Spanking the Thai sister-in-law, and the wife of course.

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Something my friend Jim told me about his family recently. No need for much introduction I guess, just read on........

Jim was initially reluctant when his Thai wife of five years, Saeng, asked if her sister Sangwan could stay with them when she came to Singapore for her university studies. But knowing that his wife was the only kin his sister-in-law had in Singapore, he agreed.

Although Jim felt a little unhappy with the loss of privacy in his home, it was not too much to bear and for the initial few months, Jim went about his normal routine at home with the exception that he now stopped going around his home shirtless. It wasn't that he was embarrassingly fat or anything, but he just felt uncomfortable being shirtless with guest in his home.

To Jim, it wasn't so much the loss of privacy that irritated him, but it was the way that his sister-in-law treated his home. Back in Thailand, Sangwan was the baby of the family and was terribly pampered. Now in Singapore, she very much acted the same way in Jim's home. Jim worked till the evenings during the weekdays, while Saeng taught Thai at the community centre three times a week, thus this left Sangwan alone at home for most of the weekdays. However being the pampered girl that she was, she never helped her elder sister with the housework and in fact messed up the place. Jim had wanted to scold her a couple of times, but Saeng had pleaded with him not to and reasoned that it was alright as she could handle the housework herself. Many times, Jim had told Saeng that Sangwan was lucky that he was not her husband or he would put her across his knee and give her a good spanking. Sangwan on her part knew that Saeng was spanked at times by Jim and it didn't matter to her as it wasn't her bottom that was being reddened.

Soon after, Jim noticed that money had begun to disappear from his wallet. At first he thought that he had forgotten to withdraw money from the ATM. However when it became more frequent, he realised that it was not his own forgetfulness but rather there was a thief in the house. He suspected Sangwan from the start. In fact he had much reasons to. There were only three of them in the house and Saeng knew what would happen to her bottom if she ever took his money without asking him, therefore that left only Sangwan. This in a way was the last straw for Jim, he could tolerate her spoilt and lazy nature or the fact that his own privacy was affected. But to steal from him.......this got Jim really mad. However, as he had no proof, he decided to talk to Saeng. When he told Saeng about his suspicions that Sangwan had been taking money from his wallet, Saeng immediately defence her sister and said that although she was spoilt, she would never resort to stealing. However after a while, Saeng too started to suspect that Sangwan had been the one as she was soon frequently coming home with new clothes. Sangwan did not have a part-time job and the allowance that Saeng gave her would have not been enough to do that much shopping. Saeng talked to Sangwan about the matter but when confronted, Sangwan denied ever taking the money and said that her new clothes were presents from friends. Without any proof, there was nothing much that Jim and Saeng could do. Jim however was still unhappy and vowed to himself that he would expose her stealing. He went to Sim Lim square to check out the security cameras but found that they were to obvious and if he had them installed in his home, Sangwan would notice them instantly which would of course defeat the purpose of installing them in the first place. By installing a security camera, Jim was not looking to have it serve as a deterrent, but rather he wanted to catch Sangwan red-handed. So he did a search on the internet and found one which could be hidden from sight.

To cut a long story short, Jim ordered it and had it installed in the living room facing directly at the ornamental bowl where he kept his wallet, keys and watch whenever he came home. Two days later, Sangwan struck again, at about 2am in the morning, the hidden camera caught Sangwan sneaking to the living room and fishing two fifty dollar bills out of Jim's wallet. Jim showed Saeng the footage and they agreed to confront Sangwan on the issue that very evening.

Jim took half a day off that day in a bid to be at home to confront Sangwan with Saeng the moment she came home from school. He hooked up the footage to the TV and intended to show it to Sangwan if she denied stealing when they confronted her. Saeng on the other hand was extremely apologetic to Jim and in fact terribly upset with her sister. Unknown to Jim, she was planning some drastic measures to settle this with Sangwan.

At about 4pm, Sangwan strolled in through the front door while Jim and Saeng were already sitting in the living room waiting for her. Sangwan seemed to be in a good mood and Saeng noticed that she appeared to be wearing a new outfit, not what she had worn when she had left for school in the morning. Saeng sat her sister down and asked her if the clothes were new, which Sangwan said it was. And once again Sangwan said that the clothes were a gift. Saeng then asked her if she had taken any money from Jim's wallet. As expected, Sangwan denied ever doing so like she had before. But this time, Jim was prepared, and as if on cue, he switched on the TV which began playing the footage of Sangwan taking money from Jim's wallet. Knowing that she had been exposed, she stood there speechless and cast her eyes downward. Angrily Saeng demanded an explanation from Sangwan but she did not give any. Once again Saeng asked for an explanation but Sangwan kept her eyes cast downward and her mouth shut.

Then the most unexpected thing (at least to Jim) happened...............

