Spanking the Thai sister-in-law, and the wife of course.

Friday, October 31, 2008 ·

Something my friend Jim told me about his family recently. No need for much introduction I guess, just read on........

Jim was initially reluctant when his Thai wife of five years, Saeng, asked if her sister Sangwan could stay with them when she came to Singapore for her university studies. But knowing that his wife was the only kin his sister-in-law had in Singapore, he agreed.

Although Jim felt a little unhappy with the loss of privacy in his home, it was not too much to bear and for the initial few months, Jim went about his normal routine at home with the exception that he now stopped going around his home shirtless. It wasn't that he was embarrassingly fat or anything, but he just felt uncomfortable being shirtless with guest in his home.

To Jim, it wasn't so much the loss of privacy that irritated him, but it was the way that his sister-in-law treated his home. Back in Thailand, Sangwan was the baby of the family and was terribly pampered. Now in Singapore, she very much acted the same way in Jim's home. Jim worked till the evenings during the weekdays, while Saeng taught Thai at the community centre three times a week, thus this left Sangwan alone at home for most of the weekdays. However being the pampered girl that she was, she never helped her elder sister with the housework and in fact messed up the place. Jim had wanted to scold her a couple of times, but Saeng had pleaded with him not to and reasoned that it was alright as she could handle the housework herself. Many times, Jim had told Saeng that Sangwan was lucky that he was not her husband or he would put her across his knee and give her a good spanking. Sangwan on her part knew that Saeng was spanked at times by Jim and it didn't matter to her as it wasn't her bottom that was being reddened.

Soon after, Jim noticed that money had begun to disappear from his wallet. At first he thought that he had forgotten to withdraw money from the ATM. However when it became more frequent, he realised that it was not his own forgetfulness but rather there was a thief in the house. He suspected Sangwan from the start. In fact he had much reasons to. There were only three of them in the house and Saeng knew what would happen to her bottom if she ever took his money without asking him, therefore that left only Sangwan. This in a way was the last straw for Jim, he could tolerate her spoilt and lazy nature or the fact that his own privacy was affected. But to steal from him.......this got Jim really mad. However, as he had no proof, he decided to talk to Saeng. When he told Saeng about his suspicions that Sangwan had been taking money from his wallet, Saeng immediately defence her sister and said that although she was spoilt, she would never resort to stealing. However after a while, Saeng too started to suspect that Sangwan had been the one as she was soon frequently coming home with new clothes. Sangwan did not have a part-time job and the allowance that Saeng gave her would have not been enough to do that much shopping. Saeng talked to Sangwan about the matter but when confronted, Sangwan denied ever taking the money and said that her new clothes were presents from friends. Without any proof, there was nothing much that Jim and Saeng could do. Jim however was still unhappy and vowed to himself that he would expose her stealing. He went to Sim Lim square to check out the security cameras but found that they were to obvious and if he had them installed in his home, Sangwan would notice them instantly which would of course defeat the purpose of installing them in the first place. By installing a security camera, Jim was not looking to have it serve as a deterrent, but rather he wanted to catch Sangwan red-handed. So he did a search on the internet and found one which could be hidden from sight.

To cut a long story short, Jim ordered it and had it installed in the living room facing directly at the ornamental bowl where he kept his wallet, keys and watch whenever he came home. Two days later, Sangwan struck again, at about 2am in the morning, the hidden camera caught Sangwan sneaking to the living room and fishing two fifty dollar bills out of Jim's wallet. Jim showed Saeng the footage and they agreed to confront Sangwan on the issue that very evening.

Jim took half a day off that day in a bid to be at home to confront Sangwan with Saeng the moment she came home from school. He hooked up the footage to the TV and intended to show it to Sangwan if she denied stealing when they confronted her. Saeng on the other hand was extremely apologetic to Jim and in fact terribly upset with her sister. Unknown to Jim, she was planning some drastic measures to settle this with Sangwan.

