Discipline Master in Singapore Secondary School spanks Head Prefect!

Friday, October 24, 2008 ·

I was talking to a bunch of tops and bottoms when the topic of “When did you first get spanked?” came out and one of the bottoms related her story which personally I find pretty upsetting, especially since since it happened to be in a Secondary School with a Discipline Master. It happened many years ago, even before I was in Secondary School, and I truly hope that such things don't happen in Singaporean schools anymore! Ah but I digress.............

Judy was 16 at that time and quite the impressionable young girl. She also was a perfectionist and an overachiever who took pride in the fact that she was the Head Prefect of a certain Secondary School in Singapore which I shall not name nor describe. It was an honour to Judy, the Head Prefect was always chosen from the most outstanding Prefect within the graduating batch of that year. A Head Prefect (well then I guess, the Head Prefect during my time was pretty much spat at by the whole lot of us) was looked up to by everyone in the school and in some ways was the right hand person of the Discipline Master. Of course, to be in such a position, more was expected from the Head Prefect.

And that was where the problem was. The discipline master took it upon himself to make sure that all his prefects towed the line and kept to a stricter standard than all the other students. He reckoned that to be qualified to pick at the mistakes that the other students made, the prefects themselves had to make sure that they were untainted. The prefects, including Judy, of course wanting to remain in their positions as prefects, naturally towed the line.

Well humans are humans and making mistakes are of course a part of life. So the day finally came when Judy broke a couple of school rules. It wasn't anything major (well in my personal opinion), but to the discipline master felt otherwise. And so when he confronted Judy, he was extremely nasty and fierce about it. He called Judy a disappointment and even said he regretted appointing her as the Head Prefect. He then said the word which Judy so dreaded and feared..........he was considering removing her as the Head Prefect and probably even sack her as a prefect altogether. This was devastating news to Judy who begged for another chance. It wasn't so much the loss of the position in itself to Judy, but more of the public embarrassment that would have come with it. Maybe it was the tears that softened the discipline master or maybe it was his sick mind, but he told her that he would think about it and told her to meet him in the prefects' room after school.

Apprehensively hoping for the best, Judy made her way to the prefects' room after class to meet the discipline master. Judy's heart sank when the discipline master initially said that after much thought, he reckoned that he should still sack her. However after a long lecture, he added that he was willing to give her another chance as this was her first mistake but she still had to be punished. Judy's eyes lightened up and before she could hear out the punishment that the discipline master had in mine, she nodded her head frantically and exclaimed that she was willing to take any punishment as long as she was to be given another chance. The discipline master looked at her silently for a minute before he asked her again if she was sure that she would be willing to take any punishment. Once again, Judy responded positively. (When relating this, Judy said that at that time she really was quite desperate to retain her position.)

The discipline master took a chair to the middle of the room and sat down. He told Judy to lock the door and stand in front of him. He then told Judy that he was going to give her one last chance to decide if she really was willing to be punished. He told her that if she was willing, he would spank her, but if she was not, then she could leave but he would remove her as a prefect altogether. (Pretty much blackmail if you ask me.) Judy really did not want to face the public humiliation of being stripped of her prefect appointment and thus chose to be spanked.

It was a painful experience for Judy. She was put over the discipline master's knee and he spanked her mercilessly for a couple of minutes over her skirt. He then lifted her skirt up and resumed spanking her in a hard robot-like fashion. The pain was terrible according to Judy and she struggled and cried as the spanks rained down on her panty-covered bottom. After what seemed like eternity, the discipline master stopped. He then told her that from then on, if he ever caught her breaking any of the school rules, he would spank her again and each time he had to spank her, it would be harder than the previous spanking. Judy nodded and promised that she would not break any school rules again. But alas, her punishment on that day was not done. The discipline master pulled down her panties and this time spanked her bare bottom with a flurry of hard spanks. Judy remembers seeing angry red blotches on her bottom when she went home that day.

Sadly, that was just the first but not the last time that she found herself over her discipline masters knee. After that day, Judy felt as if the discipline master kept looking out to spot any mistakes that she would make. For the rest of the school year, Judy received numerous spankings from the discipline master. Several years later when she had bumped into one of her seniors from that same Secondary School, who coincidentally had been a head prefect before Judy, she learnt that her senior had also suffered the same predicament. It appeared that the Discipline Master had a penchant for spanking and had spanked all the head prefects before and after Judy.

Now I must make it clear here that this is something that I do not support nor condone. Even though the discipline master had given Judy a choice, at that age, it was unlikely that she could have made that decision for herself. Spankings should always be consensual between consenting adults. Doing something like the discipline master above, is akin to exploitation in my personal opinion.


Anonymous said...
November 11, 2008 at 1:35 AM  

That's pretty cool

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