Saeng reached out for Sangwan's arm and swiftly pulled her over her own knee. Jim sat there surprised but kept quiet to see what was to unfold. Jim said that Sangwan's face was one of shock but apparently she did not struggle. Jim reckoned that it was probably resignation to the fact that struggling would not get her out of it. Though not like an expert, Saeng rained rapid hard spanks on Sangwan's bottom. It probably was because it was the first time that she was in the “other position” during a spanking, therefore although it seemed like Saeng was giving the spanks with all her might, it didn't seem to make much of an impression on Sangwan. Well there was the occasional wince but apart from that, nothing much. After about thirty-odd spanks, Saeng stopped and asked again if her new clothes had been bought with the stolen money. This time Sangwan replied that it was albeit in an irritated tone. Even more incensed this time that Sangwan could still have such an attitude, Saeng made Sangwan remove her skirt and top. When Sangwan refused, Saeng forcefully attempted to remove them and Sangwan eventually complied. She then made Sangwan stand in front of the sofa and made her bend over with her hands on the sofa. Saeng then continued to spank Sangwan's bottom with a flurry of spanks. By now Sangwan's bottom was starting to redden but it did not seem to have much effect on her attitude. As if exasperated by her inability to bring about any difference with her hand, Saeng ordered Sangwan to remain in the position as she disappeared into the master bedroom. When she returned, in her hand was a cane and Jim's belt. Now Jim had been sitting there all this while just quietly and (I believe) pleasantly “enjoying” the scene. But when he saw Saeng return with the cane and the belt, he asked her if she was sure that she would be able to use those implements. To this Saeng replied that she had not used them before but it did not matter, as she had gotten them for him. Jim looked at her silently, not knowing if Saeng was joking or serious. Sangwan on the other hand, got terrified at the thought of receiving a belting and caning from Jim. She had heard her elder's sister's cries before when Jim had punished her, and she immediately stood up and began to protest. Saeng put the implements on the sofa and pushed Sangwan back into position. Looking at Jim, she said “Go on, its your money she stole.”, as Sangwan struggle under Saeng's hold and began to cry. Jim sat still for a moment thinking, and then got up and said, “Very well then.”

He wrapped one end of the belt in his hand and he rested the other end on Sangwan's back as he told her that since it was the first time, he would give her ten with each implement. Sangwan was already struggling and therefore Saeng had to hold her down. The ten strokes of the belt landed with rapid precision as Sangwan cried out with each stroke. At the end, Sangwan's attitude had a total turn around as she began apologising and promising that she would not steal from Jim again. Next up was the cane. Stroke after stroke, Jim landed them one after the other until seven strokes. Then he paused. Sangwan was a wreck by this time and continued apologising repeatedly. Jim told Saeng to tighten her grip on Sangwan as the next few strokes would be the hardest. Sangwan screamed out with each of the last three strokes. Saeng then helped Sangwan up and told her that if she did not change her spoilt attitude in the house, she would be spanked again. Sangwan's attitude by now was already rather subdued as she nodded meekly.

That wasn't the end to it as Jim gave the same spankings and punishment to Saeng later that night for not keeping an eye on Sangwan and for letting such a thing happen.

Sangwan gets spanked still on a regular basis but not by Jim. Saeng does it. Saeng of course still gets a spanking from Jim though.

Spanking Conversations: Office Ladies shopping

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Shopping and women go together like honey and bees. This is especially so in Singapore. A lady can go through the same shopping centre every single day but yet it always appears that there is something new to see in the shops. Most interestingly, there is always something to buy. And so I guess the Singaporean spankers have their hands full with the shopping antics of their spankee other halfs. Well it appears so from the following conversation which I overheard not too long ago as I was browsing through one of the shopping malls, in one of the Singaporean heartlands which will be left un-named, in search of a present with a few friends.

One of my friends was looking for a dress and as I should there seemingly bored I suddenly overheard this conversation taking place to the right of me not too far away.

Lady 1: Ooooh this dress is so nice, tempted leh.

Lady 2: Like, buy lor.

Lady 1: Cannot la, hubby will spank me if I buy another dress.

Lady 2: Aiya won't one la. If like just buy la.

Lady 1: No la cannot, he warn me before liao. Cannot buy anymore dresses.


As if they were the only one in the shopping mall. My goodness, and i thought Singaporeans were always discreet.

Anyway I was standing there hoping to hear out the conversation but alas, by friend saw a top some three aisles away and almost-violently pulled me away. Damn!

Discipline Master in Singapore Secondary School spanks Head Prefect!


I was talking to a bunch of tops and bottoms when the topic of “When did you first get spanked?” came out and one of the bottoms related her story which personally I find pretty upsetting, especially since since it happened to be in a Secondary School with a Discipline Master. It happened many years ago, even before I was in Secondary School, and I truly hope that such things don't happen in Singaporean schools anymore! Ah but I digress.............

