Spanking the Sister-In-Law

Monday, June 9, 2008 ·

This was told to me by a friend last night. I have tried to weave in the conversations he recounted but it has turned out rather messy. Anyway…….enjoy!

For as long as I have known James, he has always been a spanko. Therefore it did puzzle us fellow spankos when he married his wife, Amy. He had been in several relationships and every single one was either Domestic Discipline or Master/Slave. Then came Amy. Although he still met up with us for drinks occasionally, we were beginning to think that he had given up his spanking ways for good. After all, Amy knew nothing about his spanko-ness and he had no intention to let her know. Oh well as the saying goes, a leopard can never change its spots, likewise once a spanko always a spanko.

Amy’s parents passed away in a car crash shortly after she and James got hitched and thus they were given custody of Amy’s younger sister, Amelia, who was 19 at that time. Amelia was the spirited young lady who felt that life was all about having fun and it didn’t help that Amy indulged her with excessive pocket money and a lot of freedom. Amy traveled extensively for work, and since she could not give her time to her younger sister, she felt it best to accommodate her wants. While James didn’t agree, he felt it did not affect him thus did not bother. He did not see her that often either. Although James worked from home and was home most of the day, Amelia was out most of the time and normally only returned home after 11pm.

It wasn’t until one day when James received a call from the police station asking for his immediate presence. It turned out that Amelia had been caught shoplifting. The police had informed James that this wasn’t the first time, but it was the first time the shopkeeper had decided to press charges. Thankfully, Amelia was let off with a warning.

As if bad luck follows bad luck, the polytechnic called the very next day asking to see James. Amelia’s lecturer explained that she was on the verge of being expelled for her bad attendance and terrible conduct. Amelia had missed most of her classes and had no numerous occasions been caught having sex in an empty tutorial room. Amelia’s lecturer noted that it had been different guys that she was caught with. The polytechnic had wanted to expel her but would consider keeping her if James or Amy would sign an agreement to monitor her progress and ensure she made it to school and kept out of trouble. As Amy was away and would only be back the week after, James told the lecturer that he would discuss it with Amy before getting back to him. The lecturer agreed but meanwhile Amelia was to stay out for school until this was resolved.

“Your sister is going to be extremely upset to hear about the past two days” James chided Amelia as he drove home. Amelia kept silent most of the way and James was not very bothered about the matter as he felt that it was Amy’s problem.

Then during breakfast the next morning…………….

“Have you told my sister about this?” Amelia asked apprehensively.

“She is busy, don’t want to disturb her. I will talk to her when she comes back next week.” James replied while still focusing on the newspapers.
“Is it possible to not let her know? Could you sign the agreement with the lecturer instead?” Amelia responded in a rather pleading kind of way.

“You know that is not going to happen Amelia, besides your sister and I agreed that she would handle all your problems. It is not my right to interfere and I shouldn’t” James nonchalantly responded with his attention still fixed on the papers.

“Please……….I will do anything………….sis will be extremely upset and after all her long hours of working and all that she has given me, I don’t want to be a disappointment.” Amelia pleaded albeit sounding more desperate this time.

“Do anything?” James looked up.

“Yeah anything…………I just don’t want to seem like a disappointment to sis.” Amelia replied softly, with tears welling up this time.

“Well, if you shaped up your act it would pretty solve the problem. You can’t hide it and appear to not be a disappointment when you really are. It doesn’t solve anything. But let me think about it, we will talk about it during lunch.” James responded calmly.

“But I am going out with my friends!” Amelia protested.

“Well if this is important to you, you will be around during lunch.” James said matter-of-factly and disappeared to settle some work stuff in the study.

It startled James when he heard a knock on the study room door. “Amelia really stayed home?” he wondered as he uttered “Come in”. Amelia’s head popped in and asked “Have you thought about it yet?”

Now James recounted that it was at that moment that he realized Amelia meant it when she said she would do anything. And in my opinion, it was when the spanko in him began to emerge once again.

“Take a seat on the couch, I am sending out the last email.” James instructed as he thought about whether he should help Amelia this time out. Besides, Amy really was having a hard time at work and he did not want to give her the added stress.

“Well Amelia, I have been thinking about it………I could help you out this time but it can’t just be that way. You have to promise to shape up your act and really shape it up. Do you get it?” James said as he sent out the last email.

Amelia’s eyes lit up as she nodded and said “Yes, yes, I will. I will focus on my studies and stop wasting my time.”

“At the same time, we will have to work out a way to ensure that to stick to that promise. And, the consequences for the shoplifting and issue at school have to be addressed.” James said in a more serious tone as he shifted his attention towards her.

Amelia’s smile disappeared and confused she asked ”What do you mean? You are still going to tell sis?”

“Nope I mean with every mistake we make, we have to face the consequence. Have you ever been punished by your parents for something you have done wrong?” James asked.

“Well, they did cane me whenever I skipped school.” Amelia muttered while looking at the floor.

“So what do you think you deserve this time?” James queried.

“You are not going to punish me are you?!!!” Amelia asked astonished.

“Well, its that or you can tell your sister to go down with you to sign the agreement when she gets back.” James said as he turned back to his computer.

It seemed that Amelia was dead sure that she did not want her sister to find out and with a soft sigh she agreed with a “Please don’t be too hard on me.”

James grinned slightly and rolled his office chair toward her. He motioned her to get up and gently led her over his knee. She was still in her sleeping clothes (cotton shorts and a tank top) which gave little protection.

