Reader's Submission: Sugar Daddy aka Spanking Daddy

Tuesday, September 23, 2008 · 8 comments

This was sent to me by a reader who is spanked by her sugar daddy. Not the formal domestic discipline or spanking situations though.

I am a third year polytechnic student who currently has a sugar daddy who loves to spank me. He is a widow and has no children. So most of the weekends and sometimes even on the weekdays I stay over at his apartment. He pays for my everything, gives me pocket money and takes me shopping very frequently.

He however also likes to spank me. It first started when I was telling him how I skipped the lectures because I was lazy. He casually said that such naughty students like me should be spanked. I thought he was joking so I joked back and dared him to spank me. He pulled me across his knee and gave me a spanking on my shorts. It was not very hard but I could feel it. But I still thought it was a joke. Then later that day when we were having sex and I was naked, he pulled me over his knee again and said that my bottom looked better red. And then he spanked me again but this time harder until I was almost crying. It was quite painful and when we went out for dinner I could still feel it when I sat down.

A few days later he put me across his knee and spanked me again. But this time after he spanked me, he made me sit on his lap like a little girl and said if I was willing to continue being spanked by him. I told him that the spankings were quite painful actually, but if that was what he wanted to do to me, I would let him. He asked why, and I said that because he paid everything for me and took care of me. Therefore, I would do whatever he wanted. After that, he smiled and then spanked me again but this time he made me take off all my clothes.

From then on, he has asked that I only wear my bra and panties when I am at his place. And he spanked me whenever he felt like it. He never gave me a reason and the only time I asked him why he wanted to spank me and if it was because I had done anything wrong. He said that he like to spank me and the way I cried and all was very cute. It did not make sense to me but it was what he liked. He is my sugar daddy and my body is his. Although it is painful and I cry whenever I am spanked, somehow I think that deep down inside me I may like it.

So everytime I am at his place I would take off my clothes except my bra and panties. Then everything would be like normal except that whenever he feels like it he would pull me over his knee and spank me. It is quite normal for me to be spanked several times a day.

Whenever he is spanking me, he would first spank me on my panties and then pull them off and spank me again. He has this rule that if he pulls off my panties, I cannot put it back on again until we leave the house. So actually after the first time I am spanked, the rest of the spankings are on my bare bottom.

He also likes to use two other things to spank me with. His belt and a cane which he keeps in the bedroom. Sometimes he will make me take off all my clothes and touch my toes. He will then look at me for some time and then use the belt or the cane to spank me. There is no fixed number of times that he will spank me with the belt or cane, he just keeps spanking and watching me until he is satisfied. Other times he will make me lie on the bed or stand up with my hands on my head when he spanks me. There are also a few times that he make me lie on my back and lift my legs up. A lot of times when he makes me stand in those positions he will always keep continuing spanking me and saying that he won't stop because I move out of the position. But I really cannot control it sometimes as it is too painful. So when that happens I will kneel down and beg him to just put me over his lap and spank me. Most of the time he will accept but when he does that he will spank me harder than he normally does. But as he is holding me over his knee, I cannot move out of the position even if I want to.

My friends know that I have a sugar daddy but they don't know that I get spanked by him. So they always look confused when I sit down very slowly when I am with them. But I sit down so slowly as my bottom is pain from all the spankings.

Although it is very painful and my bottom is spanked almost everyday many times, I feel that it is worth it as my sugar daddy takes care of all my money worries. All I need to make sure is that he is happy and that I do what he wants me to.

Convert a spanking vanilla and it may be a spanking more than you asked for!

Sunday, September 21, 2008 · 2 comments

Over dinner two days ago, a friend lamented to me that her boyfriend was not keen on spanking her and wasn't into it at all. And as she went on and on about it, I realised that many girls have this problem with their vanilla other halves. I also recalled a story Ruth had told me about how she had “converted” her vanilla boyfriend. So here it is for you and if you are one of those girls with a vanilla boyfriend that you want to convert............use your creativity as Ruth did but be careful......sometimes you may get more than what you expect.

Ruth loved almost everything about Mark – his hair, his look, his built, his manly demeanour etc. The only problem she had was that he was a vanilla. Ruth loved to be spanked but somehow, Mark never seemed too keen about spanking his girlfriend's butt. She did bring up the topic and edged him on at times when they were having sex, but apart from a couple of playful swats here and there, Ruth seemed destined to a spank-less relationship with Mark. Mark wasn't into the whole spanking thing and was afraid that he would hurt Ruth. Although the relationship seemed doomed to spanking neverland, Ruth loved Mark to bits and made a vow to herself that she would “convert” him no matter what it took.

Well she got her chance pretty soon as Ruth had a major problem. She was an alcoholic, something which Mark wasn't extremely happy about. It became worse after Ruth had moved in to Mark's place as on many occasions Mark would return home from work to find Ruth intoxicated. It was pretty bad as Ruth couldn't go to sleep without alcohol. The quarrels became frequent and things were not so rosy. However, I guess it was real love for things continued for almost two years this way and neither party showed any signs of wanting out.

Meanwhile, Ruth's excessive drinking began to take a toll on her health and as her liver deteriorated, she collapsed on of the days while on her way home from work and had to be rushed to the hospital. Fortunately the damage was not too severe but the doctor warned that if she did not give up drinking, the next hospitalisation may even be her last. So as Mark sat by the hospital bed that night and pleaded with Ruth once more to try and quit her drinking, Ruth agreed.

The following months were sheer torture as Ruth would put it as she struggled to stay off the bottle. Ruth refused to undergo any counselling, it was embarrassing to her, and attempted to quit with will power and Mark's support. This was of course a futile attempt as Ruth soon found herself sneaking drinks whenever Mark wasn't around. At times, she would sneak a shot or two before Mark came back and would take another couple shots of a mint mouthspray to take away the smell. Mark however soon became suspicious and decided to come home early one of the days to “surprise” Ruth. As he opened the door that fateful day, he saw Ruth, frozen in shock at Mark's sudden appearance, with her lips to a shot glass. It wasn't a great moment. Tempers rose and heated exchanges soon ensued. However once “the dust had settled” later that night, Ruth and Mark sat down to calmly talk about it. Amidst her tears, Ruth lamented that she had been trying her very best but the addiction was too great as Mark held her hands and voiced the usual words of encouragement. Then suddenly, an idea struck Ruth as Mark questioned himself aloud on what could be done to help Ruth beat her addiction. Ruth looked at Mark straight in the eye and asked if he really wanted to help her with her addiction. As the conversation went to and fro with Mark giving her a positive response after another, Ruth threw up the possibility of using a spanking to help her beat her addiction. (Cunning little bitch I would say) Mark refused of course, but Ruth would hear nothing of it as she felt this was her best chance of converting him and went on and on about the benefits of it and all. (Funny don't you think? Asking for a spanking!) But to cut the long story short, Mark still did not feel very convinced and was still extremely reluctant about the whole idea of spanking Ruth. So Ruth took out his laptop, open a few domestic discipline websites and asked if he could at least read through them before he made up his mind. Thinking that there would not be any harm with that, he agreed. Ruth and Mark agreed that they would talk about it about one week later. (Though I think at that time Mark merely agreed as he did not want to carry on the conversation with Ruth about spanking her.)

Surprisingly, or maybe not so surprisingly, on the fifth day Mark came back home early again and once again caught Ruth drinking again. This time however Mark sat her down and calmly said that he had thought about it and would accept the possibility of spanking her to help her curb her addiction. Ruth feigned a look of surprise – it turned out that that one of the websites had been a spanking forum. And Ruth had after that day created a fake account and posed a question about how a spanking could cure one's alcoholic addiction. This prompted a flurry of responses from a number of guys who recounted their experiences and gave their advice. Ruth had also been saw some exchanges between Mark and the people of the forum and knew that Mark had been convinced that it would work.

The first two weeks that they started was a complete joke as Mark had never spanked anyone before. There wasn't a proper discipline program and it was a non formal arrangement that Ruth would admit whenever she sneaked a drink and he would spank her. He found it awkward and there were times that they would end up breaking out in laughter. This of course did Ruth's addiction no good but she didn't really care as she was happy enough that Mark had at least begun to spank her albeit not as hard as she would have liked.

Mark however took it quite seriously, for I think it was due to his strong desire to help Ruth with her addiction. He fervently went on the forums every night to seek advice and as the days went by, the spankings really began to sting. Although it did not bring any tears yet to Ruth's eyes, she was beginning to really feel the spankings. But it was at an intensity that was just right for her and of course since she liked it, it did no help at all to her addiction once again.

