Tracy spank Janet, her delinquent younger sister!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008 ·

*This is the first part of how Tracy, a dom, took her sister in hand*

Tracy was a dom for as long as I have known her, which I must say is pretty damn long! She is one of the few female dominants I know that can hold her own ground with her male subs. So when she complained to me over lunch about her jitters over her sister I was surprised.

Oh maybe some background info first. Tracy's young sister, Janet, who was 18 a that time. She had been quite a handful growing up and it culminated in her being sent to the Girl's home for two years for rioting and stealing. Apparently the judge had sent her there as it was not the first time that she had been convicted of it. Tracy's parents had passed on and being the only other living kin, custody and guardianship of Janet would be given to Tracy until Janet turned 21 at least. During the time of my above-mentioned lunch with Tracy, Janet was to be released a week later.

So back to where I left off.........

So surprised at what Tracy was telling me, I probed further which probably opened the flood-gates of unhappiness as Tracy began to go on and on about how Janet was a delinquent through and through, and it was totally impossible to get to her as she was extremely defiant. As she went on, I realised that Janet was the baby of the family, and as naturally as most families do, Janet was treat like a princess. Her parents and Tracy gave in to her every whim and fancy. They spoilt her thru and thru. The only consolation that Tracy could think of was that after about a year in the Girl's Home, Janet had written her a letter saying how sorry she was and how she would change her ways as soon as she got out. Tracy was heartened with the letter but was sceptical as she felt Janet was just saying that because she was inside and it wasn't the first time she said that she would change. I listened to Tracy's ranting for a good 30mins without saying a word.

Then at one of her pauses I blurted out “Why don't you just give her a spanking when she gets home?!”

Tracy kept quiet for a few moments and then her eyes lit up and questioned herself aloud about why she didn't think about it. But then she quickly replied that she felt that Janet wouldn't take a spanking. So I told her well, if Janet would take a spanking then too bad there was nothing Tracy could do. (I don't condone non-consensual spankings.) But I pointed out that depended on how Tracy put it across to Janet, plus........Tracy was her only kin and source of shelter when she came out. So it was worth a shot trying. I had to rush off that day, so I told Tracy to keep me updated or to give me a call if she needed any advice.

Two weeks later (Janet would have been released from the Girl's Home for about a week by then), I met up with Tracy again and she seemed pretty delighted on the phone when she called to meet for lunch. I didn't have to open the flood-gates this time, she just began talking and talking non-stop the moment we met.

And so her story went:

Tracy had gone to pick Janet up the day she was released, and the moment they met, Janet gave Tracy a big hug and cried saying she was back to be out Tracy did not bring up anything about a spanking that day as she reckoned that it would be best to let Janet settle down. However the very next morning when Tracy got up, Janet had already out of the house. Tracy tried calling and calling Janet's hp but to no avail. Tracy had actually taken the whole week off from work to help Janet settle in.

It wasn't until about 2am that Janet staggered home reeking of cigarette smoke and slightly tipsy. Tracy immediately demanded a explanation from Janet. To which Janet merely responded that she had met up with some friends to catch up. When asked if they were the same friends that got her into trouble, Janet said that it was so. Tracy then asked Janet if she remembered her letter about wanting to change, but Janet interrupted that she really wanted to but there didn't seem to be any choice as those were the only friends she knew plus changing was too hard. Knowing that the conversation wouldn't be going anywhere, she told Janet to go to bed first and they would talk about it in the morning.

The next afternoon when Janet woke up (she slept at 3am what would you expect?), Tracy sat Janet down and had a long talk with Janet. First she began by saying how she felt that some of the fault for Janet turning out this ways was their parents and hers as they had spoilt her. Tracy added that however, she was going to make sure things improved. Tracy then told Janet about her plans to help Janet get into the polytechnic (Janet's O level scores were relatively ok) and she hoped that Janet would shape up and clean up her act. Tracy also told her that she would support Janet all the way to the university but on a few conditions. The conditions were that Janet had to stop seeing her delinquent friends, she had to study hard, abide by the rules that Tracy set and when needed, receive a spanking. Janet of course protested to the latter. But Tracy had her mind set and she said that these conditions were her offer, if she didn't want them she was free to move out. However if she wanted to stay and make a real change in her life, she had to agree to those conditions. According to Tracy, Janet was actually pretty hesitant and reluctant, but maybe she really didn't want to go back to her old ways so she agreed to the conditions. Plus I guess the prospect of having to shift out may have helped!

So once Janet had agreed, Tracy told her that she would be receiving her first spanking there and then. Not only as an introductory to how a spanking felt, but also for the day before. Janet did hesitate for abit when Tracy pulled her over her knee, but once Tracy reminded her about the conditions, Janet complied and allowed herself to be led over Tracy's knee. Before Tracy began, Tracy told Janet to prepare herself as it would hurt. But as it was her first spanking, it would not be as hard. She warned however that if Janet ever disappeared without informing her, it would be much worse.

Probably because she had never been spanked before, Janet yelp from the first spank and after a mere ten spanks, Janet had already begun struggling and asking Tracy to stop. To stop Janet's hands from swinging behind, Tracy locked them behind her and continued spanking for another ten odd spanks. Then Tracy pulled Janet's shorts but kept a firm grip on Janet's lock arms so that she would not be able to try to pull them back up. Janet pleaded with Tracy not to spank her bare bottom and said that it was her first time. But Tracy would have none of it as she spanked her bare bottom with another twenty rapid spanks before she stopped. A few tears trickled down Janet's face as Tracy let her up and apparently she didn't seemed as defiant as before (Dunno what Tracy meant by that anyway).

The rest of the day went off relatively spankless until at 3am when Tracy heard the sound of keys. She quickly got out of her room to see Janet coming thru the front door. Turned out that Janet had sneaked out while Tracy was in the shower (at around 11pm and Tracy had tot Janet had gone to sleep) to meet her friends. Janet explained that she had no choice, her friends had kept calling her and she felt bad to refuse. Immediately Tracy pull Janet over her knee but this time, there was no warm up, it was on the bare straight away. A good thirty spanks were delivered which left Janet squirming and tearing. But it wasn't the she got Janet up and marched her to her room. She made Janet lie face down on the bed and gave her ten licks of the belt. Tracy confiscated Janet's phone and said that she would get a new number for her the next day........a number she was not allowed to give to her delinquent friends.

*Well that was all that Tracy told me during that lunch meeting. There is more, so stay tuned!*


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