up and “assumed the position” which meant off with her clothes and in the corner of the room with her hands on her head. When Richard had come into the room, the first few minutes were him scolding her over the taking of the wine which she was not supposed to. Then he spanked her over his knee for about five minutes. It was back to the corner again. After a couple of minutes in the corner, it was over Richard's knee again but this time a spanking with the hairbrush, then it was back to the corner again. After that, she had to bend over the edge of the bed, and Richard gave her ten lashes with the belt. After another round in the corner, Michelle had to get on all fours on the bed and Richard gave her 15 spanks with a wooden ruler. Again she had to go into the corner again and after that was the last one which saw Michelle lying on the bed and receiving ten strokes with a plastic rod. Then she was left in the corner for the last time before the punishment was over. The next morning, what the girls had heard was actually a spanking which Richard had decided that he was going to give Michelle every morning before he went off to work to remind her not to create anymore trouble. To top it off, he was going to have to buy another bottle of the wine to replace the one that they had drank. And because it was some expensive wine, Richard promised her one stroke of the cane for each dollar the wine cost.

The girls listened in surprise, not only at what Michelle had told them, but also rather how Michelle had said it. It was as if she was quite accepting of it. As they thought to themselves, they realised that the Michelle not too long ago would have definitely given her boyfriend hell and would have slapped him the moment he even tried to pull her over his knee. And so they threw question after question at Michelle over what that was all about and why? Understanding they curiosity, she answered each question patiently. And told them about how it all started for them. And with the revelations, soon came some understanding for Denise and Valarie on the subtle changes that the girls had noticed in Michelle recently. Back in Singapore they had gone out with Michelle and Richard once or twice, and noticed that she treated Richard different from the rest of her ex boyfriends. She seemed more accomodating.............and to a certain extent, also more polite. She didn't order him around like she did with the other boys. But at that time, they thought that maybe because he was older. Well it was true, but not just that. And so the girls spent their whole day and questioning Michelle about it. (Do note that this whole portion is expected to be talked about in more detail in another post.)

Richard on the other hand did not even talk about it, and went about as if it was a normal thing. The only thing he did was over dinner, the day after the spanking, he just matter-of-factly said that he was sorry that they had to see what had happened the night before, but it was just part of an arrangement that he and Michelle had. And then he just left it at that.

And so the rest of the holiday went on in a rather typical way.......only difference was that each morning, until the end of the time they were there, Denise and Valarie would hear Michelle getting her daily spankings in the next room before Richard went to work.

With regards to the wine that Richard had to replace? Well it costs over $200 dollars. But 200 strokes of the cane would have been too much for Michelle at one time. So after they returned to Singapore. Richard gave Michelle 20 strokes of the cane every four days? Why four days? Because at the strength that he caned her, it took four days for the welts to completely heal.

Now there is more to this story.......which will come out in a few more parts. Why did I do it this way? Because firstly, it would not be too cluttered and messy. Secondly, it enables me to post quicker because you all work is killing me! So stay tuned!

Spanking Bloggers Network

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Dear Readers I Need YOUR OPINION!

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Ever since I began this blog in 2008, I have found myself very encouraged by all the wonderful comments that all you readers have given. At the same time, many of you would have realised that in recent times, the time between my posts has actually increased. This can be largely attributed to the reality of having a job which has taken up too much of my time. Thus it has been quite hard for me to keep posting as frequently as I would love to.

Now I know what some of you are thinking....."Does it really take that long to type out a post?!!!"

Please allow me to explain.......all of the stories that I have shared so far are true real life spanking experiences of real people. I feel extremely grateful firstly that many of them have shared their real life experiences with me and also because they have agreed to let me share them on my blog, I personally feel that I have to put in the effort to ensure authenticity in putting their experience to words. So many a time, as they relay to me their experience, I take notes here and there. And then, writing them is a slow process of making it as authentic as possible within my ability. Yes it is tedious, but personally also enjoyable. However, the key word is slow and tedious, which also means - it takes up a lot of time. Time which many times I do not have because of my work.

At the same time, I was also thinking of expanding the scope of my blog to include my personal thoughts and musings with regards to spankings. The real life stories will still be the key highlight of my blog and I will aim to release at least one story per week. However, I was thinking having more updates which could be in the form of my personal thoughts or the occasional spanking photo that I like (though I am still thinking about the photo part as I want to keep the blog very much SFW). "Hey but I thought spankalot said he couldn't post frequently because of time". Yes that is true.......but posting my personal musings would not take as much time and so a post every other day at least is pretty much doable.

However, I was undecided on whether to start another blog to place my spanking musings or to incorporate it in one blog. So therefore, I though I could get some opinions from my readers. With that being said.......please feel free to give me your comments and what you think by commenting to this post. For that I thank you in advance!

Once again, thanks for dropping by ever so often and do stick around.

Spanking out,

Reader's Submission: Spanked Daddy's Girl

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Dear readers, once again another reader has submitted one of their real life spanking some of you may find that the English is not be very good thus not a terribly easy read but hey its a sincere real story from one of you, so acknowledge the effort alright?

I just copied and pasted the email wholesale so everything below this is it:


Hi, I just happen to see your blog and decided to share my story. Maybe because this is a secret that I have and I keep inside me for so long and cannot share with much people.

