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Friday, October 24, 2008 ·

Shopping and women go together like honey and bees. This is especially so in Singapore. A lady can go through the same shopping centre every single day but yet it always appears that there is something new to see in the shops. Most interestingly, there is always something to buy. And so I guess the Singaporean spankers have their hands full with the shopping antics of their spankee other halfs. Well it appears so from the following conversation which I overheard not too long ago as I was browsing through one of the shopping malls, in one of the Singaporean heartlands which will be left un-named, in search of a present with a few friends.

One of my friends was looking for a dress and as I should there seemingly bored I suddenly overheard this conversation taking place to the right of me not too far away.

Lady 1: Ooooh this dress is so nice, tempted leh.

Lady 2: Like, buy lor.

Lady 1: Cannot la, hubby will spank me if I buy another dress.

Lady 2: Aiya won't one la. If like just buy la.

Lady 1: No la cannot, he warn me before liao. Cannot buy anymore dresses.


As if they were the only one in the shopping mall. My goodness, and i thought Singaporeans were always discreet.

Anyway I was standing there hoping to hear out the conversation but alas, by friend saw a top some three aisles away and almost-violently pulled me away. Damn!


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