An Indian Spanking Family (Part 3)

Tuesday, September 9, 2008 ·

*This is part 3 to Kavitha's story, her introductory spanking from Kareem. (You may want to read Part 1 and Part 2 if you have not.) Do note that there is a sexual scene near to the end.*
Kavitha sat cuddle in Kareem's arms as they watched the TV on a Saturday evening after dinner. Her parent-in-laws were out of town and her two sister-in-laws were out at a friend's party. Kavitha suggested that they go out but Kareem had other plans. He told her that he intended to give her the introductory spanking. “But we can go out after that can't we?” she asked. Kareem smiled and told her that an introductory spanking wasn't just a five minute warming of her bottom, it was a introductory to domestic discipline as a whole. Kareem added that it would take a while and she'd better mentally prepare for a painful night. Now Kavitha's mother-in-law had hinted to her that it an introductory spanking was not an easy one and Kareem had explained to her about domestic discipline before they had gotten married. So as if in a last ditch effort to try and lessen the pain, she buried her face in Kareem's chest and begged that he have mercy on her as she had never been spanked before. Kareem smiled again and told her that it would depend on how she behaved during the introductory spankings. With that, Kareem instructed her to go up to their room and sit on the edge of their bed and wait for him. She was to remove all clothing, jewellery and only leave her lingerie on.
Kareem appeared in their room shortly after with a couple of implements in his hand. He placed them on bed and told Kavitha that if she was good, she would only have a taste of how the implements felt on her bottom. But if she was bad, she would really feel them tonight. Kareem then pulled a chair to the centre of the room and sat down. He motioned Kavitha to stand beside him. He then told her that for all future punishments, she was to only be in her lingerie and be on her hands and knees on the bed. Kareem also added that during all punishments, she was to address him “Sir” and acknowledge all instructions given to her. Kavitha nodded silently and was promptly given a sharp smack on her bottom. Kavitha gasped in shock and suddenly realised and immediately said, “Yes Sir, sorry for not responding.” Kareem then led her over his knee. As she laid over his knee, he told her that every punishment would normally start this way, but none of the punishments would only consist of a otk handspanking over her panties. Kareem then proceeded to spank her bottom with medium spanks for about one minute. As it was the first time that she had ever been spanked, Kavitha was already sniffling and was struggling throughout the spanking. As she attempted to reach back to rub her bottom, Kareem pushed back her hand and warned her that she must never ever rub her bottom unless given permission to do so. She was not to ask for permission to rub either. In addition, Kareem warned her that she was to take her punishment without fidgeting or struggling. He then removed her panties and continued to spank her for another minute. Kavitha was already tearing during this spanking and Kareem rubbed her bottom gently as he told her that she was doing well. He then told her that she was to thank him after each punishment whenever she was punished. Nodding she whimpered a “Yes Sir, thank you sir for spanking me.” Kareem then led Kavitha to the wall next to the bed. Kavitha was put in the corner with her nose touching the wall and her hands on her head. Kareem let her know that this was not the only position she would have during cornertime but in all different positions, she was to ensure that she kept still.
After about ten minutes, called Kavitha back to the chair where she was to kneel in front of him with her hands on her head. Kareem showed her a spatula, a hairbrush and a wooden ruler and told her that these were the first three implements that she would has a taste of. Kavitha laid over Kareem's knee once again and softly begged,”Please Sir, not too hard.” Kareem did not respond and gave her three quick smacks of the spatula on each side of her bottom. Kavitha was a fast learner and she immediately went “Thank you sir for spanking me with the spatula.” Kareem seemed pleased and gave her another three quick smacks on each side of her bottom but this time with the hairbrush. Once again Kavitha thanked him. With the ruler, Kareem gave her three strokes across her bottom, one on top of the other which, Kavitha reckons, must have made her bottom look like a three lane road. Kavitha was then made to stand up, remove her bra and once again was put in the corner.
After another ten minutes, Kavitha was led to the bed where she saw two pillows piled on top of each other in the middle of the bed. Kareem instructed her to lay over it face down with the pillows under her groin so that her bottom would be pushed higher. As she laid down, Kavitha saw a belt and a strap in front of her face. Kareem took the belt and gave her three strokes in succession which stung as Kavitha cried out. This was followed with another three strokes with the strap which left Kavitha sobbing. Kareem left her laying there to compose herself as he went to the bag to pull out a cane. Kavitha was then made to get on her hands and knees on the bed. Kareem swished the cane in the air and told her that this was the lightest cane, there were others but she would receive them in time to come when she really misbehaved. The cane left Kavitha crying out loud as Kareem gave her medium three strokes. Once again Kavitha was put into her corner for ten minutes.