I am a daddy's girl to a foreign man who comes to Singapore once a month. He owns business I think and comes to Singapore once a month and stays two weeks each time. So about half the month he is in Singapore.

He is my daddy because that I what I call him according to him.

I first met him when I was 17 years old. I was working at KTV but I won't say which one here. He was a regular customer and everytime he come he will ask for me. After some time of him coming I know that he like me because sometimes he will come alone and book me. He will book me for overnight and we will go to hotels. But daddy don't only want to have sex with me. Everytime we go to hotels he will like to do more than just sex. He likes to treat me like a slave. He will spank me with his hands, tie me up, etc.....The first time he did that, I actually was quite afraid because did not know if he was some pervert who may kill me. But I realised that he was not, and the tips he gave was very good, so everytime he book me and go hotel room I let him do what he wants. Whatever he ask me to do I will do.

Then one day instead of going to hotel, he brought me to this very nice penthouse. He told me that he just bought the place not long. Then he ask if I wanted to stay here. At that time I knew that this meant, because before this one of my sister in the KTV also got such an offer and she take. Simple words, he asked me to be his mistress. But he said that it was like a sugar daddy, so thats why i call him daddy. At first I don believe that he offer such a thing, but then when I realise that he was serious of couse I take. But first I ask him if there was any conditions. He say that cannot bring anyone up here, must quit my KTV job and no matter what when he is in Singapore my time is his and as long as I stay in the house I am his. But in return he give me money, a credit card and let me stay here. He even got this agreement for me to sign. Actually at that time I also wanted to shift out of my house already because I on bad terms with my family. And plus my father girlfriend threat to throw me out of the house. So since got daddy just nice offer this, I take lor. The next day, I go home take my things and shift in already. Now stay almost coming four years already.

Whenever daddy is not in Singapore, I will meet my sisters from the KTV lor. Some of them also like me, now no longer working there but stay in house or condo of their daddy. This kind of thing, other people won't understand so we meet up with each other only.

When daddy is in Singapore, then like agree, I totally no plans and totally daddy's. But because he in Singapore also have to work, so when he work, I must wait for him at home. And then whenever he is at home, I will be his slave. He do whatever he wants to do with me and whatever he ask me to do, I will do. Even what I wear also most of the time is decide by him. Even if sometimes he want me naked then I will be naked. But most of the time when he is at home I will wear just a t shirt and g string only. Bra and shorts never wear. Actually this was not a rule one but one of the times I surprise him by wearing like that when he came back to singapore, then he said he liked it so said next time whenever he is in singapore ask me to wear like that.

Since your blog about spanking I won talk about the sex part.

Daddy likes to spank me a lot. Whenever he come back to Singapore for the first time once he come home he sure spank me. He will sit on the chair and then I go over his lap and he will spank me. It is always not very long, only a few minutes. Last time before I only wear the g string, I always try to ask if he can don spank me first because its pain. But after sometime I realise that it can sometimes feel quite good and now in fact I miss it when he is not in Singapore. So now everytime he come back I automatic go over his lap once he sit down for him to spank me.

Most of the times when he comes back he will bring a new thing that he will spank me with. Sometimes it is different shape wooden board or canes or ruler or those that look like leather belts.

So once he is in the house I am like his slave. Where he go I will follow. And whatever he tells me to do I will do. Like sometimes doing something halfway he will ask me go and choose one toy from the cupboard, then I must go and choose one for him to spank me with. And each time cannot be the same toy. Then depend on what toy I choose he will ask me to stand in different positions for him to spank me. So the whole day sometimes he will spank me many times.

He also likes to play certain games. Sometimes he will tie me up and leave me in that position. He will tie many different ways but always my backside is exposed. So he will sit nearby and on and off he will use something to spank me a few times. Or another thing he does sometimes is to make me stand/kneel/squat in certain positions and if I move he will spank me. A lot of other different games also he will play.

Daddy also likes to show me off. Sometimes he will bring his friends over. Then when they sit around and drink or talk I will always sit on daddy's lap and he will keep slapping my backside on and off. Sometimes daddy will spank me for them to see or he will let them spank me. They will play games. They will throw a few dice and the biggest one will get to spank me the number of spanks that his dice say. Sometimes I am like a display piece. Daddy will tie me up in some position with my backside exposed and then he will put some of the toys next to me. And then when his friends come they can take a toy to spank my backside. But daddy makes sure they are not too much and protects me. Also I am never naked in front of his friends and I never have sex with them. That one only daddy can see and do.

All the spankings I have mention so far are mostly for daddy's pleasure so it is never too painful. Pain but still can bear and never until I cry.

But there are some spankings which daddy says are to punish me. And those spankings are all the time very painful and I for sure will cry one. Also he has this special cupboard and inside he keeps a set of toys that are only used when he wants to punish me.

Because I am quite obedient to Daddy he does not need to punish me that much but when he does it is extremely painful.