Judy was 16 at that time and quite the impressionable young girl. She also was a perfectionist and an overachiever who took pride in the fact that she was the Head Prefect of a certain Secondary School in Singapore which I shall not name nor describe. It was an honour to Judy, the Head Prefect was always chosen from the most outstanding Prefect within the graduating batch of that year. A Head Prefect (well then I guess, the Head Prefect during my time was pretty much spat at by the whole lot of us) was looked up to by everyone in the school and in some ways was the right hand person of the Discipline Master. Of course, to be in such a position, more was expected from the Head Prefect.

And that was where the problem was. The discipline master took it upon himself to make sure that all his prefects towed the line and kept to a stricter standard than all the other students. He reckoned that to be qualified to pick at the mistakes that the other students made, the prefects themselves had to make sure that they were untainted. The prefects, including Judy, of course wanting to remain in their positions as prefects, naturally towed the line.

Well humans are humans and making mistakes are of course a part of life. So the day finally came when Judy broke a couple of school rules. It wasn't anything major (well in my personal opinion), but to the discipline master felt otherwise. And so when he confronted Judy, he was extremely nasty and fierce about it. He called Judy a disappointment and even said he regretted appointing her as the Head Prefect. He then said the word which Judy so dreaded and feared..........he was considering removing her as the Head Prefect and probably even sack her as a prefect altogether. This was devastating news to Judy who begged for another chance. It wasn't so much the loss of the position in itself to Judy, but more of the public embarrassment that would have come with it. Maybe it was the tears that softened the discipline master or maybe it was his sick mind, but he told her that he would think about it and told her to meet him in the prefects' room after school.

Apprehensively hoping for the best, Judy made her way to the prefects' room after class to meet the discipline master. Judy's heart sank when the discipline master initially said that after much thought, he reckoned that he should still sack her. However after a long lecture, he added that he was willing to give her another chance as this was her first mistake but she still had to be punished. Judy's eyes lightened up and before she could hear out the punishment that the discipline master had in mine, she nodded her head frantically and exclaimed that she was willing to take any punishment as long as she was to be given another chance. The discipline master looked at her silently for a minute before he asked her again if she was sure that she would be willing to take any punishment. Once again, Judy responded positively. (When relating this, Judy said that at that time she really was quite desperate to retain her position.)

The discipline master took a chair to the middle of the room and sat down. He told Judy to lock the door and stand in front of him. He then told Judy that he was going to give her one last chance to decide if she really was willing to be punished. He told her that if she was willing, he would spank her, but if she was not, then she could leave but he would remove her as a prefect altogether. (Pretty much blackmail if you ask me.) Judy really did not want to face the public humiliation of being stripped of her prefect appointment and thus chose to be spanked.

It was a painful experience for Judy. She was put over the discipline master's knee and he spanked her mercilessly for a couple of minutes over her skirt. He then lifted her skirt up and resumed spanking her in a hard robot-like fashion. The pain was terrible according to Judy and she struggled and cried as the spanks rained down on her panty-covered bottom. After what seemed like eternity, the discipline master stopped. He then told her that from then on, if he ever caught her breaking any of the school rules, he would spank her again and each time he had to spank her, it would be harder than the previous spanking. Judy nodded and promised that she would not break any school rules again. But alas, her punishment on that day was not done. The discipline master pulled down her panties and this time spanked her bare bottom with a flurry of hard spanks. Judy remembers seeing angry red blotches on her bottom when she went home that day.

Sadly, that was just the first but not the last time that she found herself over her discipline masters knee. After that day, Judy felt as if the discipline master kept looking out to spot any mistakes that she would make. For the rest of the school year, Judy received numerous spankings from the discipline master. Several years later when she had bumped into one of her seniors from that same Secondary School, who coincidentally had been a head prefect before Judy, she learnt that her senior had also suffered the same predicament. It appeared that the Discipline Master had a penchant for spanking and had spanked all the head prefects before and after Judy.

Now I must make it clear here that this is something that I do not support nor condone. Even though the discipline master had given Judy a choice, at that age, it was unlikely that she could have made that decision for herself. Spankings should always be consensual between consenting adults. Doing something like the discipline master above, is akin to exploitation in my personal opinion.

Spanking Conversations: Junior College Kids?

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I am adding a new addition to the blog. It is going to be called “Spanking Conversations”. These are largely conversations that I have overhead while going about my daily life. It is amazing how Singaporeans don't realise that they are speaking too loud, or is it that there is not much that they want to hide nowadays. Ah well........not their loss and definitely my gain.

So bringing you the first “Spanking Conversation” in the series. I was sitting at one of the fast food joints having lunch with a few colleagues and at the next table to us was this table of three school girls. The conversation went......

Schoolgirl 1: So are we going for that BBQ this weekend?

Schoolgirl 2: Yes yes! We must, those guys are gonna be there right?

Schoolgirl 2: (Turning to schoolgirl 3) We are going right?

Schoolgirl 3: Erm.......I can't....Kevin (boyfriend I assume) doesn't want me to go.

Schoolgirl 1: Aiya just don't let him know la. Tell him you staying at my place la. Like the last time like that

Schoolgirl 3: Cannot la, Kev says he will spank me if I go.

