Happy Lunar New Year and Spankable Pictures 003

Tuesday, February 16, 2010 · 2 comments

Dear all,
Gong Hei Fatt Choi / Gong Xi Fa Cai! The work schedule has been more hectic than ever. Having to work over the Chinese New Year holidays and trying to fit in the traditional visits to relatives has been a killer! Nevertheless, spankings have never been far from mind. But alas, I haven't had the time to convert the notes on real life spanking relations that I have into the stories that you have seen so far. Thus instead, and since its still Chinese New Year, I have some oh so spankable pictures of Asian ladies that I hope you will enjoy.

Hope you liked the pics. For those who are worried that spankalot is slowly turning his blog into a picture blog, fret not. My stories are coming up!

Spankable pictures 002

Wednesday, February 10, 2010 · 1 comments

Work is a killer and sadly, its been hard for me to keep up with my real life stories. Nevertheless, spanking is still never far from my mind (like it ever left in the first place!). So in place of a story, here are some pretty fine spankables that I have noticed. Hope you like it :)

A Spanking Scholarship?

Monday, February 1, 2010 · 0 comments

Apologies for being away for a bit, I have been trying to keep up with my posts. Hope you enjoy this........told to me by a lady I met recently through another spanko friend.

After being rejected by NUS and NTU, Winnie had almost resigned herself to fate of not being able to get a degree. It was not that her grades were extremely bad, but probably it was just that there was too much competition for the courses that she wanted to apply for. While she did get accepted to a few overseas universities, she had only applied for fun as she knew that there was no way her aunty would be able to pay for her studies. Just so you know, her parents had passed away when she was very young and she was left in the care of her aunty who was a divorcee and had three of her own children to care for. Then she decided to try her luck on the internet, just to see if there were any available grants of sponsorships out there that could pay for her studies. The first few search results were terrible disheartening, scholarships and grants were only disbursed to local students. But then a certain search result (on the third or fourth page of yahoo, google wasn't available then I think) caught her eye. At a first glance, Winnie's first impression was that it was a scam, largely due to the amateurish layout of the website, but then she read the words and was intrigued. The website (for those who are wondering, doesn't exist anymore), claimed that it was willing to offer full sponsorship and living expenses for selected individuals. But there was a disclaimer that said there were certain conditions that applicants had to agree to. The information was pretty vague but there was an email address that at the end of it to enquire for more info. Since it seemed that this was the only promising albeit scamish result she had found on the internet, she emailed them to enquire.

The reply took a week and it seemed rather favourable. They were based at one of the universities that Winnie had been accepted to and were considering accepting her into their “sponsorship program”. But they asked for some information on her past grades as well as some details about herself. They also asked for her phone number so that they could do her phone interview to access her eligibility. The phone interview went rather well and Winnie was place on conditional acceptance. Conditional because there was still one more issue that had to be settled, it was the issue of the conditions that came with the sponsorship. Winnie was told that she would be sent a copy via email, and only if she accepted the conditions would she be fully accepted into the program.

The conditions were pretty simple, but no less serious in tone. The sponsorship program covered her entire school fees and living expenses. All meals would be provided and a small allowance was given. The conditions were similar to the usual sponsorship conditions with the exception of a few. The few were – Winnie had to stay in program's housing, she had to be willing to accept the rules and strict physical discipline, she was not to return to Singapore during the holidays and had to remain in the housing for the full duration of her studies. There were some other conditions but Winnie could not fully remember them and so was unable to relay them to me. While normally the words rules and strict physical discipline would have set off alarm bells, Winnie reckoned that it must have been the chance of studying overseas that dulled the alarm sounds in her mind. As she was below 21, her Aunty had to sign the consent form, but she could not read English and thus signed it blindly, thus no alarm bells were set off in her Aunty's mind either.

The program settled everything for her finance wise. All Winnie had to do was finalise the application. Even the air tickets were booked by them and sent to Winnie's home.

Bubbling with excitement, Winnie went set off to Country A (I am not about to reveal the country nor the university Winnie went to for she asked me not to).

When Winnie arrived at Country A's airport, she was received by a lady in her early fourties, let's call her Matron A. The lady seemed warm and nice, and so on the ride to the program's housing Winnie thought she had must have had a lucky break. The program's housing was a lovely three storey house and she was introduced to the occupants. The program was made up of three ladies (So let's call them Matron A, B and C) and there were four other young ladies around Winnie's age who were part of the program as well. Three of them were locals while the other, like Winnie, was from another country.

Winnie was shown her room but she only had time to put her things down before Matron A brought her to the university to settle her admission details. It was only when they returned that Winnie was formally introduced to the Matrons, and also when she learnt of what actually the program entailed. The program was run like a boarding school and there were rules to follow. And the consequence for breaking of the rules was physical punishment. It seemed so surreal as she heard the Matrons explain to her about the spankings and a part of her wanted to run, but somehow something made her stay. Winnie found it hard to explain but she reckons that it was probably the way that the Matrons put it across that made it seemed like as if the spankings were necessary and for her own good, and not abuse in anyway. Nevertheless, while it was usually a norm that a customary spanking was given on the first day of the program, Winnie had arrived on a Sunday, which was the day maintenance was given and so she would be given her spanking later that day. The rest of the day was spent getting to know the rest of the girls in the program. They were rather nice and Winnie noticed that they got along rather well with each other. Somewhat like sisters, she reckoned.

