Convert a spanking vanilla and it may be a spanking more than you asked for!

Sunday, September 21, 2008 ·

Over dinner two days ago, a friend lamented to me that her boyfriend was not keen on spanking her and wasn't into it at all. And as she went on and on about it, I realised that many girls have this problem with their vanilla other halves. I also recalled a story Ruth had told me about how she had “converted” her vanilla boyfriend. So here it is for you and if you are one of those girls with a vanilla boyfriend that you want to convert............use your creativity as Ruth did but be careful......sometimes you may get more than what you expect.

Ruth loved almost everything about Mark – his hair, his look, his built, his manly demeanour etc. The only problem she had was that he was a vanilla. Ruth loved to be spanked but somehow, Mark never seemed too keen about spanking his girlfriend's butt. She did bring up the topic and edged him on at times when they were having sex, but apart from a couple of playful swats here and there, Ruth seemed destined to a spank-less relationship with Mark. Mark wasn't into the whole spanking thing and was afraid that he would hurt Ruth. Although the relationship seemed doomed to spanking neverland, Ruth loved Mark to bits and made a vow to herself that she would “convert” him no matter what it took.

Well she got her chance pretty soon as Ruth had a major problem. She was an alcoholic, something which Mark wasn't extremely happy about. It became worse after Ruth had moved in to Mark's place as on many occasions Mark would return home from work to find Ruth intoxicated. It was pretty bad as Ruth couldn't go to sleep without alcohol. The quarrels became frequent and things were not so rosy. However, I guess it was real love for things continued for almost two years this way and neither party showed any signs of wanting out.

Meanwhile, Ruth's excessive drinking began to take a toll on her health and as her liver deteriorated, she collapsed on of the days while on her way home from work and had to be rushed to the hospital. Fortunately the damage was not too severe but the doctor warned that if she did not give up drinking, the next hospitalisation may even be her last. So as Mark sat by the hospital bed that night and pleaded with Ruth once more to try and quit her drinking, Ruth agreed.

The following months were sheer torture as Ruth would put it as she struggled to stay off the bottle. Ruth refused to undergo any counselling, it was embarrassing to her, and attempted to quit with will power and Mark's support. This was of course a futile attempt as Ruth soon found herself sneaking drinks whenever Mark wasn't around. At times, she would sneak a shot or two before Mark came back and would take another couple shots of a mint mouthspray to take away the smell. Mark however soon became suspicious and decided to come home early one of the days to “surprise” Ruth. As he opened the door that fateful day, he saw Ruth, frozen in shock at Mark's sudden appearance, with her lips to a shot glass. It wasn't a great moment. Tempers rose and heated exchanges soon ensued. However once “the dust had settled” later that night, Ruth and Mark sat down to calmly talk about it. Amidst her tears, Ruth lamented that she had been trying her very best but the addiction was too great as Mark held her hands and voiced the usual words of encouragement. Then suddenly, an idea struck Ruth as Mark questioned himself aloud on what could be done to help Ruth beat her addiction. Ruth looked at Mark straight in the eye and asked if he really wanted to help her with her addiction. As the conversation went to and fro with Mark giving her a positive response after another, Ruth threw up the possibility of using a spanking to help her beat her addiction. (Cunning little bitch I would say) Mark refused of course, but Ruth would hear nothing of it as she felt this was her best chance of converting him and went on and on about the benefits of it and all. (Funny don't you think? Asking for a spanking!) But to cut the long story short, Mark still did not feel very convinced and was still extremely reluctant about the whole idea of spanking Ruth. So Ruth took out his laptop, open a few domestic discipline websites and asked if he could at least read through them before he made up his mind. Thinking that there would not be any harm with that, he agreed. Ruth and Mark agreed that they would talk about it about one week later. (Though I think at that time Mark merely agreed as he did not want to carry on the conversation with Ruth about spanking her.)

Surprisingly, or maybe not so surprisingly, on the fifth day Mark came back home early again and once again caught Ruth drinking again. This time however Mark sat her down and calmly said that he had thought about it and would accept the possibility of spanking her to help her curb her addiction. Ruth feigned a look of surprise – it turned out that that one of the websites had been a spanking forum. And Ruth had after that day created a fake account and posed a question about how a spanking could cure one's alcoholic addiction. This prompted a flurry of responses from a number of guys who recounted their experiences and gave their advice. Ruth had also been saw some exchanges between Mark and the people of the forum and knew that Mark had been convinced that it would work.

The first two weeks that they started was a complete joke as Mark had never spanked anyone before. There wasn't a proper discipline program and it was a non formal arrangement that Ruth would admit whenever she sneaked a drink and he would spank her. He found it awkward and there were times that they would end up breaking out in laughter. This of course did Ruth's addiction no good but she didn't really care as she was happy enough that Mark had at least begun to spank her albeit not as hard as she would have liked.

Mark however took it quite seriously, for I think it was due to his strong desire to help Ruth with her addiction. He fervently went on the forums every night to seek advice and as the days went by, the spankings really began to sting. Although it did not bring any tears yet to Ruth's eyes, she was beginning to really feel the spankings. But it was at an intensity that was just right for her and of course since she liked it, it did no help at all to her addiction once again.

Then one of the nights Mark passed Ruth a copy of a discipline program that he had printed out. He had gotten it from on of the guys at the forum and intended to implement it. The plan however included the use of implements, which Mark knew nothing about. However, he had made a contact with one of the Singaporean members of the forum and had arranged to meet up with him to “learn” all about the implements. Mark had even drafted a spanking contract for Ruth to sign.