Schoolgirl 1&2: Gasps loudly

Schoolgirl 2: Are you serious?

Schoolgirl 1: Say only la, like as if he would do it.

Schoolgirl 3: Trust me he will.

Schoolgirl 1: (Speaking louder) You mean Kev has spanked you before?

(Now schoolgirl 3 was sitting on the same side as me, so I couldn't turn to see if she nodded though I assume so for schoolgirl 2 went.....)

Schoolgirl 2: No way......when? When? How can? He is not you father what? When? When? Ey say leh!

Schoolgirl 3: Aiya remember that time we went clubbing and I told Kev that I was going to watch a movie with you all?

Schoolgirl 1: You mean he was there at the club? Or not how did he know?

Schoolgirl 3: His friend was there la, still can took photo of me somemore.

I left the place soon after that sentence and didn't get to hear the rest. But come on, I think those girls were like only 16! But my colleague reckoned that it was a Junior College uniform. Ah well.

Ritualistic Spankings given everyday

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*In a domestic discipline relationship, many couples develop certain discipline rituals. Apart from the usual maintenance spankings, more often than not, the couples would somehow come up with more creative rituals for discipline. Below is a short real life story of how Johnson developed a unique daily reminder which well, left Julie's bottom sore every day but helped in reducing the number of infractions she had.*

Johnson and Julie are in a domestic discipline relationship. And as many in a domestic discipline relationship, there is the usual practice of a maintenance spanking. Normally, a maintenance spanking is usually given once a week to serve as a deterrent against further infractions that the bottom may commit.

Now in Johnson's opinion, a weekly maintenance was generally not enough. So he developed a plan, something he termed a daily reminder. It was ritualistic in nature. Each morning as John was in the toilet, Julie would prepare breakfast. After she had prepared breakfast, she would then prepare herself for her daily reminder, which was a spanking. And the number of spanks would coincide with the day of the month. Well it was all spanks, I mean there wouldn't be much point in a single handspank would it?

So for the first to the tenth day of the month, Julie would bend over the couch fully nude, and Johnson would give her the cane. The number of strokes would coincide with the day of the month, but since it was relatively little in terms of strokes, they were hard ones. Hard enough to at least draw loud gasps from Julie. The first day of the month would also be the hardest stroke and it progressively got less hard but painful and stingy no less, as each day progressed. Normally, by the eighth to the tenth day, the daily reminders would end with tears in Julie's eyes.

From the eleventh to the twentieth day, Julie would still bend over the couch fully nude, but this time Johnson would use a belt. It stung terribly and the number of strokes with the belt would once again coincide with the day of the month. To Julie the eleventh morning was almost the hardest for here as here bottom would still be marked by the ten strokes of the cane given the day before. And to bend over for another eleven strokes of the belt really stung and brought tears streaming down her face.

From the twenty-first day onwards, Julie would go over Johnson's knee for a handspanking. Fully nude as usually Johnson would alternate the spanks between each butt-cheek. Although it may seem as a reprieve for Julie but Johnson gave a mean handspanking, and anything more then fifteen spanks on the bare bottom would be enough to at least bring the tears out. But the last two days of the month, the handspankings usually left Julie sobbing quietly.

This were however mere daily reminders, and it did not take the place of the maintenance spankings. The maintenance spankings still took place every Monday night and consisted of two segments of handspankings, ten strokes of the belt and six strokes of the cane. Never on a clothed bottom, always on the bare.

On top of that, any infractions, were duly dealt with on the very day it was committed. However, Johnson opines that since he had start this daily reminder routine some six months ago, Julie's infractions have largely decreased.

Reader's Submission: Spanked by a loanshark


*A reader sent this in and please be warned that it involves sex. Not the normal spankings that I am used to, but nevertheless, out of due respect to my readers, I will publish it. Don't think many loansharks would do this though.*