Then one of the nights Mark passed Ruth a copy of a discipline program that he had printed out. He had gotten it from on of the guys at the forum and intended to implement it. The plan however included the use of implements, which Mark knew nothing about. However, he had made a contact with one of the Singaporean members of the forum and had arranged to meet up with him to “learn” all about the implements. Mark had even drafted a spanking contract for Ruth to sign.

So in the meantime, Mark used only his hands and one of the first things of the plan that he imposed were maintenance spankings. As Mark felt that the severity of Ruth's addiction was quite bad, he decided on a daily maintenance spanking each night. As a form of humiliation, Ruth had to sit on the bed fully naked at 10pm each night to wait for Mark. The spankings were now more structured as Mark sat a timer for two minutes for the spankings to last. He however changed this a week later after reading something about tears, and decided that he each maintenance spanking would only end after Ruth had begun to cry. The spankings were now beginning to hurt and but Ruth bore with it. But it wasn't that bad as for the one month that it began, that was the only spanking that Mark gave her and Ruth thought that if that was it, then it was bearable. She was greatly mistaken..........

Mark had been training one his own with the contact that he had made and unknown to Ruth, he had gotten his contact to purchase for him several implements. So one month after, Mark came back one of the evenings with a black colour duffle bag. When Ruth asked him about it, he merely told her that it was a “surprise”. The surprise came that night as Mark came to the room and instead of commencing with her spanking he sat down on a chair and talked to her about how honesty was one of the rules in the spanking contract that they had signed. Then he went on to say that he knew that Ruth had hidden alcohol around the house and told her to bring out all the alcohol that she had hidden. Ruth scurried around the house naked taking the bottles of alcohol and laid before Mark five bottles of different alcohol. Mark then gave her the usual nightly maintenance and sent her to the corner for fifteen minutes. But this time after that, instead of going up to Ruth and giving her a hug, he called out to her to turn around. To her horror, Ruth turned around to see Mark holding a cane in his hand and two pillows had been placed one on top of the other in the middle of the bed. Before any words could come out of her mouth, he led her over the pillows and made her lay face down over it. He then told her that she would be getting one stroke for each of the five bottles. Mark must have been practising for the strokes of the cane landed perfectly and stung most painfully. After the final stroke, Mark rested the cane on Ruth's bottom and told her that he was disappointed. He knew that there were more bottles than that. So he said that he was going to give her one last chance to bring out the remaining bottles. He warned that if she did not and he found it, he would then give her ten strokes for each of the bottles that he found. This prompted Ruth to retrieve a further five bottles for which Mark gave her another five strokes for them. As she laid on the bed crying, she heard the sound of mark unbuckling his belt. Thinking that he was going to screw her from behind, she turned and gave a smile as she raised her hips and bent her knees to put herself in a doggy position. Mark, knowing that Ruth had misunderstood his intentions, smiled and told her to close her eyes. He moved towards her and fondled her breasts for a moment and moved his hands over her body until it reached her back as he told her to spread her legs wider. Ruth, with her eyes still closed, arched her back and moaned softly in anticipation. But then without any warning Mark gave a swing of his belt and Ruth opened her eyes in shock as she gasped loudly. With her bottom stinging from the first stroke of the belt, she turned her head towards Mark only to find him fully clothed less the belt which was folded in two and in his hand. Mark told her that he was going to give her ten with the belt for lying to him the first time about the bottles. Ruth began to cry and protested but Mark continued and her bottom was a glowing red (so she said) by the time he was done. The night was still not over, as Mark sat her down and handed her a brown notebook. He instructed her to note down each time that she sneaked a drink. He warned her that this was for her own good and she would not want to lie to him.

Over the next month, the nightly maintenance spankings continued but each night that Mark go through the journal and if Ruth had sneaked a drink or two that day, Mark would give her a further ten with a hairbrush. During the weekend, Mark would tabulate the number of times she had sneaked a drink over the week and would give her an equal number of strokes with the cane. This quickly shaped Ruth up for by the third month after that, Ruth had gone through one whole month without a single drop of liquor. By the sixth month, Mark had scaled down her maintenance spankings to twice a week. Mark however knew that the chance of a relapse was quite high if she even drank a single shot during the first year. So he warned her to refrain from even touching any alcohol and that he had a severe punishment prepared for her if she did drink. Ruth did however drink on of the nights somewhere on the ninth month during a night out with her friends. She however hid it from Mark and he had only found out sometime later when he had happen to be playing with her phone and chanced upon a photo that her friend had taken of her downing a shot. Ruth's friend had taken it without her knowledge so she did not know about it to delete it.

While Mark was comforted that it had not pushed Ruth into relapse, he was furious that he did not heed her warning. So this time, he gave Ruth an “ass whopping” of her life. The full arsenal of implements that Mark had in the duffle bag was used. From the canes to the paddles and even a crop. Ruth felt every single one on her bottom that night. It was about ten to twenty strokes with each and Ruth reckons that her bottom was so bruised that night that she could not sit down properly for a week at least. To top it off, Mark resumed the daily maintenance spankings for almost three months before he brought it back to the twice weekly regime. Ruth never drank fact even during parties, she only drinks mocktails.

While Ruth's addiction has been cured and she got her wish of “converting” Mark, she says that her bottom is still paying the price for converting him. Mark's inner spanko had been released and sometime later they embarked on a domestic discipline relationship. She still gets a maintenance spanking twice a week till this very day. They have been together for almost five years and I should think that very soon wedding bells will be ringing for them.

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Reader's Submission: A spanking a day keeps the swearing away

Friday, September 19, 2008 · 2 comments

Dunno about you, but something about the flow of this seems to be lacking. *To the husband of this lady - she submitted it as requested by you........but you may want to give her a little spanking for not putting too much effort into writing this. :)* Anyway, dear readers, this is a short story sent in by a lady which talks about her husband spanking her (and more) to help her curb her swearing problem.

My husband came by your blog and he told me to post our story here. I have had this problem with swearing ever since I was in school. But it was extremely bad after I got married and had children as they began to pick it up. While my husband and I had frequent quarrels about it, it reached the lowest point when my son's playschool teacher called me one afternoon to complain about my son's use of vulgarities, and when my two children also began swearing during a family function at my husband's side. My husband had already been reminding me to stop my swearing and those two incidents made him extremely angry that he stopped talking to me for almost a month. I knew I had to put a stop to it. But my pride was too big. However, the cold war was also too much to bear and one night after the maid had put the kids to bed, I snuggled up to my husband and begged him to stop the cold war. He still remained cold towards me until I blurted out that I would do anything to just stop this cold war and stop me swearing. He looked at me and then asked me to follow him to the study room. I thought he wanted a more conducive place to talk and therefore followed him.

As we sat down he said that he had been doing some “research” with regards to my swearing and stumbled across this site, it think it was But he didn't explain at that time and merely asked again if I was serious that I was willing to do anything to stop this cold war and stop the swearing. The moment I nodded my head, he suddenly pulled me across his knee. Shocked at what he was doing, I struggled to get up, but he held me down and told me that since I was like a spoilt girl who had no self control, he was going to do what was best for naughty girls like me. In other words he was going to spank me. I struggled again to get up and called him crazy. This time he did not stop me from getting up but merely retorted,”As I guess, you weren't serious that you would do anything.” That sentence really burned into me and I stood there for a few minutes quietly and then as if an invisible force had pushed me, I went over his lap and whispered,”Ok, anything..........I'll do anything.” That night my husband gave me my first proper spanking which did not really make me cry but it really did sting. Thankfully as my husband was a musician and the study room was his own studio, he had the room sound-proofed so no one could hear from the outside. After the spanking he set me up and said that he was intending to have a discipline program to help stop my swearing. I asked him what it was but he told me that he would show it to me the next day.

The next day, my husband brought my kids and the maid over the his parents' place and left them there for the weekend. So during that weekend he showed me what plan he had for me. When I first saw the plan he had printed out, I wanted to tear it up and throw it at his face, but I remembered that I said that I would do anything and therefore agreed to it. The first week we tried it, he merely spanked me at night if I had swore in the day. Of course I did and I ended up getting spanked every single night. It wasn't that severe, though it was on my bare. However as it was not working, my husband decided to change the program which was definitely more severe. Each morning after breakfast, he brought me into his study and he gave me a good spanking on my bare bottom. He made sure that I cried before he stopped spanking me. After that, the day would go on as normal. But as I was a housewife and he worked from home, he kept a record of how many times I swore in a day. The number of times would then become the number of minutes was spanked during the night. This was really terrible. The first two weeks my husband recorded about twenty times at I had swore throughout the day and therefore I received twenty minutes of spankings on my bare bottom. He split it up into 5 minute intervals during which I had to stand in the corner with a bar of soap in my mouth for one minute in between. This did help me as by the last two weeks I was down to 15 minutes. It was extremely painful and every night I was in tears. But things between my husband and I got better, he cuddled me to sleep and lovingly rubbed cream on my bottom each night.