That night, before at about 9.30pm, Winnie was asked by Matron A to follow her and observe how maintenance was conducted. As they entered the first room, Winnie saw that it belonged to the other non-local girl. She was sitting on the edge of the bed in her night clothes (which was a tank top/t-shirt and boy-shorts or panties) and stood up immediately as Matron A walked in. Matron A explained to Winnie that this was for those under Maintenance 1, which was what Winnie was placed under too. This meant that a maintenance spanking was given once a week and before 9.30pm on Sundays, those under Maintenance A had to be in their room, already in their nightclothes and sitting on the edge of the bed to await their spanking. Winnie watched wide-eyed as Matron A sat on the bed and the girl went over her knee. There was a hand-spanking over her shorts for a few minutes and then the Matron tugged down the girl's shorts and spanked her bare-bottom for another few minutes. Winnie wondered how badly it hurt for she saw the girl's bottom redden but noticed that the girl only winced and gave the occassional “Ow!”.

When they entered the next room, Winnie noticed that this time the girl was in a different position. She was kneeling on the floor at the end of the bed in her night clothes and there was a hairbrush on the bed. Matron A explained to Winnie that this was the position for those under Maintenance B which was still once a week but the hairbrush was also used. The spankings was given in the similar fashion only that Matron A used the hairbrush to spank the girl's bare bottom at the end. Winnie also noticed that this time, the “Ows!” were a bit more frequent.

In the third room, the girl was once again kneeling in the similar position as the girl in the room before but this time she was already bare-bottomed. In addition, next to the hairbrush was a leather strap. This was Maintenance C which was twice a week (Sundays and Wednesdays). After the handspanking, which was immediately on the bare-bottom, and the hairbrush, the girl got on her hands and knees on the bed and Matron A gave her ten strokes with the strap. Winnie bit her lip in fear as she saw the girl wiggle and gasp in pain as she saw tears stream down her face.

Before they entered the fourth room, the Matron told Winnie that if she should try her best to not ever have to be in the position in the room they were going to enter. Nodded as she entered and her eyes widened as she saw the girl totally nude kneeling at the corner of the room with her hands on her head. And on the bed was the hairbrush, the strap and the cane. This was maintenance D, which was three times a week (Sundays, Wednesdays and Fridays), which also meant no going out on Friday nights. And Winnie looked in horror as the girl, laid on the bed with a pillow under her tummy to prop up her bottom, cried with each of the ten strokes of the cane (after the handspanking, hairbrush and the strap).

Next was Winnie's turn, which she had been dreading, and Matron A gave her a couple of minutes to enter her room, get changed and compose herself.

It was the first time that Winnie had ever been spanked and understandably, Winnie wiggled a little more, especially after the her shorts had been tugged off and Winnie could feel the tears well up in her eyes by the time Matron A was done. As she laid in bed that night, she wondered how on earth she would be able to bear the spankings if she was put on the rest of the Maintenance plans.

Wednesday was another eye-opener for her as she learnt that Maintenance on Wednesdays (for those whose plans required it) was done in front of everyone at about 9pm in the living room. As Winnie and the other non-local girl were not due for any maintenance, they were made to sit on the sofa. As for the other three girls, before 9pm, they were kneeling in a row against the living room wall in the state of dress (or undress) they were supposed to be in with the implements on the floor by their side. It was Matron B this time who did the spanking and one by one they came forward to receive their spankings after which they returned to their spot along the wall crying.

The spankings in the house became more frequent as the school term began two weeks later. Almost everyday, somebody could be heard getting a spanking. Be it not waking up in time for class or forgetting their chores. The spankings were meted out the moment a rule was broken, there and then.

The Matrons also paid attention to the academic attendance of the five girls. I suppose the universities that the girls attended knew a little about the program the Matrons had with the girls for every month the universities would send some sort of progress report to the Matrons and a bad reports meant a hell of a spanking and sometimes even an “upgrade” to a more severe Maintenance plan.

But despite the strict discipline that the Matrons had, they sincerely (according to Winnie) meant well and the eight of them lived like a family. During the weekends and holidays they all went out together on road trips.

Winnie bonded fast with the other four girls and soon enough they became very close friends. However, with this close friendship also came the mischief that resulted in more spankings. The first time that Winnie got her Maintenance “upgraded” to Maintenance D was during one of those times. It was summer time and all five of them had skipped classes together to go to the beach for some fun. They had gotten their respective coursemates to sign their attendance for them and thought they had it all covered. But one of the Matron's friends spotted them at the beach and gave the Matron a call. They got their bottoms spanked pretty hard that evening when they returned and each of them had their Maintenance upgraded to C but they made it worse by deciding to go ahead with their plans the next day to sneak out at night for a party. However, the Matron noticed their disappearance and when they found the three Matrons sitting in the living room when they returned home, they knew they were in for it. Each of them were soundly handspanked on their bare bottom by each of the Matrons (yes three times) and then the Matrons lined them all up against the wall, bent over bottoms out with their palms pressed on the wall, as each of the Matron, each welding a different implement, took turns spanking their bottoms till all five of them were crying and apologising profusely. Needless to say, they all could not wake up the next day and got a rather stingy spanking before they went for class. To top it off, the Matrons upgraded all five of them to Maintenance D for a whole month. It was pretty severe for Maintenance D normally was enforce for only about a week or two at the most. And according to Winnie, a week through Maintenance D would have the girls begging for mercy, let alone a whole month of a thrashing three times a week.

So for four years Winnie went through the program and she reckons that the program did her and the girls some good for they all got a first class honours in their respective course of studies. She came back to Singapore after her studies but kept in contact with the four other girls and the Matrons. However, a couple of years back, she heard from one of the girls that illness and old age and forced the three Matrons to cease their sponsorship program and thus, it doesn't exist anymore. Though possibly, if one scouts around, they may find other similar programs out there. Separately, Winnie never found out the real reason why the three ladies were willing to offer such a sponsorship without asking for anything in return after the girls graduated. Was it because of their fetish of taking young girls over their knees? Or was it because they truly believed that they were doing something good? I guess Winnie will never know.

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