Have A Spanking Good Christmas!

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The time has come once again....a time of giving (and receiving) and a time that's cause for cheer.  So to each and every one of you...Spankalot wishes you a Spankingly and Spanktastic Christmas...

Joe witnesses his father spank his girlfriend

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Now Dear Readers, there are a select few of people in my social circle who are largely vanillas but do know of my spanko antics.  Why? Well for various reasons, some just happened to find out and some were really close friends to begin with.  Why are they still vanilla? Well some just did not have that inclination and some (in my personal opinion) just haven't had the courage to embrace that inner spanko in them.  So anyway Joe is a vanilla friend who surprising shared this real life spanking story with me. 

Joe was about 27 when this happened......

After Joe had finished his national service at the age of 21, he had gone overseas for his University studies.  After he graduated, a company that he had interned with while he was studying offered him a job and so he stayed on overseas only returning occasionally for short holidays to catch up with his father and his older sister (his mother had passed away when he was in Junior College).

So during the year that he turned 27, his sister gave him a call and she sounded a little upset.  It turned out that their father was in a relationship with a much younger girl.  He had actually been in the relationship for a little over two years but his sister had not told him about it (apparently his father did not mention it either during the weekly calls that he made home) as she reckoned that their father was probably just going through a phase.  Joe had also not been back for that past two years as he was just starting in his new job and wanted to focus on it.  Well a little background......Joe's father was self-made man, a businessman who was rather successful.  So successful that at the age of 55, he was in semi-retirement mode.  Coincidentally, that was the year that Joe turned 25 and had graduated plus found a job.  He elder sister (older by two years) had already gotten married and so Joe's father had no financial burdens  or dependants. Even the landed property, which he unfortunately by now stayed alone in with the maid of course, was fully paid for.  Therefore Joe's father decided to scale back his involvement in his business and take life at a slower pace.  So at that time Joe's sister reckoned that their father's relationship with this much younger girl was probably due to an empty nest syndrome. However when the girl moved in with him, Joe's sister was incensed.  She felt that the girl was probably trying to make use of their father and his money.  Also Joe's sister, refused to visit their father's home after that.  She then made the decision to tell Joe about it, firstly because she thought Joe would somehow be able to “talk some sense” into their father but also because the girl that their father was dating was Alice........she was (and Joe said he almost dropped the phone when his sister told him this) Joe's classmate in Secondary School and Junior College.  (Oh and for those who were wondering......this was before the facebook explosion and no.......Joe was not on friendster or myspace either.) 

So anyway the time seemed right, Joe had finally finished his “rookie” phase at work and was actually considering taking a three-week holiday back to Singapore to see his family before his sis had called him with the news about their dad.  And with the new revelation about his father, Joe reckoned it was probably a sign that he had been away from home for a little too long.  So he called his father to inform him about his plans to return for a holiday and just as his father went “Oh yeah by the way...” Joe told him that he already knew as his sis had called a couple of weeks earlier to let him know. 

The fateful day came and Joe was greeted with warm smiles at the airport by his father and sis.  Alice was not there as his father had reckoned that it be best that the three of them (Joe, his sis and father) had a little homecoming of their own first.  Lunch was pleasant and no one talked about Alice, but there was a little awkward tension after lunch when their father asked whether Joe's sis would like to come over.  Joe's sis however declined. 

Alice was at home when Joe and his father returned.  Joe found it a little awkward at first, finally seeing his old classmate after so long but now as his father's girlfriend.  But as he was a little beat from the flight, he retreated to his room and drifted into a deep sleep.  He awoke later that evening and braced himself as he walked down the stairs to the living room to go for dinner with his father and Alice.  The conversations kept flowing during dinner and the awkwardness seemed to fade but it soon returned when Joe's father stepped away to answer a phone call.  To stifle the awkward feeling he had, and to avoid any silence which would have made his awkward feeling worse, Joe tried to engage in a cordial conversation with Alice, but it was hard for all Joe really wanted to ask her was “What was she doing with her father”.  He had known Alice since they were 13 and she never once had come across as the type to find an older guy for money.  Plus he knew that she was a nice girl.  But it made things worse for him internally for this meant he could not come up with a good enough reason as to why Alice was together with her father.  To be fair, Joe's father aged pretty well, he looked younger than his actual age and cut a trim figure largely due to his active & healthy lifestyle.  But still, he felt that would not be enough to get Alice hooked on him.  This mental frustration and awkward feeling must have shown on his face for out of the blue Alice told him that she could sense that Joe suspected her intentions for being with his father.  She reassured him that her feelings for his father were genuine and in no way was she thinking for taking advantage of his father nor was she with him because he was loaded.  Joe kept silent for a bit and when he found his voice, the only thing he managed to ask her was “How can I be so sure that you are telling the truth?”.  To which Alice replied that even if she wanted to  take advantage of him, his father would pretty well make sure she would not.  She added that his father was not as “weak and foolish” as he and his sis reckoned.  Puzzled by that, Joe was about to ask her what she really meant by that but his father returned to the table and as if by some magical flick of a switch, the conversation switched back to the frivolous and cordial exchanges that had taken place before his father had left the table. 