However, the next month he told me that he felt that i was not improving as fast as he expected. Therefore he made further changes to the program. Each morning at 9am, I was to be standing in the study room fully naked and with my hands on my head. He had the key to the study, so I just locked the door after I got in. When he came in, he would spank me far a full five minutes that left me crying after that. As I was swearing during the spankings at times, he introduced a big wooden spatula and each time I swore during the spankings. He would stop the spanking and make me go on my hands and knees with my bottom pushed up. He would ten smack my bottom ten times on each side and then he would begin my five minute spanking all over again. The first three mornings my husband had to respank me at least three times which meant I got at least thirty smack of the spatula as well. By the time he was done with me, I could hardly sit down after that. Then came the night punishments. While I managed to bring my swearing down to about ten times, my husband also began to punish me whenever my children swore. He introduced the cane and I was given ten strokes if one of my children swore and twenty if both of them swore. It really didn't matter as you know children, the other echoed the other. So every night after my spankings, my husband would tie me up to a rack that he had installed. My hands and legs would be secured with my bottom sticky out slightly and he would cane me. I think if the room wasn't sound proof, I would have woken the block with my cries. He did not believe in punishing the children which I learnt, as when I caned my children one time for swearing, my husband gave me forty strokes of the cane instead and left me at the rack for the whole night. The next morning he explained to me that it was my fault that they had this swearing problem and therefore I had to teach them properly. For the next two months during the weekends, he would put the kids at his parent's place and I would spend most of the two days in the study room being punished. He wanted to punish my mouth but did not want the children to see my reddish cheeks. So each saturday after the kids were put at his parents. He would tie my hands behind my back and make me kneel on the floor. He would then take a plastic rule and smack each of my cheek about twenty times. It was extremely painful and he did this three times a day. However as it wasn't done very hard, by Sunday night when the kids returned, there would be no more redness in my cheeks. However it was my body which suffered immense pain during the weekends. He would spank me every two hours. And after each spanking I would be tied to the rack and he would peg my nipples and make me remain there for 15 minutes. After that he would either cane or belt me about 15 times before he untied me. By then I would barely have an hour before I would have to go through that all over again. It did help me however, by the fourth month of being spanked and caned everyday, I managed to curb my swearing almost completely. My husband reduced my punishments and though I would still get caned at night if I swore or my children had sworn in the day, he only spanked me twice a week on Mondays and Fridays in the morning. However, if I was caned throughout the week, he would give me a dose of the normal saturday punishments for that week. This went on until the sixth month by which I managed to fully curb my swearing and the children's swearing.

At the same time, my husband and I have officially begun a domestic discipline relationship. I don't get punished for swearing anymore as I have stopped. But now my punishments happen because of other things. I still get a maintenance spanking every Monday and Fri. And once a month during one of the Saturday's he uses it as an obedience Saturday where I have to submit to a full day of “training” which usually mean my bottom, my breasts and my thighs would be totally sore. It is painful, but worthwhile.........I really meant that I would do anything for this marriage.

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Just a short spanking note and a spankapore facebook application


Hi dear readers,
My apologies for not posting anything in the past week, it has been extremely busy (sadly I have a job like everyone else). However one good reader aka Cane Master brought to my attention that this blog did not allow for anonymous comments which he reckoned prevented many of you from commenting. So in a bid to encourage a bit more participation, I will be changing the settings to allow those of you who would like to give your comments anonymously. However, please feel free and try to give it while logged on if you are comfortable ya? I would like to know more about my readers as well. At the same time, allowing anonymous comments may open up the blog to spam. So please......spare a thought an DO NOT SPAM or I would sadly be forced to turn off anonymous comments.

So thanks to all you readers! I will be posting more.......very soon........meanwhile if you are on a search for spankapore. It is an application that I created on facebook for this blog.

Keep the spanks coming......................

An unexpected Spanker

Sunday, September 14, 2008 · 0 comments

I met Charles just two days ago and it reminded me of the time that I had first met him and his wife and did not even think for a single moment that he was a spanko......well as they always say....don't judge a book by its cover. :)

Charles was just over 40, short and balding slightly. He was a quiet person who was an extremely nice person to talk to. Although he was quite a confident and self assured person, he just did not seem like a typical HOH in a domestic discipline relationship. It didn't help that his wife Jennifer, who had just turned 30 that year, was the extreme opposite from him (Hell i didn't even know that Jennifer was his wife until Tom introduced us). She was the typical social butterfly who fluttered around in a social gathering making small talk. She was quite an outspoken person, not in a confrontative kind of way, but more of the-life-of-a-party kind of way. The first time I met him was at Tom's housewarming. Now Tom was a fellow spanko like me and had been a long time friend. However in social settings such as a housewarming, most of the time the bulk of the guests are normally vanilla. So when Tom introduced me to Charles and Jennifer, I thought it was because Charles, like me, was an avid fan of medieval and historical shows. It was only after I had left Charles, after a 20 minute discussion over a certain medieval show (during which Jennifer had gone on to flutter and talk to the other people in the house), and had gone to get a drink when Tom came next to me and whispered, “Just to let you know, Charles is in the scene.” (Now that is just our code among vanillas that we had a fellow spanko or spankee in our midsts) “No way!”, I exclaimed with widened eyes, “You have to be joking! I thought it was because of our interest for all things medieval that you introduced us.” Tom knew that there was no way that I was going to believe him at that moment, so with a sigh he walked up to Charles, who was across the room talking to another person, and whispered something across the room before pointing towards me. Charles looked up, gave a smile and raised his glass as if to acknowledge. I raised it back and as Tom walked back, I queried him about how he knew. It turned out that Charles was a colleague of Tom and he had only found out recently during a drink after work with Charles. Tom had told Charles that one of his long time friend, *Ahem* yours truly, was also one of them and had promised to introduced us during the housewarming. As I remarked that there was not way that I could have known, Tom told me that actually it was possible to tell if we observed the body actions that Charles and Jennifer had with each other. Intrigued, I spent a good part of the night observing them subtly as I went about talking to the other vanillas in the house.

The signs were extremely subtle, and would have only been noticed if one really observed closely. For starters, Charles never went looking for Jennifer. All he needed was to make eye contact with her and she would come over to him. Jennifer on her part, although fluttering around, kept looking at Charles ever so often but subtly if see if her presence by his side was needed. Then was the body actions when they were standing to each other. The way that Jennifer looked at him when Charles was talking to her, you could see the hint of submissiveness in her eyes. When introducing Jennifer to whoever he was talking to, I noticed his hand would either be firmly placed at the small of her back just above her bottom or his palm would be lightly resting on her bottom. Then came the one time when they parted, Charles gave her bottom a gentle pat as she walked off to “flutter” again. It was so casual, so light that you wouldn't have even noticed it. But most interestingly, I noticed a slight jerk from Jennifer as if her bottom was sore from a recent spanking that the most gentle pat would send a sensation tingling at her skin. Charles must have noticed me looking at that point for he walked up to me and smiled. As he poured himself a drink, he casually said,”Yes it was over my knee just before we came here.” Then he continued,”It was to remind her not to have to much to drink when we are here, seems it really didn't sink in, I had to remind her again. If it wasn't for the fact that not everyone her knew about it, she would have gotten another over my knee again. Guess it will have to wait till we get home” I stood there silent for a while smiling, abit taken aback, largely because I was still getting over my initial impression of Charles as someone who could no way by a spanko. But my silence only lasted a while and very soon, Charles and myself were at a corner of the drinks counter having a discussion about “our interests” for a large part of the remaining night. As we were all leaving, Charles invited Tom and myself for dinner at his place the following week. Saying that we could further share on our respective “interests”. Tom and I readily accepted.

The following week as we arrived at Charles place (Tom and his wife, me and my partner at that time), I assumed that Charles would have already told Jennifer that we were in on their domestic discipline lifestyle. Charles had told him during work that week that he had intended to break the news to Jennifer that night when we came for dinner, but Tom obviously had forgotten to tell me. Therefore when I casually asked over the dinner table if Charles had given Jennifer a good one over his knee after the house warming, Jennifer choked as if in shock as to how I knew. Charles, calm as always, gave a smile and said,”Darling its alright, these two ladies get it from them too. Nothing to be shy about.” As if to hint that Charles wouldn't hesitate to spank her infront of us, Jennifer blushingly smile and said,”Oh, then I guess I'd better be extra careful tonight.” Dinner went on like any other dinner, with more conversations over medieval movies and stories being shared by the guys and the usual fashion talk among the ladies.