I got spanked by a loan shark once, some years ago. I had chalked up some debts and stupidly borrowed some money from a loan shark. I was initially reluctant to borrow from the loan shark but because he was supposedly the “Godbrother” of a friend of mine, I went ahead and borrowed the money. However my spending habits didn't change and before I knew it I had trouble paying the weekly payments. The loanshark's runners came looking for me a couple of times, but somehow probably because I was a girl, they normally agreed to give me a bit more time to pay them back. However, I guess there patience grew thin or maybe they got a scolding from their boss. So soon enough one of the days, they came knocking and said that if I could not pay I had to go with them to explain to their boss myself. I could not pay and therefore had no choice. I followed them and they brought me to this sleazy hotel in Geylang. I guess the loanshark was also the owner of some cheap hotel. Anyways I managed to beg the boss to give me a bit more time. He agreed to five days, but he warned that if I could not pay in five days I would regret it. The five days came and gone but I was unable to find the cash. So I tried to avoid them. However his runners caught up with me and I was forced to go back with them to see their boss again. This time he threatened to cut my face but I begged him not to and said that I would do anything. He gave me a choice, either I slept with him or he cut my face. I really did not have a choice then, so I agreed to sleep with him. It was not a pleasant experience. Although I was not a virgin already at that time, it was still embarrassing. He also had a thing for rough sex. He made me ride on top of him. And with one hand he would pinch one of my nipples while he would use the other hand to spank my butt. The first time I screamed out loud and tried to hit and push away his hands. He got quite angry and tied my hands behind my back. Then he resumed fucking me. So he would pinch my nipple and hold on to it while he would use his other hand to spank my butt very hard. At the same time he would keep laughing and asking me to “move faster” as he I was a horse. After a while, he would switch side and pinch my other nipple while spanking the other side of my butt with his other hand. His hands were quite big and it was very painful. He could also control himself for very long so i think it lasted for almost 30mins, by the time I was already crying. When he was about to ejaculate, he pushed me onto the bed and squirted all over my face and body. He laughed as he did that. But I tried to escape his sperm shooting on me so I pushed him away and turned to face down on the bed. I think this made him angry as well cause he took his belt and he whipped me on my butt and sometime on my back as well. As I lay on the bed crying, he said that he would take it that I had paid back $500 dollars. He then said that each time I could not pay back the weekly payments, this was what he would do to me. It was humiliating experience. My nipple and butt were sore after that. In fact, when I looked at my butt in the mirror when I got home, it was all red. I didn't want to go through that again but then I just could not raise the cash to pay him back. I tried to hide from them, but they locked my door and even splashed red paint on my windows. I was afraid that my elderly parents would get hurt. They didn't know that I owed the loanshark money as I told them that it must have been a mistake. So after when the loanshark's runners finally caught me and brought me to see the boss, I asked the boss if I could just sleep with him to pay off my debt. It was free sex for him and of course he agreed. So for about 15 times I had to endure the same humiliation of being fucked, spanked and pinched at the same time. However he did not tie my hands up as I promised not to get my hands in the way. It was not easy because it was very painful. And sometimes he would make it even more humiliating by making me put my hands on my head. After that, I have never borrowed from a loanshark again.

Reader's Submission: Ah Beng's spanked in the 1980s

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*Once again a reader's submission. Judging from the time frame, it appears that Ah Bengs then used to spank*

I came across your blog and it brought back some memories of a time when i was much younger. In my younger day like more than twenty years ago. I had this boyfriend who was an Ah Beng. Yes I guess I can say that I was Ah lian then. Maybe a phase, with my golden hair and rebellious days.

Anyway it was still in school then and he was my first boyfriend. I met him during one tea dance and after a few times of going out, we were steady. He was a few years older than me, and was not studying already. He rode a bike and everyday after my school had ended he would be waiting outside the school. I must say it was a nice feeling back then.

He was sweet and all, but maybe because he was quite a high ranking member of his gang so he bothered a lot about face. So he would always tell me that I had to behave like a proper gf and not embarrass him in front of his “brothers”. Like all the other Ah Lian girlfriends of his “brothers” we were all hua pings. Like children, we were meant to be seen not heard. As he was older than me, and I was quite young and na├»ve then, I listened to him more than my parents. But he was quite good already, I have seen his other Ah Beng brothers slap their Ah Lian girlfriends in public. But he never hit me in public before. In fact he never slapped me. The only thing he did was hit my backside, or spank me.

It was like my parents were quite relaxed with me last time, so most of the weekends I stayed at his place. Or sometime after school I would go to his place. He would only spank me in his house. So no one else would see me get spanked.

The first time he spanked me was after one night at the billiard salon. As usual all the Ah Bengs would be playing billiard and we Ah Lians would be sitting at the chairs looking at them play or chit chat. That day I was bored and so me and a few of the Ah Lians started playing with the billiard balls and cues just for fun. Then maybe we got carried away and then a few of the billiard balls started flying off the table and we even broke one of the cues. It was like the whole salon of people was staring at us. Luckily the manager at the salon was his friend so nothing happened, but he and his Ah Beng friends shouted at us to go back to our seats. One of the Ah Lians even got slapped for shouting a bad word back at her boyfriend. My boyfriend then, just gave me a black face but continued playing his billiard. But I knew he was angry, because he did not talk to me after that even when he rode me to his place he also kept very quiet. Then went we got into his room he scolded me for making him lose face. I got scared and said sorry and began to cry. He then said he must punish me and so he make me lie on the bed and then he spanked me. He was so fierce at that time and so even though it was very pain, i didn't struggle, all I could do was cry. After that, he made me take out all my clothes and lie back on the bed and he spanked me again. But it was more painful this time as it was on my naked bottom. After he spanked me, he make me sit on his lap and he told me that he had punished me because I had not carried myself properly. I told him I was sorry and he hug me and told me that I was forgiven. He told me that he would not hit me in public or slap me. The only place he would hit me was on my backside. He also warned me that he would punish me again if he needed to.