The first time he punished me was during the first few times that his friends came. One of his friends brought this girl whom I feel was showing attitude. So I kept staring at her and then quarrelled with her and pushed her almost fight with her. Daddy was quite embarrass and angry with me. He said that although maybe the girl really got problem but i still must give a bit of face because is his friends guest. So after they left daddy tied me up and he use the cane and ruler and whip to spank me until i was crying and beg him to stop. He even whip my breast and thighs. Even when i keep apologising he still say that I must be punished. I know that he was angry and also it was partly my fault so i accept the punishment but it was very painful. More painful was the next few days he still spank me for his pleasure but because after he punish me already pain the pleasure spanking also very pain. But i learn my lesson and never embarrass him again in front of his friends.

There was another time when Daddy punished me quite badly. There happened to be this guy whom was an ex boyfriend of mine. He was still trying to chase me and so he would always ask me out for coffee or meal. Daddy has seen him before and actually told me to stay away from me. I promised Daddy. But that time he said he had something important to tell me so I went to meet him. But somehow I think Daddy assistant saw me and told him. Then Daddy test me and call me to ask what I was doing. I though he just call like normal so I lie and said I was with my sisters. Then after he hang up he sent me an mms with the photo of me and the guy. And then another sms saying that i go home straight away and call me. I knew he would be very angry so I hurry go home and when i call him he started to scold me. Of course I got nothing to say so I keep saying sorry. Then he ask me how? And I said he will punish me when he comes back to Singapore. But he say he was very angry and he only come back in two weeks time so he said before he come back he will get a friend to settle with me first. Next day his friend who was a lady came over and said Daddy ask her to come. Then she called Daddy and passed the phone to me. Daddy ask me to take off my clothes and open the special cupboard for the lady so she could use the toy to punish me. I beg Daddy to not do this but he said that I had broken my promise so must be taught a lesson. Then as she punish me she put the phone on speaker phone so that Daddy could hear me being punished and crying. The lady was quite expert in using the toys and it was very very painful punsihment. The last part she even make me hold the phone and say sorry each time she spank me with the cane. The next week, the lady appear again and say that Daddy ask her to come again. Again the same thing she punish me while Daddy was on speakerphone. But this time after the punishment Daddy say that the two punishment was only warm up and when he come back he will punish me even worse. So when he come back to Singapore that time once he come into the house I run to him and hug him kiss him and apologise. I hope that like that he would not punish me that worse. But Daddy said I had to learn my lesson. And somemore he brought back two more toys to add to the special cupboard. Normally he would only use a few toys from the special cupboard to punish me. But this time he use all the toys also the two new one to spank me. That night he really punish me very worse than before. Somemore everyday after that he will use one toy from the special cupboard to punish me again. And everyday I beg him and apologise and only on the second week he say that he thinks I learn my lesson and then didnt punish me already. But he still spank me for his pleasure still but it was better than being punish.

Still got a few more other times but that was the worse punishment daddy give me and all together I think Daddy only punish me less than ten times for all the years because I try my best to make him happy.

Recently Daddy say that he may come to Singapore for good.

Anyway that is all that I have to say. One thing is please don put my name in the blog.

First spanking by boyfriend's father

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Today's real life story is about a lady's first experience with spanking...........her first spanking over the knee of her boyfriend's father.

Kathryn hated it at home and never liked staying at home........she didn't know if it was because her parents couldn't care less about her and her siblings (she has three other sisters) or because it was too crowded. It helped that her parents were constantly out of the home and it didn't really matter whether she was at home or not. On a side note........I guess at that time with four kids to bring really had to work quite Singapore at least. So even before she was a teenager, she was pretty much left to her own devices (her siblings as well) and spent most of the time with her school mates, playing at the playground I suppose.

While unconfirmed.......the lack of parental concern and care is a possible factor that attributed to her fondness or liking for older guys, when she moved on to her teenage years and began having boyfriends. Though I wouldn't say that they were the father-daughter types of boyfriends who were light years older.......but most of the time.......they were at least a couple of years older. So when she got together with Kevin, he was already done with his college and was about to enter into the national service while she was only close to finishing her secondary school time. (Notice I am being vague on the actual age at that time.) I suppose it was like an honour badge too as a school-goer with an older no schooling boyfriend. So now from hanging out at the playground with her schoolfriends........she spent most of her time after school with Kevin. Either out at cafes or at his place. It helped that he was quite the well-to-do kid and drove. This time was however short-lived......couple of months at the most for Kevin soon entered national service. he had broken a leg playing sports in college, he was declared unfit for combat (those who have gone through our national service in Singapore will know what I mean) was given a desk bound post which meant he got to come home everyday. So thus, it became routine for Kathryn on most of the weekdays, she would be over at Kevin's house for dinner. Sometimes she would take the bus straight after school to his place, or else she would hang out with her friends for a bit before proceeding to his place around five. This was despite the fact that Kevin would normally only reach home at about 6pm. And of course after dinner, there was the occasional hanky panky, which is normal between a guy and a girl, before Kevin drove her home which would be about 10plus.