Things however took an interesting turn when we adjourned to the the basement for some wine and dessert. The atmosphere had become more relaxed and as we sat around just chit-chatting and the occasionally spanking topic came up every now and then. Then suddenly Charles excused himself, on the pretence of going up to the kitchen to get another bottle of wine only to return and place not just a bottle but a cane on the coffee table. There was barely a moment of silence and Charles matter-of-factly announced that he had also invited us for dinner as he wanted an audience to witness when he punished Jennifer. She had recently been caught speeding and it was the umpteenth time. He went on to say that the added humiliation would help prevent it from recurring again. Jennifer, looking extremely embarrassed by this time, pleaded with Charles not to punish her then saying that it was embarrassing as it was only the second time that we were meeting. Charles then reminded her that the last time he had punished her infront of an audience for smoking, it worked extremely well. So therefore, it was going to happen.

And so as if to her, Charles took a chair placed it in the middle of room, sat down and began to roll his sleeves up. I think it was some sort of a ritual for them, for the moment Charles had sat down, Jennifer had gone all quiet and stood quietly by his side with her hands by her side. When he had finished rolling up his sleeves, he looked at Jennifer who automatically went over his knees. Then came the lecture, as Charles went on about the dangers of speeding, recounting the number of speeding tickets she had gotten plus the number of times she had been spanked for it already. And he ended the lecture with,”Now don't you think you deserve this after all the warnings you have had?” Jennifer was already sniffling when she replied with a,”Yes Sir, I am sorry sir.” And I think it was already a rule, for when Charles uttered a, “Brace yourself.” Jennifer raised her head and looked straight ahead. Charles began spanking, not extremely hard but at a constant relaxed rhythmic pace which seemed to make Jennifer wince at every spank. After about 40 spanks or so (I honestly lost count at about twenty), Charles stopped and patted her bottom lightly twice. This I believe was another cue, for Jennifer immediately got up dropped her skirt and got back over his knees. This time, she looked straight ahead and said, “I'm ready Sir.” Charles resumed with the handspanks at the same intensity though this time joining the winces on Jennifer's face were sniffles and tears. After about a minute or two, Charles stopped once again and patted her bottom lightly twice. Jennifer got up once again and removed her panties before getting over his knee once more. This time she looked down as she continued to sob quietly which resulted in Charles giving her a very hard smack on her bottom to which Jennifer let out a gasp before she looked straight and said, “I'm sorry Sir, I'm ready.” Charles resumed the handspanking and continued to spank at the same intensity but in such a relax rhythmic pace that I think it made Jennifer feel every single spank which I believe made it all the more painful. This time, Charles continued for about three minutes and Jennifer's tears were streaming at a constant rate. This time after Jennifer had gotten up, Charles pointed to the corner of the room which she went to without a word, got down on her knees and put her hands on her head.

As a spanking mood was already in the air, the conversation went on about how he had begun a domestic discipline relationship with Jennifer (well I'll put the details in another post ya?). And after about twenty minutes, Charles stood up cleared his throat just called out,”Jennifer.” She came quickly to him, removed his belt, folded it in half and handed it to him. She then bent over and placed her hands on the chair and said,”I am ready sir.”

Charles snapped the belt in the air as he asked her,”How many tickets have you received so far?”

15 Sir.” she replied.

And how many did I say you would get for each ticket?”, he asked again.

Two each Sir.” she answer this time sobbing.

So how many should you get Sir?” he asked again in a very calm fashion.

30 Sir.” she replied in between sobs.

Very well, you'd better not loose count.” he said with a slight smile as he raised the belt for the first stroke.

It was a darn good belting which drew a gasp from Jennifer with each stroke.

After the 30th stroke, Charles put the belt back round his waist and immediately, Jennifer got down on her knees before the chair and put her hands on her head. Charles pushed back the chair slightly and sat down. Jennifer raised her eyes towards him as he lectured her again and warned her that if it happened again, it would be five strokes for each ticket. After that, he told her, “Go prepare for the cane.” Jennifer got up and then proceeded clear the coffee table, placing all the cups and bottles of wine on a table behind the couch. After the table was cleared, she got up the coffee table on her hands and knees. It was the first time I saw a slight frown on Charles face, as he walked up and gave her a hard smack again as he said,”Aren't you forgetting something.” Jennifer whimpered a ,”Please darling.......” But before she could continue, Charles cut her off with a,”One more word and we will start all over again.” Jennifer quickly got up and removed her blouse and her bra, you could see the embarrassment on her face, and got back on the coffee table.

It was 15 strokes this time with the cane. Each stroke landed perfectly on top of each other and drew a cry out from Jennifer. But amazingly enough, or maybe she has gotten punished enough, Jennifer did not buckle out of position and counted every single stroke albeit with a a constant stream of tears and crying. After the 15 strokes, Charles rested the tip of the cane on her back as if to tell her that was more for Jennifer began to cry harder and pleaded,”Please Sir, no more.” But Charles went,”There are four people witnessing your punishment today and its only polite that you take one stroke for each of them. So that will be four more and since its the last four, you know what that means don't you?” It must had meant that it would be the hardest of all the strokes for Jennifer continued to cry even harder as she barely managed to utter a,”Yes Sir.” The last four strokes drew loud cries from Jennifer and I could even hear Tom's wife and my then-partner gasp softly as each stroke landed. After another 20 minutes in the corner, Jennifer joined us back on the couch but this time, she was only wearing an apron on, which covered all her frontal privates but showed her brightly striped bottom.

Charles and Jennifer have joined us for many other social gatherings, both vanilla and spanko, since then and it has really showed me that never make an assumption of someone by their first impression. For you never know if the bookish or nerdy person beside you may be spanking his other half behind closed dooers.

Reader's Submission: Caned by Auntie and maybe by future Husband

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This was sent to me by a 28 year old lady. Touching recollection of how her "Auntie" used to punish her. Not as severe as some of the contributions that I have put it.

I was born in Penang which is part of Malaysia. However since I was 7, my parents sent me to live with an Auntie in Singapore as they wanted me to study in Singapore. I was an extremely playful girl growing up, so much so that my parents gave my Auntie a cane on the first day that they brought me to her place. My mother told my Auntie to treat me as her own and to punish me if I did not listen to her. My parents were quite traditional and strict and used to punish me quite often for very minor things. Luckily my Auntie was not so strict with me. She was not married and really looked after like her own. For the first ten years that I stayed with her she never used the cane on me. Whenever I was naughty, she would only scold me. It was only on a few occasions that she spanked me with her hand. But I must say that she was quite fierce when she wanted to, so maybe it also stopped me from being too naughty as I was afraid when she was angry.

When I was about 17 or 18 years old, my Auntie finally used the cane on me. It was quite a painful experience. I had stolen money from her purse. She always had quite a lot of money inside and I thought that she would not realise. But that night when I came home late, she was waiting for me. Her face was very angry. But when she asked me the first time about it, I lied to her and said I did not take it. However, she then told me that she had actually saw me take the money and had kept quiet to see if I would put it back. I then told her the truth. She was very angry and she spanked me with her hands at first. But I think when she made me stand in the corner and pull my ears, I did not do it and was rude to her, so she took the cane and caned me. She made me bend over and touch my knees and the caned me about five times. I know it is not a lot compared to the other people in your stories, but it was the first time I was caned and it was really quite painful. I remember crying a lot and my auntie made my kneel and pull my ears for almost two hours after that. But luckily she forgave me after that.

The next time she caned me was when I was about 20 years old. By that time, my Auntie had actually not even spanked me for a very long time. But I think I must have made her very upset. My Auntie had her own flower shop, and normally during the weekdays she only comes back around 5 or 6pm. I had a boyfriend then and I brought him up to my Auntie's place as we did not know where to go. Then when we were in my room, we started kissing and petting heavily. Very soon we were both naked and cuddling on the bed, but we did not have sex yet. Then suddenly, the door suddenly opened and my Auntie was standing there. I never saw her that angry before. She chased the boy out of the house and then she started scolding me. It was very embarrassing and I trying to hide my body with the blanket. But my Auntie pulled away the blanket and started spanking me. It was one of the longest spanking that I ever got from her. And it was the first time that I was spanked on my bare bottom. In fact it was the first time I was naked in front of my Auntie. I cried and begged her to stop but she kept spanking me and scolding me at the same time that I was a dirty girl. When she stopped spanking me, my bottom felt like it was on fire and I was really crying a lot. She made me kneel and pull my ears again. I thought at that time that she had forgotten about the cane, but I was wrong. After about one hour. She came back and told me to stand up. When I got up and turn to face her, I realised that she had the cane in her hands. Although I begged her not to cane me, she did not listen and when I refused to touch my knees and kept begging her, she push me onto the bed face down. She held me down with one hand and caned me many times. I don't remember how many strokes I got that day but my backside looked like a zebra crossing after that.

