Neighbourhood Spanking Sighted/Heard

Monday, June 9, 2008 ·

I was on the way to a friend’s place for a round of mahjong the other night when I chanced upon a scene a never expected. As I got out of the lift and was walking along the corridor, I heard a series of clap-like sounds up ahead coming from one of the houses plus the cries of a lady. This continued for abit before it stopped. I had to walk past the whole corridor as my friend’s place was at the end. As I passed each flat (there were five before my friend’s flat), I casually turned my head to glance through the doors if they were open. As I passed the fifth flat, just before my friend’s flat, I took a glance in and guess what I saw! I saw a lady kneeling and facing the wall in the living room. Her hands were pressed against the wall and her barebottomed backside was jutting out as if awaiting a smack. Her barebottomed backside was facing the open door and it was red! I froze in my tracks and stood at the door to take a second look. It was the lady of the house (have seen her during my previous visits to my friend’s place and think she is thirty-ish), and just at that moment I saw her husband appear from the side (he did not see me and probably did not realize that the door was opened) with a belt in his hand. He proceeded to give five stinging strokes in quick succession. I could hear her sniffling but she did not cry out.

It was just at that moment, my friend came out of his flat for a smoke a greeted me with a very loud hello. I stepped to the side quickly and do not think anyone in the house saw me. However they must have heard my friend’s greeting for I heard the door shut soon after.

So much for snooping around………………………


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