A Spanking Companion

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Now before I got into the next real life spanking story, I must first add a disclaimer. As you read the story it may seem eerily similar to some of the soap serials that you have watched (less the spankings of course). Personally I found it rather similar as well, as I learnt about this true story. But if the saying that art imitates life, then perhaps what we watch on the television may really mimic some of life's realities as well.

As her family was not entirely well to do, Tanya grew up telling herself that in order to escape the poverty that she had “suffered” during her formative years, the only way was to marry rich. Thankfully she was quite the looker and thus had her many fair share of suitors. She modelled part-time during her poly studies and once in a while did a stint or two as a social escort. It wasn't the terribly sleazy type for no sex was involved and it was, for her, a way of getting to know the rich. Things seemed to be going rather smooth for her and by the time she was in her final year, she managed to hook up with a relatively rich and single businessman who was in his early thirties. By the time she had graduated, they were planning their marriage and at the age of 21, she was happily married to this rich guy and living the life. It literally was a bed of roses for her as she lived the life that maybe could only dream about. Hi-tea and social functions, shopping almost everyday, and the man she married was a decent enough guy, albeit a little boring, who gave in to her every whims and fancy.

But as a wise sage once said, all good things must come to an end. The economic downturn loomed near and as businesses began to fail and crumble, her husband's business was not spared. To make things worse, his investments also lost a whole lot of money. And in the end........he took his life, a bunch of sleeping pills and it was over, for him at least. As for Tanya, all she got was an apology letter and a whole truckload of debts which were thrown on to her by the fact that she was his wife. And thus, at the tender age of 26, she was a widow and a bankrupt. It wasn't so much the loss of her husband and wealth that devastated her, but the humiliation of having to return to the life she used to live with her poor parents that she could not stand. And so, it was a mere matter of months before she was back onto the “circuit” in a desperate bid to find another rich man. Now the business associates of Tanya's now-deceased husband were all more than happy to shower their sympathetic condolences on her, in a bid to get in her pants. The only problem was......they were all married. But it was also a known fact that Tanya was sorta the money grubber, for.........let's just say (out of respect for the dead) that Tanya's deceased husband was not the good looker and thus it didn't take rocket science to piece it together. And so.......straight in her face, the business associates offered her “terms” of luxuries if she'd only be their kept woman. The terms were rather tempting, honestly, but I guess apart from the wealth.........Tanya wanted a certain amount of status as well. The social circle that Tanya and her deceased husband use to mingle with was relatively close and she knew almost all of their wives. It was already a loss of face to her that her husband had “cowardly” (as she put it) took his life, and so she wasn't going to “degrade” herself further by being some kept woman to one of the husbands of her rich tai-tai friends. The rich women in her social circle were also beginning to be wary of her, for she was one of the youngest among them and they knew that many a time their own husbands had looked at her with such lust for minute too long. And so they began to shun her, also for the obvious reasons that she could no longer afford the past-times that they use to enjoy together.

Then came along Mr Ng, one of the wealthier businessmen that mingled in their social circles. He was well respected, solidly rich and most importantly.......a widower. The only problem was.......he was in his late fifties and fast approaching his sixties. Well Mr Ng did not exactly “come along”, in fact when Tanya's husband had passed away, unlike the rest of the associates, he merely offered his sincere condolences and never once attempted to offer the “terms” that the rest of the men had offered. It was rather Tanya who made the first attempt. It was a rather calculated move on her part, and maybe a last ditched effort. For it seemed that most of the other men, whom she knew were all already married and were only willing to take her on as a mistress. At the same time, she did not have anyway of “penetrating” into the other rich social circles for returning as a social escort was deemed by her as too humiliating and she did not have the funds to pay for her way in. And then she remembered Mr Ng. When he had sent his condolences, he had told her that if she needed any help, she could approach him. And so after much thought, she decided that, despite his age, it would not be as humiliating as being a kept woman. Problem was, it was only a thought on her part, for Mr Ng had not made a move on her and never did express any interest in her. Nevertheless, Tanya had set her sights on him and decided it was a make or break in trying to “hook up with him”.

And so, dressed in her sexiest outfit, that didn't scream slutty, she made her way to his office without an appointment. Thankfully he told his secretary to let her in and soon enough, the flirting began. Now, the information that I collected on this phase is not sufficient for me to describe it in full detail. But what I do know is that, Mr Ng resisted her advances at first. He knew that it wasn't because of who he was that Tanya was hitting on him, but rather of what he had and could provide for her that she was doing what she could. He found it a little repulsive at first, but then a thought dawned upon him. He wasn't getting any younger, his children had all grown up and moved out (and on with their own lives), he was in a sort of semi-retirement (until his children could fully take over the reins of his company), and it was starting to get a little lonely and quite boring. Then her was this pretty young thing who was throwing herself at him...................and plus, he could sense the desperation in her. The sort of desperation that could pave the way for a little power play. But still he wasn't so sure. And so he decided to open up a little to her advances and took her out to dinner a couple of times, which usually led to a hotel room (at Tanya's subtle suggestion on all occasions). All this time, Mr Ng was just playing along with her advances and debating in his mind if he could take her as a companion. Like a shrewd businessman, he used the same mindset towards his decision. Then one of the nights, as they both laid on the bed, he sat up and matter-of-factly told her that he knew the “motivation” behind her advances. It took Tanya by surprise, for she thought that she had “masked” her real intentions pretty well (but it was pretty obvious according to Mr Ng but he had played along and not exposed her), and she tried to deny it. But only the initial few words came out before Mr Ng cut her off and asked her to let him finish his piece.

It seemed more like a business deal (to me at least when he related this to me). Mr Ng offered his terms to her. He made it clear that he was not looking to remarry. He was however open to the possibility in a life-time, live-in companion (until the end of his lifetime at least). He was willing to provide a life of comfort and luxury, and also at the end of his life, if she stayed with him throughout, he would will him a substantial amount that would last till the end of her lifetime. However, there were some restrictions. There was to be no toy-boys, he would not except infidelity. She was not to fight over the company with his children. And it was his way or the highway. Strictly his rules and whatever he said goes. As his companion, there were social functions to attend and there was a certain way she had to carry herself. He had a reputation, and he did not want it embarrassed. He wasn't conservative, but rather traditional in the Asian patriarchal sense. Some would call it MCP but well, its all about perception (as Mr Ng would say). He had intended to give her a few days to think about it, but I guess........since the cards were laid on the table so clearly, she accepted almost immediately.

She moved in the very next day, but before it was all made formal, Mr Ng had an agreement to his term (seriously) done up by his lawyer for her to sign. It even had a clause, which if she found it unbearable or for whatever reason wanted out of the relationship with him, she could, just that all of the benefits promised after his death would be rendered null and void. Talk about consensual.

So back again, at the age of 27 years old, Tanya was back to the life on a bed of roses but this time, with a guy 30 years her senior albeit much richer. The first few months were similar to the “honeymoon” phase that many couples go through. And once again, Tanya was in the company of the rich tai-tais who had shun her when her husband had passed away. Mr Ng was quite the gentleman but he wasn't the pushover that her deceased-husband used to be either. He knew exactly what he wanted and he never failed to remind Tanya about the agreement on “his way or the highway” whenever Tanya tried to bully him into going her way. Of course he did play along and accommodate her on trivial things every now and then, but on bigger issues, Mr Ng made the decisions. Especially for social functions. While Tanya was like a “medal” on his arms during such functions, thus he acknowledged the fact that he dresses could be too frumpy, like what most of the middle-aged or older tai-tais wore, but he wasn't about to have her dressing like a slutty young girl out to prom either. Sometimes, little arguments (more like verbal debates) would ensue over the dress Tanya wanted to wear but in the end, it was Mr Ng who made the final decision. Punctuality was also an issue to Mr Ng. He hated to be terribly late for functions, and in fact he found it terribly embarrassing. But one time too many (in Mr Ng's opinion), Tanya would take a hell of a time in her preparation to get dressed that they either had to rush or were a little late. Not that the hosts or other guests minded but to Mr Ng, it was about principle......his principle. The way one carried oneself was also an issue sometimes to Mr Ng. I guess, gossiping loudly and shrieking with laughter is sometimes frowned upon. I guess there was also the expectation that Tanya be by his side at the functions and make small talk with the frumpy old wives of the men that he would be talking to at that time. But the age gap between them made common topics far and few. Tanya was more comfortable talking to the younger wives, who were closer to her age, but the problem was that they were wives to men who were lower in the corporate ladder and thus not the men who mingled around Mr Ng. The ladies of that social strata were also probably not confined by their husbands to stay by their side during the functions. And many a time, they would be in a corner themselves gossiping and chit-chatting away. Whenever she could, Tanya would slip away and join them in their “wonderful” conversations, which sometimes would get a tad loud. Mr Ng was pretty understanding, as he let her off to mingle but expected some consideration on her part to remember to return to his side after a while. Of course this sometimes didn't go to his liking, especially when she would get carried away and he would have to walk over with a smile to “get her back” to his side. He never lost his temper in public, reputation I suppose, but ever so often, he would whisper in her ear, his slight dissatisfaction, with a smile still so that everyone else would be nonethewiser. Of course once they were in the car, he would sometimes give her a dressing down as the driver drove on in silence. Tanya would normally try to butter him up and with apologetic words and the sheepish girlish words that she really got carried away. This worked each time, although Mr Ng would each time give that “Make sure it doesn't happen again, or else....” He never elaborated on the “or else” and Tanya did assume that the or else was just his old eccentric way of being stern.

Oh but was she wrong.

Mr Ng told me that he actually had “darker” plans (well spanking plans) from the start, which would explain his “my rules” agreement, but he decided to give a few months before he made his move. And when he made his move, it was a classic situation. One of those days when everything goes wrong. There was a social function, and Tanya was feeling lazy and did not want to go. However Mr Ng insisted and thus she had no other choice but to get ready. Of course, being reluctant, she took her own sweet time, and by the time she got ready, they were close to being late, but would have made it on time if they rushed abit. However, being in the mood that she was, Tanya chose a dress she fancied but knew that Mr Ng would frown upon. Of course Mr Ng was not about to let her go for the function in that dress, and after a slight “verbal debate”, Tanya grudgingly changed into a more “suitable” dress, but by that time they were already late. By the time they reached the function, they were an hour late and Mr Ng was quite the irritated gentlemen. While the usual smile was on his face as they entered the function, he made know his irritation to Tanya as he whispered into her ear and told her that she'd better not make it worse by disappearing longer than she should today. Tanya on her part was also slightly irritated that she had to make her appearance, and thus decided (to herself) that she wasn't going to care at all today. And so at least three times, Mr Ng had to “get her back” from the group of young wives and by the last time, some irritation could be seen on his face. Knowing that if he stayed any longer, he may end up losing his temper and his reputation, he took his leave from the function early and got on the car with Tanya, who at that time was secretly happy that they were leaving early. However, when they got in the car, Tanya noticed that instead of “nagging” or scolding her in the car like he normally would when she disappeared from his side during such functions, there was a stern silence and look on Mr Ng's face. Wondering if she had “pushed his buttons too far”, she tried to butter him up as she normally did. But instead of the usual response she would have gotten, her attempt at buttering him up elicited a rather harsh verbal lashing instead which ended with a “Wait till we get home.” And then there was silence.