The last time that my Auntie caned me was on my 21 birthday. My parents had come down to my Auntie's place to celebrate my birthday. But I did not feel close to them as throughout the years, I only saw them once a year and did not have anything to say to them. In fact when they gave me words of advice, I felt that it was nagging and was quite rude to them. In the end, I shouted at them over something and I ran up to my room. I think about two or three hours later, my Auntie came up to the room. By that time my parents had already left. She came in to the room with the cane in her hands. I knew that I was going to be punished. She scolded me for being rude to my parents and said that I was disrespectful. She spanked me after that. I think I could have escaped being spanked actually but when she made me stand up, I stupidly said that I did not think I was wrong as they had no right to nag at me since they were not there for me all this while. My Auntie got angry and pushed me on the bed. As my Auntie was a very strong lady, I knew that I could not fight against her. So after struggling for a while, I just lie face down waiting for her to cane me. I think she was also a very traditional person and felt that disrespect to parents was a very serious matter because this time she pulled my shorts away from my bottom and caned me on my bare bottom. It was really a very painful caning this time, like the time above and my backside was again like a zebra crossing.

I went overseas to study soon after that but the day she sent me off at the airport when she hugged me, she told me that she always looked at me as her own daughter and the cane would still be waiting for me when I returned. I was more mature then and realised that she had punished me because she loved me. I even thanked her for bothering to discipline me.

Sadly, she passed away before I returned back but as she had no children and was not married, she left me her house. I have since moved into her place and I have put the cane beside my bed as a form of memory of my Auntie.

I told my finance recently about the story of the cane and he said that maybe he should cane me if I am a bad wife next time. I just laughed it off. But I think he seemed serious about it. That day when he was looking at my credit card bill, he said that if I still spend that way after we got married, he would use the cane to cane me.

Justin and Marie - Confession of love but spanked in return (Part 3)


This is the third part in Justin and Marie's story. Marie's confession of love for on to find out more. (If you have not read the first two parts, you can read them here: Part 1 and Part 2.)

When Marie went on to JC2, Justin scaled down the punishments he had for Marie. She was showing a better attitude towards her studies but to ensure that she remained focussed on her studies, Justin made her continue with her journal. At the same time, he no longer spanked Marie three times a day. She had long learnt her lesson and never skipped another day of school. However, as a form of a reminder, he gave her a hard blistering three minute bare bottom handspanking on Sunday night in preparation of the coming school week and another on Wednesday night so as to keep her focus midweek. As Marie was no longer spanked everynight, she would take the strap and knock on Justin's door at night if she had a confession to make. Each Saturday afternoon Justin would still check Marie's journal and occasionally she would receive a caning for forgetting to log in some stuffs. Things seemed to be going on track until her mid term examinations came out. Although Marie managed to pass all her subjects, her marks were rather low below 60 for all her subjects. Justin was concerned but did not punish her for her dismal results as he attributed her low score to pre-A Level stress and felt that she would be able to do better in the final year prelim exams and subsequently, her A Levels. Justin even told her to not feel disheartened by her results as he could see that she was working hard.

However, on the last Saturday before the mid-term school holidays began, Marie approached Justin and told him if she could review her journal in her room as she had something serious to talk to him about. Concerned and puzzled, Justin agreed and told her that he would go to her room at around 1pm. When he entered her room, he saw Marie fully naked kneeling by the side of her bed with her hands behind her back. On her bed was her journal and several implements laid out neatly on the bed. Surprised at what he saw, he asked Marie what was the matter. Marie did not reply but took her journal, flipped to the last written page and handed it over to Justin. He sat down on the chair and began to read the journal. It was a full page confession by Marie. It turned out that Marie had fallen for Justin so deeply that she had begun to masturbate while fantasizing about him. She had lost abit of control and found herself going to the toilet several times a day to “relieve” herself. Thus she kept missing parts of her classes. Back home, when she was supposed to be revising her school work, she found herself masturbating and fantasizing more and more. This had been happening since the school year had begun (for almost six months) and Marie believed that this was a major contributing factor to her doing badly in her mid term examinations. At the same time, Marie had been “researching” the internet on spankings and all. Seems she wanted a domestic relationship with Justin At the end of the journal was a personal note to Justin. It said that she had really fallen for him and wished that they could be together. At the same time, she was also embarrassed and ashamed of her actions and therefore had been keeping it from her journal until now. She asked for his forgiveness and the last sentence said that she felt that she may need to be punished more severely than she had been when she had skipped school.

Now Justin had also himself developed a fondness for Marie. He was taken in by her submissiveness and at times thought if there was a future for them. However as he knew that the first and foremost priority was his promise to his Godmother over Marie's A Levels, therefore he had repressed all such feelings and kept it within himself. He knew that it was impossible to start a relationship with Marie at this crucial time of her upcoming A Levels but at the same time he knew if he were to be cold towards her, she would be crushed which would jeopardise her A Levels anyway. Therefore he decided to take a small risk. He sat down on the bed and looked at Marie's tear-stained face. He gently lift her face by her chin and told her that he had begun to developed a fondness for her. Marie's face lit up slightly. However Justin continued that it was not possible now as he had made a promise to his Godmother that he would ensure that Marie cleared her A Levels. Having a relationship now would only hinder that. However, Justin promised her that after her A Levels, it may be possible. But of course if she did badly, Justin would be too ashamed to face his Godmother let alone start a relationship with her daughter. Therefore, the most important thing for both of them was to work hand in hand in ensuring that she cleared her A Levels. Marie's face lit up significantly and she promised that she would work extremely hard on her upcoming examinations. She was about to get up when Justin put his hand on her shoulder as if to stop her. Marie suddenly remembered why she was in that position in the first place. Looking up at Justin meekly, she softly said,”Oh, I guess I in for a very severe punishment right?” Justin nodded, this time the gentle look had gone and in its place was a stern and firm demeanour. Marie placed her hands on her head, knowing it was going to be an extremely painful afternoon but yet knowing she deserved whatever was coming, as she looked towards the floor and said,”I am sorry, I am ready to be punished.”

Justin told her that this was a very serious matter and it could put to waste all the hard work and time that they both had spent on her studies. Therefore, this was to be a very severe thrashing and she was to take every single bit of it. Marie nodded with her eyes still downcast. Justin then told her that from then on, in an effort to put a stop to her fantasies for the time being, she was to call him Sir and he was going to be extremely strict with her, at least until her A Levels were over.

And with that Marie's punishment day began.

First Justin took her over his knee and a gave her a good five minutes worth of handspankings at a very rapid pace. Marie was bawling by the time Justin stopped. Then it was off to the corner on her knees with her hand behind her back. It was a rule that Marie had to keep still when in the corner and not rub her bottom unless she was given permission. However Justin had not really enforced this till then. But he knew he had to be stricter with Marie, so when she started to fidget and rubbed her bottom, Justin promptly got her back over his knee and spanked her for another minute. This time when Marie was returned to the corner, she made sure that she remained perfectly still.

After about 20 minutes, Marie was made to go on her hands and knees over her bed. He then placed a strap on her back. He then told her that he was going to give her twenty strokes with his belt and if the strap dropped at anytime, she would receive another ten with the strap that had dropped. The leather belt stung terribly and as hard as Marie tried to keep still, the strap dropped on the twelve stroke of the belt. Justin shook his head but continued with the remaining 8 strokes of the belt. He paused for a minute for Marie to compose herself and then he pick up the strap that had fallen from her back. Marie's bottom felt like it was on fire at this point but she knew that it was to be an extremely harsh punishment and therefore held her position as she continued to sob. Justin picked up a large wooden rule and placed it on her back. This time he warned,”Just to let you know the strokes with the implements that dropped are considered extra on top of the severe punishment that you will be getting.” And he began a rapid delivery of the strap. On after another the strokes of the strap fell in quick succession and it stung extremely badly. However, not wanting to worsen her already harsh punishment, Marie tried as hard as she could to hold still so as to keep the ruler on her back. However on the 9th stroke, she buckled forward and the ruler slipped off her back. Justin gave her the last stroke of the strap as she buckled once again to the front. “I'm sorry Sir”, she whimpered,”I really tried to hold still.”