The next night, Joe found himself alone in his room doing a little reading when he heard the sound of his father's car pulling up at the drive way of their home.  Joe's father and Alice had gone for a function of Joe's father's business associate.  As they entered the house Joe heard the muffled sound of a little argument taking place.  He ignored it at first, returning his attention to his book, but he noticed that after a while the argument seemed to be more of his father raising his voice and scolding someone, either the maid or Alice he reckoned.  But then after while he noticed that amidst the raised voice of his father were the sounds of “drumbeats” (yes that was what Joe said when he related this to me, caught me off guard for a moment, he reckoned that he thought his father had banged the table with his hand in anger) followed by the occasional yelp.  Unsure of what to make out of that funny array of noises, Joe was intrigued and made his way down to check it out.  As he neared the stairs and as he made his way down, the voices got clearer.  He recognised the angry voice as that of his father's, scolding something about disrespect, and the more meek voice as that of Alice, whose voice was now clearer and amidst the yelps & ows were “I'm Sorry” and “Please stop”.  But he still could not figure out what the “drumbeats were”. (Just so you know, I was chuckling by this time when Joe told me the story.)  So down the stairs he went and the moment he turned the corner reached the doorway of the living room he froze, eyes widened.  There in the living room, was his father sitting on the sofa with Alice over his lap, tights down at her knees, she was bare bottomed and his father was spanking her.  With her already-pinkish-fast-becoming-red bare bottom bearing the brunt of Joe's father's spanks, she was too busy apologising and pleading with him to notice Joe.  His father however noticed him, during a momentarily pause in his dishing out of the spanking as he looked up, but did not acknowledge his presence and went straight back to spanking Alice.  Joe stood there frozen.......(he kinda lost all track of time but as he thought back he felt it must have been 5 mins max though it felt as if time stood still at that time) watching his father land handspank after handspank onto Alice's bottom as she cried and pleaded to no avail.  When he was done, Joe's father told simply told Alice “in the corner” and she quickly got up to the corner behind the sofa, stuck her bottom out and put her hands on her head.  Joe's father then turned his attention to Joe, who was still frozen in his spot.  Breaking into his usual smile, he said, “I'm sorry Joe did we disturb your sleep?” As he looked at his father he noticed that behind him, facing the corner Alice visibly stiffened when his father had addressed him but she did not move from her spot.  Joe's mind was blank and he could barely answer his father.  His father must have sensed this for he gave a little chuckle and told Joe that he must have a lot of questions but it was late and he was “not quite done yet”, so he told Joe to rest for the night and he would explain it in the morning during breakfast. 

Back in his room Joe tossed and turned, unable to comprehend what he just witnessed.  Largely because his father never laid a hand on his sis or him, nor did he ever see him beat his mother when she was still alive.  He could not remember what time he finally fell asleep but to him it seemed only for a matter of minutes before he heard the knock on his door as the helper informed him that breakfast was ready.

Stumbling down the stairs....Joe wondered if it had all be a dream.....not sure if the events he had witnessed the night before had really taken place.  But as he walked towards the garden to join his father and Alice for breakfast....the slight embarrassed look on Alice's face hinted to Joe that it was not a dream.  Joe's father and Alice were already finishing up their breakfast when he joined them at the table.  Joe's father probably sensed from the uncomfortable silence following the morning greetings from Joe was due to the previous night events.  Thus he casually began talking about it.  In his usual direct and open fashion, Joe's father explained to Joe that what he witnessed last night was simply an "agreement" that he and Alice had in their relationship.  It was a domestic discipline relationship that they had.  And as his father spoke, Joe learned how Alice and his father had met.  She had been working in Joe's father's company and for a period of time had reported directly to Joe's father.  Apparently it was there that the spankings had begun.  It soon dawned upon Joe that his and his sister's fears that father was a silly old man being conned by a young lady was actually very much the opposite and their father was still very much in control.  

Now the only problem was how to tell his sister.......to be honest.........he never did...........he merely told his sister that based on what he had experienced during his stay......it was unlikely that their father would be conned and Alice was by no means a money-grabbing lady.  He never knew if his sister ever found out about their father's spanking activities but he reckons that she should have for a few months later his sister somehow developed an acceptance to Alice as their father's girlfriend and even paid regular visits to their home.  But Joe has never talked to her about it.

Its a Spanking Love Our Lurkers Day 6th Edition

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Yes Dear Readers,
  Once again the time has come for Love Our Lurkers Day!! And this year I will kick it off with a personal apology. In recent months I know I have been pretty irregular in my posting.  And for this I apologise, I am truly sorry.  I have been outstation (away from Singapore) due to work and it has been a little difficult to keep up with the postings due to my work schedule.  But nevertheless I try.  And for those who have stuck around, words cannot express how appreciative I am.  Thank you.

  So readers, you know the drill, hit me with a comment if you can, I would love it.  And do give me some feedback if you could, like what you would love to see more in my posts.  I will try my best!

  Thank you once again!  Have remember, keep the spankings going!! 

  For those who are not sure about Love Our Lurkers Day well...Everytime this year we give a great shout out of love to the people who matter most to our blogs...our readers.  Especially the lurkers who have stayed around but due to their own reasons...have not commented.  Today, we invite them to give us a comment!! Be it anonymously or not just hit me with a comment!  So come on people, let's have a lil fun :)

  Lastly, a lil love to the wonderful founder of Love our Lurkers Day...Bonnie from My Bottom Smarts.  Do check her out ya?  After you have given me a comment ya?

