Reader's Submission: Spanked by a loanshark

Monday, October 20, 2008 ·

*A reader sent this in and please be warned that it involves sex. Not the normal spankings that I am used to, but nevertheless, out of due respect to my readers, I will publish it. Don't think many loansharks would do this though.*

I got spanked by a loan shark once, some years ago. I had chalked up some debts and stupidly borrowed some money from a loan shark. I was initially reluctant to borrow from the loan shark but because he was supposedly the “Godbrother” of a friend of mine, I went ahead and borrowed the money. However my spending habits didn't change and before I knew it I had trouble paying the weekly payments. The loanshark's runners came looking for me a couple of times, but somehow probably because I was a girl, they normally agreed to give me a bit more time to pay them back. However, I guess there patience grew thin or maybe they got a scolding from their boss. So soon enough one of the days, they came knocking and said that if I could not pay I had to go with them to explain to their boss myself. I could not pay and therefore had no choice. I followed them and they brought me to this sleazy hotel in Geylang. I guess the loanshark was also the owner of some cheap hotel. Anyways I managed to beg the boss to give me a bit more time. He agreed to five days, but he warned that if I could not pay in five days I would regret it. The five days came and gone but I was unable to find the cash. So I tried to avoid them. However his runners caught up with me and I was forced to go back with them to see their boss again. This time he threatened to cut my face but I begged him not to and said that I would do anything. He gave me a choice, either I slept with him or he cut my face. I really did not have a choice then, so I agreed to sleep with him. It was not a pleasant experience. Although I was not a virgin already at that time, it was still embarrassing. He also had a thing for rough sex. He made me ride on top of him. And with one hand he would pinch one of my nipples while he would use the other hand to spank my butt. The first time I screamed out loud and tried to hit and push away his hands. He got quite angry and tied my hands behind my back. Then he resumed fucking me. So he would pinch my nipple and hold on to it while he would use his other hand to spank my butt very hard. At the same time he would keep laughing and asking me to “move faster” as he I was a horse. After a while, he would switch side and pinch my other nipple while spanking the other side of my butt with his other hand. His hands were quite big and it was very painful. He could also control himself for very long so i think it lasted for almost 30mins, by the time I was already crying. When he was about to ejaculate, he pushed me onto the bed and squirted all over my face and body. He laughed as he did that. But I tried to escape his sperm shooting on me so I pushed him away and turned to face down on the bed. I think this made him angry as well cause he took his belt and he whipped me on my butt and sometime on my back as well. As I lay on the bed crying, he said that he would take it that I had paid back $500 dollars. He then said that each time I could not pay back the weekly payments, this was what he would do to me. It was humiliating experience. My nipple and butt were sore after that. In fact, when I looked at my butt in the mirror when I got home, it was all red. I didn't want to go through that again but then I just could not raise the cash to pay him back. I tried to hide from them, but they locked my door and even splashed red paint on my windows. I was afraid that my elderly parents would get hurt. They didn't know that I owed the loanshark money as I told them that it must have been a mistake. So after when the loanshark's runners finally caught me and brought me to see the boss, I asked the boss if I could just sleep with him to pay off my debt. It was free sex for him and of course he agreed. So for about 15 times I had to endure the same humiliation of being fucked, spanked and pinched at the same time. However he did not tie my hands up as I promised not to get my hands in the way. It was not easy because it was very painful. And sometimes he would make it even more humiliating by making me put my hands on my head. After that, I have never borrowed from a loanshark again.


Holly Jean said...
October 20, 2008 at 7:51 AM  

hmmm.. this spanking based blog is interesting...... and a bit uncomfortable for me ( haha)..


Spank-A-Lot said...
October 20, 2008 at 10:19 AM  

Haha food for one is poison for another I guess. This blog is mainly a bid to create an awareness, hoping to break the stereotypes to it, and of course to bring something refreshing to Singapore's blogosphere.

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