Reaching home, Tanya didn't really know what to expect and just proceeded to shower. When she came out of the shower, in her bath robe, Mr Ng was sitting on the edge of the bed looking sternly at her with his arms crossed across his chest. He looked more serious and upset than usual, but Tanya avoided his eyes and walked towards the dressing table. But she had only taken a few steps when Mr Ng asked her to come over. He asked her to seat next to him and asked her if she remembered what their agreement was. She nodded, but he asked her to say it out verbally which she did. And when she got to the part about “his way or the highway”, he stopped her and asked if she knew what it meant when she agreed to that. Not knowing what answer he wanted, she mumbled that it meant that she was supposed to listen to him. She tried to play the nice-sweet-little-girl as she said that for she leaned her head on his shoulder. Mr Ng didn't budge but kept silent for a moment, then said that she didn't seem to be listening to him but rather at times seemed to be purposely testing his patience. This drew a girlish giggle of a response from Tanya. To which Mr Ng reached over her shoulders and patted her head as he commented a “So you really think this is funny.” (Or something like that)

Then with a “It's alright......this is what we'll do.”, he pulled her across his lap. She giggled as she tried to struggle, thinking he was playing around, but he held her down (he was quite fit for someone in his late fifties) and gave a rather stingy spank to her bottom (which was covered by her satin bathrobe and offered little protection) as he sternly told her to keep still. Beginning to suspect (or realise) that Mr Ng didn't seem to be playing around, she held still but gave a girlish kinda whine (I can't describe it, but its the kind of whine that you know your female partner would give when they wanna worm out of trouble, but are not yet pleading for mercy yet?). To this whine, Mr Ng gave another sharp spank to her bottom and told her to keep quiet. Mr Ng then went into this long lecture over what he actually meant about “his rules” in the agreement and that corporal punishment was something he had in mind all along. He continued that he had taken the past few months to see how much was needed and after that “terrible showing” that night, he concluded that much “work” was needed. He then asked Tanya if she had ever been spanked before. Tanya didn't reply much to Mr Ng's irritation and he gave a harder spank this time to hard bottom as he repeated his question. To which Tanya responded with a rather loud gasp-no (a gasp and a no at the same time) but also added a wisecrack question of “didn't you ask me to keep quiet in the first place”. This resulted in a further sharp spank to her bottom (which drew another gasp) from Tanya, as Mr Ng commented that it wasn't going to help her bottom if she was going to be a “smart ass” and also said that it wasn't too late to learn what a proper spanking was. And then he started spanking her, at a constant pace for around a minute of two. It must have been relatively hard for she kicked and gasped and pleaded from the first spank onwards. And as soon as he was done, Mr Ng told her to get up and remove the bathrobe. But Tanya knelt down clutching her bottom, giving a pout and insisting that she had learnt her lesson and didn't need her bottom to be spanked anymore. But Mr Ng would take no bargaining, and simply told her that it was up to her. She could leave or she could “follow his rules”.

There was silence for a short moment and then Mr Ng asked, “So? What will it be?”

Keeping that pout, Tanya got up, removed the bathroom and let it drop to the floor before slowly going back over Mr Ng's knee. The spanking that came next was faster and more furious, as Mr Ng spanked at her bottom for a full five minutes, leaving Tanya gasping and all teary and pleading for Mr Ng to stop. And the moment Mr Ng did stop, Tanya slumped off his knee and onto the floor, clutching her bottom and sobbing softly. Mr Ng helped her up and sat her on his knee as he massaged her bottom lightly.

“I guess we will stop here for now.............its getting late...........but I promise you.......things are going to change from tomorrow onwards.” Mr Ng said softly to Tanya.

“Yes darling, I'm sorry.........it not going to happen again.” said Tanya. I guess she misunderstood Mr Ng, for he actually meant that he was going to resume the spankings the very next day.

The very next morning, bright and early, Tanya had all washed up and was about to wake Mr Ng up to go for breakfast. But as she walked out of the toilet, it was as if it was deja vu for she saw him sitting in that eerily familiar position on the edge of the bed as the night before. Brushing of that thought of familiarity in her mind, she gave a smile and walked towards him to plant a kiss on a forehead and clasped his hand as if to lead him off to breakfast. But instead of feeling Mr Ng get up to follow her, she felt resistance and then a pull which result in her over his knee again. But this time, before she could even struggle or voice her protest, Mr Ng held her down and told her to keep quiet and “Let's have a little warm up before breakfast.” as he gave a “warming” spanking for a couple of minutes. And as he spanked he reminded her that he had promised her that things were going to change from now on and this was how it was going to change. Tanya of course tried to voice her protest to this to which Mr Ng pause for a bit and asked “So are you saying that you intend to leave?”. This was met with silence from Tanya and Mr Ng gave a “I didn't think so.” as he continued to rain down the spanks. He didn't lift her bathrobe this time (only a warming up he reckoned), and as soon as he was done spanking her he let her up and told her that they would continue this after breakfast.

During breakfast Tanya tried to plead and “negotiate” if he could not spank her, but Mr Ng gave a warning that if she tried to “fuss” about it anymore, it would be worse. This stopped anymore pleadings from Tanya and the conversation went on to other more frivolous things.

After breakfast, which was actually sort of like brunch, Tanya remained at her seat in silent anticipation, not knowing what Mr Ng had installed for her. She thought she had heard him wrongly when he asked her to get change for they were going shopping. But when he repeated himself, her heart jumped and rushed to get ready thinking that he must have felt bad for spanking her.

When they reached the boutique they normally shopped in, Mr Ng told Tanya that they had five functions the following month and told her to pick out five suitable dresses for the functions. He then told her that he had to meet an associate to settle something and they arranged to meet for tea at one of the hotel restaurants a few hours later.

Time flew as Tanya shopped and hi-tea at the restaurant was pretty enjoyable. It seemed as if the spanking was just a one off and a distant memory thought Tanya as she sipped her tea.
But she soon realised how wrong she had been when they reached home.

As soon as they reached home, Mr Ng told Tanya to bring the shopping up to the bedroom and he was going to inspect them.

As soon as she place the bags on the floor, Mr Ng asked why were there seven bags instead of five. Matter-of-factly Tanya responded that she had bought seven dresses. Giving a sigh and shaking his head, Mr Ng replied that it seemed that she wasn't following his instructions once again for he had only told her to get five dresses. Tanya tried to defend herself and said that she didn't know that it was some sort of test and that she wasn't supposed to buy more than she was told.

But Mr Ng was not going to hear any of her excuse. Gently leading her by the hand to the edge of the bed, he reminded her once more that he had already told her the day before that thing were going to change. And he lead her over his knee but paused and then told her to get up and remove her clothing. Tanya hesitated but Mr Ng's warning that it would be worse if she resisted saw her quickly remove her clothes.

Then it was over the knee and he gave her two minutes of handspanking for each extra bag of clothes. She was tearing by the time the four minutes were done but it wasn't over yet.

Mr Ng then told her that he had let her shop alone and pick out the dresses to see if she would listen to his instructions of picking “suitable” dresses for the functions. Then pointing to the first bag, he told her to put on the dress. Tanya gulped as she wore it for she knew that it was one of those dresses he did not like her to be wearing for their social functions. Shaking his head as he looked at her dress he asked if Tanya if she felt he would agree to such a dress. Tanya kept her eyes down and shook her head. “So why did you buy it still?” Mr Ng asked. Tanya kept quiet not knowing what to reply.

Removing his belt he told Tanya to put her hands on the bed, bend over and stick her bottom out. He then gave her ten hard lashes with the belt in quick succession. The stokes were fast and hard leaving Tanya gasping and crying out softly and teary with each lash. And then he told her to remove the dress and put it back into the bag, and then to get back into the same position. Once again, he gave her ten hard strokes with the belt. As she squatted down clutching her bottom after the last stroke, Mr Ng told her that this was going to be the same punishment for each of the next six dresses if they did not meet his expectations.

The next two dresses once more were an obvious show that Tanya had “purposely” chose the dresses that Mr Ng would not like for the functions. And thus both times, she got the twenty strokes (ten with the dress on and ten with the dress off). She was a sobbing wreck by then and so when Mr Ng told her to assume the position once she had put on the fourth dress, Tanya was already crying before Mr Ng landed the first stroke. By the second stroke, Tanya could not keep the position and was kneeling on the floor clutching her bottom pleading that she could not take anymore.

So then Mr Ng walked out off the room and brought back with him four restraints that could attach to the bed (it was a four-post bed). But Tanya was still pleading that she couldn't take anymore. So Mr Ng sat on the bed and told her firmly that the punishment was going to be given. She had only three choices. 1 – Get back into position and stay there. If she got out of position, he would start from zero. 2 – He would use the restraints, but that would mean two extra strokes per set. 3 – She could leave and the punishment would cease immediately.

Tanya sat there motionless for a few minutes, sobbing and rubbing her bottom. Mr Ng waited patiently, himself slightly amused and wondering which option she would take. Then with a deep breath, Tanya got up took the restraints and told Mr Ng that she wanted to be restrained.

So she was restrained. With the dress, Mr Ng restrained her in a stand-up spread eagle position. And without her clothes, Mr Ng restrained her spread eagle on the bed. With the extra two strokes per set, this meant 24 in all for each subsequent dress. And none of the dresses made the cut, which meant 24 strokes each for the fourth, fifth, six and seventh dress. I guess Tanya knew that that would be the case and thus chose to be restrained.

After the last punishment for the last dress, Tanya was a crying loudly and pleading and apologising. Mr Ng stood back for abit admiring her red quivering bottom. He left had left her in the restraints for he had one more thing he had to do. All that spankings had left him with a major hard-on. Removing his clothes, he climbed onto her and pounded her as she was restrained in her position. There was some slack in the restraints and he was able to lift and manipulate the angle slightly. Amidst the tears and pain of Mr Ng's groin slamming onto her reddened bottom was also the pleasuring feeling of his manhood piercing into her swollen privates. It was not the first time they had sex, but it was the most erected that she had ever felt him. And as she buckled in a powerful orgasm of pleasure and pain, he shot his load and collapsed on her whispering, “Let's see how you fare tomorrow at the boutique.”