I was young then and I was quite playful so a lot of times I got spanked by him. In fact almost every week he would spank me at least once. After a while it got quite standard, if he was going to spank me, he would tell me as we were going to his place that he was going to punish me. Of course a lot of times I would say sorry and beg him to not spank me. But he would always threaten me with this cane he had in his room. He would say that if I did not take the punishment automatically, he would use the cane on me. Then I would obey him as I was did not want him to use the cane to beat my backside. So once we got into his room, I would take off my clothes and lie on the bed. He would then spank my backside with his hand and sometime with the ruler. Almost all the time I would be crying. But normally after the punishment he would sit me on his lap and he would hug me to make me feel better. And after we would normally have sex.

There was this time he did use the cane. We were quarrelling about something and i kicked his bike. The bike fell down and one of the mirrors broke. The side was also scratched. He was so angry. The moment I saw the bike drop, I regretted and said sorry to him. But I think he was too angry. After he picked up the bike, he made me go up with him to his place. In the lift he told me that he was going to punish me severely. So this time after he spanked me with his hand and the ruler, he said he was going to use the cane as well. I was afraid but he was so angry so I didn't even try and stop him. He cane me at least ten times I think and it was very painful. Worse still, his bike took a week to be repaired. So because it was my fault, he spanked me everyday until his bike was fixed. But luckily, he did not use the cane everyday.

Anyway, we did not last. He got sent to prison a few years later and we have lost contact. Anyway just wanted to share my story.

Tracy spank Janet, her delinquent younger sister!

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*This is the first part of how Tracy, a dom, took her sister in hand*

Tracy was a dom for as long as I have known her, which I must say is pretty damn long! She is one of the few female dominants I know that can hold her own ground with her male subs. So when she complained to me over lunch about her jitters over her sister I was surprised.

Oh maybe some background info first. Tracy's young sister, Janet, who was 18 a that time. She had been quite a handful growing up and it culminated in her being sent to the Girl's home for two years for rioting and stealing. Apparently the judge had sent her there as it was not the first time that she had been convicted of it. Tracy's parents had passed on and being the only other living kin, custody and guardianship of Janet would be given to Tracy until Janet turned 21 at least. During the time of my above-mentioned lunch with Tracy, Janet was to be released a week later.

So back to where I left off.........

So surprised at what Tracy was telling me, I probed further which probably opened the flood-gates of unhappiness as Tracy began to go on and on about how Janet was a delinquent through and through, and it was totally impossible to get to her as she was extremely defiant. As she went on, I realised that Janet was the baby of the family, and as naturally as most families do, Janet was treat like a princess. Her parents and Tracy gave in to her every whim and fancy. They spoilt her thru and thru. The only consolation that Tracy could think of was that after about a year in the Girl's Home, Janet had written her a letter saying how sorry she was and how she would change her ways as soon as she got out. Tracy was heartened with the letter but was sceptical as she felt Janet was just saying that because she was inside and it wasn't the first time she said that she would change. I listened to Tracy's ranting for a good 30mins without saying a word.

Then at one of her pauses I blurted out “Why don't you just give her a spanking when she gets home?!”

Tracy kept quiet for a few moments and then her eyes lit up and questioned herself aloud about why she didn't think about it. But then she quickly replied that she felt that Janet wouldn't take a spanking. So I told her well, if Janet would take a spanking then too bad there was nothing Tracy could do. (I don't condone non-consensual spankings.) But I pointed out that depended on how Tracy put it across to Janet, plus........Tracy was her only kin and source of shelter when she came out. So it was worth a shot trying. I had to rush off that day, so I told Tracy to keep me updated or to give me a call if she needed any advice.

Two weeks later (Janet would have been released from the Girl's Home for about a week by then), I met up with Tracy again and she seemed pretty delighted on the phone when she called to meet for lunch. I didn't have to open the flood-gates this time, she just began talking and talking non-stop the moment we met.

And so her story went:

Tracy had gone to pick Janet up the day she was released, and the moment they met, Janet gave Tracy a big hug and cried saying she was back to be out Tracy did not bring up anything about a spanking that day as she reckoned that it would be best to let Janet settle down. However the very next morning when Tracy got up, Janet had already out of the house. Tracy tried calling and calling Janet's hp but to no avail. Tracy had actually taken the whole week off from work to help Janet settle in.

It wasn't until about 2am that Janet staggered home reeking of cigarette smoke and slightly tipsy. Tracy immediately demanded a explanation from Janet. To which Janet merely responded that she had met up with some friends to catch up. When asked if they were the same friends that got her into trouble, Janet said that it was so. Tracy then asked Janet if she remembered her letter about wanting to change, but Janet interrupted that she really wanted to but there didn't seem to be any choice as those were the only friends she knew plus changing was too hard. Knowing that the conversation wouldn't be going anywhere, she told Janet to go to bed first and they would talk about it in the morning.

