Watching a friend being spanked

Tuesday, August 25, 2009 ·

This is the first part of a long story. A story on its own but part of a long real life experience told to me by someone.

As early as they could remember, Denise and Michelle have been the closest of friends. They grew up in the same neighbourhood and went to the same schools. They even hung out with the same circle of friends. They were what many would term BFFs. Nevertheless their personalities were somewhat different. Denise was more of the quiet reserved type while Michelle was the loud one. Even in the clique that they hung out with, Michelle was somewhat like the defecto “leader” of the group, always standing up for her friends and scolding the boys who teased the more quiet ones, such as Denise, in their clique. To a certain extent Denise looked up to Michelle not only as a friend but sorta as an elder sister kind of way. She envied the way she carried herself, full of confidence in almost everything she did........not the kind that could be taken advantage of or bullied. Michelle was also the more showy one.........knew she looked good in figure-hugging or fitting clothes, or a bikini, and was not shy to show it off. This of course got her the attention of many of the boys in school, and while Michelle got into one relationship after another, Denise always noticed that the boys were always the ones who suffered Michelle's wrath and demands. Never did the boys break up with her, but it was always Michelle who dumped them. In simple words, Michelle was something like the Miss Popular then and Denise was the loyal sidekick of a friend whom Michelle trusted her life with.

And thus, it was very much a surprise for Denise on the day that she saw Michelle's boyfriend take her over his lap and give her a spanking..........

It was after the A levels and school was out! It was going to be a long holiday for them till their results came out and so the girls were planning a trip. Michelle's Australian boyfriend, who was working in Singapore had to return down under for two weeks to settle some issues with his head office. Taking the opportunity, Michelle decided to go with Richard. But she knew that Richard would be working most of the time and therefore decided to ask the girls along. The response was pretty positive at first, but as most of the girls' parents had already made prior arrangements for their own holidays, in the end only Denise and Valarie were able to make it for the trip. Nevertheless, the trio of girls were ecstatic at the thought of an overseas trip together, plus it didn't hurt that lodging was provided for Richard would be staying at some company house. For those who are wondering, Richard was from Perth while his head office was in Melbourne so yep, he didn't have his own home there.

The house was amazing, four bedrooms at least with a big swimming pool. Needless to say, Michelle and Richard occupied one room while the two girls decided to bunk in together in the adjacent rooms. It wasn't too far from town either, considering the fact that neither one of the girls could drive, and the bus was quite convenient. So the first few days, the girls would spend the mornings lounging around the pool and in the afternoon, they would take the bus to town for a little shopping and sightseeing, then in the evening (around 4pm I guess), Richard would meet them for dinner and more sightseeing.

Then came one of the nights of the first week. Richard had a function to attend at night and therefore did not meet them for dinner. Feeling a little tired from all the shopping that they had done for the past few days, the girls ordered dinner in that night and spent the lazing evening having the usual girly chit-chat beside the pool. And then suddenly, Michelle disappeared into the house only to reappear minutes later with wine and glasses. Now, Richard had earlier on explicitly reminded Michelle that the wine was off limits as it was actually the collection of his boss. But Michelle reckoned that, since there were so many bottles......snucking a bottle or two from the back row would not make a difference. Now here is the thing, the trio had not a single clue on the potency of wine. They had only turned 18 that year and rarely had the occasional beer or cocktail at the nightclubs in Singapore. Therefore as they began to become more intoxicated with each glass, they began to become a tad too rowdy. They girlish giggles and screams got louder and louder, as well as the music which they began blasting notch after notch higher with each glass. And with the intoxication came the foolish boldness of youth as they decided to play a game called truth or dare. As the girlish shrieks rang out with each “truth” told, the dares got bolder and bolder. From kissing each other, to screaming something obscene at the top of their lungs to removing their bikini tops, to taking a skinny dip in the pool. It was a fun-filled night for the girls.........but sadly not for the neighbours. The neighbourhood that the company house was in, was actually sort of a “retirement village” with a majority of the residents retired and loved the peace and quiet of the night. Someone must have called the police for soon enough they came knocking on the door.