I am going to stop here as I noticed that this is already very long. I guess I will have to split this whole story into parts. So stay tuned!!

Now that is quite a hard spanking!

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Now in a bid to keep this blog SFW and allow many of my readers to read my stories in office, I have refrained from posting videos in this blog. But ever since I have decided to keep only one blog active, I guess there would be time that I would post a little vid or two.

This video......caught my eye as being one of the hardest I have seen recently and the lady who receives the spanking seems to take it really well.

But somehow, the creator of the video has decided not to allow the video to be embedded...........
Thus to view it, you will have to click here. The vid is relatively SFW, with the exception that it has spanking in it, but overall......the site is pretty much NSFW!

A Spanking Opportunity?

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“I am sorry dear.........punish me?” Although it happened long ago, those words still ring loud in Martin's ears as if Cassia had only spoken them yesterday. Why? For it marked the first time he ever gave a proper spanking.

It was a time long ago, well considering the face that Martin and Cassia were still studying at that time. Around the time that the both of them were in their second year in the polytechnic. It was also the same year that they had begun dating.

At the start their relationship was pretty much like any ordinary teenage relationship, especially the first few months (which many would call the “Honeymoon period”). They were inseparable and spent almost everyday with each other. They did the usual things that many dating teenagers did and it was all really vanilla normal.

Now although I would describe it as long ago, it was not really that long ago (maybe ten at most) and so in that already-modern era, the kissing and sexual experimenting with other were almost a given at the start of their relationship. There was however something else. Martin had a hidden secret. He was a closet spanko. And by closet spanko, I mean that only he knew about it and not even his closest friends or Cassia knew about it. But there were evident signs, if one paid close enough attention. Like how the usual group of guys normally “check out” some pretty babe that it walking past. While most of his friends would normally comment at how pretty the girl's face was or how big her boobs were, Martin would somehow always notice the girl's bottom. Some of his friends even remember the many times that when all of them were commenting how pretty or hot some girl look, he would feel otherwise just because the girl had a “flat butt”. (Now personally I can empathise with that.) In fact, I am sure that Cassia's pert bottom must have been a contributing factor to his attraction towards her.

Close observers of Martin and Cassia's relationship would also have been able to notice that Martin's always somehow found his way to Cassia's bottom. When they got more comfortable with each other, Martin “courageously” ventured forwards and would every so often plant a couple of playful spanks on Cassia's bottom. Sometimes, he would attempt to wrestle her over his knee and give her a spanking. By this time, it didn't take rocket science for Cassia to realise that Martin had a more than vanilla interest in her bottom. She probably didn't know exactly what kind of a fetish Martin had, but at the same time, she did not seem to take to the spankings that well either. While she did laugh off the playful spanks, she would also push his hands away of move away after a spank or two. During the times that Martin tried to wrestle her over his knee, she would really struggle to break free (not the kind of i-am-struggling-but-i-really-want-a-spanking type of struggle). Occasionally when Martin persisted, Cassia would be visibly irritated and give the “Stop it la, its really pain leh.” kind of response. So it did seem to Martin at that time that Cassia really wasn't into spankings at all. Martin on his part also didn't know how to talk about his spanking fetish and therefore only tried to “force” his way which was rather unsuccessful. There were a few times that the topic of spanking did kinda creep its way into their conversations but it was normally brushed off and never taken seriously. It would usually creep in as they were playfully argue about something. Martin would jokingly mention that he would spank her if she went ahead and did something he didn't want her to do. And Cassia would normally give a response which would actually mean “Are you mad?”. Once in a while Cassia would jokingly ask why he always seemed to want to smack her bottom, and Martin would most of the time be at a loss of words and tend to just say that it was because her bottom was attractive. Well I mean that was true also but it wasn't really the reason why Martin wanted to spank Cassia and so somehow nothing seemed to “click” in a spanking sort of way. There were even a few times that Martin went a little overboard and tried to hold Cassia down as she struggled to get away and because of the struggle, his badly aimed spank would land on her tailbone which would be extremely painful (not the way a spanko would like) and this would draw tears and an angry response from her. And so I guess there came a time that Martin kind of lost hope of ever really spanking Cassia. I mean it didn't affect their relationship, but Martin just kinda realised that forcing his way through was never gonna work. Well he did still give the occasional playful spank on her bottom every now and then, but nothing more.

Then on fine day, something just happened. It was one of those usual days that they were spending at Cassia's place. They usually went there after school as Cassia's parents worked till late and so nobody would be home. They did the usual mucking around and sex. And as they were both laying in bed naked and tired from all that humping, Cassia began playful tickling Martin and giving her girlish giggles at his response. Martin of course played back and soon enough they were in a frenzied mix of wrestling and tickling as they both tried to tickle one another and wrestle the other's tickling hands away. Amidst that frenzied wrestle-tickle play, and as Cassia flayed her hands rapidly to try to avoid Martin's tickles, she accidentally slapped his face and jabbed one of his eyes. Although only an accident, the force of the hit and jab was painful as Martin recoiled backwards cupping the portion of his face and eye that had been hit/jabbed. I can't really explain the reason for what happened next, though my best guess was that it was a mixture of a spur-of-the-moment-reaction and guilt for unintentionally hurting her boyfriend, that led her to lay face down as she said those infamous words, “I am sorry dear.......punish me?”. It wasn't the response that Martin was expected from Cassia and spanking her for accidentally jabbing his eye or slapping him hadn't really crossed his mind. And so that sentence must have stunned him momentarily for he kept quiet looking at her. Then something struck him........it was an opportunity! It was a chance for him, and he'd be stupid not to grab it. However he felt it really silly to spank his girlfriend for accidentally jabbing his eye.

But then........an idea struck him........

He landed a fairly light spank on her cheek, as if to test if his ears were playing tricks.........she didn't move away! Cassia's reaction (or lack of) to that spank excited Martin terribly. He gave another two spanks (one of each butt cheek) at the same strength, once again Cassia didn't move or try to get away. And so Martin, terribly excited by this time, continued spanking.......giving them in sets of two spanks and then pausing for a second of two to wait and see if she would try to get away. After about five or so of such sets, he upped the tempo and strength. This time Cassia responded with light gasps and maybe a slight wiggle or two but still she didn't try to move away.

“Good girl, don't move ah.”, encouraged Martin as he increased the strength of his spanks abit more again. He was by know spanking her at a steady rhythm and at a fairly medium strength. He could see her bottom begin to turn a little pinkish.

But the silence was a little uncomfortable for Martin and so he began to talk a bit.

“This is for being a bad girl”, went Martin as he spanked her.

Encouraged by Cassia's response of “I am sorry dear.”, Martin took the opportunity to prolong the spanking albeit in a rather cunning way.

“This is for giving me that attitude the day before.” Martin continued.

It wasn't why Cassia had turned over and let him spank her, but it seemed that she may have subconsciously unwittingly got into some sort of subspace for she gave the same response of “I am sorry dear” amidst her louder gasps and the occasional “Ows” or “Ahs” for Martin was spanking harder. And so for about fifteen minutes, Martin spanked her bottom as he sorta named as many of her “faults” that he could think of. And Cassia took it all with the same “I am sorry” reply and didn't seem to attempt to move away. Though she did wiggle a bit due to the increased strength of the spanks. Now Martin was really getting into a good rhythm and really didn't wanted to stop. But at the same time, something at the back of his head told him that if he didn't scare her with too hard a spanking this time, he may just get another chance to spank her again. And so at the first sniffle he heard from Cassia, he stopped and instead of the spanks he began to rub her bottom. The sniffles continued but were also accompanied with soft coos as he rubbed her bottom which by now had a slightly red tinge.

Then, with his dick fully erected by now, he laid over her and entered her from behind. He got into another rhythm, only this time it was with the thumping of his body over her as he screwed her, pushing harder with each of Cassia's gasp which seemed to be getting louder. The frenzied thumping culminated with the simultaneous gasps of the both of them as Cassia writhed uncontrollably from her orgasm and Martin collapsed on her as he shot out his load. As he laid on her he whispered into her ear, “You know dear.......spanking you really turns me on.” There was silence for a bit.......then Cassia responded, “It turns me on too”.

It was as if a new door was opened henceforth and the spanking experimentations just took off from there in their relationship. But alas the relationship did not last (for those who were wondering.....yes spanking relationships are like any other relationships......breakups do happen), but that is not the point of this. My point in sharing this real life spanking story is that, dear readers, I have received many emails and talked to many guys who have asked that infamous question, “How do I get my girlfriend/wife/?? to let me spank her. Well my answer to you is simple. There is no perfect solution or answer to that question. There will be some girls who will never like a spanking. At the same time, never try to force your way and spank away........it will only scare them off. But rather, drop a little hints ever so often, and if you can, try to talk to them about your interest. And most importantly, if they too have a hidden spanko inside of them, that fateful opportunity will come, just be alert enough to spot it. And once you have, grab that spanking opportunity! Good luck spanking!!

Miss Victoria's Spanking Fantasies

Sunday, December 13, 2009 · 2 comments

Now before I post my next real life spanking story (which should be by tonight or tomorrow latest), I would like to take a moment here to help publicise the spanking writings of a fellow spanko.

Meet Victoria Fox who blogs at Spanking Stories and Pictures. And I must say she is a mighty fine spanking fantasy writer. Her stories, with their vivid descriptions and lovely spankings would be a treat for any spanko reader. She also runs her own spanking stories store which is base at Lulu and called Whipping Post.

Now as it is a festive period she is offering a pretty good discount for three of her works - A Hairbrush in Your Stocking, The College and the Art of Spanking, and Lessons. Each of them sell for $12.95 on her estore but for now she is selling all three of the for a package at $20. That would work out to about a $10 discount. However, if you do want to secure that package, you will have to contact her directly at missvictoriafox@gmail.com with "spanking Holiday Special" in the subject line.

I have read some samples of her writings and they ae pretty good. So even if you already do have a good amount of spanking material for yourself to read, I am sure the package would make a good festive gift to your fellow spankos :).

To sample her work please go to here or here.

Lastly, I am sure many of you are wondering "What's up?" with my advertisement for another spanko, please do not get the wrong idea that I am promoting this as I stand to gain financially. I do not, I guess the only thing I would gain is goodwill from Victoria. But seriously, it is part of the "help others" especially since Victoria is a fellow spanko and her stories are pretty good.

Funny Video Clip on how to Spank

Tuesday, December 8, 2009 · 3 comments

Now this is just hilarious. Looking at the date, it really is not a new clip but hey today was the first time I watched it.

Tiger Woods likes spanking sex?


Now with all the recent ruckus over Tiger Woods and his drunken stupor of a crash with his car which has culminated into a media circus over his reported high number of affairs, it turns out that one of the ladies who has come out of the shadows to supposedly reveal their affair has revealed a tad more than the usual sex.

