Spanking a Bitch in Singapore Part 2

Tuesday, June 3, 2008 ·

As promised, the following is about how Jane found out that her close long-time friend, Yours Truly, was a spanko like Spuds. (If you have not read Part 1 check it out here.)

Spuds asked if Jane, being my long time close friend, knew about my spanko-ness. Well obviously not as the topic just did not come up throughout our many years of friendship. It wasn’t like I purposely kept it a secret but there was no occasion that any of our conversations would have led to the topic.

Meanwhile, since Jane knew that Spuds was my personal friend, there were frequent meet-ups with Jane and Spuds together. Sometimes with a bunch of other friends, sometimes just with the two of them. It was like any normal friendship out there and Spuds and myself also met for drinks frequently.

Then one night over drinks Spuds asked me if I had any serious objections with letting Jane in one my spanko-ness. While it puzzled me for the sudden question, it soon became clear. Spuds and Jane kept the discipline discreet and not many knew about it. Spuds and Jane had many vanilla friends and Jane had begun to show her bitchiness whenever they were amongst friends as she knew (or thought) that Spuds would never punish her in front of them. In fact she did sass Spuds a few times when I was around. Oh she did get it once they were gone, but never in front of them. So Spuds thought that it would be a good lesson for her to be punished in front of an audience. Of course, who was I to say no. So Spuds said to drop by the coming weekend for dinner and just “be yourself”.

With anticipation I went over and everything appeared to be seemingly fine, so much so that I thought she was rather behaved and wouldn’t get any punishment. Nevertheless the food was good and I pushed the thought away. But I guess it was to be a night for spankings as the conversations led to a slight argument between Spuds and Jane over her insistence that she had to buy the latest dress by a brand-that-I-cannot-remember-now. Very soon I began to see some semblance of the Jane from long ago. She began to raise her voice calling Spuds and insensitive, cheapo jerk. She banged her cutlery on the table and I assume the last straw for Spuds came when she pushed the bottle of wine off the table and sent it crashing to the floor.

There was a moment of silence and then Spuds stood up calmly and said let’s move to the hall. As we moved to the hall, I wondered if Jane suspected that her bottom was about to receive a thrashing, but from the scowl on her face it appeared that a spanking was far from her mind. Jane sat by the side sulking as Spuds disappeared down the hallway once again once to reappear with a leather strap in his hand. Jane’s eyes widened and gasped a “Darling, you can’t be serious!”

“Didn’t I warn you about this before? Don’t assume that you can sass me when others are around.” Spuds calmly replied.

“But he is here……its embarrassing” Jane protested.

“Not to worry darling……..he has known about it for quite some time……”Spuds said with a slight grin.

Now at this moment I merely leaned back and smiled.

With the scowl gone and a subtle submissive demeanour in its place she softly asked “But I never knew……….”

“Our conversations never led to such a topic so I never brought it up” I said.

Well………… the punishment began with Spuds giving Jane a blistering 3-minute handspanking on her skirt, followed be another three on her panties (which in my personal opinion did not give much protection anyway), and wrapped up with another 3-minutes on the bare. Then it was off to the corner for ten minutes as Spuds got some coffee for the both of us.

That was not the end.

Spuds explained to Jane that such behaviour would not be condoned even when others were around. It was disrespectful and rude. Therefore, a little humiliation would be needed to ensure she would think twice before she did such a thing again.

A meek “Yes Sir” was all that was heard………….wow no protest at all. I was amazed. I mean Spuds did tell me that she was no longer as fiery as in the past, but seeing was believing.

With that he made her drop her skirt and panties, and take off her top.

Then he made her stand straight, with her hands on her head, and gave her ten licks with the strap. They weren’t very hard but hard enough for Jane to squirm.

He then proceeded to strap her thighs. Ten on each side. I could see the tears streaming down her face.

“You are still going to wear that mini-dress for the party tomorrow despite the marks” Spuds said as he led her to the wall for another ten minutes.

As a final warning, Spuds made Jane fetch one of the canes and made her go on her hands and knees over the coffee table. 24 strokes were intended but Jane eventually got thirty (one extra stroke for each time she forgot to count) and she yelled out in pain with each stroke.

So who says you can’t tame a bitch? Spuds did it. How did he do it? Well you got to wait, that account is for another post.


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