And as if the timing could not get any better, Richard came driving back soon after. See the cops at the front of the house, he sped up and rushed out of the car as soon as he parked it for he thought something bad had happened (like a burglary or something). Thankfully the cops were understanding enough, considering the fact that the trio were tourists and gave them a warning to tone it down from then on. Now the scare of the police arriving and Richard's timely arrival must have shocked a bit of the alcohol out of their system, for the girlish shrieks and smiles were replaced by serious faces and a quiet demeanour. Looking at the three drenched girls in their bikini, Richard at first laughed it off and explained to them that this was a sleepy neighbourhood and the residents did not take too kindly to too much noise at night. Seeing Richard laugh, Denise and Valarie eased up abit and also giggled. Michelle however was starting to worry inside as she wondered if she would have enough time to hide the bottle when they went back in. Then Richard noticed the slightly blushed faces of the girls and Michelle's nervousness. And so he asked if they had been drinking. Michelle bit her lip and looked down, not daring to look Richard in the eye while thinking of a good enough response. But Denise and Valarie, not knowing that the wine they had earlier was “not to be touched”, responded in unison that it was just a little wine. Hoping that it wasn't the wine he had told Michelle not to touch, he motioned them towards the pool as he put his hand over Michelle's shoulder, and (according to Denise) his face soon bore a scowl once he saw that familiar bottle lying empty by the pool. Keeping quiet for a moment to compose himself, Richard took a couple of deep breaths to calm his anger before telling the girls in a rather firm but calm tone to clear the mess. As they were clearing the mess, Denise and Valarie noticed Richard and Michelle having a rather heated conversation by the side of the pool. Well it wasn't all that heated from both ends. It was more of Richard berating her for taking the wine when he had told her earlier not too, while Denise noticed that Michelle seemed rather subdued, unlike how she would have reacted normally with her previous boyfriends even though she was in the wrong.

And then it happened...................

Just as Denise had heard Richard tell Michelle to finish clearing up the place with Denise and Valarie, and he would settle with her later..........Michelle turned around, hissed “fucking bastard” and kicked one of the glasses near her foot, sending it flying across the pool over the fence and shattering on the road. (At this juncture, I must say that it must have been the little bit of alcohol left in Michelle's head, for she normally did not do that with on, you will understand.) Denise and Valarie turned towards Michelle in shock as Michelle stood there frozen as if regretting what she had just done. At the same moment.....Richard, whose scowl had returned, grabbed Michelle's arm, sat down on the nearest deck chair and pulled Michelle over his knee. Michelle struggled abit as she pleaded with Richard that Denise and Valarie were around. Richard held her down and told her matter-of-factly that she should had thought of that before kicking that cup and calling him a “fucking bastard”. He continued by saying that he had meant to settle this in private but guess he had to do it now. And with that he started spanking her bottom at a fairly moderate speed. Michelle continued with her pleas and struggles which were obviously to no avail. And after one or two minutes of spanking, with Michelle still struggling and pleadings, Richard told her, amidst the continued spanks, that he was going to keep this up until she kept quiet and stopped struggling, and if she still continued he would bare her bottom there and then. Michelle stopped struggling almost immediately and mouthed a rather meek apology. Richard continued to spank her bottom for another minute or two and then stopped. With Michelle still over his knee, he told Michelle that this was just for kicking the cup and for calling him a “fucking bastard”. He then told her that she was to go to the room, get into position and wait for him immediately. And with a last spank on her bottom, Michelle got herself up and walked hurriedly upstairs towards the room without looking at Denise and Valarie. Now Denise and Valarie were still dumbstruck, frozen into their spot, at what they had just seen. It was as if it wasn't the Michelle whom they had known for so long. Then Richard's voice brought them back to reality from their thoughts as he gave them a smile as if nothing had happened and asked if they could clean up the mess on their own without Michelle. Denise and Valarie gave faint smiles and told him not to worry, and with that Richard disappeared towards the room.

Denise and Valarie found their voices back as soon as Richard disappeared and as they cleared up the mess, they talked about what they had just saw, still wondering if they had been dreaming. They soon realised that they had not been dreaming as they went back upstairs towards they room as they heard the familiar sounds of they had heard earlier – the sounds of Richard's hands spanking Michelle's bottom except this time together with those sounds were the sounds of Michelle's voice, crying in pain and pleading. The dividing walls between the rooms were pretty thin, making the sounds clearer when Denise and Valarie were in the room. Sitting up in their beds looking at each other with wide-eyed amazement, the listened to the whole spanking which Richard dished out. They heard the sounds of the spanking and then there was shuffling of feet and then quiet for a bit. And as they laid down thinking that it was over, they soon heard the shuffling of feet and this time a swishing sound followed by a crack and then the cries of Michelle. And Denise and Valarie sat up again, pressing their ears against the wall in a bid to make out the muffled voices of Richard. This happened a few more times, they would lie down as soon as the sounds stopped, only to sit up again once it began again with a different sound but ending with the familiar cries of Michelle. By the time it was over, with only the sounds of Michelle crying left, Denise and Valarie and noticed that almost an hour had passed. As they laid in their beds, they agreed to ask Michelle what all that was about the next day, as they drifted to sleep.

