An Indian Spanking Family (Part 1)

Friday, September 5, 2008 ·

*This is a three parter as if was a long story told to me by a lady of North Indian descent. As usual no real names mentioned...........need to protect the privacy of my contributors for they are real life spanking stories, so please do understand.*

Kavitha was born into a wealthy family and led an extremely sheltered life. Therefore when she got married to Kareem, who was also north Indian like her but from an even wealthier family, and move in to his family's bungalow (he was the only oldest and only son), Kavitha did not expect much change from her life before she had gotten married.

This was however not to be as it turned out that Kareem's family was a rather prim and proper family with old traditional values. By prim and proper I mean strict and disciplined. Kareem's father was the typical authoritarian no-nonsense Head of the Household who put much emphasis on family and image. It is understandable really as being a rich family with ties, many eyes were on their family especially within the Indian community. Kareem's father was over 60 years of age but his care for his own image, which he expected too out of his family, kept him trim, fit and not looking a day over 40. In other words, he was pretty dashing for his age except for his white crown of hair which betrayed his age. Needless to say, Kareem's mother herself maintained a svelte figure and like her husband looked much younger than her actual age. If you ever see them, you would immediately know where Kareem got his good Bollywood looks from.

Anyway before I digress too much, Kavitha says it all began after Kareem and her had returned from their honeymoon. The whole family was seated for dinner (Kareem has two sisters as well) and was waiting for Kareem's mother. Kareem's father had a rule that the whole family had to have dinner together and dinner would only begin once everyone had arrived. It was already eight pm, the food was laid out on the table but Kareem's mother had yet to return home. By eight thirty she still had not returned and Kareem's father's face was already visibly blackened and he wore a disapproving frown. Kareem and his sisters took turns to call their mother but she did not pick up. It was only around 8.45pm that she finally picked up and said that she had gone shopping with her friends and had forgotten all about the time and was one the way back home. As they waited in silence for Kareem's mother to return, Kareena, Kareem's youngest sister, turned to Kaneisha (her older sister) and said “I think mom's gonna get it from dad when she gets back.” This prompted a response from her father who said “hush girl don't scare your sister-in-law so early.” Kavitha offered a weak smile but did not think much about it. Kareem's mother walked in quickly at about a quarter past nine and apologised profusely to her husband. Kareem's father cut her off with a “Let's eat, dinner is getting cold.” When dinner was over, the whole family proceeded to the living room for fruits, coffee and the usual watching of tv.

Somewhere around 10.45pm, Kareem's father switched off the tv suddenly and turned to his wife and said,”While we were waiting for you, your daughter reckoned that you would be getting it from me tonight. And darling, somehow I agree with her. It would also be a good introduction for Kavitha to our family's rules wouldn't you agree?” Kareem's mother could only gasp before Kareem's father pulled her over his lap. Kavitha sat in silence with eyes wide open, not knowing what was happening at that time. Kareem's father looked at Kavitha and said,”In every family there are rules. In this family every mistake has its consequences. No one has immunity. My wife and my two daughters will be punished by me if I see the need. As for you, it is Kareem's responsibility to take you in hand. His methods will be similar as mine, so take this as an introduction.” And with that, Kareem's father began spanking Kareem's mother's bottom. Kareem's mother only winced slightly during the spanks and Kavitha figured that she must have received such spankings fairly regularly to be able to keep such a composure. Sensing Kavitha's anxiety as she sat there frozen to the scene of her mother-in-law being spanked over her father-in-law's knee, Kareem put a reassuring hand over Kavitha's shoulder as if to tell her that it was alright and normal. After about five minutes of a blistering handspanking, Kareem's father stopped and instructed Kareena to fetch a wooden spatula from the kitchen. When she returned with the massive spoon, Kareem's father proceeded to give Kareem's mother's bottom a good twenty odd smacks with the spoon which left her sniffling and tearing slightly. Kareem's father gave her a minute to compose herself before he said,”Darling you do know that a punishment never ends clothed much less over a covered bottom. However, I will spare your decency today and we will finish this in our room. Get up and prepare before I reach.” Without a word, Kareem's mother picked herself up and quickly scurried upstairs. The rest of them sat in silence for a moment before Kareem's father got up and said,”Goodnight.” and went on up to continue with his wife's punishment. Following that the rest of them retired to their own rooms.

Now Kareem's family lived in a three storey bungalow, Kareem's parent's room was on the top floor while the rest of their rooms were on the second. The walls must have been quite thin for Kavitha reckoned that she heard her mother-in-law's cries for mercy and the strokes of the cane.

As Kareem and Kavitha were preparing for bed, Kavitha put her head on Kareem's chest and asked,”Darling, would you spank me like you father spanked your mother?” Kareem gave Kavitha's bottom a light pat as he said,”Well, it would all depend on whether you behave. But don't worry you will get your introductory soon.......sometime next week.” Kavitha was shocked as Kareem seemed serious but yet at the same time, something inside Kavitha seemed intrigued by the spanking that she had just witnessed earlier.

The next morning it was business as usual..........breakfast was filled with the usual topics and nothing was talked about the previous night's events. Kavitha was however unusually quiet, which her mother-in-law sensed. Therefore after Kareem and his father had gone to work, she sat her down and talked to her. She told her that this was a normal thing in their family and they accepted it because the spankings and punishments were meted out by Kareem's father because he truly loved them – enough to help change their bad habits or mistakes. She went on to explain that for the past month, since Kavitha had moved in, Kareem's father had decided to put a temporary halt to the punishments so as to not give Kavitha too much of a shock. He had intended to resume once she had settled in, and the previous night's spanking meant that it was back. She added that throughout their almost thirty years of marriage, she had only been spared from the spankings when she was pregnant. She never resented it, in fact she reckoned that she was grateful for it helped her to learn to take care of herself. Doing a slight twirl, she jokingly told Kavitha that if not for the punishments, she would not have been able to keep herself in such shape. Kavitha then revealed that Kareem had the night before said that she would be receiving her introductory spanking sometime soon. Her mother-in-law smiled and said that she could still remember her introductory punishment but stopped short of describing and said that it was best that Kavitha experience it for herself. Before they ended the conversation Kavitha asked if the spankings were a daily affair, to which her mother-in-law replied that it wasn't but merely an ad-hoc whenever the need arose.

Before Kavitha's introductory spanking two weeks later, she did witness a couple of spankings being meted out by her father-in-law but I shall leave that for part 2 (click here for part 2) so stay tuned.


sixofthebest said...
April 18, 2009 at 12:06 AM  

I have always believed the man in any family is the ruler of any household. This being said, the man has a right to discipline any naughty member of his family, be they a wife, his mother, his mother-in-law, his sister, his aunt, Also his maid, or female cook. By discipline I mean caning each of those females, well on their knickers down bare bottoms.

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