Well, but it still dropped...............but don't worry, I will let your bottom rest for a bit.” Jason replied quite matter-of-factly.

He did let her bottom rest alright. He smacked her thighs instead. Ten smacks to each thigh and he lined them up all the way from the point where her butt met her thighs all the way down to just above her knees. He then left her in that position for another 20 minutes.

Marie was once again made to kneel in the middle of the room as Justin told her that she still had the cane coming which would top off her punishment for lying (as in not writing in the journal) and not concentrating in her studies. However he told her that he would first punish her for her masturbation first. It was hindering her studies and concentration in class, therefore, it had to be stopped. Marie was made to stretch out both hands and to the hands she was given 30 strokes of the ruler on each palm. Then he made Marie go on her hands and knees on the floor and told her to spread her legs. With a crop, Justin whipped her pussy 20 times. And with each time the cropped landed on her pussy, Marie was made to count the stroke and promise that she would not masturbate until she had taken her A Levels. Although the strokes were not extremely hard (you can't whip the pussy as hard as you whip the bottom), the “light taps” gave enough sensation for Marie to gasp out loud as a continuous flow of tears streamed down her face. (I remembered asking Marie how it felt to be pussy whipped at such a young age, to which she replied that it was a shock but a bit of a turn on at the same time. It was a different kind of pain and yet humiliating at the same time. It was only slightly painful, but she reckoned that Justin had warned her then that he would hit her harder if she masturbated again before her A Levels, therefore she didn't dare do it again.) Justin finished off with 20 strokes of the cane. The strokes were the hardest that Justin had ever given her at that time and Marie was almost screaming as each stroke landed. But already so submissive at such a young age, Justin recounted how she still pushed out her bottom for each stroke as if she was silently telling Justin that she really deserved the punishment.

After that day, Justin resumed the three spankings a day, and even did it on the weekends, though Marie felt that he had spanked her harder compared to the first time that he had implemented the three spankings a day. He also brought back the daily quizzes that he had which included three separate thrashings. It was an extremely painful time for Marie, but she felt that it had really helped her focus. Marie did relatively well for her A Levels and when her results came out, she had managed three As and a B. Things were looking up for Marie's grades but she still pinned for Justin's love. It did work out in the end.......I'll leave that for the next part

Though it may take a while, I noticed that I have to clarify some of the information with Marie and Justin.

Justin and Marie - Spankings for Skipping School (Part 2)

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This is the second part in Justin and Marie's story. It is about the time when Marie's mother found out about Justin punishing on to find out more.

Justin had finished his masters and his parents were asking him to go over to Australia to help with the family business. However when he told his parents that his Godmother, she was his father's younger sister, needed him to help coach Marie for the A Levels (of course he did not tell them about the spankings) his parent agreed to support him financially while he stayed in Singapore to help Marie with her studies.

Although the school holidays was a “painful” one for Marie, she felt herself falling for Justin. Although she feared the pain of the punishments she had received, she felt good to have such a person “take care” of her in such a way. Her attitude to school however had not changed much and she found school pretty much a bore. School had just started and Justin's grilling of her during the school holidays meant that some of the chapters to be covered in the second half of the year was already covered by her with Justin. Therefore she began to skip school, occasionally and then more and more frequent. She would go out, catch a movie and meet her friend after school had ended to take any homework and made sure she was back by 4pm so that she could have her tuition with Justin. Justin, thinking that Marie had an attitude adjustment during the school holidays, was none the wiser and because she seemed to have a positive attitude, for the first two months that school reopened, he did not even need to spank her.

However, sometime just after the second month, Justin received a call from Marie's Junior College teacher. (Now as Marie's mother was working and she had told the Junior College to call Justin if anything cropped up with Marie at school.) Marie's teacher was worried and had called Justin to check if everything was alright at home. It turned out that Marie had been skipping school so often that she had only be going to school twice a week for the past three weeks. Justin thanked the teacher for informing him and reassured her that he would get to the bottom of things when Marie reached home later that evening. Justin thought about calling Marie on her mobile but decided against it decided to “surprise” her when she returned home.

When Marie returned home that evening, she saw Justin sitting on the living room couch reading a book. On the coffee table was several implements placed neatly. Sensing something was amiss but not thinking that it was anything serious she sat down opposite Justin and jokingly asked if he was cleaning his implements. Justin put down his book and smiled. Ignoring her question he asked her how was everything at school, as if to sound her out. Still not sensing that anything was wrong, she said everything was great and went on about how she felt she could understand better in class and all. Justin smiled and played along with her conversation for a bit then suddenly his face became serious and he looked straight into Marie's eyes and told her that her teacher had called earlier in the day and had told him that she had been skipping classes. Marie froze in her seat, she did not dare look Justin in the eye and looked down as she asked him if her mother knew about it. Justin told her that she did not know yet but added that it was the least of her problems for the time being. Justin told her that it appeared that all the punishments during the holidays to change her attitude towards her studies did not have an effect at all. Marie quickly responded it did, that was why she had come home everyday at 4pm for tuition with him, it was just that school was quite boring. Then as if something had possessed her, Marie mumbled out that to a certain extent she had more motivation when she was being punished. It shocked herself the moment it came out and she continued to stare at her feet embarrassed and hoped that Justin did not hear it. But alas, Justin heard it crystal clear and said a,”Very well then, it seems that we may have to resume some practices that we had during the holidays”. To her own surprise, Marie felt a tingle inside her when she heard those words. It was as if deep down she wanted to be punished by Justin. Despite this, her heart also sank when thinking about the pain of the likely punishments. Justin told her that he would punish her severely this time as it was important that she get it into her head that she not skip school anymore. He then put the implements into the duffel bag, slung it over his shoulder and with his other hand grabbing her arm, he led her to her room. Marie followed in silence and at the same time wondering why Justin was going to punish her in her room this time. She was soon to find out.

Humiliation and punishment go hand in hand. Once in Marie's room Justin closed the door behind him, and sat down on Marie's bed as he pulled her over his knee and gave her a blistering two minute handspanking over her school skirt. He then made her remove her skirt before he put her over his knee again and gave her another two minutes of handspanking. Marie was starting to sniffle and her tears were welling up. She remembers that at that time she could already feel the burn on her bottom and yet her panties and not come down yet! After that, Justin made her stand up and remove her panties. Then it was back over the knee for another blistering two minutes over her bare. Marie was already crying after the handspankings and Justin put her in the corner to reflect on her actions. After about 15 mins, he called Marie over and asked her about what she had reflected upon. She told him that she knew that she should not have skipped school and she promised that she would not skip school anymore. Justin replied that it was a good start to begin thinking that way but there was more to her punishment. He then pulled her back over his knee and gave her ten hard smacks on each butt cheek with a hairbrush. Justin paused for a while as Marie laid over his knee and he lecture her about the importance of going to school. He then gave her another ten smacks with the hairbrush on each of her butt cheeks. Following that, he instructed Marie to remove her school top and made her kneel in the corner with her hands behind her back. As she knelt there, Marie felt terribly embarrassed and exposed. She had never been in such a state of undress in front of anyone, even her mother. Yet at the same time, she felt a bit aroused that she was in such a state in front of the guy she liked. After another 15 minutes, Justin made her stand in front of him with her hands on her head as he lectured her once again. He told her that he hoped that she was beginning to learn her lesson. Marie nodded in between sobs and said that she would never do that again. Justin gave her a slight smile and said that he was sure that after the rest of the punishments she would never skip classes again. Upon hearing this, Marie dropped to the ground crying and holding on to Justin's leg. She pleaded not to be punished anymore as her bottom was really very sore. Justin told her it was to be a severe punishment but he would give her a choice, if she felt that her bottom could no longer take anymore punishments, she could choose to be punished on her thighs. Marie shivered at the thought of going to school with any welts on her thighs. So she whimpered that she would bear the punishment on her bottom. Seeing that her bottom was very sore, Justin told her that he would postpone the rest of her punishments and would only give her one more implement. He then asked her to choose one. Marie chose the cane. As Marie had only gone to school twice a week for the past three weeks, this meant that she had missed 9 days of school. So Justin decided that she would be given 9 strokes of the cane. Justin instructed her to remove her bra and lie on her bed. She was to lie face down with her face turned to the side, her hands by her side and her knees bent so as to push her bottom up (It was something like the doggy position.) Justin told her that she was to count every stroke and say that she would promise to not skip school ever again. Justin made Marie feel every single stroke and she was crying uncontrollably at the end. Justin told Marie to remain in that position while he went to buy dinner. After he returned, he made Marie kneel on the floor with her hands behind her back while he lectured her on how she'd better not skip school anymore or the punishment would be worse than today. At the same time, he told Marie that he was going to resume punishing her on a regular basis. For starters, he would spank her three times a day. Once in the morning before she went to school, once after she returned home from school and once again at around 10pm before she went to bed. Although Marie had just received a severe punishment, Justin told her that the spankings would begin that night. He told her that she was to go to him for the spankings on her on accord during the stipulated timings and if he had to call her for the spanking, he would use the ruler as well.