That lady in particular appears to be Mindy Lawton.......

who has been described in the press as the "5th mistress" (Tiger must be getting lots of it!!!). So the Perkins restaurant waitress said that Tiger Woods spanked her and loved pulling her hair during sex........and at times she looked like a rag doll after they had sex. Maybe all that pent-up emotions that golfers have to control as they go about the green.

Click here to see the news where spankalot read all about this.

Something spanking for an early festive cheer!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009 · 2 comments

As we enter month of December, I am sure we have begun to feel the festive cheer. And as we go about our search for relevant gifts for our fellow kinksters, here is something cute that may appeal to some of you.

Its from tshit hell. Click the link below to check it out. (Not an affiliate link)
T-Shirt Hell :: Shirts :: XMASOCHIST

Spanking blowjob training

Friday, November 27, 2009 · 2 comments

*Dear readers, I must warn you that today's story has elements of a minor and sexual references. If you are really unable to stomach or read such details, you may want to skip this story. I must also declare at this juncture that, as previously said, I stick by my belief that consensual spankings should be between adults and not minors. However this means that I will not ever encourage you nor give you advice that would lead to you spanking a minor. But, whereas the publishing of the stories I have, the age is something I cannot control for they are real life stories. My intent here is to share the real life spanking experiences and not judge or go into a debate on what is ethical or not. For the sake of the gracious people and spankos who have agreed that to share their real life spanking tales, I urge you to leave your judgement at the door and keep in mind the objective of the posts in this blog. Many thanks and spanks in advance!*

It was just one of those days where I was just chilling with the guys over a beer or two when Melvin starts telling me that he has something to tell me that I would most definitely be interested in. Now, Melvin is one of the few who knows of my spanking fetish and therefore I immediately thought that he had some spanking encounter to share with me. As I focused my attention at what he was about to say, I almost punched him after the first few sentences for I thought he was screwing with me. Well he started off by telling me about this young girl, by young I mean she was about 21 when Melvin was like 35, he had recently hooked up with. (I had seen her only once when I bumped into Melvin a few weeks before that.) I can't remember her name, let's call her Sally. So then he continued and said that in his recent intimate encounter with her, he experienced the most awesome blowjob that he had ever received in his life. And yes, dear readers, it was at that moment that I felt this almost uncontrollable urge to give my buddy Melvin a quick punch to his face for giving me hope that I was going to hear some spanking story. For you see, Melvin is one of those guys whom is always extremely explicit with his sexual conquests, and don't get me wrong, like any guy out there I am always all ears. But it was just that, from the way that he had said that it was something I would be “really interested to know”, I really kinda thought at that moment that my hopes of some juicy spanking story was dashed.

I suppose my disappointment must have been written on my face for as soon as Melvin had finished that sentence about his wonderful blowjob received, he gave a chuckle and sort of pleaded for me to at least hear him out.

And so I did............

Apparently that was one of the first few times that Melvin and Sally had gotten intimate and the first time he had gotten a blowjob from her. And as soon as he had recovered from that mind-blowing and numbing orgasm of his, Melvin (in his usual and typical straight forward tactless way) let out the comment that he reckoned that he had just “experienced the most awesome blowjobs in the world” (yes those were his exact words to her). I guess most girls don't really expect such a remark after they have gone down on a guy and so Sally's response to that was just a kinda shy smile (well according to Melvin at least).

Well knowing Melvin, he would never leave it at that. So a day or two later, after another few mind blowing orgasms from the “awesome blowjobs” from Sally, he lavished more praise on her “skills” and when she still gave that shy smile, he asked her how she had learnt such skills. (Personally, I would not have asked such a question or maybe not is such a tactless way.) She did ignore the question at first and then attempted to digress each time Melvin queried. But as Melvin persisted in asking, she gave a rather cryptic reply - “I have been trained.” Now if Sally had given that answer in hoped that it would have ended the conversation, she must have been severely disappointed for it only seemed to intrigue Melvin further and he probed further. While Sally did end the conversation that day by refusing to say another word on that matter, and I suppose also threatening to cease all “mouth activities” on his manhood, it wasn't long before she succumbed to Melvin's persistent queries on the matter.

It turned out that when Sally was about 14 years of age, she had dated this guy who was some 20 years her senior. And like all relationships, there comes a stage where sexual intimacy is explored. Now I suppose at that time, the guy (for ease maybe I could call him H) was probably contemplating having sex with Sally but it was probably due to her young age that he held back. I am not extremely sure for Melvin did not give a very good explanation to this portion. But nevertheless, from what I know, the issue of sex was kinda talked about between H and Sally. Putting aside the fact that at 14 years of age, Sally was considered a minor and in Singapore it is illegal to have sex with a minor, H's main concern was not whether he was doing anything illegal but, if he had sexual intercourse with Sally, there was the risk of her getting pregnant. He wasn't about to use a condom and I think she was too young to take contraceptives, so thus he refrained from having sexual intercourse with Sally. And so he made it clear from the start that he would not be having sex with her. However, for a spirited young girl at such a rash age, there was only so much of petting and kissing that Sally could bear before she was eager to move to the next stage. And so when it seemed that Sally was ready (or eager) to having sex, H introduced her to something else.

It had sort of started after Sally had tried to tease H into having sex with her. She cheekily teased him that he had nothing to fear as it wasn't her first time anyway. And as she rubbed herself on him, she commented on how she really missed the feeling of having sex. I guess its something about the arrogance of youth which makes a young person try to act grown up in the presence of someone older. But H could probably see through her young naivety for he soon realised that she meant that she missed the orgasms that came with having sex. And so H began to show her a whole new world where orgasms could come without sexual intercourse. Well it wasn't like H was some scientific genius......he had merely introduced to Sally masturbation. (Funny how someone can have sexual intercourse but not know that, ah but I digress.)

So with the deft movements of his fingers and flicks of his tongue, he brought Sally to pleasurable new highs and multiple orgasms, a whole new experience for Sally. And of course, H also sought “self-care” which for him was in the form of blowjobs from Sally. Something which, I personally find rather amusing, he too had to introduce to her (for himself). The first time H guided Sally down him, she didn't know exactly what was needed to be done by her. And so when he slipped his bulging manhood into her mouth, she remained motionless as if waiting for something to happen. H chuckled as he noticed her inexperience and tried to subtly hint her on what was needed to be done but I guess you can't really hint an inexperienced one and expect something magical to happen, for the next thing that Sally did was begin to suck on his manhood like it was a lolly. A rather disastrous first time if you ask me, and after all that hinting and chuckling, I guess it took the “feeling” out of things for that once bulging manhood of H very soon began resembling a limp hotdog that has yet to be roasted.

Nevertheless, H was not about to let the pleasurable experiences be a one-sided affair and so he kept trying to subtly hint or “guide” her in giving a blowjob but each time it was a rather orgasm-less affair on H's part with Sally bursting out laughing at times. I suppose it must have been rather frustrating after while for H to see Sally writhing in her throes of pleasure while he was left with a deflated penis packed with an unused load. And so during one of the times as they were in a typical 69 position (with H at the bottom) he suddenly gave a smack to Sally's bottom as he gave some sort of instruction (swirl with her tongue or gently with her lips? I really can't remember). Well, I suppose Sally must have executed that instruction better than she normally did for H soon began to smack her bottom more regularly as he “guided” her through the process of her blowjob for him. The threat of harder smacks to her bottom also seemed to “push” Sally to do a slightly better job and I guess it kind of led H to conclude that instead of the subtle hints that he had given previously, a more firm and direct approach would be needed if he was going to get any pleasure himself.

Another thing that played the situation into H's hands was his ability in bringing Sally to orgasm after orgasm, with his fingers and tongue, which was becoming addictive for her. Similar to the effects of a drug, she craved it and wanted more each time. And as if he had it all planned, H began to hold back on his “gift” of orgasms to her and instead said that he would only pleasure her if he was pleasured first. So in that all to familiar 69 position, Sally would have to try please his manhood but instead of the usual simultaneous simulation on her female parts, which she would have received from H previously, was know sharp smacks of H's palm to her bare bottom and instructions being given to her. H would not pleasure her of bring her to an orgasm if she did not first try to give him a blowjob, but even then he would either not give her one after that for her lack of ability had not brought H's manhood to the point of ejaculation and even when he did pleasure her, he did so that the orgasms only came once or twice at max. Worse still, the pain from all that spanks would linger on her reddened bottom long after the writhes of the orgasms had gone. This frustrated Sally and after a few times she flatly refused H's demands and when H warned that then she wouldn't feel his touch, she defiantly said that she would take care of her own orgasms. And take care of her orgasms she did try. But it was to no avail for the feeling was different. The orgasms she experienced as she masturbated herself were less intense and lasted mere seconds as compared to those she had experienced with H. And so after only a week or so of unfulfilled orgasms, she went back to H almost literally begging for his touch. H obliged her this time, as if to give her a taste of what she had been missing, and pleasured her without any demands. But as soon as Sally's body began to writhe and convulsed with the effects of her first intensed orgasm........he stopped. That was it, at that very moment Sally knew that he was going to make a demand and because she was so hooked and addicted to his touch and its after-effects, she knew that whatever he was about to demand..........she would agree.

H's demands were simple yet almost too cruel. Sally says she can almost still hear his exact words - “Give me a good blow or I will give you no more.” But she begged and pleaded that it wasn't fair for it was clear that she could do it well. “Then I will train you to.” was the other sentence that still rang clear in her ears.

And train her he did. But as H now fully welded the power in the relationship, her training was no longer just sharp spanks to her bottom in the good ole 69 position. But took on a whole new dimension. H would make her kneel on the floor and suck him with her mouth as he sat on a couch. And as she sucked, he would weld a thick black crop in his hand with which he would strike at her bare bottom countless amount of times while occasionally giving her verbal instructions on what she was doing wrong. He would also make her go on her hands and knees on the table and blow on a dildo that he fixed on the wall. Practice was what he called it as he whipped her bottom with a thin cane and his bare hands sometimes. At times he would also pinch at her nipples as she took his manhood in her mouth. Many a time, tears would be streaming down her face as she gagged as he deep throated her. Each time that H himself was near a climax, he spank her bottom (if in the 69 position) or strike the crop harder and faster against her bottom, similar to how a jockey quickens his crop on his horse as they approach the finishing line, until he shot his load into her mouth. But that would not be the end of it. H demanded that she swallow every last drop of his load. If any did spill out onto the floor, he would make her lick them off the floor as he struck her bottom over and over again with the crop and voice his disappointment verbally over her failure in swallowing it full. The pain was excruciating but every now and then, H would stop his “training” of her for a short bit and ravage her intimate parts like he normally did only to stop just before she climaxed. He would then promise her that if she took her training like a “good girl” he would give her the climax she so craved for at the end of it all. This intermittent almost-orgasms frustrated Sally but also kept her body in a constant stage of want which somehow helped her to stick it out each time throughout H's training of her. H on his part kept good to his promise and each time he made sure she climaxed with such intensity that she just came back to his training each time despite the pain. Soon Sally began to also notice a certain changes in her. It was still painful but with the pain she soon found each climax more and more intense. So much so that a climax without the element of pain was something she could no longer live with.