As she laid over his knee, James lectured, “Now Amelia, its not going to be a pleasant experience, but its for your own good. You haven’t shown your sis much respect and this is not the way to carry on………………… For starters, you are going to get three minutes on your shorts and two minutes on the bare. Is that clear Amelia?”

Amelia nodded silently.


Amelia stiffened her back as James said, “I was asking you a question.”

“Yyeess!” Amelia stuttered as she nodded.


“Yes who? Show a bit of respect when you are being punished.”

“Yes Sir! Sorry Sir! Amelia replied nodding her head frantically.

And so the handspanking began. It must have been a while since she last had her butt smacked for she was already tearing at the end of the three minutes.

James gave her a brief moment to compose herself and then pulled down her shorts (she was not wearing any panties).

“Please, it hurts already. I think I have learnt my lesson. Could we please stop? I won’t ever do it again!” Amelia protested as she put her hands to cover her butt which was already showing a faint red tinge.

James locked her armed behind her back and gave her bare bottom a very hard smack which left a huge handprint. “It will be worse if you try to bargain. I will not repeat this again!”

With that, he rained another two minutes of handspanks down on her bottom.

Amelia was sobbing by then and he made her face the corner with her hands on her head.

James went down to the basement and retrieved a crop, a cane and a leather strap. In the four years that Amy and he had been married, he had kept it there and not brought it out.

He returned to the study and dropped them on the coffee table.

He called Amelia from the corner and made her stand next to the coffee table.

Her eyes widened in shock upon seeing the three implements, but James had warned her about bargaining and she kept quiet.

“The spankings were a just a warm up. They were not to address your stealing, truancy and unprotected sex in school. In fact you also deserve a smacking for your constant disrespect towards your sister. The spankings are also to let you have a feel of what you will be getting every night until your sister returns on next Friday. (It was only Tuesday, meaning she had to endure nine more days of spankings in a row!) This is to make sure that you would remember your promise that you would shape up. If you still misbehave during this time, you will get additional punishments. Do you understand?” James lectured.

“But……..sorry…..Yes Sir, I understand.” Amelia meekly replied.

James then made her bend over the side of the couch. As it was the eleventh time that she had shoplifted, James gave her eleven strokes with the strap. He made her count every one which she did obediently but cried out at each stroke as well.

James then made her stay in that position for ten minutes.

Following that, he made her get on her hands and knees on the carpet, and arch her back to lift her butt.

In average, she had only gone to school about twice a week. That was three days of missed days a week for the past six months. So he gave her 18 swats (3 x 6) on each butt cheek. She was already crying when she assumed the position and therefore James did not ask her to count. But he did give her two extra swats for not pushing her butt back into position. She was then made to stay in that position for a further 15minutes. He had to give her another two swats in between that for she kept fidgeting.

He then told her to pick up her shorts and took her to her room. He instructed her to remove her tank top and stand facing the bed. Amelia obeyed hesitantly and covered her breasts with her hands.

“Hands on your heads” said James as he gave her butt a hard smack, “You shouldn’t be that shy if you could have sex with all those boys in school.”

James then unbuckled his belt and removed it from his pants (It was a wide but thin leather belt which did sting quite terribly), as he said “You deserve many strokes for your disrespect to your sister, but on the account that you did not want to disappoint her, you shall only be given ten with the belt.”

“Yes Sir, thank you Sir.” Amelia uttered softly amidst her sniffling.

Ten hard strokes were given in quick repetition and Amelia struggled to keep the position.

As tears streamed down her face, James instructed her to lie face down on the bed. He then placed to pillows to prop up her butt.

As he took the cane by the handle and rest the end on Amelia’s butt, he questioned on the number of guys she had slept with in school.

Nine was the magic number and thus two strokes were given each which totaled eighteen.

Amelia was made to count each stroke and James reserved the last three strokes as the hardest. Each of those, she apparently screamed out. By the end of her punishments, her butt was a bright red and striped. It was severe to her, but was not as hard. James had regulated the strength of each of the punishments.

James told her to stay in that position until dinner time at 6pm.

Amelia was pretty good for the next nine days and only needed an additional strapping for waking up late and missing school.

Amy was pleasantly surprised when she returned from her business trip to find Amelia back home from school everyday for dinner and not missing any days of school. Although she did sense something was amiss, Amy brushed it off as Amelia’s want to do well as it was her final year in the polytechnic.

Subsequently, James worked out a monitoring program with Amelia. He drew up a list of rules for Amelia to follow. They were broad rules like going to school, coming home for dinner on weekdays and no more complains from school….etc. With each rule broken, he spanked her the next day after Amy had gone to work and before Amelia left for school. But you know how playful teenage girls are, and rules are always an issue with girls. So during the two months before Amelia’s final examinations, James gave her a maintenance spanking every two days to keep her in line. Nothing severe but just stingy enough to remind her of what was waiting if she got out of line.

Amelia is now in the university and stays mostly in the hostel. It appears Amelia had her spanko-side and supposedly has a spanker boyfriend. James doesn’t spank her anymore but rumour is he may have converted his vanilla wife. Amelia apparently asked James recently if he ever spanked Amy. When he replied that he did not as there was no reason to, Amelia muttered something about checking Amy’s bedside drawer where she hid her receipts. It seems Amy is a shopaholic………..well we’ll see it James takes action. Keep watch for my update.


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