At about 4pm, Sangwan strolled in through the front door while Jim and Saeng were already sitting in the living room waiting for her. Sangwan seemed to be in a good mood and Saeng noticed that she appeared to be wearing a new outfit, not what she had worn when she had left for school in the morning. Saeng sat her sister down and asked her if the clothes were new, which Sangwan said it was. And once again Sangwan said that the clothes were a gift. Saeng then asked her if she had taken any money from Jim's wallet. As expected, Sangwan denied ever doing so like she had before. But this time, Jim was prepared, and as if on cue, he switched on the TV which began playing the footage of Sangwan taking money from Jim's wallet. Knowing that she had been exposed, she stood there speechless and cast her eyes downward. Angrily Saeng demanded an explanation from Sangwan but she did not give any. Once again Saeng asked for an explanation but Sangwan kept her eyes cast downward and her mouth shut.

Then the most unexpected thing (at least to Jim) happened...............

Saeng reached out for Sangwan's arm and swiftly pulled her over her own knee. Jim sat there surprised but kept quiet to see what was to unfold. Jim said that Sangwan's face was one of shock but apparently she did not struggle. Jim reckoned that it was probably resignation to the fact that struggling would not get her out of it. Though not like an expert, Saeng rained rapid hard spanks on Sangwan's bottom. It probably was because it was the first time that she was in the “other position” during a spanking, therefore although it seemed like Saeng was giving the spanks with all her might, it didn't seem to make much of an impression on Sangwan. Well there was the occasional wince but apart from that, nothing much. After about thirty-odd spanks, Saeng stopped and asked again if her new clothes had been bought with the stolen money. This time Sangwan replied that it was albeit in an irritated tone. Even more incensed this time that Sangwan could still have such an attitude, Saeng made Sangwan remove her skirt and top. When Sangwan refused, Saeng forcefully attempted to remove them and Sangwan eventually complied. She then made Sangwan stand in front of the sofa and made her bend over with her hands on the sofa. Saeng then continued to spank Sangwan's bottom with a flurry of spanks. By now Sangwan's bottom was starting to redden but it did not seem to have much effect on her attitude. As if exasperated by her inability to bring about any difference with her hand, Saeng ordered Sangwan to remain in the position as she disappeared into the master bedroom. When she returned, in her hand was a cane and Jim's belt. Now Jim had been sitting there all this while just quietly and (I believe) pleasantly “enjoying” the scene. But when he saw Saeng return with the cane and the belt, he asked her if she was sure that she would be able to use those implements. To this Saeng replied that she had not used them before but it did not matter, as she had gotten them for him. Jim looked at her silently, not knowing if Saeng was joking or serious. Sangwan on the other hand, got terrified at the thought of receiving a belting and caning from Jim. She had heard her elder's sister's cries before when Jim had punished her, and she immediately stood up and began to protest. Saeng put the implements on the sofa and pushed Sangwan back into position. Looking at Jim, she said “Go on, its your money she stole.”, as Sangwan struggle under Saeng's hold and began to cry. Jim sat still for a moment thinking, and then got up and said, “Very well then.”

He wrapped one end of the belt in his hand and he rested the other end on Sangwan's back as he told her that since it was the first time, he would give her ten with each implement. Sangwan was already struggling and therefore Saeng had to hold her down. The ten strokes of the belt landed with rapid precision as Sangwan cried out with each stroke. At the end, Sangwan's attitude had a total turn around as she began apologising and promising that she would not steal from Jim again. Next up was the cane. Stroke after stroke, Jim landed them one after the other until seven strokes. Then he paused. Sangwan was a wreck by this time and continued apologising repeatedly. Jim told Saeng to tighten her grip on Sangwan as the next few strokes would be the hardest. Sangwan screamed out with each of the last three strokes. Saeng then helped Sangwan up and told her that if she did not change her spoilt attitude in the house, she would be spanked again. Sangwan's attitude by now was already rather subdued as she nodded meekly.

That wasn't the end to it as Jim gave the same spankings and punishment to Saeng later that night for not keeping an eye on Sangwan and for letting such a thing happen.

Sangwan gets spanked still on a regular basis but not by Jim. Saeng does it. Saeng of course still gets a spanking from Jim though.


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sixofthebest said...
April 17, 2009 at 11:28 PM  

If I was Jim, I would cane painfully both Sangwan, and Saeng. By caning I mean 25 strokes, on those sisters, knickers down bare bottoms.

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