28 years old and still receiving a spanking at home

Monday, October 13, 2008 ·

*Story told to me by a lady I met recently.*

Marilyn, 28 years, still lives with her mother. Her father passed on many years ago and her two younger siblings have moved out after getting married. Marilyn herself, although fairly attractive, has given up on love since a bad break up a few years ago. Even though earning enough to rent her own place, Marilyn has chosen to live with her mother largely because she is in her own comfort zone. She gets home cooked food every night she is home and plays the filial daughter. The only “discomfort” she has to bear with is that she still gets spanked and caned. At 52 years, Marilyn’s mother can still give a mean spanking when it is needed. As a matter of fact, she was always the disciplinarian at home when Marilyn and her two siblings were growing up.

But 28 and still getting your bottom spanked by your mother seems pretty far out right?

Well it wasn’t always that way. The spankings actually stopped when they were about 14. Although there were the warnings of a spanking every now and then after that, but they never realised for Marilyn and her siblings towed the line the moment their mother warned them.

However after shortly after Marilyn’s bad break up with her last boyfriend when she was 24, the spankings somehow resumed.

Let me explain…….

After her bad break up, Marilyn began to embrace the freedom of singlehood. She began partying again with her girl friends and many a time came back drunk. She would vomit all over the place and was rather loud when drunk. As her siblings had moved out by then, Marilyn’s poor mother had to contend with Marilyn’s drunken stupor alone. To make things worse, Marilyn was beginning to show an unappreciative attitude towards her mother’s concern. She would not bother calling home when she would not be back for dinner, and she would leave the house in a mess.

After many months of putting up with Marilyn’s nonsense, her mother decided enough was enough. As she stepped into the house after one of her usual drinking sessions in her usual drunken stupor and retching all over the floor, her mother gave her a stinging smack one her bottom and went on about how she had had enough of her nonsense. It was a one smack but stingy enough to knock some soberness into Marilyn as she jerked upright in shock.

“Go wash up and sleep, we will talk about this in the morning!” her mother said as she pushed her into the bathroom.

It was only a one smack and Marilyn was too drunk to remember thus when she woke up the next day around noon, she didn’t quite remember what had happened when she had returned home the night before.

But as she got out of the kitchen with her glass of water seeing her mum sitting at the dining table with the infamous hairbrush on the table, she began to faintly remember the smack the night before. Despite that, she brushed it off as a mere coincidence and laughed too herself at how crazy she must have been to think that her mother would still spank her. Thus she sat herself down at the dining table to have her dinner.

Just as she reached for the plates, her mother held her hand and said that there was something she needed to talk to her about before lunch was served. Still not realising what her mother was implying, she retracted her hand from the plates and turned to her mother as if giving a silent cue that she was listening.

Her mother started with how she was terribly upset about Marilyn’s attitude towards her lately and how it was ridiculous that she was coming home drunk almost every Friday and Saturday night. She went on for about 15 minutes. And just as Marilyn was about to shut her off for nagging she heard her mother say, “Girl, mummy loves you too much to see you becoming such a person. Therefore, I think I need to get you back on track like how I used too when you were young.”

Marilyn’s eyes widened as she laughed but she soon stoped as she found herself being dragged by one arm across her mother’s knee. She struggled to push herself up but her mother pushed her back down and sternly told her to stop struggling. The first few spanks brought back some memories younger days when she got spanked, but she soon noticed that her mother was spanking much harder now.

As she grimaced and fidgeted, she felt her mother tuck her fingers into the waistband of her shorts and panties, and she quickly put her hand back to resist and protested to her mother not to pull them down and that she was too old for this.

To this her mother gave her hand a stingy smack as she told Marilyn that she was always her daughter and she was never too old.

After some twenty stinging spanks on her bare bottom, her mother took the infamous hairbrush, that she had spanked them with when they were growing up, and gave her a flurry of rapid spanks. This left Marilyn jerking and crying.

Marilyn was told to stand up and pull her shorts & panties up. Her mother got up too and gave her a loving hug. Feeling ashamed of herself, she apologised to her mother in between her tears. To which her mother lovingly said she knew that Marilyn did not mean to be mean but merely step out of track and need to be guided back. She however added that every action had a consequence and it was good that she had faced the music like she should. As she patted Marilyn’s bottom, while still hugging her, she reminded Marilyn that she was always her mother and would always be there to give her a punishment if she needed.