Reader's Submission: Waiting for her virgin caning on her wedding night

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Dear readers,
    I bring you another real life spanking story that one of you have sent me recently.  Please note that this was sent to me a while ago.  And so by the time you are reading this, our dear contributor would have already have gotten married and received her virgin caning.  Though personally I wished she would have elaborated more about how they got started on spanking.  Nevertheless do enjoy


Hi Spankalot, I came across your site when I googled Singapore spanking and was thrilled to find your site.  I always wondered if there were other Singaporeans who like me got spanked and its comforting to know that I am not alone.

Anyway I wrote to u today to share with you about myself.  I am currently 25 years old and I get spanked by my boyfriend who is 46 this year and runs his own business.  We have been dating for almost three years. He is an a very loving boyfriend and makes me feel very protected.  Maybe because he is older than me, sometimes he also feels like a mentor or father figure to me.  But he has taught me a lot of things and I am really thankful to have him in my life.  I love him very much and try my best to be a good girlfriend to him but sometimes I can be quite playful and not rational which can get on his nerves and when that happens I get a good spanking which will confirm leave me in tears one.  My boyfriend is a very sporty person and he does hit the gym quite regularly so he is quite strong.  Sometimes I wonder if his hands are made of steel.  Most of the times he spanks me only with his hands but alone is enough to make me cry.  Even from the first time he spanked me which was the after we almost broke up over me flirting too much with other guys.  Its a long story but at the end of it when he wanted to leave me I began to regret a few days later and realised I loved him a lot and then he told me that he could not continue being in a relationship with me being the way I was.  And that if I wanted to continue I had to listen to him and he would spank me if he felt I needed it.  That first spanking he gave me over his knee made me cry really bad and the best part was after that he can tell me that it was considered very light by his standard and that if he spank me in future I can expect it to be harder.  I thought he was joking with me but apparently he spank all his previous girlfriends also.  I found out firstly because he says so but also because sometime after the first spanking I found out an ex-schoolmate of mine used to be his girlfriend.  And when she shared with me how he use to spank he I realise that he really gave me a light spanking.  But after that with other spankings from him I soon learn that his hands really can make my whole backside turn red.  His arms are also very strong and once I am over his knee there is no way that I can struggle out even if I tried.  But I also learn that I should not struggle when he is spanking me.  The first time I tried to struggle and get out of his knee he held me down and spank me for longer and harder until he felt I learn my lesson not to struggle anymore.  That was the first and last time that I ever try to struggle away when he is spanking me.  Now I will take my spanking like a good girl and sometimes he does not spank me as hard as he promise.  But somehow that only work for minor things and no matter how I try to act cute and suck up to him when I have done something very bad wun seem to change how bad I am spank by him.  Like when I was caught for drink driving his car and he had to pick me up from the police station.  I was still high when he came and pick me and bring me back to his place so he let me sleep.  The next day when I woke up and realise what I had done I try to be nice make him breakfast and wear something nice and sexy but it did not help.  He spank me so hard that day that I thought my backside would explode.  Worse still he use his belt also.  But I guess I deserve it for being stupid enough to drink drive.  I even lost my license.  Anyway we are getting married next month.  My boyfriend has requested me to be stop work and be a housewife which is also something I plan to do in the first place.  We are financially stable because he got his own business and so there is no need for me to work also.  So two months ago I quit my job and moved in with him to get a feel of being a housewife.  It has been fun because we get to see each other more often and spend a lot of together.  But also I have end up getting spank almost every other day.  My boyfriend feels that if I agree to be his housewife then I need to learn to be a proper housewife.  And so for the past two months I think almost everyday my backside is red.  Recently my boyfriend bought a cane.  He have not use it on me yet he says that he is keeping it and will use it on me on our wedding night.  Somehow I am a little excited and also afraid at how the cane will feel when he cane me.......

Setting the girlfriend's parents's mind at ease with a spanking

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Hi Dear Readers,
  After so many times, I will not bore you with the usual problems with work that have affected my update schedule.  I am sorry but that's all I will say.  And with that apology, I bring you another real life spanking story.  Enjoy....


It wasn't any wonder that Suling's parents were not at all happy when they learnt that she was dating Johnson.  Like any typical old-aged Singaporean Chinese parents, Johnson “just wasn't the right choice”.  Firstly he wasn't Chinese, he wasn't even Singaporean.  Johnson was Australian and they had met while Suling was doing here university studies there.  What made things worse was that Suling was only in her second year in her university studies, she was back for the hols when she had broken the news to her parents, and she also revealed that she had moved in with him.  Suling's parents, especially her father, were even more upset when they learnt that he was 38 years old (Suling was only 20 then).  It's just this thing with fathers I guess.......not very comforting to learn that the person dating your daughter was was old enough to screw some girl (and probably did) before your daughter was even born, but is now banging your daughter.  But being the only daughter and the “princess” of the family, Suling's parents resigned themselves to the fact that they didn't have much choice or say in Suling's decision. 

Nevertheless, still being the worried parents that they were, they decided that during Suling's next term break they would make a trip down.  And when they did, they bunked at Johnson's place as well.  Thing went relatively well for the first few days of their one week trip there.  Suling's parents, although still a little uncomfortable with Johnson's age, were quietly pleased with Johnson's demeanour and respect.