As Kavitha knelt in front of Kareem, as he sat in his chair, she saw a crop laying on the table beside him. “Now for the final part of the introductory spanking, a lesson in pleasing.” Kareem said as he unzipped his pants unveiling his erected penis. Immediately, without being told, Kavitha leaned forward began to suck and lick on it. Kareem took the crop and began to smack here bottom alternating sides with each smack. He told Kavitha that the smacks would continue until he cummed and she was to make sure that she swallowed every drop. If a single drop fell to the ground, the introductory punishment would begin again. Kavitha tried to concentrate on pleasing her husband as tears streamed down her face because of the sting from the continued smacks of the crop. They were not terribly hard, but enough to sting and enough for Kavitha to feel it. A good fifteen minutes and countless smacks later, Kareem exploded into Kavitha's mouth as she swallowed as fast as she could in an effort to not let a single bit drip. She was successful in her try and Kareem smile as he pick her up and sat him on his lap. She winced as her bottom met with Kareem's pants and she rested her tear-stained face on Kareem's shoulders and said,”I promise I will be good, the punishment was awful and I know its going to be worse when you really punish me.” Kareem held on to her for a few minutes before he made her kneel once again before him and told her that while the introductory punishment was over, there was one more thing to address. Kavitha looked at him puzzled as Kareem passed her a white envelope. Kavitha's heart sank as she saw the contents of the envelope. It was a credit card bill and a reminder for late payment. Kareem told her that she had committed two mistakes and both were for lying. He had asked her if she had gone shopping last week and she had said no. But the credit card bill proved otherwise. In addition, Kareem had reminded her to make the payment for the credit cards, for which she said she did, but she had not.
Kareem then told her that because of this, she would be receiving her first punishment. Kavitha began to cry and begged that she be punished another time as her bottom was already sore. Kareem would hear nothing of it and told Kavitha to get over his knee. Before he began, he told Kavitha,”Like you said, this is a real punishment so it will be worse.” Kareem then gave her a blistering three minute handspanking which left Kavitha crying and kicking. After the spanking, Kareem told Kavitha to go to the corner but just as Kavitha got off his knee and took a step towards the wall, he pulled her back over his knee. Confused, Kavitha went, “But sir......” Kareem cut her off and said,”It seems you forgot about thanking me for your punishment.” And he gave her another blistering minute with his hand. This time Kavitha thanked him and apologised for not doing so the first time. After her corner time, Kavitha was made to lie over the pillows one the bed and cringed as she saw the strap for she had remembered how it stung earlier. Her heart sank when Kareem told her that she would be receiving ten strokes for lying about shopping. Kavitha had to count each stroke aloud going,”# thank you Sir. I will not lie to you again.” She had received her fourth stroke when she misakenly counted as five, and Kareem started all over again. By the time he was done, she was crying buckets. Kareem instructed her to remain in that position and left her there for another ten minutes. After that, he made her get on her hands and knees. Knowing that this meant that she was to receive the cane, Kavitha began to sob and begged Kareem not to cane her. Kareem gently patted her bottom and told her that every mistake had a consequence. The caning was for lying about having already paid the credit card bill. Likewise, she was made to count out loud and Kavitha made sure she counted every stroke correctly. Kareem made the last stroke a hard one which made Kavitha cry out so loud that she wondered if the neighbours had heard her.
Kareem hugged her as she buried her face into his chest and cried her eyes out. When she had composed herself, she kissed Kareem's neck slightly and said,”Thank you Sir for punishing me. I promise I will never lie to you again.” They cuddled and drifted off to sleep in each other's arms.
The next morning, bright and early, Kavitha was coming out of the toilet when she saw Kareem sitting on the same chair in the middle of the room. Kareem motioned her towards him and once again she found herself over his knee. Tears began to stream down her face as she pleaded and begged,”Please Sir, my bottom is very sore.” Kareem patted her bottom gently and said that he was going to give her a maintenance spanking every morning before breakfast. This was to ensure that she would remember throughout the day what she could receive if she did not behave. The maintenance spanking consisted of one minute over her clothed bottom and three minutes over the bare. Each morning she was to automatically put the chair in the middle of the room and kneel next to it, with her hands behind her back, and wait for Kareem to spank her before they went down for breakfast. This went on for about three months before Kareem reduced the maintenance spankings to twice a week.
Kavitha and Kareem have become part of my spanking circle. They have related more of their real life stories to me, so stay tuned as I will put them here soon.


Anonymous said...
August 18, 2011 at 11:27 PM  

It makes want to be put over my daddies knee with my panties taken down and spanked until I cry. Then my daddy will touch me where he isn't supposed to but it feels good. I think I will go and play with myself for now

Anonymous said...
May 15, 2018 at 3:39 AM  

Ummm...that's sick

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