That was the turning point as from that day on, the spankings resumed.

Marilyn did return home drunk the following week again and that time her mother gave her 24 strokes of the cane as well. Her mother reckoned that the number of strokes should coincide with her age. Yes, she does get 28 strokes now if she comes back drunk. Though it almost rarely happens.

Marilyn gets a spanking when she does not call home when she is not coming home for dinner. At the same time, her mother also spanks her for leaving her room in a mess. However she doesn’t get spanked that often nowadays. At average it is maybe only once or twice a month at most. But each time, her mother makes sure she really feels it. In fact, she feels it for a few days after when she sits at work.

When asked why she still submits to such punishments from her mother, Marilyn feels that in someway she agrees that her mother will always be her mother. And somehow inside her, she kinda feels that she deserves it as well.

*Oh well to each his/her own I guess. Though don't think that many 28 year olds are still spanked at home.


Anonymous said...
March 1, 2011 at 8:59 PM  

I am 30 yrs old and am still put over my mothers knee on occasssions.Especially for smoking. Robin

Anonymous said...
April 21, 2015 at 3:36 PM  

i Know this is an old post but just seen it i sometimes get the cane from mum adult living at home short cane OTK has me kicking and yelping! but lesson learned!

Anonymous said...
June 30, 2015 at 7:04 PM  

I have also just seen this old post. In my family (in the UK) the cane was used to punish us. As the one who stayed at home with Mum and Dad, and then Mum, I was caned into my late 40s as a punishment by my Mum. By then Mum was 70 and had lost most of her 'force', so she just gave me a slapped face. She died 2 years ago aged 90, and I miss her dearly every day. Broken-hearted daughter

Anonymous said...
January 6, 2016 at 10:06 PM  

I have just found and read this posting. I live in the UK and as the eldest daughter I was expected to stay at home to look after my parents as they became older. That involved a very restricted social life, mainly weeknight Church based activities which finished relatively early. Mother caned me for not doing housework properly, especially when she found dust where I had 'cleaned', or washing up not done, or beds not made by 11am because I was being lazy, or for anything she regarded as 'sinful'. Dad would tell Mum to cane me for things like arguing or what he called 'Unacceptable behaviour in a Christian daughter', ie disobedience, rebelliousness, answering back and wanting to wear clothes of which he disapproved. Dad died when he was 46 and I was 25, but I continued to live with Mother in my domestic role. Mother's canings continued but as the Lady above says, as she grew older she lost the power to really hurt me, and the canings were a mark of her disapproval at something I had done or omitted to do. So at age 80 (when I was 60)she used to scold me and give me a bare bottom hand smacking at bedtime. After all punishments she would give me a big hug, tell me she loved me and that it was her duty as a Mother to punish me. She died three years ago aged 92 and I am now 75 but I miss her dearly, and there are times when I just wish she could take me by the hand, lead me into the front room, bend me over the arm of the sofa and give me a good well deserved painful bare bottom caning. Mother RIP till I join you in Heaven and stay with you and Dad forever. Your grieving daughter Janet xxxxxxx

paul said...
January 11, 2016 at 6:13 AM  

At first reading the above posts appears abusive and odd that adult sons and daughters are still spanked and caned {or were} but it was what could be described as loving disipline if a hot spanked bottom or in my case a caned one! Over the knee! proves that they cared in their own way! interested to know if any of the above are still disiplined?

Emma Davidson said...
October 6, 2016 at 11:21 PM  

28 is definitely not too old to be spanked bare bottom by your parents. I'm 28 and I still wish my father and mother would pull down my trousers and knickers and give me a spanked bottom. I am just too ruly and need to be spanked to be brought into line.

paul said...
December 22, 2017 at 12:44 AM  

I know theas are old posts but I find it interesting that adult sons and daughters are still soundly spanked and caned thought I was the only one till I read all of the above got a hard caning from my sister the other day mum not around any more so I sometimes get Disipline from older sister!!

paul said...
January 20, 2018 at 3:11 PM  

Re above I am an adult male mum used beat my bottom soundly OTK with hairbrush ! My sister older now spanks me sometimes even as an adult I still need it?!

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