Then came the “incident”.  It was during dinner and a certain conversation got a little aggressive.  Suling began to get a little defensive with her mother's “loving nagging” and made a few snide remarks towards her mother.  When her father tried to suggest that her mother only meant well, Suling's offered a few snide remarks to her father in response.  Things culminated with Suling calling her parents “obstinate old farts”.  There was an embarrassing silence in the air and it was visible that Suling's mother was rather hurt by the remarks and her glazed eyes suggested that she was holding back her tears.  Now Johnson had been quiet throughout that slightly aggressive conversation but he had felt the harsh words used by Suling were a tad too disrespectful.  By now, the embarrassing silence had only lasted a few moments, and Suling had gone on to spew a string of more disrespectful remarks on her parents and Johnson felt the need to interfere.  Cutting Suling off with a “let's get the dessert” he held on to Suling's arm and firmly motioned her to follow him into the kitchen.  When they got into the kitchen, Johnson asked Suling what was she thinking hurling all those hurtful remarks at her parents.  Normally, Johnson's serious hushed tone would have been a good enough signal for Suling to stop her outburst, but she was already in a groove of her own, and so she decided it would be good to hurl some expletives at Johnson for questioning her.  In response, Johnson just calmly took walked out of the kitchen, smiled at Suling's parents and took a chair from the dining table and brought it back into the kitchen.  As she saw Johnson return with the chair she knew what it meant, but it shocked her slightly as she didn't think that he would spank her while her parents were here and so she apologised immediately and pleaded with Johnson not to spank her while her parents were sitting just outside.  But Johnson would have none of it.  As he sat himself down on the chair and rolled up his sleeves, he told her that she should have thought about that when she hurled those hurtful remarks at her parents.  Suling knew she had no choice and so when Johnson told her to lower her shorts and panties, she obeyed and went over his lap.  It was a quick but stinging two minute handspanking on her barebottom and as soon as he was done, he reached out for the drawer and fished out a spatula.  He gave her ten stinging swats on each of her bared bottom cheeks and made her count them (all twenty) out with a “I'm sorry for being disrespectful to my parents”. He then told Suling that this was just a “quick” spanking to make sure she doesn't continue her hurtful attitude and she could expect a proper punishment for this outburst once her parents had left and another for the expletives she had said to him. Suling's tears had already welled up in her eyes by the time Johnson had finished spanking her with the spatula and she was sniffling.  So Johnson put her in the corner with her hands on her head as he went to get the dessert ready.  As soon as he was done, he told Suling to pull up her shorts and panties, and get the plates and follow him out.  While the there was a door to the kitchen, the dining table was just outside of it and Suling was sure that her parents must have heard her getting her spanking.  And they did.  So as they walked out, there was an uncomfortable silence as Johnson placed the dessert on the table.  Just as Suling was about to sit down, Johnson asked her if she was forgetting something, and as she embarrassingly looked down, Suling apologised to her parents for her outburst earlier.  And as Johnson served Suling's parents the dessert, he too apologised to them for allowing Suling to hurl such hurtful remarks at them.  This pleasantly surprised them as they never thought that someone like him would be so respectful to elders.

The last few days of Suling's parents' trip went on rather well but it was at the airport as they sent Suling's parents off that Johnson and Suling would get a surprise back.  As Suling parents' turned to say goodbye to Suling and Johnson, Suling's father said to Suling that he was more relieved now that Suling was in good hands and then he turned to Johnson and winked. 

So all was well, Suling's parents approved of her dating Johnson.  But that was the least of her worries at that time.  For as soon as Suling's parents had gone off, they were on the way back home for her proper punishment.  As soon as they reached home, Suling was stripped of her clothes and her bottom striped with Johnson's belt and cane. 

The punishment of a Singaporean gangster's moll?

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This was one of the few early real life stories I had written but somehow I lost the batch of them, then looking through my old files a few days ago I found this.  Unfortunately I was too busy to proof read and vet it, so apologies if its a little raw.

Back in the day.....this was either the late 1970s or the early 1980s.  The person who narrated this story to me could not exactly remember.  Personally......I believe that most of it is true though I would not be surprised if some of it is exaggerated.  So anyway back to the story proper.

For those who are not very clear with Singapore, Geylang is a place filled with vice.  Its now much more well known for food, but it was (and still is) the sole area where legalised prostitution was in Singapore.  Of course there were the illegal ones but I'll be digressing if I went on about it.  So apart from the prostitution, the many vices such as illegal gambling dens and drug transactions used to take place there as well.  Ok for those who know Singapore well enough, there are other areas in Singapore for that but the point in saying all this is largely due to Geylang being the scene of this real life spanking story.

So back then there was this guy.......hmmm....let's call him Big Ong.  And now I do not know how much of a big shot he was in that area, but what I was told was that he ran a couple of “businesses” in the area.  He had a brothel or two, had his hand in drug peddling, loan shark activities, illegal gambling dens and was affiliated to a certain gang.  Was he a big head or not, unfortunately I do not know.  But what I know about him is that unlike many of the “gangsters” in his era, he was largely more educated.  Though the information that I got from the few sources I talked to could not agree on whether he merely completed his A levels or did his university studies (overseas so say they).  At the same time, he had legitimate businesses, which I was told were a hotel and coffeeshop in the area.