Now you must be wondering..........what about his parents right, I mean having a girl go over to your place while you are not home? Well Kevin's mother had passed away sometime back and his father was retired and spent most of his time at home enjoying his gardening hobby. His father and him were pretty close........and pretty cool about it. Plus, the idea also came about as Kevin and Kathryn were talking about school grades. Kevin came from quite the good schools and his results were pretty neat, while Kathryn was in a neighbourhood school and as expected, had quite dismal grades. So Kevin was just commenting about how there was nothing really to the school examinations and all that was needed was a little bit of revision consistently everyday. Kathryn on her part lamented how she could never get it down as she couldn't really study at home as it was just two noisy with her other sisters (yes all her siblings were sisters) making hell lot of noise at home and her friends were just not the studying type. So Kevin suggested that she could go over to his place after school if she wanted. It was pretty peaceful and quiet there plus it would solve the problem of them thinking of where to meet after he had booked out of camp. So Kevin told his father that his girlfriend was going to be coming over on most days after school to do a little bit of studying as she waited for him. But of course she hardly did any studying, she watched the tv or read her girly magazines or surfed the internet sometimes.

Now Kevin's dad was quite the man of few words until he warmed up.....and so for the initial couple of months......she hardly spoke to his dad whenever she was at his place. Of course after numerous meals at the same table during dinner, Kevin's father warmed up and he was quite the chatty joker. And soon enough it was a comfortable rapport that between Kathryn and Kevin. So much so that over dinner one of the evenings, Kevin's father jokingly said to Kevin that while Kathryn was supposed to come over to study, he noticed she hardly did any mugging at all. It was either watching the tv or reading her magazines. Kevin laughed and said yeah he knew and jokingly said how she had a problem focusing. As the rapport was already there, Kathryn herself joined in the conversation jokingly lament how she had trouble with motivation. Now Kevin's father was from Britain (Kevin's eurasian) and he jokingly remarked, in his British wit, that back in England in his time a spanking was a good form of motivation for the lazy student. Kevin found it rather hilarious and roared with laughter, while also pondering the thought of Kathryn getting a good 'ol spanking (he had indulged in a little playful love spanks during their more intimate time spent). Kathryn on the other didn't really know what a spanking actually meant but feigned laughter as Kevin and his father had been laughing and so she thought it must have been some kind of funny thing. And then she continued saying that even if she had the motivation......she had difficulty revising as she could not really understand some of her subjects, plus it didn't help that she hardly paid attention in class. Then Kevin, as if having a eureka moment, suggested that Kevin's father help her out with her revision. Before Kevin's father came to Singapore (ions ago), he had a stint as a teacher in one of those stuffy British schools, and plus Kevin reckoned that since his father was retired with “nothing much to do”, it would be an ideal activity for him. Kevin's father, ever the joker, seemed rather tickled at the suggestion and laughed as he commented that he may very well end up spanking her. Kathryn, still not really understanding what a spanking really was but thinking that since Kevin's father was such a fun and jovial joker, having him help with her revision may make the learning quite fun after all. So she voiced her agreement saying that maybe with him helping her, she may get a little bit of motivation back in her studies. Now Kevin's father was really roaring with laughter for I guess he realised that she didn't seem to understand the jokes he and his son had been laughing about all that spanking. So with a half-grin-are-you-kidding-me-look which he gave to Kevin, who by now seemed to be laughing as hardly as his father, Kevin's father told Kathryn that he could be rather serious when he was in his “teacher's mode” and if she was sure she wanted his help. Kathryn, the naïve girl that she was, gave that innocent-enthusiastic nod with a “why not” response.

“Very well, let's start tomorrow then!”, was Kevin's reply......still tickled with the conversation though didn't really think that his father would even spank her. He didn't even spank Kevin growing up......though Kevin did chance upon his father, without their knowledge, spanking his mother once or twice. Ah but that is another story.

So for the next couple of days.........Kevin's father sat with Kathryn as she attempted to revise her school work and helped with whatever she was not sure about. Now it was a bit of a trying time, as Kathryn wasn't really the brightest or the studious type and she drifted many a time as Kevin's father was explaining certain things to her. Kevin's father however remained patient though he wondered to himself if there was anyway that he could get her to focus........beside really putting her over his knee to spank her. Each evening as Kevin queried about how the day had been “tutoring”, Kevin would first give a sigh, then chuckle, and say that she probably need a bit more time to gain the momentum. I guess it was only after a couple of weeks of stagnation with Kathryn drifting off and occasionally nodding off as he tried to explain some of the terms, that Kevin's father began seriously thinking that probably trying a little spanking may do her some good. Kathryn on her end, was quite apologetic about her behavious.......she reckoned that she was already trying her best but just could not seem to get herself down to focusing.

So one of the nights, as Kevin was just chit-chatting with his father after having sent Kathryn back home, Kevin's father told Kevin that he seriously didn't think he could help Kathryn with her studies. She just really could not focus. Kevin asked if he was serious and if there was anything else he could try for it didn't seem like him to give up. Kevin's father paused and kept silent for a bit, probably thinking if he should even suggest a spanking, and then slowly and intermittently said that well.....he could try spanking her.......but Kevin's father also added that he didn't think it may be that nice as it was his son's girlfriend, especially if it was a bare bottomed spanking. Kevin thought about it a while.......and asked if it had to be a bare bottomed spanking, to which Kevin's father replied that it depended if the need called for it. And so after some more deliberations (I really cannot imagine having such a discussion with my father), Kevin suggested that they might was well give it a try but only over her school skirt or her shorts if she did change (only occasionally) and if there really was a need for a bare bottomed spanking, Kevin would spank her himself. So for Kevin's father, it was either the hand on the skirt or the wooden ruler on the skirt.