The next afternoon when Janet woke up (she slept at 3am what would you expect?), Tracy sat Janet down and had a long talk with Janet. First she began by saying how she felt that some of the fault for Janet turning out this ways was their parents and hers as they had spoilt her. Tracy added that however, she was going to make sure things improved. Tracy then told Janet about her plans to help Janet get into the polytechnic (Janet's O level scores were relatively ok) and she hoped that Janet would shape up and clean up her act. Tracy also told her that she would support Janet all the way to the university but on a few conditions. The conditions were that Janet had to stop seeing her delinquent friends, she had to study hard, abide by the rules that Tracy set and when needed, receive a spanking. Janet of course protested to the latter. But Tracy had her mind set and she said that these conditions were her offer, if she didn't want them she was free to move out. However if she wanted to stay and make a real change in her life, she had to agree to those conditions. According to Tracy, Janet was actually pretty hesitant and reluctant, but maybe she really didn't want to go back to her old ways so she agreed to the conditions. Plus I guess the prospect of having to shift out may have helped!

So once Janet had agreed, Tracy told her that she would be receiving her first spanking there and then. Not only as an introductory to how a spanking felt, but also for the day before. Janet did hesitate for abit when Tracy pulled her over her knee, but once Tracy reminded her about the conditions, Janet complied and allowed herself to be led over Tracy's knee. Before Tracy began, Tracy told Janet to prepare herself as it would hurt. But as it was her first spanking, it would not be as hard. She warned however that if Janet ever disappeared without informing her, it would be much worse.

Probably because she had never been spanked before, Janet yelp from the first spank and after a mere ten spanks, Janet had already begun struggling and asking Tracy to stop. To stop Janet's hands from swinging behind, Tracy locked them behind her and continued spanking for another ten odd spanks. Then Tracy pulled Janet's shorts but kept a firm grip on Janet's lock arms so that she would not be able to try to pull them back up. Janet pleaded with Tracy not to spank her bare bottom and said that it was her first time. But Tracy would have none of it as she spanked her bare bottom with another twenty rapid spanks before she stopped. A few tears trickled down Janet's face as Tracy let her up and apparently she didn't seemed as defiant as before (Dunno what Tracy meant by that anyway).

The rest of the day went off relatively spankless until at 3am when Tracy heard the sound of keys. She quickly got out of her room to see Janet coming thru the front door. Turned out that Janet had sneaked out while Tracy was in the shower (at around 11pm and Tracy had tot Janet had gone to sleep) to meet her friends. Janet explained that she had no choice, her friends had kept calling her and she felt bad to refuse. Immediately Tracy pull Janet over her knee but this time, there was no warm up, it was on the bare straight away. A good thirty spanks were delivered which left Janet squirming and tearing. But it wasn't the she got Janet up and marched her to her room. She made Janet lie face down on the bed and gave her ten licks of the belt. Tracy confiscated Janet's phone and said that she would get a new number for her the next day........a number she was not allowed to give to her delinquent friends.

*Well that was all that Tracy told me during that lunch meeting. There is more, so stay tuned!*

28 years old and still receiving a spanking at home

Monday, October 13, 2008 · 8 comments

*Story told to me by a lady I met recently.*

Marilyn, 28 years, still lives with her mother. Her father passed on many years ago and her two younger siblings have moved out after getting married. Marilyn herself, although fairly attractive, has given up on love since a bad break up a few years ago. Even though earning enough to rent her own place, Marilyn has chosen to live with her mother largely because she is in her own comfort zone. She gets home cooked food every night she is home and plays the filial daughter. The only “discomfort” she has to bear with is that she still gets spanked and caned. At 52 years, Marilyn’s mother can still give a mean spanking when it is needed. As a matter of fact, she was always the disciplinarian at home when Marilyn and her two siblings were growing up.

But 28 and still getting your bottom spanked by your mother seems pretty far out right?

Well it wasn’t always that way. The spankings actually stopped when they were about 14. Although there were the warnings of a spanking every now and then after that, but they never realised for Marilyn and her siblings towed the line the moment their mother warned them.

However after shortly after Marilyn’s bad break up with her last boyfriend when she was 24, the spankings somehow resumed.

Let me explain…….

After her bad break up, Marilyn began to embrace the freedom of singlehood. She began partying again with her girl friends and many a time came back drunk. She would vomit all over the place and was rather loud when drunk. As her siblings had moved out by then, Marilyn’s poor mother had to contend with Marilyn’s drunken stupor alone. To make things worse, Marilyn was beginning to show an unappreciative attitude towards her mother’s concern. She would not bother calling home when she would not be back for dinner, and she would leave the house in a mess.

After many months of putting up with Marilyn’s nonsense, her mother decided enough was enough. As she stepped into the house after one of her usual drinking sessions in her usual drunken stupor and retching all over the floor, her mother gave her a stinging smack one her bottom and went on about how she had had enough of her nonsense. It was a one smack but stingy enough to knock some soberness into Marilyn as she jerked upright in shock.

“Go wash up and sleep, we will talk about this in the morning!” her mother said as she pushed her into the bathroom.