The next morning however, the were once again awoken by the familiar sound of Michelle getting spanked but this time, it last only a couple of minutes and then it stopped. Denise and Valarie laid in bed with eyes opened and only got out after they heard the sound of Richard driving off in his car. As the walked down the stairs they saw Michelle at the pool, lying on her front, sipping a glass of orange juice. She gave a sheepish smile as Denise and Valarie approached. Looking at their faces, which was burning with questions, she heaved a sigh as she got up and said “I know, I know. Let's prepare breakfast first, I will tell you all about it as we eat.”

Over breakfast Michelle went over the what had happened in the room the night before. They were close friends and thus she was as explicit as she could be.

It happened like this...........

After Richard had spanked her at the pool. Michelle had gone up and “assumed the position” which meant off with her clothes and in the corner of the room with her hands on her head. When Richard had come into the room, the first few minutes were him scolding her over the taking of the wine which she was not supposed to. Then he spanked her over his knee for about five minutes. It was back to the corner again. After a couple of minutes in the corner, it was over Richard's knee again but this time a spanking with the hairbrush, then it was back to the corner again. After that, she had to bend over the edge of the bed, and Richard gave her ten lashes with the belt. After another round in the corner, Michelle had to get on all fours on the bed and Richard gave her 15 spanks with a wooden ruler. Again she had to go into the corner again and after that was the last one which saw Michelle lying on the bed and receiving ten strokes with a plastic rod. Then she was left in the corner for the last time before the punishment was over. The next morning, what the girls had heard was actually a spanking which Richard had decided that he was going to give Michelle every morning before he went off to work to remind her not to create anymore trouble. To top it off, he was going to have to buy another bottle of the wine to replace the one that they had drank. And because it was some expensive wine, Richard promised her one stroke of the cane for each dollar the wine cost.

The girls listened in surprise, not only at what Michelle had told them, but also rather how Michelle had said it. It was as if she was quite accepting of it. As they thought to themselves, they realised that the Michelle not too long ago would have definitely given her boyfriend hell and would have slapped him the moment he even tried to pull her over his knee. And so they threw question after question at Michelle over what that was all about and why? Understanding they curiosity, she answered each question patiently. And told them about how it all started for them. And with the revelations, soon came some understanding for Denise and Valarie on the subtle changes that the girls had noticed in Michelle recently. Back in Singapore they had gone out with Michelle and Richard once or twice, and noticed that she treated Richard different from the rest of her ex boyfriends. She seemed more accomodating.............and to a certain extent, also more polite. She didn't order him around like she did with the other boys. But at that time, they thought that maybe because he was older. Well it was true, but not just that. And so the girls spent their whole day and questioning Michelle about it. (Do note that this whole portion is expected to be talked about in more detail in another post.)

Richard on the other hand did not even talk about it, and went about as if it was a normal thing. The only thing he did was over dinner, the day after the spanking, he just matter-of-factly said that he was sorry that they had to see what had happened the night before, but it was just part of an arrangement that he and Michelle had. And then he just left it at that.

And so the rest of the holiday went on in a rather typical way.......only difference was that each morning, until the end of the time they were there, Denise and Valarie would hear Michelle getting her daily spankings in the next room before Richard went to work.

With regards to the wine that Richard had to replace? Well it costs over $200 dollars. But 200 strokes of the cane would have been too much for Michelle at one time. So after they returned to Singapore. Richard gave Michelle 20 strokes of the cane every four days? Why four days? Because at the strength that he caned her, it took four days for the welts to completely heal.

Now there is more to this story.......which will come out in a few more parts. Why did I do it this way? Because firstly, it would not be too cluttered and messy. Secondly, it enables me to post quicker because you all work is killing me! So stay tuned!


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