So in the meantime, Mark used only his hands and one of the first things of the plan that he imposed were maintenance spankings. As Mark felt that the severity of Ruth's addiction was quite bad, he decided on a daily maintenance spanking each night. As a form of humiliation, Ruth had to sit on the bed fully naked at 10pm each night to wait for Mark. The spankings were now more structured as Mark sat a timer for two minutes for the spankings to last. He however changed this a week later after reading something about tears, and decided that he each maintenance spanking would only end after Ruth had begun to cry. The spankings were now beginning to hurt and but Ruth bore with it. But it wasn't that bad as for the one month that it began, that was the only spanking that Mark gave her and Ruth thought that if that was it, then it was bearable. She was greatly mistaken..........

Mark had been training one his own with the contact that he had made and unknown to Ruth, he had gotten his contact to purchase for him several implements. So one month after, Mark came back one of the evenings with a black colour duffle bag. When Ruth asked him about it, he merely told her that it was a “surprise”. The surprise came that night as Mark came to the room and instead of commencing with her spanking he sat down on a chair and talked to her about how honesty was one of the rules in the spanking contract that they had signed. Then he went on to say that he knew that Ruth had hidden alcohol around the house and told her to bring out all the alcohol that she had hidden. Ruth scurried around the house naked taking the bottles of alcohol and laid before Mark five bottles of different alcohol. Mark then gave her the usual nightly maintenance and sent her to the corner for fifteen minutes. But this time after that, instead of going up to Ruth and giving her a hug, he called out to her to turn around. To her horror, Ruth turned around to see Mark holding a cane in his hand and two pillows had been placed one on top of the other in the middle of the bed. Before any words could come out of her mouth, he led her over the pillows and made her lay face down over it. He then told her that she would be getting one stroke for each of the five bottles. Mark must have been practising for the strokes of the cane landed perfectly and stung most painfully. After the final stroke, Mark rested the cane on Ruth's bottom and told her that he was disappointed. He knew that there were more bottles than that. So he said that he was going to give her one last chance to bring out the remaining bottles. He warned that if she did not and he found it, he would then give her ten strokes for each of the bottles that he found. This prompted Ruth to retrieve a further five bottles for which Mark gave her another five strokes for them. As she laid on the bed crying, she heard the sound of mark unbuckling his belt. Thinking that he was going to screw her from behind, she turned and gave a smile as she raised her hips and bent her knees to put herself in a doggy position. Mark, knowing that Ruth had misunderstood his intentions, smiled and told her to close her eyes. He moved towards her and fondled her breasts for a moment and moved his hands over her body until it reached her back as he told her to spread her legs wider. Ruth, with her eyes still closed, arched her back and moaned softly in anticipation. But then without any warning Mark gave a swing of his belt and Ruth opened her eyes in shock as she gasped loudly. With her bottom stinging from the first stroke of the belt, she turned her head towards Mark only to find him fully clothed less the belt which was folded in two and in his hand. Mark told her that he was going to give her ten with the belt for lying to him the first time about the bottles. Ruth began to cry and protested but Mark continued and her bottom was a glowing red (so she said) by the time he was done. The night was still not over, as Mark sat her down and handed her a brown notebook. He instructed her to note down each time that she sneaked a drink. He warned her that this was for her own good and she would not want to lie to him.

Over the next month, the nightly maintenance spankings continued but each night that Mark go through the journal and if Ruth had sneaked a drink or two that day, Mark would give her a further ten with a hairbrush. During the weekend, Mark would tabulate the number of times she had sneaked a drink over the week and would give her an equal number of strokes with the cane. This quickly shaped Ruth up for by the third month after that, Ruth had gone through one whole month without a single drop of liquor. By the sixth month, Mark had scaled down her maintenance spankings to twice a week. Mark however knew that the chance of a relapse was quite high if she even drank a single shot during the first year. So he warned her to refrain from even touching any alcohol and that he had a severe punishment prepared for her if she did drink. Ruth did however drink on of the nights somewhere on the ninth month during a night out with her friends. She however hid it from Mark and he had only found out sometime later when he had happen to be playing with her phone and chanced upon a photo that her friend had taken of her downing a shot. Ruth's friend had taken it without her knowledge so she did not know about it to delete it.

While Mark was comforted that it had not pushed Ruth into relapse, he was furious that he did not heed her warning. So this time, he gave Ruth an “ass whopping” of her life. The full arsenal of implements that Mark had in the duffle bag was used. From the canes to the paddles and even a crop. Ruth felt every single one on her bottom that night. It was about ten to twenty strokes with each and Ruth reckons that her bottom was so bruised that night that she could not sit down properly for a week at least. To top it off, Mark resumed the daily maintenance spankings for almost three months before he brought it back to the twice weekly regime. Ruth never drank fact even during parties, she only drinks mocktails.

While Ruth's addiction has been cured and she got her wish of “converting” Mark, she says that her bottom is still paying the price for converting him. Mark's inner spanko had been released and sometime later they embarked on a domestic discipline relationship. She still gets a maintenance spanking twice a week till this very day. They have been together for almost five years and I should think that very soon wedding bells will be ringing for them.

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Dirty Little Angel said...
September 21, 2008 at 1:03 PM  

haha! you're right that does sound similar to my case. perhaps i should tread more delicately. the handprint left from that singular spank was really something.

Spank-A-Lot said...
September 22, 2008 at 12:41 PM  

Yeah well it all depends what you really want. If you want a playful spanking or a real good 'ol butt blistering!

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