Spanking Conversations: Junior College Kids?

Tuesday, October 21, 2008 ·

I am adding a new addition to the blog. It is going to be called “Spanking Conversations”. These are largely conversations that I have overhead while going about my daily life. It is amazing how Singaporeans don't realise that they are speaking too loud, or is it that there is not much that they want to hide nowadays. Ah well........not their loss and definitely my gain.

So bringing you the first “Spanking Conversation” in the series. I was sitting at one of the fast food joints having lunch with a few colleagues and at the next table to us was this table of three school girls. The conversation went......

Schoolgirl 1: So are we going for that BBQ this weekend?

Schoolgirl 2: Yes yes! We must, those guys are gonna be there right?

Schoolgirl 2: (Turning to schoolgirl 3) We are going right?

Schoolgirl 3: Erm.......I can't....Kevin (boyfriend I assume) doesn't want me to go.

Schoolgirl 1: Aiya just don't let him know la. Tell him you staying at my place la. Like the last time like that

Schoolgirl 3: Cannot la, Kev says he will spank me if I go.

Schoolgirl 1&2: Gasps loudly

Schoolgirl 2: Are you serious?

Schoolgirl 1: Say only la, like as if he would do it.

Schoolgirl 3: Trust me he will.

Schoolgirl 1: (Speaking louder) You mean Kev has spanked you before?

(Now schoolgirl 3 was sitting on the same side as me, so I couldn't turn to see if she nodded though I assume so for schoolgirl 2 went.....)

Schoolgirl 2: No way......when? When? How can? He is not you father what? When? When? Ey say leh!

Schoolgirl 3: Aiya remember that time we went clubbing and I told Kev that I was going to watch a movie with you all?

Schoolgirl 1: You mean he was there at the club? Or not how did he know?

Schoolgirl 3: His friend was there la, still can took photo of me somemore.

I left the place soon after that sentence and didn't get to hear the rest. But come on, I think those girls were like only 16! But my colleague reckoned that it was a Junior College uniform. Ah well.


Dirty Little Angel said...
October 21, 2008 at 6:25 PM  

HAHAHA! oh my. maybe one day you'll hear L threatening to spank me too. he says it in a low but clear voice.. and i would usually challenge him to ;) then you can post it here and try to guess my uniform. :D haha!

Spank-A-Lot said...
October 22, 2008 at 2:48 PM  

So it appears that L is not a mere vanilla. Hmmm yes, maybe I will do more than that if I overhear him, I may in fact urge him on. :)

Rin said...
October 23, 2008 at 10:44 AM  

I also use the word 'spank' alot to my dear. But it's more to saying for the fun to spice up the conversation.

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