Melvin commented that as she recounted that to him, her face bore the expression of longing for such a treatment once more and her eyes looked glazed as if stuck in a time that she didn't want to get out of. He never managed to probe what happened to her relationship with H in the end. But from her refusal to talk about it, he suspects that it may have ended on his terms and not hers. Needless to say, Melvin's relationship with Sally never lasted for he was vanilla and she was not.

Jennifer Lopez's spanking tape update

Wednesday, November 25, 2009 · 0 comments

Just a short little spanking news update on Jennifer Lopez.

So it appears that Jennifer Lopez's ex-husband, Ojani Noa, has admitted to trying to sell the homemade videos of J. Lo and him. He has however denied that there was any nudity nor was it a sex-tape. In his exclusive interview with E! News, he said that "There's no nudity — maybe one spanking." Hmmm.......so there was spanking action after all.

Let's see if that spanking clip ever reaches the internet.

If you wanna read the interview click here.

A Spanking Beginning Continued

Monday, November 16, 2009 · 4 comments

This is the third part to an earlier real life story which I titled “Watching A Friend Being Spanked” (which is Part 1) and “A Spanking Beginning” (which is Part 2). If you read this without reading the other two it may not make any sense.

“So everything ok between us now?” Michelle asked, eyes still tear-stained and her bottom still throbbing slightly from the spanking she had just received.

“Well I don't know.............maybe we should cool things off for a while.” Richard replied in a rather casual tone.

Tears began to well up in Michelle's eyes again as she pleaded with Richard not to end their relationship. And promised that she would do anything.

Richard calmed her down with a hug and held it there until she had stopped crying. And then he explained to her calmly his reasons for wanting to cool things off for a while. He told her honestly that she was a fun girl to be with but she just wasn't the kind of girl he wanted in a serious relationship. As they talked further, Michelle said that she had acted the way she did at the start because that was the only way she had always been when in a relationship, but as time passed with Richard she found herself seriously falling for him and wanting a serious relationship. They spent a good one hour or so having a heart to heart talk and at the end of it they had come to some sort of resolution. Through their one hour talk with each other Richard had shared about what a serious relationship meant to him and the spankings that came with it. Although Michelle at that time had said that she was willing to submit to a spanking in a relationship with him, Richard felt that there was a possibility that she was just saying it out of desperation. So Richard proposed that Michelle take the next two weeks to think about it, he supposed to be out of town for work anyway, and if she was still willing to be in such a relationship, then they would talk about it then.

The end of the two weeks was marked by a simple sms from Richard which said “Hi, I just touched down”. A couple more smses, which was largely pleasantries, passed between them before Michelle broached the issue of Richard's proposal. In her sms to him, she told him that she had spent the whole two weeks thinking about it and she still felt strongly that she wanted to give their relationship another try albeit this time on his terms. Richard's reply was simple, “Alright then, see you at 9am at my place on Monday and do not be late.”

So came the second part of their agreed resolution. (Prior to all this, Richard had scheduled a few weeks of leave a few days after his return from his business trip and the both of them had planned to spend some quality time together.) Richard had decided that if Michelle was willing to give the relationship a try on his terms, he would use the few weeks of leave to try it out with her.

Come Monday, Richard opened the door at 9.30am as Michelle arrived with breakfast. The initial first few minutes were slightly awkward as Michelle did not know what to expect in their so-called “new relationship” and they ate their breakfast in silence. Sensing the awkwardness in the air, Richard broke the silence by talking about some amusing happenings during his recent business trip and before long the both of them were back to their usual happy conversation. With the awkwardness gone and breakfast done with, Richard decided that it was just about the right time talk about what was to be expected in a relationship on his terms. It was more or less going to be the same as their relationship had always been but well just with the addition that Richard was going to spank her whenever he felt the need to and most of the decisions were to be decided by Richard. Of course there was room for discussion, but Richard's decision would be final. (Personally it was a slight mix between domestic discipline and a dom/sub kinda relationship that Richard was talking about.) And then he gave Michelle a last chance to back out, to which Michelle declined the offer.

So came Michelle's first spanking of the day. She was supposed to have been at his house at 9am in the morning but had only reached at 9.30 so Richard told Michelle that he was going to give her one spank for each minute that she was late – 30 in all. But as Richard sat back and motioned Michelle to get over his knee, she protested that it was not her fault that she had been late as she had trouble getting a taxi and the driver had lost his way. Richard let her rant for a bit then he cut her off with a simple, “Are you forgetting what we agreed earlier?” Michelle kept quiet for a moment and then with a small impish pout, she said “Sorry, it was just a knee-jerk reaction” as she went over his knee. Richard shifted Michelle slightly into position and lifted her skirt. He paused for a moment and then told her that he had intended to only give her the spanking on her panties but since she had tried to resist, he was going to give it on her bare. Although on the bare, they did not hurt as much. Richard had decided that he was going to start slow on her and therefore made the spanking sting enough but not too painful. The next few days until the end of the week was as such. It was to Richard more of letting Michelle adapt to submitting to the spankings. Only a one or two spankings were dished out a day, all were handspankings and only on the bare if Michelle gave her usual “knee-jerk” reaction and tried to give an excuse to get out of a spanking. The rest of the time was spent just like any ordinary couple spending their quality time. At the end of that week, Richard decided that he had given Michelle enough time to adapt to submitting to spankings, and he felt that she had done pretty well, considering the “horrid way that she was” not too long ago. And so Richard upped his “testing” by a notch. As he drove Michelle home that day, told her to stay over of the rest of his leave. Michelle knew what this meant, they had talked about it before. It was what Michelle termed “the next phase”. There was a mix of emotions for Michelle. She was happy as it was only if she had “cleared his first phase” would Richard get her to come over to stay. Yet she knew, from what Richard had described on his plans, it wasn't going to be as simple as the mild spankings that she had been receiving over the past week. I guess Richard had some sort of sub-training in mind and had described it briefly to Michelle. As he stopped his car at Michelle's place, he told her that he would come to pick her up at ten am the next morning. He also told her that would be staying at his place throughout and only needed to pack one set of clothing (apart from what she would be wearing on that day). As she stepped out of the car, Michelle found it rather odd that Richard would say to pack only one set of clothing considering that she would be there for almost two weeks. So she brushed it off as probably a mistake by Richard.

The next morning, Richard was already at her place by 09.45 but Michelle only stepped out of her place at 10.15. By now she knew better than to give any excuse for herself and instead just gave a “Sorry I am late” as she planted a kiss on Richard's cheek as she got into his car. Michelle knew that she would be getting 15 spanks for that but did not count on Richard giving to her before they reached his place. But Richard had other plans. He drove further up the road to a rather deserted spot and before Michelle could ask him why he had stopped the car, he told her to lower the seat all the way down and turn over. Knowing that it be wise not to question Richard, she complied and gripped the front of the seat in anticipation of the impending spanking. Richard lifted her skirt and also lowered her panties. Although only fifteen spanks, they seemed harder this time, drawing gasps from Michelle.

As quickly as that spanking began it ended, and they journeyed to a nearby shopping centre for brunch and to get groceries for the next two weeks.

After the had packed the foodstuff when they got home, Richard told Michelle to take a seat at the sofa and wait for him. When he returned, he had two paper bags with him. In them were two neatly wrapped packages which Richard told Michelle were presents for her and told her to open them. Excited at receiving the presents, Michelle tore the wrapper but when she saw what Richard had given her, she did not know how to react and gave him a puzzled look. Richard chuckled as he looked at the two presents. They were two sets of white racer back cotton tops and boy-shorts. “That's going to be your attire for these two weeks. Now you know why I said only to pack an extra set of clothing, which you will be wearing home.”, Richard said. Seeing the look on Michelle's face, Richard knew that she must have packed a whole lot of clothing and so told Michelle to take her bag over to see what was inside. As Richard peered into the bag, he was amazed at the amount of clothes and told her to spread them all out on the table in sets. All in all, there were 20 sets (tops and bottoms) and about 20 sets of lingerie. Shaking his head, he looked at Michelle and reminded her that she had not followed his instructions again.

Giving her all famous pout she said, “I guess this means you are going to spank me again?”

Richard smiled and replied, “Yes, one spank for each set here. 40.”

Michelle sighed as she moved to get over his knee, but Richard told her to remove the clothing she was wearing first. Michelle hesitated but complied once Richard warned that he would double the 40 spanks if she resisted. It would not have been the first time that Richard saw her naked but Michelle was still embarrassed, more so since he was fully clothed, and she shielded her private areas with her hand as she stood in front of Richard. But Richard move her hands away and told her that she was to always keep her hands by her side unless told otherwise. Michelle burned with embarrassment as Richard took amount to look at her before leading her over his knee, so much so that she felt almost thankful that she was over his knee instead of standing infront of him.

The forty spanks were as hard as the earlier 15 spanks and Michelle gasped with each spank that landed on her bottom. After the spanking, Michelle was told to clear away her clothes and that she was to wear the attire given to her at all times. No lingerie was needed.

After that, Michelle was given three simple rules. 1- Ask for permission to do anything. 2 – Listen to all instuctions. 3 – Ask for a spanking every hour.

The rest of the time was spent the way any couples did when spending quality time with the exception that Michelle got a couple of spankings, mostly for forgetting to ask for permission before she did anything. As for the spanking every hour, it was more of the submissiveness of asking for the spanking to Richard and he only gave her ten on her cotton boyshorts each time. But as Richard had increased the strength of the spanks, Michelle's bottom was quite the pinkish shade by the end of the day. This continued for another day but on the third morning, Richard noticed in the morning that Michelle was wearing a set of her own clothes instead. When he questioned her, she said that he had only given her two sets and there had already been worn on the two days before.

“Didn't you wash them?”, Richard asked.

“I wasn't intending to do any washing that's why I brought so many sets of clothing.”, was Michelle's reply.

So Richard made her take the two sets of “attire” to the toilet and told her to handwash them immediately. After she had washed them and hung them out to dry, Richard made her remove her clothing once more and took her over his knee and gave her twenty spanks over her bottom. Then he introduced the hairbrush to her and gave her another ten on her bottom with it. He then put her in the corner with her hands on her head. He did not give her a timing and merely told her to stay there till he called for her.

