Reader's Submission: Singaporean businessmen spanks his mistress of 16 years

Friday, November 7, 2008 ·

Now how many Singaporean guys have mistresses, quite a handful right? (Or maybe its because this is the second story I received from someone who is a mistress.) But how many spank them? Quite a handful as well it appears. You may be confused at the part where she talked about getting spanked with a belt for the first time. I got confused at that part too. But read it over and you would understand. Singapore mistresses do get spanked I suppose. Thanks dear reader for your submission.

I am a 34 year old mistress of a rather wealthy businessman. I have been his mistress ever since I was 18 years old. He was actually my boss in my first and only job. I was fresh out of school then and had applied to be a secretary at his company. He seemed rather interested in me from the start and I think it is because of that he hired me then. He was quite touchy all along but he always gave me a lot of expensive gifts and somehow I beared with it. Bit by bit, we got more intimate. Less than 6 months into the job, I had already begun sleeping with him. In a way, I also became attracted to him. But I knew that I would always be the other woman as he made it clear that he would not leave his wife. It became unbearable working in the office because rumours were spreading and I got quite a lot of stares. I knew that people were talking behind my back. Therefore, I tendered my resignation and told him of my reasons. He wanted to still see me, I also want to keep seeing him. So after a while he somehow gave me the keys to this penthouse which I moved into. It was not like I formally became his mistress, but naturally it became like that.

Now you must be thinking why I am sending this story to your website, it is because he spanks me. Well he didn't spank me for the start. It happened sometime after I turned twenty. It was a period that he was busy and did not have much time for me. Though he gave me money and gifts, I was also bored and upset that he could not find the time for me. So since I was so free, I spent a lot of time clubbing with my girl friends. Through clubbing I met a lot of other friends and guys. Some of them I did have a bit of crush on them, and they too like me. But they were all still either students or serving national service. I knew that if I left him and went with them, I would not be able to have such luxury anymore. Most of my girl friends knew that I was a mistress, but they kept it a secret for me and the guys we met at the clubs never knew. One of these guys got really interested in me and just to spite him for not spending time with me, I flirted with this guy. Then one time after drinks, I was a bit tipsy and was only left with this guy. My girlfriends had all left. Somehow we started kissing and I brought him back to the penthouse. We ended up having sex there. I think he was quite surprised that I stayed in such a nice place. Problem is, the next morning, he suddenly came to the penthouse while the guy and me were still in bed. He walk into the bedroom and I got the shock of my life. He raised his voice angrily and chased the guy out of the house. I dunno what happened to him after that, I think he thought that it was my father that was shouting at him. Anyway, his driver came up with him and made sure that that guy left the penthouse. He then closed and locked the bedroom door and raised his voice angrily at me. He was angry and threatened to throw me out of the penthouse and leave me. It wasn't what I wanted but at the same time I was upset because I had only done it to spite him and did not intend to sleep with that guy. So i used the great tactic that all girls use, I cried. I said that I was sorry but because he did not spend time with me so I went out with my friends and had flirted with the guy to spite him. I think when he saw me cry he also became not so angry. So he sat down on the bed and talked nicer to me after that. He said that he would let this incident go but he never wanted it to happen again. I promised him but I also asked if he could at least come and spend time with me twice a week. This he agreed. Then as I hug him thinking that everything was alright, he said that I had been a bad girl and had to be punished for being unfaithful to him. I did not know what he meant at that time so I nodded and said that I would not go out anymore with my friends. But he shook his head and said that he meant that I had to be punished now. Then he asked me to lie face down on the bed. I was still naked at that time and so I lie down face down thinking that he meant he was going to have sex with me in the doggy position. I really thought so as I heard him taking out his belt. But then next thing I heard was this large slap and I could feel pain on my backside. I got a shock and turned to look at him but he push me back and asked me to not move. He then continued to hit my backside with the belt many many times until I was crying and screaming. Once he stopped, he had sex with me while I was still lying in that position, although I did cum, I could feel the pain on my backside everytime he pushed in to me and his body slammed into me backside. I was crying but at the same time also cumming. After he finished, he made me sit on his lap and I was still sobbing. He then asked me if I learnt my lesson. I nodded and said that I would not be unfaithful to him anymore.