Apparently Big Ong stayed around the area as well and so his was a permanent “fixture”in the area.  Almost everyday, he could be seen either going about his rounds collecting money, “inspecting” his various businesses, or (which was most of the time especially in the evening onwards) he would be sitting at the coffeeshop with a whole group of associates.  But as he was well advanced in age and position by then, he was around 40-ish, and so he largely let most of his younger “staff” do the work for him.  And for a period of time, there was this girl that who was pretty young, who would be with him.  She was one of the ah lians who hung out in the area and had caught his fancy.  And when I say young, she was definitely not older than 19.  One of my sources said that she was maybe only 15 or 16, another said she was 17/18.  Let's call her Rina.  In any case, Rina was a school dropout (confirmed I guess for all sources concurred) and was the typical ah lian then.  She was pretty, dressed skimpily, had a tad too much make up sometimes, smoked and cursed.  And like the typical gangster's moll (as some of my western readers would be more familiar with) or the ah lians, she was loyal to her lover (Big Ong in this case), subservient even.  She was fiery no doubt, but rarely did she go against Big Ong's words or instructions.  Occasionally her temper got the better of her or her youthful playfulness took things a little too far for Big Ong's liking.  But he had his way of dealing with it..........read on for more explanation.....

Now maybe a little description first...

Like a lot of guys/gangsters in Big Ong's era, face was very important and most of the time their girlfriends were expected to tow the line.  Like pretty vases, they were meant to be seen and rarely heard.  Of course in a big group setting and all the girlfriends sitting together would definitely result in loud chatter and giggling.  But when it came to what they termed “men's affairs” they never wanted the girlfriend's opinion.  However, every now and then, one of the girls would somehow “cross the line” and in most situations the boyfriend/lover would try to shut them off with a verbal warning which worked sometimes.  But in most situations when the girls, who were typically subservient, “crossed” such a line their tempers/emotions would have gotten ahead of them and so this did not work.  And so the boyfriend/lover would then result in getting a little more physical.  Which in most case was a tight slap across the girl's face.  And the slap would usually be pretty hard for the girl would bear faint reddish marks on her cheek.  And the girls accepted it (well at least those girls in that era and clique at least), like as if it was an unspoken rule that it was normal.  And in fact, there were times it became more then just slaps.  However, Big Ong apparently was a little different.  While he did take the same stand as the rest of the guys on the behaviour of a girlfriend, he did not resort to slapping or using his fist to pound.  To the sources I spoke to, Big Ong reckoned that while he understood why the guys (esp in his clique) did so, he found it too ungentlemanly and to barbaric.  As the sources quoted him, Big Ong agreed that the girl in such circumstances needed to be taught a lesson/punished but not in a way that affect her looks or could possible scar her face.  And so Big Ong relied on giving a good ol spanking. 

At first they did not know what Big Ong did to Rina.  For whenever Rina did “cross the line”, he would lash out verbally at her to quieten her down then he would take her by the arm and go to the hotel he owned.  They would then be gone for at least 30mins to an hour and when they returned, Rina would be visibly more mild/submissive, her face would be sometime tear-stained.  Although I am sure it would have been a clear indicator, but probably because my sources were not spankos (not then at least) they did not realise that she would also seat down more gently/slowly when they returned.  It was an unspoken rule that no one interfered with how the other treated their girlfriend so for a while no one really knew what happened.  But the rest of the girlfriends actually knew.  Well you know, the ladies actually talked to each other about their own boyfriends.  But they never did tell their boyfriends for it was a dilemma for them.  On one hand they “respected” Big Ong for his way in handling it cause it did not humiliate the girlfriend in public, but on the other hand they were fearful that their boyfriends may adopt such a method because for them, a slap in public despite being humiliating only lasted a mere split second, and a bashing with their boyfriends fist hardly every lasted 5mins and the struggling lasted most of the 5mins.  However as Rina described to them, a spanking was painful and lasted much longer than a simple slap. 

Then came a fateful day, that Rina “crossed the line” which culminated in her insulting and splashing a cup of beer at Roger who was a close associate of Big Ong.  Big Ong took it as a loss of face and was seething with anger upon seeing it happen.  Maybe it was a code among them as well, that Big Ong felt a need to make up to Roger.  So this time when he brought Rina to the hotel, he called Roger to follow him.  When they reached the hotel, apparently Big Ong had room which was permanently his (it was his hotel anyway), and when they went in Big Ong asked Roger to take a seat.  Then as he brought Rina to the bed, he apologised to Roger for what Rina had done and he told him that to make up for that, he was to let her witness Rina being “taught a lesson”.  By then Roger reckoned that Rina was already looking rather sorry and pleaded with Big Ong if she could just apologise to Roger and “serve him tea”.  However Big Ong told her that she would still have to do that later when they returned to the coffeeshop but she was still going to be taught a lesson.  He then lifted her mini-skirt and saw that she was wearing panties and so told her to go to the toilet and remove her skirt and change to a thong.  Big Ong explained to Roger that he would normally make her remove her clothes but as he was around she would wear a thong.  I suppose it was one of those codes for them that certain things of their own girlfriend was only meant for their own eyes.  So when she came out of the toilet, abit reluctantly, Big Ong pulled her to the bed, sat down and put her over his knee.  And he began spanking her rather hard in a rhythmic fashion.  Rina winced and pleaded from the first smack as Big Ong launched into a verbal lashing as he spanked her bottom.  Rina was sniffling by the time he was done and he made her stand up so he could get up then he told her to lie face down, spread eagle on the bed.  As he removed his belt, Rina pleaded with him but Big Ong told her to shut up and proceeded to whip her bottom with his belt.  Roger noticed that despite her cries and pleading, not once did she try to struggle away.  After he was done with the belt, he told Rina to apologise to Roger.  Then Big Ong ushered Roger to the door and asked that he return to the coffeeshop first as he was not done with Rina yet.  At the side of his eye, Roger noticed that Big Ong had pulled out a cane from the vase next to the door.  Of course Roger complied but as Big Ong closed the door, Roger stood there straining his ears to hear what happened next.  He heard Big Ong tell Rina to remove her clothing and of course there was some pleading from Rina but then came the sounds of the cane which was quickly followed by Rina's cries of pain.  So intrigued was Roger that he never took count of the number of strokes but he reckoned that it had to be more than ten.  Then it went silent and as soon as he her moans from Rina, he chuckled to himself and made his way back to the restaurant. 

