Spanking the foreign bride

Wednesday, June 11, 2008 ·

I have known Ah Huat for like the longest time and as far as I know he has never been a spanko. Although vanilla it seems he has been “converted” ever since marrying his wife. His wife, Lichen, is from China. While marrying a foreign bride is quite popular in Singapore, his is a different case. Lichen is his cousin, the daughter of his mother’s third cousin if I am not wrong. Now in this day and age, arranged marriages are kind of old-fashioned but that was what it was. Apparently they were both born on the same day, albeit one in Singapore and the other in China, and due to some fortune telling it led to both parents arranging the marriage when they were merely infants. Why did Ah Huat still go along with the marriage? Well, he is fillal I guess. It was his mother’s wish and he kept to it. Not that he is very unhappy now………she looks not to bad either. Not a supermodel but slightly above the average I would say.

Moving along……………

It all began on his wedding night. During the Chinese tea-ceremony, his father-in-law gave him a wrapped box and said “Use this to take your wife in hand.” Now he didn’t pay much attention to those words and he didn’t know, at that time, what was inside the box. He probably thought it was some heirloom in the box and the words of advice were more of a formality.

However when he reached home and unwrapped the present, he was rather amused that it was a cane with a beautifully craved handle. He found it rather funny and showed it to Lichen didn’t look surprised, she probably already knew about it, and merely said that it was for when she was naughty. Still thinking that it was some weird joke from China, he went on with helping Lichen unpack.

Lichen was the typical country-side China girl who believed that a wife’s purpose was to serve her husband (would you argue with that if you were Ah Huat?). So she filled the bathtub and led Ah Huat to the bathroom saying that she would help him bathe. (Help him bathe?!!!!) Of course Ah Huat readily agreed and hastily stripped down and got into the bathtub. He must have felt like a King as she scrubbed him with a sponge. He invited her in, which she agreed (though I think the word should be obeyed) and began to remove her clothing. As she turned to put her clothes on the rack, Ah Huat caught a glimpse of her backside and saw faint reddish welts covering her backside. It was faint meaning she must have been caned sometime back but it was still visible. Curious he asked her about it and she nonchalantly said that her father had caned her the day before they came to Singapore as she had come back in the wee hours of the morning.

Caned her? They were both 29 years old and a caning at that age seemed strange to Ah Huat. He began to realize that his father in law was serious about what he said when he passed him the cane.

As they were preparing for bed, Ah Huat stepped out to the kitchen for a glass of water, and returned to find Lichen on the bed naked and on her hands and knees. The cane was laying next to her. Shocked and curious, but admiring her body, Ah Huat asked what she was doing. And she replied that her mother had told her that as a first sign of submissiveness to her husband, she would be caned on the first night. This would prevent her from straying or being lazy in serving her husband. Lichen’s mother was also caned on her wedding night.

Not sure what to think, Ah Huat refused initially, but relented after much persuasion. It wasn’t really a caning but rather medium taps to her backside.

Well Ah Huat’s initial reluctance then has now changed. Not only does he have no problem using the cane, he also uses other implements as well.

As Lichen spent the days at home while Ah Huat was working, she began to get lazy and never bothered with the household chores much. Therefore Ah Huat has drawn up a list of what chores have to been done daily, weekly and monthly. Each night he would address any chores forgotten and Lichen would be punished. At times it would be a minor spanking, and when it was a repeated mistake like forgetting to off iron his shirt the night before, it would be more severe.

Recently, Lichen has started English classes. Ah Huat engaged an English tutor to come to their place three times a week in the day. She did not really like it as she had difficulty with the language. Therefore to give extra motivation, Ah Huat has changed the schedules for punishments slightly.

The daily punishments for the chores remain. But each morning (Monday to Friday only, Saturday was a rest day where he would bring Lichen out) before he leaves for work, he gives her a list of ten words to learn. After dinner, he would give her a spelling test. Each word she gets wrong, she get five smacks on her backside with a wooden ruler.

Every Sunday has also become sort of a revision/punishment day.

After breakfast:

Lichen would be made to strip and given a 2-minute handspanking as a warmup.

He would give her a spelling test of all the words that she was tested over the past week. That would be 50 words. Each mistake would result in five strokes of the wooden ruler.

She would then have to write each wrong word fifty times and neatly. Lichen’s handwriting was not very good and each badly written word would result in one stroke of the belt. One may seem quite little, but on average Lichen will get about 20 to 30 strokes.

She would then get one hour of corner time where she would kneel at the corner with her hands behind her back.

Following that Lichen would go about her chores and prepare lunch.

After lunch, Ah Huat would review the class tests and assignments done by Lichen. As it was a personal tutor, Ah Huat requested that she give a mini test for Lichen to do at the end of every tutoring session. Each of the mini test was only worth about 20 marks and very simple. It however was a good gauge to see if Lichen was paying attention during the tuition or she was day-dreaming. The punishments during the review would normally be two segments.

1st segment: Lichen would have to bend over the edge of the couch while Ah Huat looked through the past weeks tests and assignments. As it was a simple test and full marks was possible if she had paid attention. Lichen would be given two strokes of the belt on her backside for each question that she got wrong. If she failed the test, she would get two strokes per question answered wrongly and a further ten for failing the test. If she got them all wrong (it has happened a few times), she would get three strokes this time for each question answered wrongly and twenty more strokes for getting them all wrong. She would then go back to the corner for 15 minutes.

2nd segment: The tutor would normally go through the questions that Lichen got wrong after the test. Therefore Ah Huat would compile all the questions that she got wrong and make her do it again. As this would be the second time that she would be doing those questions, the punishment was more severe for questions answer wrongly. Lichen would be made to sit at the dining table to do the “re-test”, after she was done, she would go up onto the table on her hands and knees. Ah Huat would then check the paper. For each question answered wrongly, he would put two pegs (one on each side) on her breast, starting with the nipple. Lichen would normally wriggle from the pain of the pegs. Therefore he placed a wooden rule on her back. Each time the ruler dropped because she wriggled, she would get five smacks across her thighs with the dropped ruler. After all the pegs had been put on her breast, by this time Lichen would normally be tearing and trying her best to keep still, Ah Huat would then give her four smacks with a spatula for each peg.

She would then be made to stay in that position for half and hour before she was allowed to get off the table and remove the pegs.

Lichen was then made to lie face down on the couch to compose herself and rest for a bit.

After dinner, Ah Huat would look at a weekly progress chart which he had gotten the tutor to do. If she was attentive and diligent in her assignments for the week, there would be no more punishments. However if the tutor made any remarks about her conduct, such as falling asleep during the tuition or not doing her homework or not paying attention, then there would be a final punishment. Lichen would have to get on her hands and knees on the floor in front of the couch. Ah Huat would sit on the couch and rest his feet on her back as if like a foot rest. This would last for about one hour. During this period, she was to keep perfectly still. Any jerking or movement would result in a series of smacks from a crop.
Following that, the weeks transgressions were forgiven and the next week would begin. It appears being filial and marrying the girl your mother wants may have its benefits after all……………………


sixofthebest said...
May 3, 2009 at 9:07 PM  

I have always believed that a happy marriage starts on the wedding night, when the groom bends the bride over the bed, raises her gown, takes down her knickers, and canes her bare bottom. 25 strokes will teach her who is head of this newly formed household.

Anonymous said...
September 21, 2012 at 2:00 PM  

What a sick story. I find it neither entertaining nor tasteful.

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