The next week when he came to the penthouse, he said that he like hitting my backside. He said that it also made me less of a bad girl and a better mistress. I did not really like it, but I wanted to make him happy and so I said that if that was what he wanted I would be ok with it. He then put me over his lap and then he began to spank my backside until it was all red. Again I was crying but after that we had sex and he said that I was a much better girl.

Soon he said that since I was bored at home and had nothing to do, I should learn to take care of the penthouse and also learn how to cook. So he stopped the maid that came over to clean the place and I had to clean the place. It was an excuse so that he would be able to punish me. He would come over and pretend to inspect the house. And then he would try to find fault with somethings in the penthouse and then he would spank me. It was very painful but somehow when he started to punish me he would come and see me more often a lot of times every other day.

Then he bought me this apron and told me that I was only allowed to wear the apron and nothing else when he came over. His driver would call me in the afternoons that he was coming over and tell me to prepare dinner or just to tell me that he would be coming over. I would then prepare dinner for him and wear only the apron before he came. He was very serious about the apron. There was one time that I was busy preparing dinner and did not wear the apron when he arrived. He gave me a black face and immediately ask me to get out of my clothes and wear the apron. Once I wore the apron he made me stand with my hands on my head and he used his belt to hit my backside many times.

At the start when he came for dinner, my cooking skills were not good at all. And then he would use the excuse to hit my backside with this wooden spoon from the kitchen. Everytime he would sit at the table and try the food while I stood next to him. The wooden spoon would be on the table already. After he tasted the dishes that I cooked, he would then say what he did not like about it. Then he would make me go over his lap and he would hit my backside with the spoon until I would be crying. Only then we would sit down to eat dinner.

He would bring me on holidays sometimes and when we were overseas he seemed to be more open about punishing me. When we were walking down the streets he would as and when give my backside some hard spanks with his hand. There was this time that we were at a beach resort and he spanked me very hard until my backside was very red. Then he made me wear a bikini with a thong and go to the pool with him. It was so embarassing. He did not let me wrap a towel around my waist and so from our room until the pool as we walk, everyone could see my red backside. There were a lot of ang mohs at the resort and I could see them giggling and smiling when I walked past. But I know that he always liked me to listen to whatever he says, so I did whatever he asked me too.

Because of age, when I was about 28 or 29, I noticed that I was gaining a bit of weight. I never exercised all along, so maybe because as we grow older naturally will put on weight if never take care. He also noticed it and he said that I was becoming lazy and not taking care of myself. He said that to give me motivation, he would punish me. Maybe it was an excuse, but also I think he wanted me to look good for him. So he would ask me to go to the gym below the penthouse. He would check with the guard at the gym to see if I went. If i did not go then he would punish me by either spanking me or using the belt. Then he bought some aerobics dvds for me. Everytime he came over he would make me do the aerobics in front of him. He would make me do them naked and every now and then he would spank my backside very hard as I was doing the exercises.

Luckily my genes also quite good, so it did not take long before I was back to my original size and shape.

Nowadays it is quite routine when he comes. He is semi-retired and he spends more time with me. When he comes, first thing he will put me over his lap and spank me for at least a few minutes. Then we will do our thing like have sex, i massage him or whatever. Normally he will find some reason to spank me a few more times. Normally he will also spank me before he leaves.

Recently he has used more toys to hit my backside. He will use the cane and sometimes even a small black stick that the jockey uses in races. Sometimes just for fun he makes me crawl round the house while he uses the black stick to hit my backside with it.

I am sending this to you because recently I began to search the internet about spanking and realised that I am not the only one that gets spanked. In fact quite a lot of people also do.


Kerubin said...
November 7, 2008 at 11:53 AM  

The businessman's fetish for spanking is supposedly common, but the problem is he likes to humiliate the victim like the incident at the pool. Why stay with such an asshole...

Spank-A-Lot said...
November 12, 2008 at 2:26 PM  

Your guess is as good as mine. Though in line with "unconditional positive regard", everyone has a reason for their actions regardless of how ridiculous it may be. As said before by many, one man's food is another man's poison. :)

Spanking OTK said...
November 20, 2008 at 11:52 PM  

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