Reader's Submission: Ah Beng's spanked in the 1980s

Friday, October 17, 2008 ·

*Once again a reader's submission. Judging from the time frame, it appears that Ah Bengs then used to spank*

I came across your blog and it brought back some memories of a time when i was much younger. In my younger day like more than twenty years ago. I had this boyfriend who was an Ah Beng. Yes I guess I can say that I was Ah lian then. Maybe a phase, with my golden hair and rebellious days.

Anyway it was still in school then and he was my first boyfriend. I met him during one tea dance and after a few times of going out, we were steady. He was a few years older than me, and was not studying already. He rode a bike and everyday after my school had ended he would be waiting outside the school. I must say it was a nice feeling back then.

He was sweet and all, but maybe because he was quite a high ranking member of his gang so he bothered a lot about face. So he would always tell me that I had to behave like a proper gf and not embarrass him in front of his “brothers”. Like all the other Ah Lian girlfriends of his “brothers” we were all hua pings. Like children, we were meant to be seen not heard. As he was older than me, and I was quite young and na├»ve then, I listened to him more than my parents. But he was quite good already, I have seen his other Ah Beng brothers slap their Ah Lian girlfriends in public. But he never hit me in public before. In fact he never slapped me. The only thing he did was hit my backside, or spank me.

It was like my parents were quite relaxed with me last time, so most of the weekends I stayed at his place. Or sometime after school I would go to his place. He would only spank me in his house. So no one else would see me get spanked.

The first time he spanked me was after one night at the billiard salon. As usual all the Ah Bengs would be playing billiard and we Ah Lians would be sitting at the chairs looking at them play or chit chat. That day I was bored and so me and a few of the Ah Lians started playing with the billiard balls and cues just for fun. Then maybe we got carried away and then a few of the billiard balls started flying off the table and we even broke one of the cues. It was like the whole salon of people was staring at us. Luckily the manager at the salon was his friend so nothing happened, but he and his Ah Beng friends shouted at us to go back to our seats. One of the Ah Lians even got slapped for shouting a bad word back at her boyfriend. My boyfriend then, just gave me a black face but continued playing his billiard. But I knew he was angry, because he did not talk to me after that even when he rode me to his place he also kept very quiet. Then went we got into his room he scolded me for making him lose face. I got scared and said sorry and began to cry. He then said he must punish me and so he make me lie on the bed and then he spanked me. He was so fierce at that time and so even though it was very pain, i didn't struggle, all I could do was cry. After that, he made me take out all my clothes and lie back on the bed and he spanked me again. But it was more painful this time as it was on my naked bottom. After he spanked me, he make me sit on his lap and he told me that he had punished me because I had not carried myself properly. I told him I was sorry and he hug me and told me that I was forgiven. He told me that he would not hit me in public or slap me. The only place he would hit me was on my backside. He also warned me that he would punish me again if he needed to.

I was young then and I was quite playful so a lot of times I got spanked by him. In fact almost every week he would spank me at least once. After a while it got quite standard, if he was going to spank me, he would tell me as we were going to his place that he was going to punish me. Of course a lot of times I would say sorry and beg him to not spank me. But he would always threaten me with this cane he had in his room. He would say that if I did not take the punishment automatically, he would use the cane on me. Then I would obey him as I was did not want him to use the cane to beat my backside. So once we got into his room, I would take off my clothes and lie on the bed. He would then spank my backside with his hand and sometime with the ruler. Almost all the time I would be crying. But normally after the punishment he would sit me on his lap and he would hug me to make me feel better. And after we would normally have sex.

There was this time he did use the cane. We were quarrelling about something and i kicked his bike. The bike fell down and one of the mirrors broke. The side was also scratched. He was so angry. The moment I saw the bike drop, I regretted and said sorry to him. But I think he was too angry. After he picked up the bike, he made me go up with him to his place. In the lift he told me that he was going to punish me severely. So this time after he spanked me with his hand and the ruler, he said he was going to use the cane as well. I was afraid but he was so angry so I didn't even try and stop him. He cane me at least ten times I think and it was very painful. Worse still, his bike took a week to be repaired. So because it was my fault, he spanked me everyday until his bike was fixed. But luckily, he did not use the cane everyday.

Anyway, we did not last. He got sent to prison a few years later and we have lost contact. Anyway just wanted to share my story.


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