It was only a one smack and Marilyn was too drunk to remember thus when she woke up the next day around noon, she didn’t quite remember what had happened when she had returned home the night before.

But as she got out of the kitchen with her glass of water seeing her mum sitting at the dining table with the infamous hairbrush on the table, she began to faintly remember the smack the night before. Despite that, she brushed it off as a mere coincidence and laughed too herself at how crazy she must have been to think that her mother would still spank her. Thus she sat herself down at the dining table to have her dinner.

Just as she reached for the plates, her mother held her hand and said that there was something she needed to talk to her about before lunch was served. Still not realising what her mother was implying, she retracted her hand from the plates and turned to her mother as if giving a silent cue that she was listening.

Her mother started with how she was terribly upset about Marilyn’s attitude towards her lately and how it was ridiculous that she was coming home drunk almost every Friday and Saturday night. She went on for about 15 minutes. And just as Marilyn was about to shut her off for nagging she heard her mother say, “Girl, mummy loves you too much to see you becoming such a person. Therefore, I think I need to get you back on track like how I used too when you were young.”

Marilyn’s eyes widened as she laughed but she soon stoped as she found herself being dragged by one arm across her mother’s knee. She struggled to push herself up but her mother pushed her back down and sternly told her to stop struggling. The first few spanks brought back some memories younger days when she got spanked, but she soon noticed that her mother was spanking much harder now.

As she grimaced and fidgeted, she felt her mother tuck her fingers into the waistband of her shorts and panties, and she quickly put her hand back to resist and protested to her mother not to pull them down and that she was too old for this.

To this her mother gave her hand a stingy smack as she told Marilyn that she was always her daughter and she was never too old.

After some twenty stinging spanks on her bare bottom, her mother took the infamous hairbrush, that she had spanked them with when they were growing up, and gave her a flurry of rapid spanks. This left Marilyn jerking and crying.

Marilyn was told to stand up and pull her shorts & panties up. Her mother got up too and gave her a loving hug. Feeling ashamed of herself, she apologised to her mother in between her tears. To which her mother lovingly said she knew that Marilyn did not mean to be mean but merely step out of track and need to be guided back. She however added that every action had a consequence and it was good that she had faced the music like she should. As she patted Marilyn’s bottom, while still hugging her, she reminded Marilyn that she was always her mother and would always be there to give her a punishment if she needed.

That was the turning point as from that day on, the spankings resumed.

Marilyn did return home drunk the following week again and that time her mother gave her 24 strokes of the cane as well. Her mother reckoned that the number of strokes should coincide with her age. Yes, she does get 28 strokes now if she comes back drunk. Though it almost rarely happens.

Marilyn gets a spanking when she does not call home when she is not coming home for dinner. At the same time, her mother also spanks her for leaving her room in a mess. However she doesn’t get spanked that often nowadays. At average it is maybe only once or twice a month at most. But each time, her mother makes sure she really feels it. In fact, she feels it for a few days after when she sits at work.

When asked why she still submits to such punishments from her mother, Marilyn feels that in someway she agrees that her mother will always be her mother. And somehow inside her, she kinda feels that she deserves it as well.

*Oh well to each his/her own I guess. Though don't think that many 28 year olds are still spanked at home.

A dungeon of spankings somewhere in Singapore?

Friday, October 10, 2008 · 0 comments

The computer has been down for a while plus the fact that I have a job does not help the situation either.....ah but I digress. Today is a short one as I take a break from the mundane corporate drain of life...............

What comes to your mind when I say dungeon? Where is the place first you'd expect to find it? Somewhere in the basement right? Well Mr Lim apparently felt otherwise and placed his in the attic of his house. Somewhat funny in my opinion. But when I went to take a look at it, I must say..........above ground or underground........a dungeon is a dungeon. He had it sound-proofed so that no one outside could hear of what was happening inside. At one end of the dungeon there are rings on the floor while at the other end there are two racks from which a person could be secured to in a multitude of positions. At another corner, three fairly wide shelves hold an assortment of whips, canes, paddles, leashes, restraints etc. You name it, he has it inside.

Well to put it simply, it is more of a “training room” for you see Mr Lim is a dom and his wife of six years is his sub. While they had dabbled in some bdsm before they had gotten married, they embarked on a dom/sub relationship only after they had gotten married. And it was because of this that Mr Lim had gotten a dungeon installed. He was considering the basement, for some reasons (which I cannot recall) he put it up in the attic instead.

As a dom/sub married couple, they engage in 24/7 power play which goes beyond mere punishments and spankings. The punishments alone are more intense and don't always center around Mrs Lim's backside alone. The nipple clamps, the anal plugs, the thin skewers and whips are all used frequently.

When in the house, Mrs Lim always wears a collar and two wrist bands which can either be secured together or to the racks or rings on the floor. The wrist bands are made of a mix of leather and metal, to be honest, it looked like any ordinary accessory so there were times she wore them out.

I shall not mention which part of Singapore they stay for I shall let you wonder. For all those who live in landed properties in never know it could be your neighbour.

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