A Spanking for Remembrance

Monday, June 2, 2008 ·

In Singapore, we have a conscript military and all of us “boys” have to serve at least two years in the military. Most of the time, Mondays to Fridays are spent in camp while we only got to stay out on the weekends. Now if you are in a spanking relationship, this makes it difficult to maintain the relationship. In fact, maintaining a normal relationship is already extremely complicated.

However, an army buddy of mine (Joe) kept up the punishments with his girlfriend for the whole two years. This is how he did it.

Initially, he gave his girlfriend a blistering 5-minute spanking and a 30-stroke spanking every Sunday before he went back to camp. This, so he says, was severe enough to allow his girlfriend to “feel” the punishments until they met again the following Saturday.

This went on for a while till he decided to give her a log book to note down her infractions. She was studying in the university at that time and was having some difficulty coping with her studies. It was not because she was mentally challenged, but rather because she was having too much fun with her friends. She would go shopping everyday, hang out at the KTVs, and did not bother doing her tutorials. In fact she even skipped school on numerous occasions because she stayed out till the wee hours of the morning and could not wake up.

Therefore, he drew up a list of rules. She was to paste her University time-table in the log book and note down daily the events and tutorials or assignments she had to do. She was also to note down of her daily happenings and was to be back for dinner each day. Then each Saturday, Joe would go through the log book and punish her accordingly. The first month of implementation was a disaster. She accumulated so many infractions that Joe could not dish out a severe enough punishment. While her butt was given a good thrashing each weekend, it didn’t seem to cut down on her punishments. Upon talking to her about it, it seemed she had gone thought it out and felt that not keeping to the rules seemed worth it at that point in time as she would only get punished once a week no matter what she did.

Smart lady, too smart for her own good! Well Joe wasn’t to be defeated. The creative chum bought a web camera for her. To simplify things he set four broad rules. To make it to school on time everyday, to be back by six pm, to do all her assignments on time and to not dress like a slut. Each rule broken would result in her having to spank herself with a hairbrush ten times. Each spanking was to be recorded on the web camera. Each week he would review the punishments and give her a maintenance punishment as a final reminder for the week. If the punishments she gave herself were to light, he would add additional strokes to the weekend punishment.

Things went rather smoothly for a few weeks until Joe realised that his girlfriend had only one or two infractions each week. Had his girlfriend shaped up or was she lying to him? He got his chance to find out when he was given two days off during the week and went to her place unannounced. He had reached at about 5pm (she stays alone mostly as her parents are abroad most of the time) and let himself in. He went to her room and saw a couple of returned test papers……….apparently she had failed them. He thumbed through a stack of letter and saw three warning letters for her failure to attend classes. To make things worse, he ended up waiting for her until ten pm reeking of alcohol. Her face was visibly shocked when she walked into the living room and saw he sitting on the couch. As if knowing of what was to come, she began to cry. Apologising profusely, she said she did not know what came over her but did not see to be able to control herself.

Joe knew that he had to devise another plan lest his girlfriend got kicked out of the Uni at the current rate. But he had to first address the current infractions. It was a severe two days, Joe reckons that he must have given her almost 100 strokes of the cane and even more with the belt and his hand. He jokes that during those two days, she spent most of the day naked and on all fours with tears streaming down her face. But she shaped up after that. Joe also installed the webcam to a permanent record mode so that she would never be able to lie about her whereabouts. Things improved and apparently she graduated two years later.

Hope this gives you some ideas for those who travel often.


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