Of course by the time Big Ong and Rina returned to the coffeeshop, Rina was rather embarrassed but seemingly more sorry and Big Ong reckoned that Roger would have told the table what had happened.
The girlfriends were also a little horrified that the boyfriends now knew what Big Ong did whenever Rina stepped out of line.  But fortunately for most of them, only one or two of the guys ever ventured in spanko territory.

As a parting note.......I hope this does not give a false impression that the “gangsters” in Singapore are a kinky bunch.....most of them are not.......at least not that I know...........

A spanking music video

Monday, August 22, 2011 · 1 comments

Hey Dear Readers,
  Sorry work has been bummer and I am currently posted out of town for a bit.  But will try to update as frequently as I can.  Nevertheless........for those who read one of my previous posts on a spanking tune.....apparently someone has made one titled "Ass Drums".......lol.......check it out:

Reader's submission: Young Fiancee Punished

Wednesday, August 10, 2011 · 2 comments

Dear readers,
  Here is another story that one of you have sent me.  I thank you for sharing.  For those who do not know the drill, occasionally readers of mine send me stories of their own real life spankapades.......I put them on my blog with their permission of course.  The writing may be a little different from mine as I do not edit them but rather paste them wholesale.


I am a 21 year old Singaporean girl and recently moved to the UK with my fiance who was posted back here.  I have been with my fiance ever since I was 17 and being Brit, he doesn't hesitate to give me bottom a good thrashing if I need one.  I can be quite demanding and hard to handle sometimes, but being 14 years older than me, I guess my fiance has the experience in handling girls like me.  When we first got together he told me straight in the face that he would spank me if I needed it.  I guess I thought he was joking, but soon I learnt he wasn't.  It was only our first month together and he had met me after school for lunch.  We were supposed to catch a movie but he had to return back to office and so we could not watch the movie.  But when he went to buy food I used his phone to sms his boss to say that he was sick and would not return to office.  His boss belived my sms but he wasn't very amused.  And so he brought me to his apartment which was nearby and gave me a rather good bare bottom spanking.  I also learnt that year that he was not one to shy from spanking me in front of others.  It was the last day of the school year and I had asked him if I could use his place for a mini party with a group of my girls after school.  He was going to be at work anyway.  I guess we got a little out of hand with our party as we blasted the music a little loud.  And then in my excitement I forgot that he had warned against touching his liquor cabinet and I took a bottle of his vodka out.  It was the first time anyone of us had drunk any alcohol and so soon the five of us got a little high and more rowdy as we began squeeling and screaming at the top of our voices with the loud music and we even threw toilet paper rolls out of the window into the trees below.  I think someone must have complained because the security guard of the condo called my fiance who rushed back.  He wasn't very please with what he saw and turned off the hi-fi the moment he came in.  The five of us were shocked to see him suddenly appear and he began scolding us, well me mostly.  Partly because of the alcohol I decided to talk back to him even though it was really our fault and so he decided there and then that he was going to spank me in front of my friends.  But I refused when he told me to remove my skirt and go over his lap.  However when he took out the ruler from the coffee table and warned that he would take the cane too if he had to force me over his lap I quickly did as I was told.  It was embarrassing having to remove my skirt and go over his lap in front of my friends, but by the time he pulled down my panties the embarrassment was far from my mind as my bottom was on fire as he spanked my bare bottom.  After the girls had left, I had to clean up his place bare bottomed and had to bend over after that as he smacked my bottom with his ruler twenty times.  Over here in the UK we live in a rather close knit community where everybody knows every everybody and yes unfortunately I'm pretty sure almost everybody knows that my fiance spanks me.  Likewise, he has already spanked me previously infront of my friends and he doesn't hesitate to spank me infront of his.  But its only the handspankings though.  My fiance feels he needn't put others through having to watch me being caned.   Its a good thing too as he is quite an expert with the cane and I am normally screaming and begging when he canes me. 

Spanking B - An opportune chance taken

Wednesday, August 3, 2011 · 3 comments

Hey dear readers, its funny how many times in a relationship many of us miss certain opportune times to initiate a spanking with a vanilla.  These opportune times present themselves in rather subtle ways most of the time and looking back, I have on many occasions missed such opportune circumstances.  Nevertheless, there have been times that I caught that opportune time and it led to a spanktastic time. The following story is one of them.  Enjoy.........

This was another girl I dated while studying......let's call her B.  So during my time together with B, we spend a lot of time at her place after school and for two good reasons......1) Her parents worked till like 9plus 10 and (2) she stayed like 300m away from our school.  And like many of the vanilla girls I dated, I had given a quick spank or two to her bottom every now and then in playful jest and also to “test the market” for how receptive to a spanking they were.  Now B was one of those where a gut feeling told me that she would be for she always gave a giggle and a half-hearted-pretend-annoyed “tsk” whenever I swatted her bottom for fun.  That being said, during the times that I had tried to put her over my lap she always struggled away though she never got annoyed but rather struggled away giggling.  But not being one to force things and at that time, I was still rather inexperienced and did not have the courage either to tell a girl in her face that she need to be spanked (I finally mustered that courage with another girl but that's a story for another time) so things went on for a few months with lots of sex happening but almost zilch in the spanking department less for the occasional playful spank I gave to her cute bottom. 