It was about fifteen minutes before Richard let out from the corner and Michelle proceeded to wear her clothes.

Seeing this Richard questioned, “What do you think you are doing?”

“Wearing my clothes, can't you see?”, was Michelle's reply.

“Are you forgetting what your attire is?”, ask Richard.

“But I just washed them and they are still wet.” Michelle replied in a slightly annoyed tone.

Without replying to that, Richard pulled her over his knee once more and gave her twenty hard spanks on her bottom. When he was done, he told her that the twenty spanks were for not asking if she could wear her clothes. Then he continued and told her that she was only to wear the attire that he had given her. And if they were, for some reason, dirty or wet, then she would simply just remain naked. Michelle of course protested to which Richard gave another quick five spanks on her bottom and told her that if there was further protest he would spank her some more. So Michelle remained naked for the rest of the day, receiving her hourly spanking on her bare bottom instead of her cotton boy shorts, not that it gave much protection.

And so it was that way for the whole two weeks. During which, Richard also introduced the belt and the cane to her. They stung, but Richard only gave a few strokes her and there to which she felt the pain but never to the extent of tears. I guess the two weeks for Richard was more of “training” Michelle (in his own words) to be a tad more submissive. Well it did have some effect on Michelle for she did become more subdued and only had an outburst once for which Richard gave her a blistering of a spanking and the cane which brought her close to tears. Michelle on her part strangely felt different in the relationship, despite the pain from the punishments, felt it so arousing and drawing that she secretly wanted more of it.

Then came the last day. Richard sat Michelle down and asked her how she felt the whole week had gone by and if she wanted to continue in such a relationship with him. Well Michelle's reply was positive. Richard however told her that the past two week was more of seeing if she could “adapt” or change toward being a bit more submissive. The spankings could be considered mild. And therefore, he was going to give her, what he felt was a proper spanking. Richard also felt that it would serve as a base for future spankings that he was going to dish out. Despite her excitement, that Richard had hit it on the nail that she wanted more, she wondered if she was going to be able to take the spanking.

Removing her clothes as she was told, Richard gave her a blistering handspanking for about a minute or two. It was harder than the spankings she had received throughout the week and by the time it was over, tears were welling up in her eyes. But it was only the beginning as Richard continued almost immediately with the hairbrush giving her close to forty spanks which brought Michelle to tears. She was then put into the corner for about 15 minutes and then made to bend over the sofa for ten strokes of the belt and a further ten with the cane. Each stroke drew gasps and cries from Michelle and she sobbed for almost twenty minutes after that as Richard sat her on his lap.

For the two of them, that punishment sort of marked the official beginning of their “new relationship” as they called it. And as Richard drove her back that day, Michelle sort of felt that she had found the relationship that she was looking for.

*Now I know this ending is quite abrupt but I lost the last few pieces of notes which I had taken while talking to them. And from what I remember, it may make another story. So apologies and stay tuned*

Jennifer Lopez and Nicole Kidman indulged in a little spanking?

Friday, November 13, 2009 · 2 comments

Dear readers, I know this may be old news for some of you but it is apparent that quite a number of my Singaporeans would not be in the know of such juicy spanking news. I was intending to post this as two separate posts but after some thought........I felt it would not be very ethical.

First off: Nicole Kidman is on the Cover for the December 2009 edition of GQ (click here) and in her interview with the magazine talked about her experiences with love with ranged from "mundane marriage" to "strange sexual fetish stuff". While it doesn't go on with any more specifics, I suppose that is enough to put some thoughts into many minds. Would Nicole Kidman have indulged in a little spanking? Imagine how her cream white skin (assuming her bottom is also the same) would look after a splendid spanking? This also brought back a little faint memory of a movie I saw Nicole Kidman in. It was "Birthday Girl" where Nicole played this Russian mail order bride. I shall not go into a whole movie review (click here if you must know about the movie) but there was this scene where Nicole's character found a box of fetish (bondage and spanking) videos that the male lead character had stashed away. And there there was this short (close to blink-and-you-would-miss-it type) where Nicole's character was lying on the bed with her hands tied to the bedposts..........suggesting that there was some fetish play in the movie.

Second: It seems Jennifer Lopez's (aka J. Lo) ex-husband has been accused of trying to sell some eleven hours of taped action between the both of them during their marriage. And in one of the reports I read (click here to read it) there were apparently scenes of Jennifer Lopez getting spanked by the ex-husband (Ojani Noa). Ah but anyway, J. Lo has managed to get the courts to issue a temporary restraining order on the release of the tapes, and Ojani has supposedly denied that there was anything sexual on the tapes. Well.....fingers crossed......like all other celebrity tapes.......I am sure it would somehow find its way on the internet. On a separate note, I kinda remember reading somewhere (long time ago) that Puff Daddy (aka Sean Combs or P. Diddy) had also spanked Jennifer's ass. Hmmm.......will post it here if I find that link again.

Anyway.......please dun think that the stories have dried up.......I will be (if all goes well) posting a story over the weekend so do stick around. Meanwhile.......keep the spankings coming!!

Jessica Alba Gets A Spanking

Tuesday, November 10, 2009 · 4 comments

Hey dear readers, if you remember, I was toying with the idea of putting more spanking related stuff, apart from the real life stories, in a bid to liven up the blog and also in a bid to post more often. Well I guess its time to start. For those of you who have been hoping for more from my blog, do stay tuned. As for those who follow my stories, fret not, I will still keep them a-spanking coming.

Meanwhile here is a clip for you all to enjoy. Its a trailer of Jessica Alba get a spanking (a belting rather) from the movie "The Killer Inside Me" which is scheduled to be released in 2010, actual date still unknown. The movie is based on the book of the same name. For more information click here for information on the movie and here for information on the book.

Periods, Pregnancy and Spankings

Tuesday, October 20, 2009 · 3 comments

Dear readers......apart from sharing with you the happenings that go on in spanking relationships, today's story also serves to dismiss the very misconception that people in domestic relationships do not live normal lives. Trust me, each and every spanko out there, yours truly included, is very much human and face the same problems that non spanko face. Just because we indulge in a little spanking or kinkiness every now and then, or maybe even live it 24/7, it does change the face that we are very much human. And because we are human, many of us unfortunately also suffer from the sad reality called “having-to-work-for-money-because-we-need-it”. Oh and for those who were wondering, yes we fall sick, we die, and in fact many of us do contract cancer and the other major diseases that affect the non spankos in our world. :) Oh not forgetting, spanko women still get their periods and yes they do get pregnant as well. Speaking of which........brings me to today's story. Periods, Pregnancy and spankings. At the same time, this may give a few of you some ideas on how one can continue with your spanko life amidst the realities of normal life.

Mike and Shirley are a couple I know from way back. They are lifestyle spankos and by that I mean they live it 24/7 in a domestic discipline relationship. Just so that those who are unfamiliar to this, Mike is the Head of the Household and yes he dishes out the spankings in the relationship. (No prizes for guessing who receives the spankings in their relationships).

So their relationship is typical of many domestic discipline relationships. There are the usual mutually agreed upon rules which if Shirley does not abide by, she receives an OTK bare bottomed handspanking at the very least. Apart from the punishment spankings that Shirley would receive, assuming she breaks a rule and earns a thrashing, there are also maintenance spankings. These maintenance spankings, which serves both as a reminder to Shirley on being submissive and as a deterrent from breaking the rules, were conducted in a rather ritualistic manner. Each time a maintenance spanking is given, Shirley has to place the chair in the middle of the room, lay the punishment belt on the bed, remove all her clothing and kneel on the chair with her hands behind her back. When Mike come in to commence the maintenance spanking, he puts her over his knee and its almost always about ten minutes. Mike will normally start slowly and then increase the tempo with each minute. After the handspanking, Shirley would lay face down on the bed, with two pillows under her to prop up her bottom, and Mike would give her twenty hard strokes with the belt, all of which have to be counted aloud. As for the frequency of the maintenance spankings, it normally depends. When they first began domestic discipline, the maintenance spankings were twice daily (once in the morning and once at night) for the first month. After that, the maintenance spankings were reduced to once a day. This continued for about six months before they were reduced to three times a week (mon, wed and fri). And in fact it has been that way till now, most of the time at least. Note that the maintenance spankings were conducted on top of whatever punishment spankings that Shirley had earned for herself. The maintenance spankings were rarely missed and the only occasions that they were missed were whenever it was time of the month that Shirley got her period.

Then came the time like any other couple, spanko or not, when Shirley got pregnant. Now contrary to popular belief, the majority of us spankos put a very high emphasis on safety. Hence, the moment it was confirmed that Shirley was pregnant, Mike declared a no spanking zone. With immediate effect, the spankings ceased. But this didn't mean that their domestic discipline relationship simply became a vanilla one. It just meant that spankings earned were merely kept for a later date. Mike decided that there would be no spankings throughout the term of Shirley's pregnancy and he split the rules into three broad groups – mild, serious and severe. For each of the mild rules broken, Shirley was made to stand in the corner fully naked with her hands on her head for one hour. For each of the serious rules broken, it was the same position and the same duration but only this time Mike would place a peg on each of her nipples. It wasn't extremely painful but it got pretty uncomfortable after a while. For severe rules that were broken, Mike would add five peg on each of her inner thighs. In addition to this, Mike gave Shirley a journal and each time a rule was broken, she was to record it in the respective column in the journal. This was so that each offence would be dealt with a proper spanking once the pregnancy was over.

The nine months came and went, and the both of them welcomed a pretty little baby boy. Now the spankings didn't resume immediately, like I said safety and personal well being is of high importance to us spankos ya? At the same time, Mike felt that it was also important that they adjusted to the routine of having a kid first. So about four month after Shirley had given birth, Mike decided that he would resume the spankings. The maintenance spankings were the first to be resumed and considering the long “break” that Shirley had gotten from them, they were given out everyday for the first month. But instead of the bedroom where they son was sleeping with them, they were conducted in the study room each night after their son had been given the last feed. After that month, Mike reduced the maintenance spankings back to the usual three times a week. That was also when he began to address the offences that had been recorded in the journal.

The journal contained 14 months of offences and if I remembered correctly, there were 10 severe offences, about the same amount of serious offences and a lot more mild offences. With what he had in mind, Mike decided that he would cap them all to 10, which meant that Shirley would expect 10 mild, 10 serious and 10 severe punishments coming her way. The punishments for each of the offence was as such.

(They were all meted out with Shirley naked)

Mild – a hard five minute otk handspanking, ten strokes of the hairbrush on each butt cheek and ten strokes of a hard plastic ruler. Ten minutes corner time in between

Serious – a hard ten minute otk handspanking, twenty strokes of the hairbrush on each butt cheek, twenty strokes of the hard plastic ruler. Then Shirley would have to get on her hands and knees on the bed for ten strokes of the belt and ten strokes of the strap. Likewise there was also ten minutes corner time between each implement.

