Reader's Submission: A Mistress' Punishment

Tuesday, September 9, 2008 ·

This was sent to me by a reader. I have not changed his words and will not mention her name here. The only thing I added was the title.

Reading your blog reminded me of the three years I spent as a mistress. I had met Mr J when I was working as a sales assistant at one of shops Orchard. He asked me out for a drink after work and before I knew it I had moved in with him. Mr J was 45 when I met him and I was 22 at that time. He was posted to Singapore from Japan and did not bring his family along. He was upfront and honest with me about his family back home and I did not mind at that time as I was fresh out of school and he had the money to spend on me. He got me a job as his personal assistant not for the money, he was supporting me, but he was looking for one and I was free so he suggested it and I agreed. I don't think anyone ever knew about out relationship as we kept it under wraps. He had his own office and I was sitting outside at my desk while the rest of his surbordinates sat further away.

Anyway, Mr J was a kinky person and he loved giving a good spanking. Though we never formally started it, our relationship seemed very much like a domestic discipline one. I still remember the first time he spanked me. I was throwing a tantrum about wanting to get some bag but he had already bought me two bags the day before. He said he was spoiling me and did not want to get the bag for me. When we reached home, I was still sulking and throwing a tantrum. In the midst of throwing my tantrum and kicked my shoes off which flew and almost hit his face but he ducked just in time. He called me a spoilt brat and pull me across his lap, lifted my skirt up and started spanking my backside. I struggled and tried to fight back but he was quite strong and held me down as he spanked me for almost ten minutes. I was crying slightly by the time he had stopped. I think he was quite pissed off with me at that time because after he had spanked me, he told me fiercely that he did not need to take such attitude from me and stormed off to take a shower. I laid on the couch abit shocked at the feeling of being spanked for the first time, but somehow maybe you could say it was the time that my submissive side began to bloom. I felt bad for making Mr J upset with me and I felt even worse after I came out of the shower and he did not even bother to look at me. He still looked angry and kept quiet while reading his book. I dunno why I did it, but I crawl into bed next to him and leaned my head on his shoulder and said I was sorry. He didn't react and continue to read his book. I placed my hand on his chest and said sorry again but this time I added that I deserved the spanking. I asked him to not be angry with me and that I would let him spank me whenever I was naughty. He put down his book and looked at me and asked if I was serious about what I said. I said nodded my head, and said that if he wanted he could spank me again. He got up and asked me which leg kicked the shoe off. I told him it was the right leg. He then told me to lie on my front and bend my legs so that it faced the ceiling. He then took a ruler and smacked the sole of my right foot ten times. It was so painful and he told me that if I ever kicked my shoe out like that again he would hit it even more. After that, he made me take out my robe and spanked me naked again but this time much harder. I was crying by the time he was done spanking me. After he spanked me, he sat me on his lap and told me that he would spank me again if I was bad. I promised that I would try to be good.

After that spanking somehow it became a norm. It was like he was my master and I was his slave. In his office table he kept two large rulers. Anytime I made a mistake in the office, he would make me come in to his office and lock the door. Then I had to roll up my skirt and go over his knee. He would then proceed to spank me with his hands and the ruler at times. There were no fixed number of time I would get spanked with the ruler each time. It was up to him and I submitted to the punishment. His office was soundproof and no one ever knew that I was being punished by him. Because he would punish me in office, he made it a rule that I could only wear tight mini skirts which were easy to roll up and only thongs so that the moment I roll up my skirt he could spank my bare backside. Though I did not get punished everyday in office, I was punished at least twice a week in office. Worse still was that if I was punished at office, I would be spanked again at home. Because he said that the spanking in office was a quick one and the proper punishment would be done at home.
At home, it was soon a rule that downwards I could only wear my g string. No skirt, shorts or pant or anything. I could wear a t-shirt on top but without my bra. My backside was at his mercy, and he would spank me whenever he felt like it. But it was not as hard, just to keep my backside red as I had fair skin and he said he liked to ensure that my backside was always red. However when I was naughty and needed to be given a proper punishment, he would tell me to take off all my clothes and he would punish me. It was never fixed type of punishments. He decided on what he used to spank me with, how long and how severe.

I remember the most severe punishment that he gave me. I had thrown a tantrum at a dinner party of his friend. I was bored and did not want to stay there. He said we would stay for a bit more, I threw a tantrum waved my hands like angry and accidentally crashed a display of glasses. Mr J was very angry. He took his friend and me to an empty room. He then apologised to his friend and offered to pay for the broken glasses. His friend said that he was ok. Mr J then said that he would teach me a lesson in front of him for my attitude. He then pulled me over his lap, in front of his friend and spanked me. He lifted my dress and spanked me again until I was crying. After that he made me apologise to his friend and we left straight away. I was so embarrassed but I felt even worse as I had made Mr J angry again. I knew I would be punished again when we reached home. So the moment we reached home, I took off all my clothes and knelt on the floor and apologised to Mr J. I told him that I was really sorry and I would take any punishment. He looked at me and said this will be the most severe punishment you have ever had. He had already spanked me quite hard at his friend's place but I nodded because I knew it was my fault. Mr J then took my over his lap and spanked me for about ten minutes with his bare hands, I was really crying by the time he stopped. He then made me kneel on the floor and stretch my hands out facing upwards. He used a ruler and hit each of my palms 30 times with it. He then made me stay in that position for almost half an hour. It was tiring and each time I fell forward he put me over his lap and spanked me again for about two minutes. I think I fell forward at least three times and I was crying non stop throughout the punishment. But it was not over yet. He brought me to the bedroom and opened a cupboard with his key. Inside was many things to spank me with. There were canes, even whips and long straps and hand cuffs and rope. The bed was with four post. So he made me stand at the bed and tied me hands to each side of the post and tied my legs to each of the legs. He then whipped my breast for about forty time until my breast was all red. He then used a cane to cane my legs until my legs were like a zebra crossing. After that he untied me and made me choose five things from the cupboard to spank me with. I knew that he wanted to punish me severely so I told him that I let him decide. He made me lie on the bed and he gave me spanked me twenty times each with a large ruler, two canes, a large leather belt and a rubber strap. To make sure that I did not move, he handcuffed my hands and legs to the ends of the bed. When he had finished, my bottom was really very sore and I hugged him and begged him to forgive me. He said he did but for the next three months, he spanked me everyday before we went to sleep and caned me every weekend. For those three months, I was not allowed to wear any clothes in the house. After that I never threw my tantrum again but of course I was still quite naughty at times, and he did punish me.

Sadly, he was posted back two weeks ago and we had no choice but to end the relationship. I miss the life then. Maybe I will find another relationship like that soon.


Anonymous said...
November 14, 2008 at 1:13 AM  

After tieing up her to the bed and whipping nicely her breasts and legs... He must have proceeded to pick up a cane and whip her pussy nicely too! why leave out the most important sexual and humiliation part? how deadly humiliation it would have been to her to get her pussy beaten up nicely!! wow!

Spank-A-Lot said...
November 19, 2008 at 3:26 PM  

Well I must admit that I have no idea why.....or maybe the reader who submitted the story left it out because she felt it was too intimate to her.

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