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Monday, June 2, 2008 ·

Jane was an old friend since my primary school days and even since then, she was known to be a bit of a spitfire. She wasn’t evil, but had this spoilt girl attitude which did not irritate much if you were merely a friend. However, if you were a boyfriend, things would get rather complicated. Probably due to the fact that she was the only child in a rich family, Jane pretty much had her way all the time. It didn’t hurt that she had a pretty face and a slender body. She twirled all her boyfriends round every damn finger of hers, and though they mostly compiled to her every demand, she ended up ditching end shortly after. Thankfully I was never one of those “boys”, we were close friends…..too close perhaps……so it never happened.

Well fast forward many years…….we kinda lost contact for a couple of years due to her frequent flying (she was a stewardess) and my busy boring life. But some six months ago I bumped into her while window shopping and managed to resume our regular coffee meet ups. Now to cut the boring parts short, it turned out that coincidentally she was currently dating a spanko friend of mine (he has a Chinese name but I called him Spuds). Now close as we were, I never explicitly shared my spanko fetishes with her so I merely casually mentioned that I knew Spuds through another friend. However, it did set me wondering how he was handling the relationship with her. I kind of guessed that he must have had “smacked that butt” of hers more than once due to the simple fact that the bitchy aura seemed missing nowadays. Well a few of us spanko do share such stories over a few drinks, and he was one of them, so I gave him a call and met him the very next day for drinks.

Once the initial light-hearted jokes about how the world was so small and all, it was “down to business”. It turns out that they had met through mutual friends about a year ago and she was about in the midst of moving into his place.

So did he ever “smack that butt of hers” Yes, as a matter of fact, he had just given her “a good whacking” before coming to meet me! What luck……”do share” I said.

She hosted a birthday party for one of her fellow stewardesses at his place (he has a nice pad!) the day before, but he had agreed only on the condition that she cleaned it up before he came back the next day (he had an overnight business trip). Typically, she did not bother. Spuds stepped in at 12pm only to see his stylish pad turned upside down. There were bits of cake all over the floor (probably from a food fight), empty beer cans were all over the place and a prized collectible of his was lying damaged in the hallway (I don’t know what collectible, he did not elaborate). Seething with anger, he walked into the bedroom to see Jane still tucked in bed. But I reckoned he must have warned her of what was coming if the place was in a mess, for he said that the moment she opened her eyes and saw him………….she leapt out of bed and immediately began apologizing profusely for the mess and how she was too tired the night before and had planned to get up early to clean it but the alarm clock did not go off….etc (you know the usual excuses given to try and evade punishments).

Well Spuds was taking none of it. She was in her lingerie, making things easier, so he propped her over his knee right there and gave a blistering twenty hard smacks as a wake up and warm up. He then marched her out to the living room and made her face the wall for some corner time.

Now comes the creative part in Spuds.

While Jane had her face in the corner and her hands on her heads, Spuds took a piece of chalk and divided the mess in the hall into five sections. Within each section he placed a different implement each – a leather belt, a cane, a spatula, a crop and a carpet beater. Spuds then made Jane get out of her lingerie and told her of what was to come.

Jane was to decide on her own of the order of cleaning. But each section had to be cleaned and inspected before she moved on to the next section. After choosing the section to clean, she was to take the implement in it and ask Spuds for “a little motivation to clean up the section” Spuds would then give her twenty strokes with the implement and she would then proceed to clean up the section according to his standard. Once she was done, Spuds would inspect the section and two strokes were given for each item not put back in its original place, five stroke if the section was still sticky, and five more if it was mopped hastily. The strokes were given upon pointing out the fault. So it was not all at one go. On an average Jane got about ten strokes during the inspection of each section. After each inspection, Jane was to apologise for messing up the place and ask for a “reminder”. She would then get another ten strokes as a reminder and had to kneel in the middle of the cleaned up section with her hands on her head for another 15 minutes. Following that, she would move on to the next section.

Once the five sections were done, Jane’s butt was a glowing red but it was not the end. The punishment for the mess was over but “payment” for the damaged collectible was to be addressed. As it was Jane who had spoilt the collectible when she dropped it accidentally while showing it off to her friends, Spuds gave each of her hands ten licks with a leather strap. Following that, he made Jane go one her hands and knees. He then clipped five pegs on each breast with a sixth on each nipple and made her stay in that position for about half an hour. To end it off, he gave her a final fifteen strokes with a plastic ruler before he allowed her to remove the pegs.

To top it off, Spuds told her to replace the collectible. It is hard to find in the shops and most of the time one has to make an order which takes three months at least. Until the collectible had been replaced, he would give her a five minute handspanking and a twenty stroke caning every Sunday night.

I listened in amazement. Apparently Spuds said that she took it all willing albeit the constant crying, never once did she resist her punishment. Never did I expect the spitfire I knew to be that obedient. So once a bitch always a bitch? I think not.

Spuds did share with me how he started out the issue of spankings with Jane. Spuds and myself also let Jane in my spanko-ness in an interesting encounter last week but it is too long for this story, so click here for Part 2!


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