Severe – a hard 15 minute otk handspanking, thirty strokes of the hairbrush on each butt cheek, thirty strokes of the hard plastic ruler. Then on her hands and knees for 15 with the belt and 15 with the strap. In addition, Shirley had to lie facedown on the bed with pillows to prop up her bottom for ten strokes of a paddle and twenty strokes of the cane.

When were these punishments meted out? Well, each weekend Mike and Shirley would put their son with Mike's mother so that they could spend some couple time with each other. They would go out, have a nice meal and just spend quality time with each other. But on the last weekend of each month for the ten months after that, it was a punishment day for Shirley. For each punishment day, Shirley was given a mild punishment in the morning, serious in the afternoon and the punishment day would end with the severe punishment at night. Ever the stickler for rituals, Mike set a specific time for each punishment slot and Shirley had to get all the implements laid out on the bed before she approached Mike to ask for her punishment. In addition to that, on each punishment day from the start of the first punishment, Mike made it a rule that Shirley was to remain without her clothes until the end of the severe punishment.

At present, Mike and Shirley have three children and this was practised throughout all three pregnancies. Now I know that even within the spanko community, there will be some who disagree with such a method and some who applaud Mike's idea. My feel on it is, well that's how they did it and it worked for them and so who are we to judge or comment. It may not be the way all spankos do it, and it doesn't have to be. Just find what works for you.

Just keep the spanks going............

Reader's Submission: An Ah Beng's memory of an Ah Lian spanked and caned

Monday, October 12, 2009 · 4 comments

Hey what do you know. Finally a guy has posted one of his spanking stories to me!! But unfortunately it is written in Singlish and knowing that a lot of you readers are not from Singapore and will not understand much of the Singlish terms I guess I will have to translate some of it for you. So when you see the word “zong”, it actually means something like gangleader. I think his use of “super” actually means very. The term “ting hua” means obedient. “Paisei” means embarrassed. “Hua ping” means vase. Though I think he meant it in a way that the girl sat there “looking pretty not saying a word”. The term “seh” means drunk. Well that should be it, I dunno about the nuances........if you have problem understanding just let me know.

Read on and enjoy. Thanks to the reader who contributed this real life spanking story.

Hi, I happened to see your blog at BU and I thought wah notz badz ah.......amazing leh......very rarely I see such a blog from Singapore.

As I read your stories, I think back and remember this. So I thought I would share with you.

It was super long long time ago thing.

Last time after school we all always go to my zong's house to relax watch tv and smoke or sometimes even take drugs.

My zong he older than us by many years then don need to work one cause he bookie and ah long runner so always very free. Plus his house nobody so we always go up.

Always when we go up most of the time its one whole group of guys and girls one. We all under our zong mah. Most of us from the same school but then there is this girl who is my zong's girlfriend. She is ah lian from another school. Super lian one and I think that time she one year younger than me. But although she super lian ah she also super ting hua to my zong. She not like the other girls in our group that always make a lot of noise. Everytime we at our zong place ah she will most of the time sit next to him like what they call hua ping ah. Of course whenever we talk cock joke she also got join in la or sometimes she will join the girls and talk cock when we guys go do other things.

At first the first few times see my zong's girlfriend like that we all thought she is just born like that one la. Then there was this time that one of the guys complain la that his girlfriend like always attitude one then he say that if his girlfriend ah 10% like his girlfriend good already ah. Then my zong say ah that no la girls always got attitude one la but must train lor. Then he say his girlfriend also train that like that one wat. We all still don understand wat he mean la so my friend ask him. Then my zong ah he turn to his girlfriend and ask her to say what happens if she not ting hua. Then she like paisei like that give that paisei smile and never say anything. But my zong ask her to say then she like still don wan. So my zong say that since she don wan to say he show us what he will do to her. Then he pull her over his lap and then give her backside one or two smack and then tell us this is what he do to her lor. We all like super stun la then can see the girl like very paisei but when she get up sit back next to him she just lean her head on his arm and pretend like normal like that. Then my zong tell us that this time he only show us la. If normally he do that he sure spank until she cry one.

But don see my zong like that think he beat girl one. He steady one la. Is just that he those old school ah beng ma. To him his girlfriend ah must behave certain way la and must ting hua. But he steady la he don force. He just tell the girl that she got choice. If she wan to be his girlfriend then must accept or not then don be together lor. So he say is she choose one wat. Then he say ah he also gentleman la. Not like other guy outside angry already will slap the girlfriend and all. He wun do that one plus he say guy cannot slap girls one la. Its not good. Somemore if spank only the backside ah then like wear clothes cannot see ma. Oh but I remember sometimes he will also smack her thigh la. Like because we all go to his house most of the time if weekday we in school uniform mah. Then the girls all ah the uniform like very short so my zong ah very particular one. His girlfriend must sit properly la cannot anyhow sit wait zhao geng ma. But they all young girls sometimes forget ma so when like she sit halfway ah zhao geng then she haven realise yet but my zong realise ah he will give one smack to her thigh la and ask her sit properly. I think its quite hard la cause sometimes ah we see after he smack quite red.

Then better still got this time ah we really see our zong spank his girlfriend. Even use the cane ah. Actually normally ah if he spank her ah we not there one. He usually wait for us to leave one. But we all noe la. Because normally the girl will go home together with few of the other girls one they share cab or take bus together. Stay near each other one. So whenever my zong ask them go first ah we know that confirm is my zong need to spank her one. But then this time I think my zong super angry with her la. Aiya because no matter what my zong girlfriend ah is still ah lian ma. But my zong got this rule he don like his girlfriend to drink la. Actually drink abit he ok la but not until drunk because ah when she seh ah very jia lat one. But his girlfriend ah like to drink. So this time ah so happen we all buy beer go up my zong place. I think its because my zong win big in soccer so he buy beer all and treat us all. Then he remind his girlfriend not to drink too much. But then I think she never listen la. Drink until she seh then wah start already lor. We all talking cock halfway then suddenly heard this loud piang from the kitchen. Then we all go and see its my zong girlfriend throwing the empty glass bottle down from the kitchen window. Wah lucky no one downstairs at that time la. Then my zong like very angry and shout at her to stop it. But she like drunk already la so laughing there then throw another one down. Straight away he rush there and carry her away from the window. Then worse still she try to struggle and then holding the bottle anyhow swing end up knock the bottle on my zong arm and cut. Wah my zong I think super angry la. He bring her into the toilet and spray the water on her face. Then I think she vomit la cause drink to much but not as seh already. Then he bring her to the room and put her on the bed. After that I think he too angry already he ask two of the girls to take care of her then he come out to the living room to clean his cut. Then we all like stun but then because everything calm down already we all resume talking cock and all and my zong like normal la still talk cock with us. Then I think about one two hour later the two girls and my zong girlfriend come out and then when my zong see ah his face like angry like that. But he never say anything just continue talking cock with us. Then I think the girl know my zong angry with her la so she sit next to him ah then try to make him happy. But my zong ignore her still continue talk to us. But I think she still try to pester him and say sorry I think then after sometime ah we all talking cock there then they both whispering to each other but can see from my zong face like they quarreling like that but cannot really hear what they saying. Then suddenly my zong get up and walk off I think go toilet. Then when he return ah he stand at the sofa there but never sit down. Look at his girlfriend and ask how. I think he sound quite fierce so suddenly ask how like that we all suddenly all keep quiet and look at them. Then the girl like say some many people around. Then my zong say then you so drunk just now not scared so many people around. Then he sit down next to her and tell her then if she don wan they go home lor he don wan to see her. Then she I think like try to beg him say dun be like that. But he repeat if she don agree then get out. Then we all like dunno wat to do all sit there keep quiet looking at them. Then suddenly she say ok la ok la then she ownself like go over his lap. Then we all stun then one by one stand up want to go off. But my zong ask us sit down. He say he want to make sure next time he tell her dun drink she will listen cause not first time so he going to spank her in front of us. Then we all like not nice la but bo pian cause he our zong so we all sit down lor. Then he start spanking her backside like very hard like that. Then he flip her skirt la then he spank again until she like crying like that. I dunno is it she cry because she pai sei we see her panties or because its pain. Then after that my zong ask us to clear the table cause got a lot of beer bottles and tidbits on it. We all thought for what but we all clear and bring to the kitchen and throw. Then when we come out of kitchen we stun again cause see my zong girlfriend on the table like in doggy position like that. Then we all like feel not nice la so tell my zong say we go first la. Then my zong say ok but after he give her the first three strokes first. Wah he fold the skirt over only got her panties then he swing quite far behind. Each time the cane land on her backside she like cry like that. So after the three strokes ah we all like leaving then the girl crying and then we hear our zong tell the girl that since everyone leaving no one around he going to cane her without the panties. When I closing the door that time I see him pulling it down but never see anything else la. Then ah from outside after I close the door wah can hear the sound of the cane then can hear her cry also. Sibei jialat. A few days later ah when we go our zong house again she still sit like can see its still pain ah. But really lei she never drunk again lei.

So this ah long time ago la. But tot I share with you.

A Spanking Beginning

Friday, October 9, 2009 · 2 comments

This is the second part to the earlier real life story which I titled “Watching A Friend Being Spanked”. Click here if you have not read it.

For those who have already read it.............read on for the second part...........

"How come the change in your attitude in a relationship?" was one of the immediate questions that Denise and Valarie asked Michelle once she had finished retelling the events the night before. Before
Michelle could even begin to think of a reply, Denise shot another questions, "How did all this spanking begin?" More questions came shooting out of Denise and Valarie's mouth all without a chance for Michelle to even internalise them.

After a minute or two of the barrage of questions, Michelle held up her hand and told them to slow down with the questions. She took a big gulp from her glass of milk, as if to buy a bit of time, as she
thought about the answers to the questions that had been thrown at her by two of her closest and best friends. They had known her for more than ten years and she knew that if she did not give them a satisfactory answer......they would "kill" her with all of their endless questions.

Deciding to start with how it all began.......

Michelle started with the time that Richard and her had just gotten together. It was close to a year ago. At the start of their relationship, Michelle treated Richard like how she would have
normally treated all her previous boyfriends. She was quite the cocktease....flirting with them then once they had been "hooked" by her charm, she would unleash her infamous attitude, that had been legendary in school for bringing more than one boy at least to tears, on the poor guy who would of course bear with it because by then he would have already been totally smitten with her initial charm.

