These shoes are made for spankings……..and that’s just what they’ll do!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008 ·

Don’t we all have problems with the ladies’ impulse shopping? Well my man, Fahdly appears to have the solution for that…………

Fahdly had a major problem, his wife, Natasha, had a weakness for shoes. She could not walk through a shopping mall without getting at least one pair. Excuses of “It was on offer!” or “It was the last pair!” were the normal excuses. In fact all the excuses that women make for impulse buys………..Fahdly has heard them all. Fahdly’s problem with Natasha’s shoe sprees (as he calls it) wasn’t about money, his business was doing well and he could well afford it, but rather it was about practicality. Natasha’s existing collection of shoes numbered well into the hundreds but she only wore the same few pairs most of time. In fact, at least half of the shoes were never worn before and the price tags were still on them! Fahdly had recently installed a new shoe cupboard for Natasha and it was already full. This was certainly getting out of hand. So he sat Natasha down and gave her a talking to. After a lengthy discussion, peppered with the occasional whine from Natasha, the both of them agreed that there would be no more purchases of shoes. Natasha could only purchase a new pair if they had discussed it and both agreed. Bottomline……..there would be no more impulse buys. Fahdly emphasized that he was serious about this agreement and she would not want to test him on this. He did not mention anything about a spanking, and Natasha probably thought that breaking the agreement would lead to a cut in her credit card and household allowances.

Well things were pretty good for a couple of months. Natasha seemed to have lost the urge for shoes. Fahdly had his suspicions initially but felt he would give his wife the trust.

As the saying goes………once a shopper, always a shopper………..things were not what it seemed. Fahdly was preparing to go to the office one morning when he dropped his pen which rolled under bed. As he reached in to try and retrieve it…………….he saw three rows of shoe boxes (ten boxes per row) neatly lined up below the bed. Puzzled he pulled out one of the boxes and opened it. Inside was a spanking new pair of shoes with the metal heel still glistening and polished. A receipt was inside and showed that the purchase was just made the day before. It turned out, Natasha had no curbed her impulses, but rather hid them from Fahdly. She paid cash to prevent the purchase from showing on the credit card statements. Natasha had already gone out and would not be back till late afternoon. As it was not a very busy day in the office, Fahdly decided to stay at home at wait for Natasha’s return. She was gonna learn what Fahdly meant when he warned her not to test him………………

Natasha returned home later that day and was greeted with all thirty pairs of shoes lined up neatly on the coffee table. Fahdly was sitting on the couch with his arms crossed. His stern eyes burned into her as she kept very quiet. Knowing that no excuses was gonna get her out of this, she sat next to him and waited. In her the paper bag she was holding was another pair of shoes, newly bought, and she had intended to hide them before Fahdly had returned from work.

“Put that new pair of shoes with the rest on the table!” Fahdly ordered with a hint of anger. A hint which prompted Natasha to immediately do as he said.

“I think we talked enough about this, and I see no need for you to bother to explain. We are gonna settle this right now. Sit here and wait for me!” And with that said, Fahdly got up and disappeared into his study room.

He reappeared second later welding a long rattan cane in his hand. Natasha’s eyes widened and began to plead. But it was not to be a day of mercy……………

Natasha was pulled over his knee and given a quick but stinging 20 hand-spanks. She was then instructed to get up and remove her clothing, leaving her bra and panties on. She got another 20 hand-spanks on her panties and 20 more on her bare bottom.

Next, with her panties off, Natasha had to spread her legs and touch her toes. Ten stinging strokes were given with the cane. Now Fahdly was an expert with the cane with each stroke landing just below each other, leaving Natasha’s bottom looking very much like a zebra crossing.

Natasha was then made to remove her bra and kneel at the coffee table with her hands on her head for half and hour.

That was punishment for lying to Fahdly and not for the shoes.

There were 31 pairs in all and Fahdly decided to spank her with the shoes, one pair a day.

So every night for the following 31 days…….........

Natasha would strip of her clothes, wear the pair of shoes that she was to be punished in and get over Fahdly’s knee for a 1 minute warm up hand spanking.

Next she would stand at the foot of the dining table with both hands stretched out as Fahdly would give each hand ten smacks with the shoes (left shoe smacked the left hand and vice versa).

Natasha would then bend over the dining table and ten smacks were given to the back of each of Natasha’s thighs.

Natasha would then put the shoes back on for 15 minutes of corner time.

After corner time Natasha would once again remove the shoes and this time get on her hands and knees on the dining table.

Fahdly would then proceed to smack each side of her backside 20 times.

To add a twist to the punishment, Fahdly would place the shoe box on Natasha’s back before commencing the smacking. If the box dropped, Natasha would get five strokes with the cane.

Once that was done, Natasha was made to remain in the position as Fahdly would place the pair of shoes on her back. He would then take a Polaroid photo which he pasted in the wall of their wardrobe. It was to serve as a reminder to Natasha of what was to be expected if she ever went on a shoe spree again.

I guess it has worked to some extent as Fahdly reckons that it has been a year since Natasha bought any shoe again.


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