But as always, good things come to he who waits, or in my case.......waits for the right opportunity.  Which before I begin to explain here, I must say I never knew what really caused her to say what she did (you will understand as you read on)....

So it was one of those days as usual where we were at her place after school and we were just mucking around in bed and had finished a second round of sex.  We were in the midst of a playful wrestle cum tickling match when she swung her hand a little to excitedly and it result in her hand landing a slap to my cheek and the continued motion of her hand led her two fingers to jab my eye.  My natural reaction was to stumble back and cup my eye while she, also startled, began apologising profusely and in her apology I heard the words.....”I'm sorry baby........you punish me....”  I literally froze for a few seconds and opened my eyes to see her lying face down on the bed as if waiting in anticipation (we were both naked at that time).  Now at that time, as I looked at her in that rather submissive position and that cute apologetic face of hers, the first thing one my mind was to go “It's alright baby.....it was an accident”.  But just as I was about to mouth those words, I held them back and once again a spanko idea came to mind.......

I placed my hand on her bare bottom and gave a sharp spank to one of her bum cheeks......just to “test the market” once again.  She gave a cute little wince........I gave another sharp spank to the other bum cheek and this time she wince and then.......half breathed a “I'm sorry baby......”  My heart literally skipped a beat as my eyes brightened up......I cleared my throat and began on a more steady tempo of spanks which drew more gasps and sorrys.......and I guess as part of a natural reaction she tried to put her hand back but I folded them behind her and held them there as I told her not to move and continued spanking away.

Now before anyone of you starts sending me hate comments for taking advantage and spanking a poor little girls for such a trivial matter......bear with me......for my spanko idea wasn't just to spank her for such a trivial matter......so read on......

By now.....I would have given about twenty to thirty spanks and I stopped tempo to rub her bottom and give the occasional spank.....I had by then already let go of her arms which were folded back and she was not holding on to the pillow in front of her.  And as I rubbed her bottom......I casually asked her why I was spanking her, to which she replied was for slapping me and poking me in the eye.  And so I asked again that since it was an accident why did she asked to be spanked.  And she said that although it was an accident she still ended up causing me pain.  So this time I pushed it further and asked if she felt she deserved it.  And she nodded this time.  My plan was moving along just fine and so it was time for the finale......I then asked her that since she felt that she needed to be “punished” for something accidental......shouldn't she be punished too for the tantrum she threw earlier?

Alright a little explanation here......earlier on in the day, B had finished her classes at about 12pm.  But I had a few more classes which would have lasted till 3-ish or 4pm.  However, B reckoned that I should just skip the class and when I refused, she threw a missy fit and unfortunately I relented because largely we were in public and I found it embarrassing especially since people were beginning to turn their heads towards our direction due to her increasing voice.  So dear readers......of course I wasn't just going to spank dear cute little B for accidentally slapping my face and jabbing my eye.....but it was to lead to a more proper spanking for the tantrum she had earlier thrown.

Back to the earlier para.....

So she gave a little whine and pout.....it was adorable....but I digress.  I gave a harder spank to her bottom and ask again.  This time she nodded.  And I threw another question....this time asking her if she felt throwing that tantrum was worse than accidentally slapping me in the face.  And when she nodded and gave another question this time asking if so then shouldn't the spanking for throwing a tantrum be harder?  She gave her cute whine and pout again.....looking at me this time with her puppy dog eyes as if pleading.  But another sharp spank to her bottom did the trick as she quickly nodded.  Pushing it further I asked her to “ask” to be punished once again like how she did earlier. And she asked this time “I'm sorry for the tantrum.....you punish me”. 

This time I told her to lift her bottom up and I slid my legs under them so she was over my lap.  I held her hands behind her for good measure and spanked away at the similar steady tempo but a little harder this time.  Her ows grew louder together with her apologies becoming more frequent.  And I could hear her sniffling in the midst of it all.  I wasn't timing but I remember there was a clock in front of me and it was about more than 5-minutes but less than 10-minutes before I stopped.  I rubbed her bottom for a bit and then reached over to her table, which was adjacent to the bed, and took the thick plastic ruler.  I gave her 10 swats with the ruler which drew gasps and ows from her and I also made her say “I will not throw a tantrum again”.  By the time I was done, she was sobbing and apologising.  I rubbed her bottom and let her compose herself before getting her up and hugging her.  By then my manhood was in full attention and round 3 of sex began soon after.

After that there was a sort of mutual understanding.......and whenever she kinda pissed me off or threw a tantrum.....all I needed to do once we reached her place was to sit on her bed legs straight out and tap my thighs and she would go over like a bad girl needing a darn good spanking.

Spankable Pictures 12

Monday, August 1, 2011 · 1 comments

Hi again!!  Once again here are some of the supposedly vanilla photos, I have come across while surfing online, that kinda brings spanking back to mind....

The sound of spanking or a spanking tune?

Tuesday, July 26, 2011 · 2 comments

Dear readers,
   Not a story this time but more of a spanking thought.  It has been a constant thought at the back of my head and brought on once again when I replied to MBS's Spanko Brunch #288 and if you can see from my comment that a spanking tune much like how STOMP does its tunes is very much a possibility.