So the next day as he noticed Kathryn beginning to give the usual dreamy look as he explained some of her queries regarding her books, Kevin's father asked her if she was drifting again and Kathryn sheepishly nodded apologetically with a slight grin. So Kevin, in a very calm manner said that he was going to try something which may help her focus abit. Kathryn, not knowing what was really to come, nodded enthusiastically and said that that would be good, before he could finish his sentence. Giving a smile and an “alright then”, Kevin's father shifted his chair back and asked if she could stand up and stand next to him. He reached out for the nearest of Kathryn's wrist and paused to look at Kathryn. Kathryn, still not sure what was going to happen, thought that it was some exercise to improve blood circulation for focus (yes she really said this, she thought that when he took her wrist, he was going to measure her heartrate), and closed her eyes. Then in one smooth motion, Kevin's father glided her over his knee and landed a spank on her bottom and then paused. Kathryn, too shocked at what had just happened and not know how to react, did not struggle and just laid still. Kevin's father then put his non spanking hand on her back and explained that this was called a spanking. Then he gave ten quick spanks, five on each side, which were pretty mild and then stopped to explain that for the rest of the day, each time she drifted off, he would repeat the same thing but harder each time. Kathryn reckons that it was the way that Kevin's father had done it and explained it that did not make it feel like a violation but really more of an experiment to see if it would help her concentrate better, which was why she did not struggle or try to stop it, though she did feel a little mix of excitement and embarrassment. It did help a little bit for after that Kathryn concentrated for longer stretches, though she did find herself back over Kevin's father's knee another four more times over the remaining two hours and she did feel at least a bit of a sting during the last round of ten spanks. Dinner that evening was as normal with Kevin's father matter of factly telling Kevin that Kathryn got her first taste of a spanking earlier and they did share a laugh over it. And Kevin's father asked her how it was for her, and Kathryn herself responded in her usual naïve way that she did feel that it helped a bit though the last round was starting to sting. Kevin's father chuckled and explained that that was the way it was supposed to be, and it would only get harder.

This carried on for bit, and while Kathryn showed some progress in terms of the length of her focus, Kevin's father still had to bring her over his knee at least five times everyday. And by now, Kevin's father made sure that it every spank stung and the spanks drew winces and the occasional “ow” or “ah” from Kathryn. Nevertheless, because it was an everyday affair, Kevin's father (with his immense experience with spanking) moderated the strength of the spanks so her bottom did not become to sore. But progress was slow and Kevin's father did not want to use the ruler just yet, so over dinner he casually said, in his usual jovial smiling manner, to Kevin, “It seems Kathryn's progress is a little slow. Getting better, but a little slow. Maybe you'd want to help a little.” Kevin paused and gave a smile as he looked at Kathryn, who gave a puzzled look and asked what that meant. Kevin's father chuckled and Kevin merely told her that she would know after dinner. Kathryn gave her little pout and said that she hoped she wasn't going to have to do any more revision after dinner. This statement with the cute little pout tickled Kevin's father and he roared with laughter once again as Kevin told her no she wouldn't have to revise any work. Kathryn, still naïve as she was, smiled in response like a kid who had been handed candy.

So after dinner, Kevin brought Kathryn into his room and asked how she felt about the spankings. Kathryn replied that she felt it did kinda get her more focused but they were beginning to sting more especially since she got the spankings almost everyday. Kevin explained that that it was supposed to sting so that she would focus in order not to get the spankings. Kathryn nodded but lamented that she was already trying but somehow could not control losing focus sometimes. In response to that, Kevin pulled her over his knee and explained that that was why, he was going to help with that. And then went on to explain to her the agreement he had with his father. Kathryn did not struggle but only asked if it was going to sting more on the bare. To which Kevin told her to let him know after he had spanked her and proceeded to lift her skirt and pull down her panties. Seeing that her bottom only showed a faint redness, Kevin commented out loud that it was no wonder the progress was so slow, and then gave a quick flurry of spanks on her bare bottom (not many probably about six to eight spanks). Pausing he asked Kathryn how it felt, who replied that it stung much more. Kevin smiled as he went on to say that from now on, whatever number of spanks she got that day from Kevin's father, he would give her half that number of spanks on her barebottom. So as she had gone over Kevin's father's knee six times that day (a total of 60 spanks), Kevin gave her 30 spanks on her barebottom. The lack of protection from her school skirt and panties, coupled with the fact that Kevin gave the spanks with a slightly harder strength than his father, the 30 spanks drew a louder reaction from Kathryn though not to the extent of tears. After the spanking, Kathryn's bottom showed a redder shade (though still faint) and Kevin rubbed his bottom for a bit. The rubbing must have felt good for Kathryn cooed deep breaths and it must have been quite a turn on for Kevin for his erection began to harden against Kathryn, who was still over his knee. And then as Kathryn got up she turned towards Kevin and they lip locked, falling down towards the bed and it was some passionate making out before Kevin sent her home.

