An Indian Spanking Family (Part 2)

Tuesday, September 9, 2008 ·

*This is part 2 to Kavitha's story (click here for part 1), which talks about the spankings she witnessed her father-in-law mete out before she received her introductory spanking from Kareem. As usual no real names mentioned...........need to protect the privacy of my contributors for they are real life spanking stories, so please do understand.*

Since the “secret” was out, Kavitha's father-in-law wasted no time in ensuring that order was put back. Although it was not a spanking everyday, but in a span of one week, Kavitha witnessed three spankings being dished out. One to each of the three other women in the family.

Spanking 1:

Kavitha, her mother-in-law and her two sister-in-laws were sitting in the living room having some cakes and tea when Kareem and his father came home from work and joined them. It appeared to be an ordinary day as Kareem's father asked about their day. Until he asked Kareena about her recent trip to Bali with her friends. It turned out Kareena and her gal pals had a wild time partying in Bali. One of her friend had taken tons of photos of them partying topless on the beach and all. Stupidly her friend had brought the film (this happened like almost ten years ago, yes film was still used) to be developed at a shop ( I mean topless photos? ) which happened to be owned by a friend of Kareem's father. He recognised Kareena from the photos and made a copy of the photos and brought it to Kareem's father. Kareena of course did not know yet, so she casually said it was fun but nothing much to do. At that point, her father took out the stack of photos (fifty odd in all) and put it on the coffee table. Kareena's face turned white. Immediately, she was ordered over her father's knee and a flurry of spanks went over her shorts. Following that, he pulled them down, together with her panties, and continued spanking away for a good five minutes. By the end of it, Kareena's bare bottom was a faint tinge of red and she had already begun to sob. Her father made her stand up and ordered her to take off all her clothes, to which she protested. But her father reckoned that since she did not bother about her dignity when she was sun bathing and partying topless, she shouldn't be feeling ashamed in front of her own family members. Reluctantly, but knowing that there was no way out, she obey. Then it was back over her father's knee, but this time a good two minutes with a wooden ruler that he had taken from his briefcase case. After that, Kareena was made to kneel by the side of the TV with her bottom facing the family, with her hands on her head, until it was time for dinner. When the maid informed them that dinner was ready, Kareena's father intructed Kareena that she would be having dinner in her state of undress as her punishment was not done yet. After dinner, Kareena was made to count the number of photos that she appeared topless in. All in all, there were thirty five photos. Therefore Kareena was made to lie over the coffee table for thirty five strokes of the belt. Following that, after half an hour by the TV again, she was given another thirty five stroke but this time with a thin wispy cane. Kareena was a wreck by then, she was crying uncontrollably and her father sent her back to kneel beside the TV for another 15 minutes to calm herself down. Meanwhile, Kaneisha had whispered to Kavitha that this was the most severe punishment that she had ever seen her father dish out at one go, he must have been really embarrassed and upset. Kareena's bottom was a all red and striped, Kavitha felt really sorry for her. However, this was not the end. Kareena's mother was also terribly upset and she had gone to get her hairbrush (yes she does spanks her daughters at times) while Kareena was kneeling by the TV. After Kareena had calmed herself down, her mother called her to stand infront of her. She lectured her about how upsetting and disappointing that she had behaved in such a manner overseas. Therefore, to ensure that this never happens again, Kareena's mother was going to give her a handspanking and thirty-five smacks of the hairbrush on each side of her bottom everyday for the next thrity five days. Kareena began to cry again when knelt before her mother begging not to be spanked anymore. She apologiesed profusely and said that she had learnt her lesson. To which her father sternly replied,”Its either your mother spanks you or I will do it for the next thirty five days!” Not wanting to anger her father any more, Kareena quickly got over her mother's knee and braced herself for another spanking. She was already struggling over her mother's knee during the handspanking and she screamed out with each smack of the hairbrush. By the time it was over, her mother felt that Kareena would not be able to remain in the kneeling position by the TV. Therefore she instructed her to go straight up and lie face down on her bed until she came up and to know what to expect if she did not comply. With tears still streaming down her face, Kareena disappeared upstairs. And as promised, Kavitha saw Kareena receive the same spanking from her mother every single day after breakfast.

Spanking 2:

This happened two days after Kareena's thrashing and Kaneisha was the one who received the punishment this time. Kavitha's father-in-law was extremely upset over the topless photos, therefore Kareem had asked him to rest at home for the rest of the week so that the stress of work would not add to his anger thus affecting his health. Feeling slightly better that morning but still seething from the embarrassment of his daughter's actions, Kavitha's father decided to take a stroll in the garden (they live in a sprawling mansion). As he was walking around, he heard a slight commotion coming from the dining room. Curious he went in to check out what all the commotion was all about. Kaneisha's Hindi teacher (Kaneisha was in taking her A levels then and as Hindi was not taught at her school, her father had arranged for a teacher to teach her at home) was scolding Kaneisha for flunking a test he had given her and for not doing any of the assignment he had given. Already angry over Kareena's incident, he told the Hindi teacher to stop the class today and he would make sure that he would take her in hand before the next lesson. Kaneisha had her Hindi lessons three times a week and her father told the Hindi teacher to give her a mini test at the end of every lesson from now on. He also told the teacher to give him a copy of the scores of the mini test so that he could monitor Kaneisha's progress. After the teacher had left, he turned his attention to Kaneisha and scolded her over her attitude towards learning Hindi. He then made her drop her shorts and panties and bend over the dining table. He then proceeded to spank her bare bottom for about a minute with spanks so hard that Kavitha swore that she could see the red imprints of his palm after he had stopped. Kaneisha had a low threshold of pain and was already crying by then. Her father then took a wooden ruler that was on the table and began to give her about twenty strokes across her bottom. After that, he warned Kaneisha that if she would get a spanking if she got lower than 65% for each of the mini tests that he had asked her teacher to give her.

Spanking 3:

Kaneisha again received another punishment three days later and this time it was for coming home late for dinner. She had gone out with her friends and forgot all about the time. It was originally only going to be a bare bottomed handspanking but even her father flipped her skirt up, he saw her not wearing any panties. This made him very furious and when he questioned her, it turned out that she had taken it out while in the cinema over a dare from her friend. Therefore after her bare bottomed spanking for not being home for dinner, Kaneisha received 15 strokes of the belt for not having her panties on.

So there is was three sets of punishments in one week.........and Kavitha had not even received her introductory spanking yet. Well it was to happen, on the very next day. So check it out in part 3!


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