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Monday, October 20, 2008 ·

*In a domestic discipline relationship, many couples develop certain discipline rituals. Apart from the usual maintenance spankings, more often than not, the couples would somehow come up with more creative rituals for discipline. Below is a short real life story of how Johnson developed a unique daily reminder which well, left Julie's bottom sore every day but helped in reducing the number of infractions she had.*

Johnson and Julie are in a domestic discipline relationship. And as many in a domestic discipline relationship, there is the usual practice of a maintenance spanking. Normally, a maintenance spanking is usually given once a week to serve as a deterrent against further infractions that the bottom may commit.

Now in Johnson's opinion, a weekly maintenance was generally not enough. So he developed a plan, something he termed a daily reminder. It was ritualistic in nature. Each morning as John was in the toilet, Julie would prepare breakfast. After she had prepared breakfast, she would then prepare herself for her daily reminder, which was a spanking. And the number of spanks would coincide with the day of the month. Well it was all spanks, I mean there wouldn't be much point in a single handspank would it?

So for the first to the tenth day of the month, Julie would bend over the couch fully nude, and Johnson would give her the cane. The number of strokes would coincide with the day of the month, but since it was relatively little in terms of strokes, they were hard ones. Hard enough to at least draw loud gasps from Julie. The first day of the month would also be the hardest stroke and it progressively got less hard but painful and stingy no less, as each day progressed. Normally, by the eighth to the tenth day, the daily reminders would end with tears in Julie's eyes.

From the eleventh to the twentieth day, Julie would still bend over the couch fully nude, but this time Johnson would use a belt. It stung terribly and the number of strokes with the belt would once again coincide with the day of the month. To Julie the eleventh morning was almost the hardest for here as here bottom would still be marked by the ten strokes of the cane given the day before. And to bend over for another eleven strokes of the belt really stung and brought tears streaming down her face.

From the twenty-first day onwards, Julie would go over Johnson's knee for a handspanking. Fully nude as usually Johnson would alternate the spanks between each butt-cheek. Although it may seem as a reprieve for Julie but Johnson gave a mean handspanking, and anything more then fifteen spanks on the bare bottom would be enough to at least bring the tears out. But the last two days of the month, the handspankings usually left Julie sobbing quietly.

This were however mere daily reminders, and it did not take the place of the maintenance spankings. The maintenance spankings still took place every Monday night and consisted of two segments of handspankings, ten strokes of the belt and six strokes of the cane. Never on a clothed bottom, always on the bare.

On top of that, any infractions, were duly dealt with on the very day it was committed. However, Johnson opines that since he had start this daily reminder routine some six months ago, Julie's infractions have largely decreased.


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