So this went on everyday and Kathryn did show some progress in her attention span though not consistent...........there would be days where Kevin's father would only have to spank her once or twice........and then there were times that Kevin's father would have her over his knee almost ten times. During which, this would of course result in a harder spanking on her bare bottom with Kevin. But though it stung much more, to the stage where she was on the verge of tears, Kathryn also realised that something about it also turned her on. It was like as if the harder the spanking was from Kevin, the more turned on she would be after that and the more passionate the making out was after that.

Soon enough.......the ruler was called into play and Kathryn would soon realise that a spanking could result in tears. A certain class test had been returned and it turns out that Kathryn had scored zero marks for it. It was a very difficult test, something like forty questions, which were largely the one-liner-answers type of test. It was for occasions such as this that Kevin's father had kept the ruler for. But first off, he put her over his knee and gave her forty spanks, one spank for each question, on her bottom. And then he went through each question with her, during which she drifted twice, resulting in two more times over his knee. After he had gone through the questions with her, he decided to test her with the aid of the ruler. He got Kathryn to stand up and put her hands on the table and stick her bottom out slightly. Holding the ruler in one hand, he gave her a verbal test on the questions. It was possible as said earlier, it was those one-liner-answers type of test. And with each wrong answer, he would give her a rather sharp spank across her bottom with the ruler. Kathryn obviously wasn't expecting this and so really did not register the questions when Kevin's father went through it with her the first time. Thus out of the forty questions, she got her bottom spanked by the ruler 35 times and she could feel a bit of tears well up by the time the test was done. Not entirely impressed with the results this time, Kevin's father decided that they would go through the questions once more and he would test her once again after that. As Kathryn now knew what was to happen with the ruler, this time she tried her best to focus her attention as they were going through the questions, but she drifted off once and had to go over Kevin's father's knee once more. Well she faired better this time with all the concentration and during the second time that Kevin's father tested her, and her bottom got spanked by the ruler only five times.

Now Kathryn's bottom was really feeling the sting as she sat down for dinner, but she had forgotten all about the fact that she had a second punishment coming from Kevin until Kevin's father mentioned to Kevin that during dinner that he had spanked Kathryn with the ruler that day. Only at that moment Kathryn realised that there was more pain to come and gave her trademark pout as she pleaded with Kevin with if the spanking with the with the ruler not be similar in amount as the handspanks (meaning half of whatever she had received from Kevin's father). Kevin thought for a moment and began by saying that it would not be the same, to which Kathryn began to give a smile only to hear Kevin continue his sentence that for the ruler, the number of spanks would be the same. Kathryn's smile immediately reverted back to the pout as Kevin's father gave a chuckle as he remarked to Kevin that he was learning fast. Meanwhile, Kathryn knew that her bottom was already stinging and hatched a plan in her head to prevent the spankings with the ruler.

So later on in Kevin's room, she pleaded once more with Kevin with the spanks with the ruler could be lessened but Kevin would hear nothing of it as he pulled Kathryn over his lap was the handspankings first. She had gotten fourty for the failed test and thirty for drifting off by Kevin's father. So that meant 35 spanks on her bare bottom from Kevin. As her bottom was already sore (though it was that reddish), Kathryn could feel tears welling up as the spanking neared its end.

Then her plan, that she had hatched earlier, began in motion. She could feel Kevin's erection at her side and as she cooed while he rubbed her bottom (he always did that), she could feel his erection hardening. So she got up, pushed Kevin onto the bed and lock lips with him for a long passionate kiss. Apart from being turned on herself, she knew that Kevin himself was turned on and therefore attempted to use making out to hopefully make him forget about the spanking with the ruler. Soon enough Kathryn's clothes were all off and on the floor and then Kevin suddenly realised what Kathryn's intentions and gave a chuckle as he pushed Kathryn off him onto the bed. Knowing that she her plan had been foiled she laid on the bed fondling herself in a last ditch effort to try and get Kevin to continue (with the making out). But Kevin had already gotten up and was holding the ruler in his hand. Flipping Kathryn onto her front, he place a pillow under her tummy to prop up her bottom. And before he began, he told her that just for doing what she did, every time she was to be spanked with the ruler, she was to be in this same position with her clothes off. In addition, on top of the forty spanks he was going to give her with the ruler, he was going to give her an additional ten. This meant fifty in all. The tears began to flow halfway through the spanks with the ruler and by the time all fifty rulered spanks had been dished out on her bottom, Kathryn was sobbing away and her bottom was pretty red. Kevin rubbed her bottom as she laid there, occasionally letting his fingers drift further down between her legs, which drew coos and gasps from Kathryn. Soon enough Kevin was on top of her humping away as Kathryn moaned in mindwhirling ecstasy. At that time she really could not understand but though the spankings were also have a turn-on effect. And so much so that she spent a lot of time, especially in class, replaying the spankings and after-action in her mind as she squeezed her thighs together ever so often. The spanking relationship stayed at this level for quite a while though it wasn't long before Kathryn and Kevin took it too another level. And Kevin's father? Well he is her father-in-law now..........

A sex change and a spanking ever after

Tuesday, August 4, 2009 · 2 comments

Dear readers.......once again thanks for sticking around despite the lack of updates....I can't stress enough how hard it has been for me to keep abreast with my updates/posts on top of the terrible vanilla job that I currently have. Nevertheless, today's real life story is one which is pretty unique to me (hopefully the title doesn't sound strange) as its something that I probably have only come across once so far...........before you read on.......there are two things to note. 1. There is not as much spanking in this story. 2. Brandon and Brenda are the same persons. (Confused? Well read wun be then.)