While this tactic/strategy of Michelle's had worked wonders with all the testerone-filled school boys, who would have literally jumped off the second storey (if she had asked them to) just for a faint chance of putting their hands up her blouse, it apparently had no effect on Richard. Unlike all of Michelle's previous boys, Richard was more man than boy. He had seen it all during his schooling years and had honed a fair amount of experience with all the various tricks that cheeky and manipulative girls like Michelle had up their sleeve. Richard however found it a little entertaining and for the first month or so, he played along with her antics and did the occasional giving in just so that he could have a little more entertainment. Soon enough, Michelle realised that Richard was quite the tough nut to crack. He did not fall for her underhand manipulative tricks that had worked wonders on so many of her previous boyfriends. However, the more her tricks failed to wrap Richard round her finger, the more determined she became in getting him under her thumb. At the same time, she found Richard thoroughly refreshing and intriguing, totally unlike the many despicable guys that she had dated before. To top it off, it didn't help that Richard did not appear desperate to get into her pants. She had tested this, like how she had tested on so many guys previously, on Richard by using her infamous feigning drunkeness during a night out and collapsing on him, pretending to be out cold. Where many of the previous guys had either tried to rape her or molest her as they sent her home (or to a hotel room), during which she would suddenly "come to consciousness" and slap the guy before storming off, Richard actually sent her home without even moving his hands close to his breast. And he even used a smelling salt to try to get her conscious and "looking sober" as they got close to her home so that her parents wouldn't get upset that she was drunk. Michelle was pleasantly surprised at Richard's actions then, and somehow found herself really falling for him, but she soon re-focused herself and the day after that, she called him and instead of thanking him for sending her home, threw a fit demanding to know if he found her unattractive and therefore not touching her at all when he sent her home (now wasn't that totally ridiculous?). Richard of course was initially shocked at her fit, but soon realised that it was one of her games again and sure enough ignored her nonsense. Not happy to be ignored, Michelle stormed to his place in the middle of the night and started kicking a fit the moment she arrived. To which Richard largely ignored. But when she began throwing things around and screaming, Richard calmly walked up to her and tried to get her to stop this nonsense. And when she continued, he put her over her knee and landed a flurry of spanks across her mini skirt. It all happened very fast, and Michelle believed that it was the shock and surprise that sort of semi-paralysed her for she did not struggle. As soon as it had begun, it ended with Richard lifting her up and telling her that it was extremely ridiculous what she was doing and that it was already very late and he was going to send her back.

It was a silent drive home and not a word was spoken between the two of them. But as Michelle sat there, with a slight burn on her bottom, she felt puzzled by the funny feeling that she had been having inside her since Richard had spanked her. She felt puzzled because although she felt a little embarrassed at what Richard had done to her, something inside her actually wanted him to do it again. When they reached Michelle's place, Michelle got out and still not a word was spoken. And even before Michelle had reached her gate, Richard drove off.......not even saying goodbye or the usual kiss. And as she looked at Richard's car drive off, Michelle soon realised that she had a problem. What problem was that? Well normally, if any of her boyfriends had done that, she would have been seething with anger. Problem this time........she did not feel any anger........but rather felt worried.........worried that she had been a little overboard. Worried that he would be angry? Now that wasn't what Michelle would normally feel. And then it struck her............she had already fallen for him. Then just as she had stepped into her bedroom, the sms alert on her hp sounded. It was Richard, he had smsed her: “Sorry if I did what I did tonight. I don't regret it though. You had it coming for a long time already. I guess you won't want to see me anymore. I understand.” Michelle looked at the sms for a long time as she laid in bed............and with a sigh........she made a decision and went to bed.

Early the next morning, Richard opened the door sleepy-eyed wondering who could be ringing the door bell this early in the morning, and was surprised to see Michelle standing there with breakfast. She stepped in a gave him a big hug and held him there for a minute before whispering into his ear, “I am sorry for last night.” This surprised Richard even more.......probably the first time he had heard Michelle apologise. Richard however, was still understandably irritated with Michelle's continued unreasonable behaviour, and so he stood motionless (not even putting his arms around her as she hugged him). Realising that her advances towards Richard were not being returned, Michelle took a step back, looked at him in the eye and said, “I really am sorry and I am trying to make it up to you.” With the same stoic look at he had since he opened the door, he replied, “Well, its gonna take more than that.” Michelle was about to respond but before she could, Richard took the plastic bag of food from her hands and said, “We'd better eat before the food turns cold.”

Richard walked towards the couch, placed the food down on the coffee table, switched on the television and began eating. Michelle followed behind him and took a seat beside him. There was silence for a bit. Richard ate his food and kept his eyes on the television. Michelle on the other hand didn't seem to have much of an appetite and was more of worried that Richard was giving her the cold treatment. She tried to sit closer to him and lean her head on his shoulder, but the feeling was different, Richard made no effort like before to shift himself closer towards her. She then tried to nudge him playfully at his ribs like she normally did, but instead of the usual response, Richard just brushed her hand away as he continued eating. Undeterred, Michelle nudged him again but once again Richard brushed her hand away. The cold treatment was more than Michelle could take and she reached for the television remote, switched the television off and asked in a half-pleading, half-frustrated tone if Richard could just talk to her.

Richard said nothing as he finished off the last few bits of his food, then placed the empty box on the table before leaning back on the couch and slowly turned his head towards her and said,”What do you want to talk about?”

“Well........could you please stop being angry with me? I know you are upset, but I am really sorry and I am trying to make it up to you.” Michelle pleaded in desperation which bore a hint of frustration.

Richard sensed this a retorted,”From you tone, it seems the position you are in is not a familiar one is it?”

“Please......just don't be angry already?” Michelle pleaded as she tried to ignore Richard's sarcasm even though she knew there was some truth to his observation.

Richard knew Michelle's actions were really sincere and plus, he knew it was pretty rare given her character. But he knew that he was at his wits end with her attitude and was getting quite tired with it all. He loved Michelle but that attitude really had to go. And so instead of softening up, he replied, “Just don't be angry? That's easy for you to say.”

“But I have already tried to make it up to you!”, Michelle exclaimed with a slight protest.

“And what if I say that its not enough?” Richard asked her as he kept that stoic look.

“Then what else do you want me to do?” Michelle pleaded, as she felt tears beginning to well up.

“Anything?”, Richard asked.

“Yes.....anything......as long as you will stop being angry with me.” Michelle said.

But instead of making any demand........Richard left it at that for the moment and instead asked her why the sudden change in her attitude this time and coming over in the morning and all. Michelle began to sob as she said that it was because she felt she was at fault.

“So you mean that this is the first time you are at fault?” Richard retorted in mock astonishment.

“No......that's not what I meant.....”, Michelle quickly replied as she shook her head as if worried that Richard had misunderstood.

“So then what's with the sudden change in you this time?”, Richard asked again.

Michelle kept silent as a tear trickled down her face as Richard kept silent too and repeated his question once more.

“Because I think I really want this relationship of ours and I was afraid that you were breaking up with me after that sms of yours last night.” Michelle replied as amidst the tears as she began to cry.

Richard didn't say anything this time, but put his arms around her and gave her a hug as Michelle wrapped her arms round him and cried in his chest.

“But I am in a dilemma here........I too really want this relationship but at the same time.......it really is quite hard to maintain a relationship with you when I keep getting all that attitude from you.” Richard said as he stroked her hair.

“I am really sorry about last night, I know I really shouldn't have been that way.” Michelle apologised once more amid her sobs.

“Its not just last night..............its about the way you are..........I mean...........the attitude and all that unreasonable nonsense is not something I want in a girlfriend.” Richard said.

“I know I have been quite the bitch........its true.......but its only been that way because I wasn't really serious yet.” Michelle said in her defence.

“I don't know.......seriously.........for all we know........tomorrow........you'd be back to being the bitch again.” Richard replied.

“Well I will try my best........I promise.........” Michelle tried to convince him.

“Try your best? And what happens once lil miss bitchy returns? Then we break up?” Richard asked.

“No don't break up please?” Michelle begged.

“So you mean lil miss bitchy won't return?” Richard probed.

“But I am not perfect.........” Michelle protested.

“So what will happen then?” Richard probed again.

Not knowing what else she could say, she said, ”I really don't know, I will really try my best but I can't be certain.........what do you need me to do?”

“Well.........let me think about it...........but before that.........remember you said earlier that you would do anything to make up to me for last night?”

Michelle nodded.

“Were you serious?” Richard asked.

Michelle nodded again.

“Even if its a spanking?” Richard asked.

“You mean like last night?” Michelle asked.

“Well did it hurt last night?” Richard calmly asked.

“No.....not really.......” Michelle said as her hand subconsciously rubbed her bottom.

“Well it will hurt this time, I promise you.” Richard said.

“But will it stop you from being angry with me?” Michelle queried.

“It depends.......how willing you are in taking the spanking.” Richard replied.

“If its gonna take away your anger.....I am willing.” Michelle said.

“Ok then” Richard said as he adjusted himself on the couch and slowly led Michelle over his knee.

Before he began he asked Michelle once more, “You are sure you are willing to be spanked?”

Michelle nodded.

“Now, the condition is that once I start spanking you, you cannot back out until I have finished. Alright?” Richard asked, as if giving her one last chance to back out if she wanted to.

Michelle nodded again.

For the first minute or so, Richard spanked Michelle over her skirt, slowly at first then at a faster pace. Michelle could feel the sting of the spanks, but as her denim mini skirt was quite thick, it was bearable. I suppose Richard could feel the thickness of the denim skirt as he spanked, and so only after a minute he stopped, flipped her skirt up and resumed spanking on her panties. The spanks were harder this time and drew “Ows” and “Ahhs” from Michelle. The spanking over the panties lasted longer this time, for about five minutes, and by the middle of it Michelle was crying out louder and was kicking her legs. Richard increased the speed of the spanks as well as the strength slightly so much so that for the last 30 seconds, Michelle was struggling and almost breathless. By the time Richard had stopped, Michelle was clutching on tightly to the pillow on the couch, trying to catch her breath and crying at the same time. She thought that it was the end and so when Richard pulled down her panties, she pleaded with him but was quickly reminded that there was to be no backing out until Richard was done. Michelle gripped the pillow tighter this time as Richard spanked away with the same strength and intensity as he had while she had her panties on. The stings were however worse on her bare bottom and barely ten spanks were dished out before she had begun crying with tears streaming down her face and begging Richard to stop. But Richard continued, spanking her for at least two minutes, leaving her crying really profusely by the time he had stopped. It had stung because it was her first time being spanked, but it wasn't really that hard for Michelle's bottom was only showing a light red colour.

Richard let Michelle up and sat her on his knee as she hugged him amid her tears.

“Please don't be angry anymore.....”, Michelle whispered into Richard's ear once she had caught her breath from all that crying.

“I suppose that settles it for last night.” Richard said.

To be continued...............

I am stopping here because the next few things make a story on its own..................

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