So that night at 10pm, Marie obediently went to Justin, who was sitting in the living room, and told him that she was her for her spanking. Justin told her that just for that time, as she had been punished severely, he would spank her over her shorts. It would be on the bare from the next day onwards. Just as he had begun to lay the first few spanks on Marie, his Godmother walked in and stood frozen at the living room. She had gotten off work early and had come home earlier than expected. Marie quickly got up and sat down beside Justin. Her faced burned with embarrassment. His Godmother was remained silent, though it was more of shock than anger. However, in a bid not to create any misunderstanding, Justin quickly got up and helped his Godmother to the couch and decided to tell the truth about what she had just witnessed. Justin told her everything and about his rationale of his “carrot and stick” tuition program for Marie and how that it was nothing sexual but because he had promised her that he would help Marie with her studies. He explained the positive effects of how Marie's grades had improved tremendously. He then continued on about Marie had been skipping school. During which Marie's mother showed a visibly upset face and scolded Marie for it. To Marie and Justin's surprise, she continued about how Justin was right that Marie had been having it too easy. She even went on to say that if only she had taken the time to take Marie in hand, things wouldn't be the way it was. She then said that from then onwards, Justin had her full blessing to take her in hand. She added that Justin was her Godson which made him Marie's Godbrother thus in a way he had a responsibility to teach her right from wrong. Then she turned to Justin and put her hand on his shoulder and thanked him, and ended with “I believe her punishment had only just begun when I came in, carry on with it. I want to see how it is. She has been in a need for a good spanking for a very long time. Make sure she really learns her lesson.” Marie cringed in embarrassment while Justin hesitated for a moment before he nodded turned to Marie and said,”Well you heard your mother, back over my lap.” Knowing that Justin would spank her harder now that her mother had given her blessing, Marie buried her face in the couch as she braced herself for a very painful spanking. Justin blistered her bottom for a good three minutes with Marie crying out from the start. As Marie got up and attempted to sit back on the couch, Marie's mother commented,”Are you sure you are supposed to sit back down? Back in those days, we had to kneel and face the wall for a bit to reflect.” Marie looked at Justin who motioned to wards the wall beside the couch. Marie obeyed quickly, afraid that her mother may urge Justin to punish her somemore as she did not know about the earlier punishment in the day. As Marie knelt in the corner with her hands on her head, her mother thanked Justin once again and remarked how more subdued and obedient she seemed now that she was being punished. She said that she was leaving it to Justin to punish her. But she added that felt just a handspanking on her shorts was a bit to little and he may want to be abit more severe in future. Justin gave a slight smile as his Godmother made her way to her own room to shower. After his Godmother had retired to her room, he instructed Marie to go to her room to prepare for bed. He reminded her about her daily spankings.

So for the rest of the school year, each morning Marie would knock on Justin's door with her bottom bared, clutching her school skirt and panties in her hand. Justin would then give her a blistering three minute spanking which would leave her in tears. This he said was to ensure that she could feel it throughout the day and remind herself not to skip her classes. Once she returned from school, she would immediately removed her skirt and panties once again and report to Justin for her second spanking of the day. It was also three minutes but Justin would not spank as hard but still made sure it stung and so occasionally Marie would drip a tear or two during this spanking. At night Marie was to be kneeling in the middle of her room with her bottom bared by 10pm sharp waiting for Justin to give her a final spanking for the day. At the same time it was also confession time. If Marie had not done her home work or had fell asleep during class, she was to place a strap beside her. When Justin came in, he would ask her what she had done to deserve the strap. Then she would remain in the position as Justin strapped her. As Marie was already being spanked three times a day, Justin normally gave her five strokes of the strap at the most if she had anything to confess. After that she would receive a one minute spanking before she went to sleep.

In addition to that, in a bid to ensure that Marie paid attention in class, Justin made Marie write a daily journal. It would include a brief description of what she had learnt during each lesson of the day. Each Saturday afternoon, Justin would go through the journal and for each lesson that she did not log in the journal for the week, she would receive five strokes of the cane. At the same time, if she had written any mistake that she did not confess about during the week, she would receive ten strokes of the strap. Sunday was normally a non spanking day. However closer to her final year examinations, Justin included a reminder spanking for Marie on Sunday afternoons. Well this paid off in a way, for Marie as she aced her final year examinations and was promoted to JC 2 the following year.

Justin and Marie - A spanking beginning (Part 1)

Thursday, September 11, 2008 · 4 comments

Justin and Marie are in a domestic discipline marriage and over dinner one night I asked them how it all began for them. They began to relate to me a story which took three hours to tell. It is rather wordy when penned (typed rather) down and thus I had to split it into parts. This first part is about how Marie was introduced to spankings by Justin while she was still in Junior College.

Marie's mother began lamenting one day over dinner with Justin, her Godson, and Marie that she felt so useless as a mother. Ever since Marie's father had passed away when Marie was ten, she had to hold two jobs and hardly had any time to help Marie with her school work. Marie had just received news earlier that afternoon that she had failed her JC 1 and had to repeat the year thus delaying her A levels by another year. She went on endlessly about how she felt that it was her fault that Marie had done so badly when suddenly as if a light bulb had lit up in her head, she turned to Justin and remarked,”Hey, you did extremely well for your A levels right? Do you think you could help Godma tutor Marie?” Justin, almost choking on his food, replied, “But Godma, I took my A levels like years ago, are you sure you gonna put such hope on me?” (Justin was 6 years older than Marie) Marie's eyes lit up, she had been having the biggest crush on Justin ever since he moved in to stay with them during his NS 5 years ago (Justin's parents had migrated to Australia during that time but he did not want to go), and the prospect of having her crush tutor her seemed great so she hijacked the conversation and went,”Yes why not? Mom can't afford a tutor for me and plus you have got the time now right? Its convienient since you're staying with us. Please?” Both Marie and her mother looked at Justin with pleading eyes that made it hard to refuse and so (sigh) Justin agreed reluctantly. The school holidays were approaching and Marie's mother reckoned that since Marie would be free as well, Justin might as well help Marie prepare for JC 1 during the school hols.

Marie however had other plans on her mind. It was the school holidays and she did not want to be cooped up studying for two whole months. But she liked the fact that Justin and her would be alone most of the time so tuition went on but Marie never concentrated on whatever Justin was teaching her. Justin himself knew that Marie was not paying attention, but he did not know at that time that Marie had a crush on him, and he thought that well since it was the school holidays he might as well let her be.

The school holidays passed quickly and Marie had learnt nothing from the two hours that Justin spent teaching her daily. Justin continued to tutor her when school reopened, he was grateful to his Godmother for taking care of him all this while when his parents were abroad and he did not want to let her down. Marie on the other was still nonchalant about her school work and before she knew it, she was staring at the results of her first term test. She had obviously flunked badly. The report card needed her mother's signature, but not wanting to upset her, she asked Justin if he could help sign it for her. Justin was slightly irritated. He had put in his time and had seriously tried to tutor Marie. He did not want to help Marie lie to her mother, but at the same time he couldn't bear to imagine how upset his Godmother would be if she knew of the results. So he helped her, but only on the condition that she promise to work hard for the coming mid year examinations. Marie agreed but somehow, she didn't seem to take it seriously. Although Justin had spent more time tutoring her, she still did not concentrate and it seemed Justin's efforts were to be in vain. This proved true as when Marie returned home on the day that the report book was given out, the look on Marie's face said everything. Justin was flabbergasted when he looked at her results. He was so sure that if she had done the revision that he had given her, she would have at least passed all four subjects. Justin's face blackened and he firmly told Marie that he was extremely disappointed. He would not help her lie to her mother this time and in fact he had decided not to tutor her any more since she was totally not interested in her studies. Justin added that he intended to move out as he felt too ashamed to face her mother, his Godmother. Marie, who had been keeping quiet since Justin had begun ranting about his frustration and disappointment over her results, began to cry at this point of time. This took Justin by surprise, although he had known Marie for a long time, he had never seen her cry. He stood there unsure of what to say and passed Marie a box of tissue. In between sobs, Marie began to confess to Justin that she had not paid any attention Justin's tuition at all. She had merely wanted him to be his tuition teacher as she had a crush on him. She wasn't interested in her studies and had spent the past months of tuition ogling and daydreaming about Justin and not paying attention at all. She was only saying this out because Justin had said that he was intending to move out and she didn't want him to. (Sigh, the folly of an 18 year old girl). She pleaded with Justin to help her sign the report book one last time and promised that she would concentrate fully on her studies during tuition with him. Justin kept quiet not sure of what to say. He said he would think about it and get back to her in a few days.