   For you see, each spank has a different sound now I do not know if that is largely because of the bottom or the hand.  Add implements into the equation and edit the cries from the spanks you'd probably have a full symphony and remix.

  Just a spanking thought.............

Spankalot's personal story - Spanking P

Sunday, July 24, 2011 · 4 comments

Hey dear readers, my sincerest apologies for not posting for a very long time.  Unfortunately for me, spanking is not my career and the need to generate $$$ has led to a rather mad time in my career.  A very busy few months which has seen me travel for work to crazy places largely without access to reliable internet and when there was it was the mad rush of replying work-related emails and issues.  Nevertheless I should be back on a more regular posting schedule in my blog so I thank you dear readers for sticking around.

At the same time I realised that I have never posted much about my own personal spanking life......don't ask me why......maybe I was so preoccupied with posting the stories of the people who have shared their spanking stories with me that I neglected posting more about myself.  Plus its different writing about myself........seems a little weird at times......but nevertheless.....here goes nothing.....about a certain ex-girlfriend of mine.....let's call her P shall we?

P was one of the girls I dated while I was in Poly.  She was something many of my friends termed a “wild thing”.  She had this quirky dressing and funky hair colours.  Wild she was as my friends reckoned for she took the initiative to know me, now a lil disclaimer please don't get the wrong idea I do not reckon myself to be a stud of any kind, and kinda took more initiative when it came to physical intimacy. 

So anyway.....you would know by now that at that time my dirty little mind was already filled with the spanking fetish.  And it was soon before I began trying my luck giving a few swats here and there to her cute little bottom but never much of a serious spanking.  Partly because the few times I pulled her over my knee and gave a few playful spanks, while we were having sex, I could only get a couple spanks before she wriggle away with a laugh and I did not force it because maybe at that point of time I was more inexperienced than anything.  Its kinda hard to explain, I mean our relationship did not start of as a spanking relationship and then I wasn't really that open about my spanking fetish to the vanillas.  I mean I had my group of spanko contacts and all but I had vanilla friends too.  Nevermind.......

But my chance came close to a year in our relationship.  My parents were overseas at that time, and yes like many Singaporean kids out there, when the parents are away the house becomes total chaos.  So it we were in my room and it was about ten plus at night when the handphone rings and its my buddies asking if I was free to meet up.  I had barely managed to answer when P started throwing a tantrum kicking me in the back and saying out loud that we had agreed to spend time together.  Nostalgic ain't it for some of you guys? The neverending youthful worries of choosing to spend time with either your buddies and your girl? Well anyway so I stood up, turned around and shot her a glare before telling my buddy on the other line that I would call him back.  As I ended the call I told her off for jumping to conclusions, yea I had intended to keep my promise to her and was about to tell my buddy that I would not meet them that day before I was rudely interrupted by her tantrum and kicking, and scolded her that  since she decided to scream her head off the guys were gonna think I decided not to go because she made a fuss.  She probably realised that she had reacted without thinking for her voice was more meek this time as she gave a pout and said that she did not know and thought I was going to agree to meet them.  But I told her to shut it as I sat down on the bed, back facing her and dialled my buddy's number to tell him that I was not going to go.  Of course I got a little ribbing from him for not wanting to meet them but they knew me well enough that it wasn't because of her tantrum.  By the time I put down, I guess P was feeling a little apologetic for her earlier actions and had hugged me from behind and was already nibbling at my ear.  I wasn't extremely pissed off but still little irritated at that point of time and then an idea came to mind.  Reaching back I pulled her over so she sat on my lap and as she kissed me I attempted a half-irritated scolding again about how she should not over react like that and she took the bait apologising in a meeker tone this time as she attempted to apologise with more kisses to my neck.  So I continued my little plan by saying that she was gonna have to do more than that to make up for the tantrum she threw.  And as she gave turned to straddle me and rub her groin towards me and breathe the words “I'm all yours”, I manoeuvred her into an otk position over my lap and gave her a sharp spank to her pantied bottom, she was just in her lingerie at that time which was convenient.  She struggled of course but I held her down and simply told her that since she wanted to act like a brat, I would give her what a brat deserved......a darn good spanking.  I continued spanking at a steady rate as she winced and struggled, begging me to stop.  And then I pulled down her panties and continued spanking this time at a harder and faster rate which drew little cries from her.  And when she tried to put her hand back to block the spanks I locked it behind her back and told her that I would continue until she took the spanking without resisting.  Her legs immediately stopped kicking as I continued to spank her already reddening bottom for another good minute or two.  She whimpered apology after apology giving the usual promises that she would never throw a tantrum again. So I let her hand go and told her to prove that she was truly sorry she was to take the last twenty spanks to her bottom without struggling over putting her hand back.  And I made her count them.  She was sobbing and apologetic by the time I ended and as she laid there over my knee, I rubbed her bottom and slid my fingers in between her legs.  As expected they were terribly wet and as soon as she began her soft moans and soft grinds of her hips against my fingers, I pushed her onto the bed and we probably fucked like rabbits in a full marathon for we were both sweaty and breathless when we both laid down exhausted on the bed.  As we laid there in an embrace enjoying a few quiet moments listening to each other's breathing, I tried my luck once more as I sat up and said maybe another spanking to make sure you will be a good girl from now on......and guess what........she gave a pout and........went over my lap waiting for my hand.......

Needless to say........it was a rather spank-filled adventure for the rest of our relationship but unfortunately.......it takes more than a mutual liking for spankings to sustain a relationship and we parted ways sometime after.  We are still friends though.........

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