Ever since the age of 10, Brandon has had an interest in spanking. He spent an endless amount of time daydreaming (or fantasising if could call it) about women put in various positions and spanked with various implements until their bottoms were red and sore, and they were crying buckets of tears. Pretty normal isn't it? Well the only difference his fantasies, Brandon imagined himself to be the woman. He felt uncomfortable, a woman who had been mistakenly put into the wrong “shell”. Oh how he wished to be an attractive lady dominated by a stern man with a firm hand. It helped that he had this fair skin and pretty boy face with sharp features. With a wig, he could have easily been mistaken for a girl. In his own words, it was extremely traumatising growing up...........having to suppress his actions so that he would not be teased and worse still...........he pretty features gave me endless attention from the girls, something he really did not want. His once close friends began to shun him like plague once he revealed to them his inner secret. It was a terribly lonely and sad time growing up. To make things worse, as a Singaporean male, he had to serve national service, something he felt tortured throughout the two and a half years (yes, I know you lucky boys only serve two years now, but this was way back).

Fast forward a couple of years.................

Feeling lonely, sad and unaccepted, even by his own family, Brandon left home soon after he finished his national service and ventured to Thailand in hope of becoming “transformed” into a lady. He had heard so much about the sex change operations there and wanted to (in his own words) “make right what God did wrong”.

Now I am not entirely sure about the full details. But he worked at some bar or nightclub as a cross-dresser cum serving stuff to save enough money for the operation. He also opted for hormone pills instead of implants so that he would develop a natural bust. He wanted to feel the pain when his “dream dominant” man slapped his breast.

It took a few years but at the age of 25, Brandon had become Brenda and was a full pledged lady, apart from the fact that she could not have conceive. It didn't matter to her, she never really liked children anyway. Her pretty features did come to good use for it gave her a natural feminine look and the surgeon must have done a pretty damn good job with her voice for, although it sounded slight husky, it was in a feminine way and not like some of the transsexuals you normally meet.

Anyway with the first phase of her goal attained, Brenda now focused on finding a dominant guy. However she feared being ridiculed or shunned if she revealed her past, and therefore as she scoured the personal sites on the internet...........she merely mentioned that she did not want children. For about two to three years.........she encountered numerous men, mostly Caucasian expats in Thailand, and met quite a number for spanking sessions and the occasional sex. But the encounters never lasted for long and on her part, Branda felt as if there was a connection lacking with the men/dominants she had encountered.

Then along came Bradley, an American PR in Thailand. He was much older than her, almost 50 years old......a good twenty years older. I do not know much about his past, but he was some businessman who made good, resulting in an early retirement, for which he came to Thailand for. Looks aside, well for his age he looked pretty good but that isn't the point, but something clicked for Brenda from the moment they met. All the previous men she had met were all too eager to get her over their laps and whack away at her butt. But Bradley seemed more grounded and took it a notch slower. Their first meeting was at a cafe in Bangkok and they didn't even talk about spankings. It was more of a chit-chat-cum get-to-know-you session. This was at Bradley's request for he felt it be better for them to know each other better first. The first meeting didn't even result in a spanking but Brenda felt a certain connection to Bradley for she felt as if there was at the same time acceptance of her as a person rather than just an object to be spanked. Plus she felt trusting and comfortable, given the fact that he did not attempt to rush her over his knee. Well Brenda herself must have made an impression for a couple of days later, he called and they set up another meeting. This time at another cafe where the conversation was over their interests in spankings and what they were really looking for. Still no spanking took place.

The first spanking took place during their third meeting. Brenda headed over to the hotel that he was staying at, Bradley actually had a beachside homes in one of the beaches in Thailand though I can't remember the city except that it wasn't Bangkok, and it was more of a introductory kinda spanking. For Bradley to see how Brenda reacted to spankings and for Brenda to get a kind of a feel of the spankings that Bradley dished out. Nothing super hard, just spanks with enough strength to give a little sting and redness on her bottom.

Over the next couple of months they met up whenever Bradley was in Bangkok which was about twice a month and the spankings varied in intensity and more of playful fun. They also spent a lot of time talking about their interests and wants. They seemed to hit it off quite well and pretty soon, it was evident that the attraction to each other was mutual. The topic of a relationship came up, not just a couple kind of thing but also a domestic discipline kinda relationship. With their mutual attraction, comfortability and trust, it was not long before Brenda packed her bags in Bangkok and moved to Bradley's beachfront home in the-other-part-of-Thailand which I still cannot remember.

You can say that from there on the spankings took off as their transition into a domestic discipline relationship was rather smooth. Bradley was a retiree with lotsa time to spare and Brenda..........her financial needs were taken care off by Bradley. So hence, it was a 24/7 domestic discipline affair for the both of them.