Now Justin was at a loss. Not knowing what to do. He wanted to help his Godmother with her daughter's studies, but now that he knew that she liked him, he felt abit uncomfortable. He had always looked upon Marie as a younger sister. So for three whole days, Justin went out first thing in the morning, so as to avoid Marie, hung out with his friends and only came back late at night. It was during these three days that an idea came to him. He had recently gotten out of a relationship, it was not the typical domestic discipline kinda thingy but he had dabbled in spanking in his previous relationships. So he thought he may try out a discipline cum tuition program with Marie. (Personally when he told me this story, I felt that it was more of wanting to help his Godmother with her daughter than wanting to spank Marie's 18 year old bottom.) He however did not know how to broach the topic so on the fourth day, after his Godmother had gone to work, sat down in the living room and pretended to watch the tv. When Marie came by the living room, he casually told her (without looking at her) that he had taught about it. He would help her this time but it was the very last time and he would only help her on the condition that she would have to abide by his rules when it came to her studies. He did not elaborate and merely said that it would not be all fun and it would be serious studies. Marie was of course delighted to hear of Justin's decision immediately agreed. The one month school holidays was going to begin in a week's time and he told her that he intended to tutor her throughout the holidays and she should not make any plans to go out. It was to be from 10 to 5. He also told her to get a copy of her test papers from her teacher so that he could run through the questions with her and test her again. Then he told Marie that the tuition would begin only once the school holidays had begun. Meanwhile, Justin got busy getting various implements from his spanko contacts and packed them in a duffel pack and kept them in his cupboard.

One the first day of the school holidays, Justin sat in the living room waiting for Marie. However Marie was still sleeping and it was only at about 11am that she walked out of her room and sheepishly looked at Justin. Justin kept a straight face and told her to wash up and get back to the living room for her tuition. Once Marie had washed up, Justin sat her down and went through his lesson plans. Marie had four subjects (if I am not wrong it was History, Economics, GP and Chinese, I am not very sure) and each day, Justin would go through two subjects with her. He then went on to talk about her attitude. He told Marie firmly that her attitude towards her studies was atrocious and he would not stand for such attitude anymore. Then he showed her a picture, which he had printed off the net, of a schoolgirl bent over a teacher's lap, and told her that she should expect this from now on. Marie assumed that he was joking and began to laugh. But when she realised that Justin was not smiling at all, she quickly stopped and kept very quiet not knowing how to react. Justin then when on to explain that from his observation, he felt that Marie had been having it extremely easy and nobody had taken her in hand since her mother left for work at 7am and only got back after 11pm on most days. He added that such freedom has proven to be bad for her. Therefore, to ensure that she would focus on her studies, Justin said that he would be using the “carrot and stick” approach.. Then he said that her first punishment would be for being late for tuition as it was supposed to begin at 10am. Sensing Marie's hesitance, Justin reminded her that he had told her that he would only continue with the tuition if she kept to his rules. However he did not want to force her and told her that she could take some time to think it through. And with that he got up towards to kitchen to get a drink. When he returned to the living room, he half expected Marie to have gone back to her room or run off, but to his amazement she was sitting on the couch as if waiting for him. She then told him that she guessed she did need some discipline and she was willing to try it out. Then she looked up at Justin and said, “So I guess I will be spanked for being late today?” So Justin sat down on the couch and pulled Marie over his knee. Before he began to spank her, he told her that since it was her first time being spanked, I will leave your shorts on for now. And with that, he began to spank her bottom about ten time on each cheek. Then he got Marie to get up and warned her that it had been an extremely mild spanking as it was her first time. The rest of the day went on relatively alright and without a another spanking, though Justin reckoned that Marie was more attentive throughout the day.

The very next day, Marie woke up late again. Justin was upset for he had just spanked her the day before. Therefore, this time Justin made sure she really felt it. He gave her about twenty warmup spanks on her shorts and then he pulled down her shorts to reveal her bare bottom. She reached back to try and hold on to her shorts, but Justin smacked her hand and reminded her that he had already warned her that it would be on the bare. He then gave her a good two minute spanking which left her tearing and on the verge of crying. This was again the only spanking for the day and Justin thought that he was making progress. However for the next one week, Marie was late every single morning and thus received a spanking each morning. Then one of the nights, as Justin got out at about one am to get a glass of water, he noticed the lights in Marie's room were still on. He pressed his ear against her door and he heard the sound of her playing with her computer. So the very next day, as Marie woke up late again and as usual he spanking her over her shorts then on her bare. However this time, as Marie attempted to get up after Justin had stopped with the bare bottom handspanking, Justin rested his hand on her back and told her that it was not over. He then told her that he had seen her lights still on at about one am. It turned out that Marie had trouble waking up every morning as every night she would be on the computer until quite late. He then took a wooden ruler and gave her ten stinging spanks with it. This left her crying. He then told her that she was to sleep by 11pm every night from then on and for every morning onwards that she woke up late, he would double the number of strokes with the ruler. The ruler must have really stung for the next morning onwards, Marie was never late for her tuition.

Around the middle of the month, Justin gave Marie a mini test on the four subjects. It was the same test papers she had done for her mid term examinations. This time, Marie did better than she had done previously during her mid term but she still did not pass any of the papers except for her GP. Therefore Justin decided to take things to the next level. He told her there would be no more lessons for the day. But from then on, he would give her a mini quiz on one chapter of history, economics and chinese each day. So Justin told her that she was to spend the rest of the day revising the first chapter of each of the three subject and he would test her the next day.

The next day, when Marie came to the living room she saw three implements on the table and beneath it was one piece of paper each. Puzzled she looked at Justin. Justin had set a series of mini quizzes of twenty questions each for each chapter. The punishment for not doing well in each of the quiz would be the implement on top of the paper. He said that after two weeks of lessons, her progress was disappointing and therefore she needed abit more “motivation”. Marie began to look worried as she had obviously not revised at all the day before.

So the everyday for the next two weeks until school reopened, each day was as such:

The mini quizzes was to be done in the morning. She was to stand by the table by 10am with her shorts and panties taken off. Before each of the quiz, Justin would give her a one minute otk handspanking.

Then for the history quiz, she was to go on her hands and knees on the coffee table. The history quiz was a question and answer quiz done orally. Twenty questions were asked. Each question that she answered wrongly, Justin promptly gave her one stroke of the cane. As said earlier, the very first day, she got all the answers wrong and was crying by the end of the history quiz. She had to get at least 15 correct. If she didn't she would be given 15 minutes to revise the chapter and would have to go through the test all over again. This went on until she got at least 15 correct.

Next was the economics quiz. Twenty questions and it was a written quiz. After the quiz, she would have to kneel on the coffee table with her hands on her head while Justin marked her answers. She would then get the same number of strokes as the number of questions that she got wrong. Likewise, she would keep retaking the quiz and keep receiving the strap for her wrong answers until she got at least fifteen correct.

Lastly was the Chinese quiz. Similar to the Economics paper, it was a written paper. I am not sure about the details of the paper though. After each paper, she would be given one smack of the crop on each side of her bottom, therefore this meant two smacks for each wrong answer. Likewise, 15 was the magical number.

After that, Justin would spend the rest of the day going through the following chapter with Marie. Although Justin effectively ended the tuition at 5pm. Every night at 10pm, as a form of a reminder, Justin would give her bare bottom a final spanking which normally lasted about three minutes.

On the last day before school reopened, Justin made Marie take her mid term test papers again. He had informed her a few days before and told her that he expected her to score at least 75 marks. He also warned her that he would give her one stroke for each mark below 75 with the respective implement that he had assigned to the subject. If she failed any of the test, he would continue this practice for that subject even when school reopened.

Marie really worked hard and she did relatively well and got 80 marks for History, 76 for history and 70 marks for economics. Justin was pleased. Marie too was surprised with herself. She must have felt that Justin's program had worked for her, and though she was to receive five stroke of the strap for her economics score, she meekly asked if Justin could double the strokes so as to motivate her further. To this Justin gladly obliged. After she received the strapped, she hugged Justin and thanked him for not giving up on her then. She asked if he would continue tutoring her till her A Levels, and to this he said of course as he had promised his Godmother that he would ensure that she made it thru.

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