Bradley experienced as a Dom while in England and although the gentlemen and fair, he was also firm and strict. It was a whole new experience for Brenda, the submitting to Bradley and the punishments which were largely a daily affair. It wasn't that she was resisting it, but more of a whole new experience which was quite overwhelming yet exciting. Brenda never felt so much pain, her bottom was almost constantly at a medium red colour; even if she didn't get any extra punishments, Bradley gave her a morning spanking and evening spanking daily, not the very painful kind but stingy enough for her to feel it. But yet at the same time, she never felt so alive and happy. Though she cried buckets especially during punishment spankings where Bradley introduced the many different implements, she felt protected and care for. Like as if, she did not have to even worry about anything...........she could just let go and submit to Bradley know that he would take care of everything.

Two years had passed and the domestic relationship was going stronger then every............some elements of BDSM had also be mixed into their daily routine. Bradley was seemingly happy and contented, Brenda was too extremely happy and contented.......she could ask for nothing more.


As her happiness increased, so did her guilt that she had kept her past from Bradley. Since embarking on her journey through domestic discipline with Bradley she had been honest about everything with Bradley. Well almost, but she learnt from Bradley, during the few times that she lied and was found out, that a very sore bottom would be waiting for her if she was not honest and truthful. They had both agreed to be totally honest with each other and both mutually put trust as one of the most important factors in their relationship. And so it was understandable how racked with guilt Brenda was with each passing day. She felt like she was in a dilemma..................she wanted to set the record straight and be totally honest with Bradley but yet she was so fearful that Bradley would shun her if he knew about her past. By now she was already so dependant on him and was so happy with the way things were that part of her told her to not “rock the boat” and risk everything.

However, as she thought about it.............she made up her mind, partly because she felt Bradley would accept her and partly because she wanted to know if Bradley would truly accept “her for who he used to be”.

And so the fateful morning that she intended to spill the beans, she got up earlier than usual and went to the porch overlooking the sea for a quiet moment to calm herself and collect her thoughts. She had intended to make the breakfast and tell Bradley as they ate. However, Bradley happened to get up earlier, and seeing that Brenda was not in bed, got out to look for her.

He embraced her from behind as she stood on the porch, which shocked Brenda for she did not see him coming. I guess that shock and her emotions coupled together made it too much to take and Brenda broke down crying. Bradley sensed that something was amiss and tightened his hug in an effort to comfort her. The both of them stood silently in that embrace for a bit until Brenda managed to gain some composure.....following which Bradley led her inside to the kitchen where he sat her down and poured her a cup of coffee. Bradley made the breakfast and there was silence as they ate.

Finally, Brenda could no longer contain herself nor stand the silence. Putting down the fork and knife she looked at Bradley and told him that she had something to say. Bradley put down his utensils and gave her an attentive look. Brenda's heart was pounding with anticipation and apprehension. She wanted to say something else, but Bradley's attentive look made her all the more guilty. So she took a deep breath, closed her eyes and blurted out what she wanted to say (that she was a guy previously and had a sex change op). She kept her eyes closed even after she had finished what she wanted to say, there was silence and then she felt the warmth of Bradley's palms as he reached out and held her hands. Brenda opened her eyes and saw Bradley's warm eyes and smile looking at her. There were a few moments of silence as Brenda tried to figure out if Bradley was smiling to mask his anger or if he truly accepted her. The silence was too much to take as tears welled up in Brenda's eyes.

Then Bradley stood up, lifting her as well, and gave her a tight hug from behind.

“No wonder you've always said you didn't want to have kids.” Bradley whispered into her ear and kissed the side of her cheek.

After a few moments of their embrace, Bradley sat down on one of the chairs and placed Brenda on his lap. He caressed her cheek and brushed her hair from her tear-stained face. As they sat there together, Bradley told her that she didn't have to be worried about him not accepting her past. It was the present that he was focused on and even though she was a guy previously...........that was all in the past. It was a huge relief for Brenda, who until then had been so afraid that she would be shunned by Bradley, as she hugged Bradley tightly...............unable to find any words to describe her happiness that she had found a man who was truly accepting of her. In fact so accepting Bradley was that they spent the rest of the morning talking further about Brenda's past.

It was almost lunch time by then and feeling as if a huge burden had lifted off her shoulders Brenda suggested they go out to town to celebrate.

Almost assuming that Bradley would give a positive reply she got up to clear the table when Bradley reached for her and pulled her on him and said, “Now not so fast...............”

Brenda gave a puzzled look.........

Bradley had a serious look this time as he continued, “Now darling, I am glad that you finally chose to tell me the truth about your past.........but you do know this doesn't change anything right?”

Brenda didn't seem to understand and still gave the puzzled look..........

“Remember what I said you'd get if you kept anything from me again?” Bradley prompted her.

“Oh but darling.......”, Brenda gave her trademark whine, “I told you end of the day didn't I?”

“But how long has it been before you told me?” Bradley questioned back.

And before Brenda could shoot back a reply..........he planted a firm smack on her bottom and said, “Go know the'll do the dishes later.”

Brenda got up quickly and scurried to “her corner” in the hall and stood there. It was a mix of feelings for her..........apprehension for she knew that Bradley had promised her a rather severe punishment the next time she had kept anything from him..........but yet at the same time........she felt a slight happiness within her for, as Bradley had said earlier, her past didn't change anything.

It was a rather severe punishment which drew buckets of tears from Brenda but I shall not put in it this time.......for it doesn't seem to flow she really did not elaborate on the exact punishment.

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